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Jungshin vs The Dog, Which is The Winner?

the fnc

화보 촬영장에서 만난 정신이의 귀여운 친구를 소개합니다~ ^.^ 정신이와 강아지의 귀여움 대결 과연… 승자는?!

Trans: We are introduce Jungshin’s cute friend we met at filming location~^.^ What becomes of cuteness showdown of Jungshin and the dog.. Which is the winner?!


Omg can you see how cute both of them????? The dog even know how to pretend dies while Jungshin acted to shoot him >.<

Source @the_fnc_

Trans by May @cnboice

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MBC Section TV Star-ting : CNBLUE Attack School

cnb mbc tv section1

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cnb mbc tv section2

Minhyuk: It’s been a long time since I went to the high school.

Yonghwa: How should we get in quietly?

Jungshin: What about wearing uniform?

Yonghwa: There must be a back door at this school, such as for the cafeteria. It seems the right place.

Narration: This is where CNBLUE will hold a Star-ting today. I needed to rush, so I got in their car.

MC: We don’t have time. Are you ready for today? Within 9 minutes, its break time. Then the school will get messy, like a war. If you bump into a student, keep a secret.

cnb mbc tv section7

Narration: For Star-ting, CNBLUE should reach to their first destination. To go there, we have to pass this stairs. But if we meet students, we fail. We have to go quietly, more carefully than any other time. For the success, butt dance once more.

MC: This is where students pass by all day long. If we make any sound, all of them will come out. Uh! Hide!

Narration: With trembling heart, we try second entering. But there were students who were moving for the practical class. Step back again.

Jungshin: Uh there are students!

Narration: In spite of our recklessness, we were spotted. Before we’re spotted by more students, we should get there more quickly. After hardness, finally we could reach at the preparation room. Over there is the assembly hall, here is the preparation room.

MC: What are you worrying the most?

Minhyuk: The two girls who saw us.

MC: Two girls, I’m worried too. They even took video by their phone. I saw one of our staff went to them bringing a heavy stick. I will get in first to entertain them. What character do you want to be?

Yonghwa: Foreigner transfer students.

Jonghyun: From France, France.

MC: French transfer students. One two three fighting!

Narration: They are busy doing rehearsal of their performance. I greeted them with my dance.

MC: Hello everyone, Section TV. Nice to meet you, I came here for the poll about your future job, to check what type of job is most wanted. Can I ask what your dream is?

Boy1 : A movie actor.

MC: A movie actor. You guys are majoring acting, many of you are dreaming of movie actors. Four French students come here as exchange students. So I’d like to try a class with them. Shall we call them shouting ‘Bon Jour’? One two three Bon Jour!

Naration: Star-ting with attractive CNBLUE. 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second. Yes it is. They are CNBLUE. Four men appeared. The class became riot.

cnb mbc tv section5

Jungshin: Hi I am Lee Jungshin.

Jonghyun: Hi I am Lee Jonghyun.

Yonghwa: Hi I am Jung Yonghwa.

Minhyuk: Hi I am Kang Minhyuk.

MC: Section prepared a sudden meeting with stars, Star-ting! Who are here!?

Students : CNBLUE !

Narration: One beat break, two beat break, three beat break then one two three four!

Yonghwa: You are darling~ (Love light)

MC: You are majoring acting; shall I see your instant acting?

Girl1 : Me, a toilet cleaning!

MC: What acting do you want to do?

Girl1 : He proposes to me.[embarrassed]

MC: Are you OK? Who will do? Wow Jungshin!

Narration: Yes. A boyfriend is late for the appointment, and he proposes to his girl friend.

MC: Ready! Action!

Narration: Master of detailed acting Jungshin, first start with back hug. Can you see those envious eyes of countless girls? Do you envy her? All of them are envious of this proposal story, what is the ending?

cnb mbc tv section10

[ Did I… save my country at my previous life?]

Jungshin: Oppa is late. Sorry.

Girl1 : Why did you come late?

Jungshin: I’m sorry. Are you angry?

Narration: Suddenly, bullies of this town appear.

Yonghwa: Hey, nice view.

Girl1: Oppa, I’m scared.

Minhyuk: Is she your girl friend?

Jungshin: She’s my… mom.

[It ended warmly (?)]

MC: This time, I will give you the story. Song Hye Gyo who can’t see…

Narration: From a recent drama, Song Hye Gyo who can’t see measured Jo In Sung’s height by her hand like this.

MC: That girl kept shouting at me. Romance specialist Jung Yonghwa, come out. [Romance specialist Jung Yonghwa acts Jo In Sung’s role.]

Narration: Yonghwa lies down for the acting.

Girl2 : How many spans my oppa is?

Narration: As the acting starts, her hand climbs up without hesitating toward the center. No! Stop! No way! Song Hye Gyo measured beside him. Hey girl, Stop there! No! [Where are you going? Stops her!]

Girl2 : (Passion toward acting?) I must complete it.

Yonghwa: I feel very awkward.

MC: Let’s invite a boy student. Come out! What acting can you do the best?

Boy2: I can act everything well.

Girls: Something naughty! Naughty!

[How will it be, the acting of Minhyuk and this naughty boy?]

Minhyuk: Hi. How have you been?

Boy2: Minhyuk, I’ve once told you that I have someone I like.

Minhyuk: Yes. I am very curious. Who is she? Tell me. I will listen to your worry. (Kiss to Minhyuk’s hand)

Minhyuk: We are friends. What’s wrong between friends? (Father comes)

MC: You said you would bring your girl friend. Where is your girl friend?

Boy2: This is whom I said to you before

.Narration: This boy’s detailed hand acting surprised all the students. What is it? He touched it! He rubbed it! With this boy’s detailed hand acting, the Star-ting ended.

MC: It’s time to end.

Jungshin: I saw your acting, you are very good at acting, I hope I can see you later at the broadcasting stations.

Minhyuk: I am very glad to meet these energetic high schoolers, but maybe boy students feel bored now.

Boy2: No! I like it!

Minhyuk: Yes. I like you.

[Time to get questions from students]

cnb mbc tv section14

MC: ‘Thanks to hyungs, I didn’t need to split my legs at dance class. Thanks.’ ‘Jungshin oppa, you are so handsome. Thanks for letting us skip dance class.’

Jonghyun: They don’t like dance class.

MC: They don’t. I will pass these papers to the dance teacher.

Yonghwa: (Jungshin is) is he really handsome?

MC: ‘What do you do with four men?’

Yonghwa: We watch TV, music shows. If girl groups appear, we chat about girl groups. Now we are doing world tour, we came back from concert in Taiwan. This week, we go to Singapore. We don’t have time to play outside.

MC: How is the response of foreign concerts?

Yonghwa: It’s nothing big. Just 11, 000 seats of Taiwan concert were sold out in 40 minutes.

Jungshin: And I don’t want to mention this tiny thing but Hong Kong wanted one more concert.

Minhyuk: To Australia, we will go to let you hear our music.

MC: ‘I was standing in front of Yeoido KBS, Jonghyun oppa passed by me staring at me. Please apologize me later.’

Jonghyun: I apologize you now. If I walk with blank face, people think I stare at them. I just see them like this (flash!) they think I stare at them.

Yonghwa: You’re correct, he stared at you.

MC: Next is the strongest question. ‘Have you ever dashed (proposed) to a girl group?’

Jungshin: I’ve never been dashed and never dashed. Because I am pure.

Yonghwa: He may get a proposal of CF of pimple medicine?

MC: He squeezes pimples by the shoulder. What girl group is the closest with CNBLUE?

(Minhyuk sighs)

MC: Let’s make the sigh the answer. OK then we needs to revise CNBLUE’s ideal girls 2013.

Jungshin: Lee Boyoung sunbaenim. On TV, she looks feminine; actually she is casual and has good personality.

[Yonghwa and Minhyuk goose bumped]

Jungshin: ‘Nuna, everytime I was asked my ideal girl, I say your name. I’m sorry.’

[I’m sorry because I love you.]

Jonghyun: Jeon Jihyun sunbaenim.

cnb mbc tv section20

MC: What of hers is your favorite?

Jonghyun: All~

MC: Ms. Jeon Jihyun is married, so the video letter is illegal.

Yonghwa: I’m Kim Yuna only. She shows charisma and wonderful figure on the ice.

MC: You like her leggings style.

Minhyuk: I like person who is like the boy Jonghyuk, that type of personality.

MC: You like man?

Minhyuk: Yes. NO!

Jungshin: Sometimes when I have a meal with Minhyuk, he shows strange eye light.

Narration: By the way, For the first Korean band, CNBLUE are doing a world tour. Because of these fans, the airport was paralyzed. World tour first concert was in Taiwan, the whole tickets were sold out early. CNBLUE showed the best performance, fascinated more than 10,000 audience. They could get a good reputation from foreign countries. Thank you!

MC: CNBLUE built a school with your profit.

Jungshin: We built a CNBLUE school at Burkina Faso.

Yonghwa: The name of the school is CNBLUE.

MC: The name is CNBLUE School? Then the class bell sound is ‘do it do it do it now~’?

Yonghwa : I composed and wrote lyric of the school song and I presented it. Even though we built a school, many children can’t enter the school yet.

Minhyuk: Our fans are participating. Anyone can join. If you join us, we can build more schools.

MC: What will CNBLUE look like in distant future?

Jonghyun: We will be the same, only our hair will get grey.

MC: The same with grey hair only?

Yonghwa : I will dye. (No grey hair!)

Minhyuk: In distant future, we go tour with our families. We travel all over the world with our families; we sing and perform live in front of fans. It must be great. There will be no happier thing than that.

[May that dream come true…]

MC: Please say a closing comment to section TV viewers.

Yonghwa: Today, especially Jungshin will do. He is very good at closing. Q !!

Jungshin: Dear Section TV viewers! Did you enjoy today?

Narration: What is he doing? What is he doing now?

Yonghwa: I will do it.

Jungshin: Why did you let me do!

Yonghwa: We are doing a world tour, please support us.

Minhyuk: In May, we have concert in Korea.

Yonghwa: We ask a lot of love from you.

MC: It was CNBLUE!

[Cheerful and nice four men]

cnb mbc tv section27

Trans credit Saturnkr

Photo Credit hanlim 2009

Caps by DNBLUE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded



MC: Once you guys are receiving scripts, you may compete against each other.

Minhyuk: We don’t compete; if we are receiving scripts we just read it together. What kind of story it is, what kind of drama it is. We are applying audition by oneself and together sometimes. Two or three people together, even sometimes all of us applying together, if we like it; and if our company gives their okay, then anyone who wants to do it applying the audition.

MC: What drama did you guys apply together?

Minhyuk: It’s so old story, Yonghwa hyung’s ‘You’re beautiful’, I took the audition too. For Jonghyun hyung’s ‘A gentleman’s dignity’, I had attended the meeting only.

MC: You are studying that much, then do you monitor other member’s drama?

Minhyuk: Yes. We are monitoring each other drama well.

MC: What do you say?

Minhyuk: Since four men are living together, we’re never praise; we’re just made fun of others.

MC: Ah, you make fun to others. How is it?

Minhyuk: My first appearance in ‘My husband got a family’ was a club scene. I raised my hand saying ‘I will!’ I was so nervous, I raised three fingers only.

MC: Like this?

Minhyuk: I wasn’t strong enough, so I did ‘I will!’ like this. Members saw it and posted that photo. Whenever they saw me at concert or TV show, they do this to me. Once, while we were doing a concert, suddenly Yonghwa hyung turned around to me. I was playing the drums. He did this (imitated Minhyuk’s ways while he raised his hand) to me. I almost threw drum stick to him because I was so angry.

MC: Then, when you’re made fun to others, what do you do?

Minhyuk: Jungshin is acting well at ‘My daughter Seoyoung’. He is very good at tearing scene.
His eyes are originally big, but when he acts those scenes, his eyes got much bigger. I captured that scene and posted it at our chatting site, typing ‘Jungshin, you cry well.’ We are living like this making fun of each other.

MC: You guys are all very stylish now, but maybe you were not at first. How was your first impression to other members?

Minhyuk: From the first, Yonghwa hyung made me think, ‘Is it an actor audition?’ He was wearing a long checked coat, with fair skin, he looked like a prince. Jonghyun hyung was wearing training suit, had short hair and was speaking in hard dialect. He was like a next door brother. Jungshin, his hair was very impressive. He had his hair tied in a bun a lot. It looked like shrimp sushi. You know the shrimp put on the rice?

MC: It’s put on the steamed rice.

Minhyuk: It was very impressive.

MC: He must be hard to make it.

Minhyuk: At first I learned drums, I was lack of power. So I worried a lot. My teachers told me a lot that I needed to strengthen the power. I thought it’s not that drums should be played by power only. Playing accurately is also important, so I practiced more on that point too.

MC: So, are you thinking of making your body bigger, making muscles on your arms, so that you can rolled your sleeves up?

Minhyuk: When we’re doing concert, I felt so hot. We’re performing 25 songs. So I took off my jacket, rolled the short sleeves T-shirt up. After the concert, I was told, ‘You rolled it on purpose!’ by our company people and who watched the concert. On the next day concert, I found myself rolled it again, suddenly I remember the words I heard, so I pulled it down again. But after the concert, I found my sleeves rolled up. I did it unconsciously. But they say my arms look okay. If you come to our concert, you can see I took my jacket off and rolled my sleeves up. We will have concert on May in Korea.

MC: May?

Minhyuk: Please be sure to come.

MC: Will it be sold out early so we can’t buy it if we don’t hurry?

Minhyuk: The ticketing is not open yet, but once it open, you’ll be difficult to buy. Please hurry to purchase.

MC: Ha ha ha you’re witty.

Video  Credit DNBLUE

Trans by Saturnkr

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded




Date :  Wednesday, July 24th and Thursday, July 25th

Place : Zepp Sapporo


Date : Monday, July, 29th and Tuesday July, 30th

Place : Zepp Nagoya


Date : Thursday,  August, 1st and Friday, August, 2nd

Place : Zepp Fukuoka


Date : Tuesday August, 6th and Wednesday August, 7th

Place : Zepp Tokyo


Date : Wednesday, August 14th and Thurday August, 15th

Place : Zepp Namba


Trans by @ftshcnjh @cnboiceon tumblr

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cnblue twitter update

【CNBLUE】 ファンミーティング大阪公演、終了しました!写真は終了後のメンバーです。4/26の東京公演もよろしくお願いいたします!

Trans: CNBLUE Fan meeting in Osaka finished!!

Source @fncmusicjapan

Trans by @ftshcnjh @cnboice on tumblr

Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


korean tv drama jonghyun

ーDid you tried the auditions  7 times?

JH: I felt that the auditions might continue forever. A director and a scriptwriter were pleased with me, so what I had to do was to pass the camera test. I was told “You’re look like a Collin!” “I was expect your acting.” but at first I couldn’t do acting well. So I continue to try for 2 months.

ーAt that time, it said that you had shown your rejection more and more?

JH: Yes I was. Ppreviously I was afraid of acting, I didn’t even challenge. because I failed audition for many times, I became to show rejection. When I received the news that I pass audition, I was really happy.

ーYou usually have Pusan accent, how could you get rid the accent until you have started to film?

JH: It’s possible to do everything, by continue to put pressure on myself. When I took an audition, I still have my accent. Of course now, too. I meant standard language, but it heard an accent for others. I keep putting pressure on me, naturally I could speak standard language. CNBLUE members think “if you had got rid Pusan accent, you wouldn’t have had a hard time.”

ーYou felt the pressure, so you cut your sleeping time off, practiced acting hard.

JH: I had been nervous from start ’till the end. Because first time I do acting I am working with famous actors, I couldn’t be convinced. It was getting more interesting for me to act, starting about episodes 14th. I was looking forward to reading new scenario, as if I read comics.

ーCollin was born under helpless destiny, could you understand his feeling?

JH: When I was young, I had lived in Japan for 4 years. on that point, I experienced the situation similar to Collin’s, so I could understand roughly. when I couldn’t understand, I tried to accept the situation as you are.

ーYou were told “you’re resemble to Jang Donggeon, how did you feel?

JH: I was happy. It was a rare chance. First, person who knew Collin is Dojin’s son was only me, so when people asked me “do you know Jang Donggeon’s son?”, I answered “You can look at me.” as a joke.

ーAmong those 4 main characters, who do you want one to be your real father?

JH: Dojin. on his character, he is the coolest.Of course I like Daesan and Yoon, Collin loves Meari on his side, Daesan shouldn’t be my father. If Jongrook is my father.. certainly I mind it.. haha In fact I want to learn more from Jang Donggun. He has his own atmosphere different from the others.

korean tv drama jonghyun2

ーI heard you were looked after by Jang Donggun, do you still keep in touch with him?
JH: Of course. I’m going to meet him next week. He always praised me  “Good job” I was given energy by his word. I started to had fun when we were filming 6th episodes .

CNBLUE is quartet similar to Dojins, have you ever talked anything with members when you watch the drama?

JH: We were talked “We’re want to get older like them” sometime. We’re associate as if we’re them.. Yonghwa hyung is Dojin, I’m Taesan, Minhyuk is Yoon, Jungshin is Jongrook. Does Jungshin agree? There is nothing for it, he is maknae, so he has to follow what hyungs say.

ーUsually what kind of son are you at home?

JH: I’m blunt, but I try to call to my parents as much as possible these days. Previously, once or twice in a month, now, once or twice in a week. They were pleased for me to be broadcasted in the drama. I noticed not only to earn money and give it to them but it’s more a filial piety.

ーCollin is a hidden key person, so did you felt worth acting more?

JH: It’s difficult character. I propose  Collin  worse man than his real a scriptwriter had written in scenario, so some people may hate Collin. A scriptwriter said “You had better act just as a scenario. Trust me.” so I acted quite bad man.

ーThe singing scene and  Japanese speaking, a scriptwriter wrote for you too?

JH: Collin was such a character “he lived in America or Japan and can sing and plays the guitar, what is more he is foreigner “. I work in Japan, can speak Japanese and play the guitar and look like a foreigner, so a director and a scriptwriter thought “You match Collin!” At first when I heard the Japanese line, I was glad, but it wasn’t easy. I asked Japanese friend working as an actor to record my line, I practiced by listening to it. To be honest, I practiced hard, but I couldn’t do perfect. If I did shoot without practice, I may cause a serious situation.. haha

Your solo OST” My Love” is got a OST award at Seoul music award.

JH: I caught  two hares (it was wise word , if you’re after two hares, you won’t get neither but  Jonghyun said that he was get the two hares. Maybe he was refer to his achievement in A Gentleman Dignity that he was achieved two things in the same times which is impossible), so I was lucky. While this drama was broadcasted, everyone around me use My Love as their ringtone. I heard it in a city and I could listen to it on the air, so I felt so good.

korean tv drama jonghyun3

ーHow did you feel for the singing  scene with your own accompaniment at Hongdae?

JH: It was hard, but I didn’t feel any tiredness. I didn’t feel hot, too. The energy was welled up. It’s rare to meet a great work, being loved by many people, sell a solo song. I’m really lucky and can’t believe it even now.

ーYou loved Meari on your side in this drama, actually what is your ideal type?
JH: It changes as time goes on. While drama filming I like a strong-minded woman like Park Minsook (Jongrook’s wife), but now I like a woman who believe me and understand my work, watch over me affectionately.

ーYoon Jinyi as Meari and Kim Woobin as Donghyub are same generation, did you encourage each other?

JH: I call Woobin once in a week, if we have a time, we will meet. Without him, maybe I can’t finish this work. Another sungbae touch me friendly, but I was nervous. But thanks for Woobin, I could relax at the scene, I could go to filming the scene as if I go to play. Woobin became popular in “School 2013″. I was sure he will go well. He’s very cool.

ーMany people said Collin and Donghyub are well-matched couple.

JH: Each character became popular, a scriptwriter thought we love each other.. haha I keep in touch with the other casts.

ーWhat is a gentleman’s dignity do you think?

JH: My motto, goal, and dream is to get older in a cool way. I don’t mean young guy with a good look and work smartly. I think great middle-aged man who is bright when he can do his share and does his best. I know I have to make an effort from start to the end, I live as  I can every day. I had recorded the song written by myself (Blind Love) just before this interview.

ーThe latest song,  Blind Love is like spring, the songs written by you and has soft melody and lovely.

JH: Please except Blind Love!! I have composed songs since before, I’m making new song now and writing lyrics is my work, and hobby, my specialty. I like singing, but making is better. I felt so when I look Yonghwa hyung singing. Of course singing on the stage has attraction might many people don’t know.

ーWhat is music for you?

JH: Music makes me bright. I’m coolest when I make songs playing the guitar and singing. I want to live so for now on. Oh! I’ll act, too! I want to continue acting, I noticed an interesting work haha Someday, If CNBLUE members act as main character in each other drama, It’s amazing, isn’t it? Like this, I want to act as a band loved by everyone. I’m sure to do so.

ーFirst World Tour will start from April. How is your fervour?

JH: I play music, all for CNBLUE. The band goes well, and I can succeed, I think  that stuff only . World Tour is the same. After we finish it, we’ll how much we growing up, that is my expectation , prepare the tour. In every concerts, we get a lot of thing, for my life and music. So we expect quite a lot for this time, too. Fans said “The point of watching your concert is you growing up every times”. We do World Tour for the first time so I don’t know well. We are  aiming to a big leap, please look forward to it.

korean tv drama jonghyun4

*Although it wasn’t the new photo, but still, Jonghyun looks sooooo gorgeous and what I wish there another clearer scan or somebody will translate it into english 🙂 and my fellow DID IT!!! what a great >.<*

Scanned by kaanattsu

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

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CNBlue’s “Blue Moon World Tour” Concert in Singapore

cnbluemoonSG selca

It was a long two-year wait for CNBlue to perform in Singapore since their last appearance at a fan-meeting. April 13 was a sleepless night for many Boices as they relished every song and witty banter at the energy-packed “Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore“.

Organized by One Productions, tickets to the one-night-only show were quickly snapped up right from the start of ticket sales. With so many Korean artists heading to Singapore for showcases and fan meetings, it is certainly no small feat to fill the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a seating capacity of 12,000!

Members Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk immediately warmed up the audience with a powerful opening and continued to belt out one rock song after another over the course of the concert. They did not stop even once for costume changes, as they focused with all their might on delivering their best to the fans. As there were no solo stages for members to rotate and rest, their stamina for the two and a half hour concert was truly amazing.

The night was also filled with laughter whenever the comedic band stopped to interact with their audience. Twice, fans were asked by Yonghwa to ”ride the wave” (the raising of arms in consecutive order to create a tidal effect).

The four guys certainly took their music very seriously, as evident from performing in their sweaty shirts from start to end. However, they were not stingy in showing their humorous sides to fans. During one of the talk breaks, we even wondered if the organizer had been mistreating them by feeding them only fishballs! Watch the clip below and find out for yourself what we mean.

Kudos to CNBlue for trying their best to interact with fans in English without a translator. I would certainly award them full marks for their effort!

My favorite moment of the night has to be this! Fans sang along to “Love Light” and Yonghwa gave a very lovely twist to the end by changing the lyrics.

The only disappointment of the night was the stage team’s failure to switch on white lights as Yonghwa earnestly requested them to do so several times, exclaiming, “I want to look at you (fans)”. Oh well, may the next concert will be better!

Set list 

1. Where you are
2. Get Away
3. One Time
4. Naran Namja
5. Coffee Shop
6. Have a Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Light
9. Feeling
10. These Days (Korean version)
11. Y,Why… (Korean version)
12. Lalala 
13. Just Please (Korean version)
14. Tattoo
15. In My Head (Korean version)
16. Intuition
17. I’m a Loner 
18. I’m Sorry


19. Hey You
20. Love Girl
21. You’ve Fallen For Me 
22. Love
23. Ad-lib (song about concert Singapore) 
24. Try Again, Smile Again

After successfully completing their concert in Singapore, CNBlue heads to Thailand next for their “Blue Moon World Tour 2013” concert on May 4 at the Impact Arena.

Source Soompi

Photo Credit @CNBLUE_4

Videos credits to jcluphjc and imforyouxxdp.

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Blue bird, CNBLUE and the origin of love DNA


“Searching for happiness across someone else’s fence is foolish. You should look for the blue bird of happiness under your own eaves.”

The most famous group of people that lives by this advice by Maurice Maeterlinck in “The Blue Bird” is probably the K-pop boy band CNBLUE. CNBLUE consists of four talented artists: Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Jung-shin and the leader, Jung Yong-hwa. Each member is a singer-songwriter, actor and producer.

The full name of the band is “Code Name BLUE.” “BLUE” refers not to the actual color, but to an acronym from the initials of the four members’ characteristics. However, it still holds to philosophy of “The Blue Bird” that each member finds happiness from one another and spreads that treasure to the world. As a result, CNBLUE is a metaphor of a factory that produces love from the four distinct characteristics represented by each band member: Burning Lee Jong-hyun, Lovely Kang Min-hyuk, Untouchable Lee Jung-shin and Emotional Jung Yong-hwa.

Jong-hyun possess all the qualities of a “golden boy” — tall, a handsome face, excellent taekwondo, judo and swimming skills and fluent in Japanese. Even so, he picked CNBLUE as his only pride, claiming that it is a truly excellent team in an interview with Japan’s Oricon Style magazine last August. Band leader Jung Yong-hwa agreed, further adding that they are a really happy band that he is proud of. If it were in Korea, “golden boy” Jong-hyun’s statement would sound too humble, bordering on sarcasm. However, the band members’ voices prove the veracity of their love for the team.

Directly after graduating high school, the four members lived through hardship. They had to perform in front of meager audiences gathered outside at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, Yoyogi Park and other places. Once they were kicked out during their weekend performance at Yoyogi Park. Despite such adversaries, Jungshin reminisced, “I was happy to have music and my mates pull me through hardship.” Their friendship which lasted through both joy and sorrow appears in CNBLUE’s lyrics, such as “The tears and sweat rolling down my face / There is paradise / Such chaos and dismay drown me in my despair and tears / The wandering continues but I’m trying to enjoy it day by day” in their song “Feeling.”

Loveliness is not just reserved for Min-hyuk. When Jung-shin and Yong-hwa had different schedules, Jung-shin called the leader up and told him, “Good night, brother. I left some vitamin drinks on your desk. Make sure to take them before you sleep.” The leader Yong-hwa was deeply moved. Last year, in an interview with Japan’s Junon magazine, Min-hyuk confessed that Jong-hyun is like his true brother. Jong-hyun, on the other hand, described Min-hyuk as as caring as his own mother. Jung-shin also praised the team’s leader as having a heart as warm as the sun. They all emphasize that their friendship will continue even when they are old.

Having genuinely tasted love, CNBLUE carries on distributing happiness. For four years since their debut, the band has delivered emotional catharsis to their fans through their concerts. However, it has also been three years that they have been giving back to the community by helping the poor. Yong-hwa was the first celebrity to ask online on Korean portal Naver about ways to serve the community. His question, posted on April 5, 2011, received numerous answers and praises.

Realizing the band’s spirit of distributing happiness, CNBLUE has been active nationally and internationally in helping the destitute. Through Donation (, CNBLUE has been contributing their musical talents for yearly donations of rice to Korea Food for the Hungry International since June 2011 for the elderly living in solitude. Internationally, they established “CNBLUE School” last year in Niamadougou Village, Burkina Faso. Furthermore, they stated on April 4 that they plan to build another school in Africa with the donations earned from their World Tour. Despite their busy schedule filled with filming dramas and recording tracks, CNBLUE never rests from their concert tours around Asia, Oceania, Europe and North and South America in order to raise more donations.

Earlier on April 6, CNBLUE’s Taiwan concert for 11,000 fans was featured on the local CTV News and other famous channels. One highlight of this concert was Yong-hwa singing his self-composed “I’m sorry” piece acoustically after performing the original version filled with energetic beats. The single “Coffee Shop” also received fervent applause from the audience, proving the band’s “Re: Blue” album as No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard World Album Chart. CNBLUE will continue the tour to Singapore on April 13, followed by Bangkok, Hong Kong and Seoul in May, and finally Sydney, the Philippines and Beijing in June.

The members confessed that their experiences of hardship led to the discovery of genuine love for humanity. They strongly wish to share and alleviate hardships of the impoverished. CNBLUE increasingly resembles “The Blue Bird,” which symbolizes the hope of our world.

Source The Korea Herald

Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded