CNBLUE Arena 37 Interview March 2013 Issue

CNBLUE Arena 37 Interview March 2013 Issue


According to CNBLUE, new live song has been released!!


Q: There are only three of you (Yonghwa, Jonghyun and Minhyuk) for today’s interview.

Jonghyun: Sorry about this, because Jungshin is filming TV drama (My Daughter Seoyeong).

Yonghwa: Now he is totally an actor.


Q: All CNBLUE members have experiences to film in TV dramas, so all of you can realize Jungshin’ hard work.

Yonghwa: No…we can’t.  (Chuckle)

Jonghyun: I had experience of being an actor last year and it really had conflict between CNBLUE’s performance and TV drama. This is the first time for Jungshin, so no matter in mental or physical should be difficult for him, and we are worried about this for him. Jungshin always shows his delight and happiness to let us not worry about him. I think Yonghwa has better understanding to Jungshin and of course Yonghwa worries about him the most.

Yonghwa: No I don’t! (Strong note)

Minhyuk: Yonghwa is not joking. Yonghwa likes Jungshin more than any other team members and this is positive.

Jonghyun: During this period, Jungshin was getting excited for our re-union live performance as we didn’t get together for quite long time.

Minhyuk: Yonghwa was very clingy. He followed Jungshin around. (chuckle)

Yonghwa: No… I didn’t’ I just mad to fool him.

Samurai jungshin6

Q: The attitude of speaking and acting in one way but actually not was meaning that way is like a child who making fun of the one he likes.

Jonghyun: It’s so true. Yonghwa is not really joking.

Yonghwa: No… I’m not!!! (Insisted)


Q: Well…will Yonghwa keep saying “No” to the end of this conversation? So, let’s back to the topic.

Yonghwa: Of course, once we ended Jungshin topic, it’s not possible to say “No” for all questions.


Q: Okay, let’s talk about ‘Robot’.

Yonghwa: This song is composed by me. Most of our previous songs are positive and ‘Robot’ is a sarcastic song. I had vacation in April, and I observed people have hustle and bustle everyday. Everyone has only one body but has to do many things. Every person is just like a robot. I decided to write a song for robot and I don’t need much time, the melody and compose arrangement just came out of my mind.

Minhyuk: At first, Yonghwa let me listen to this song, and I find this is a great song. Especially, the word of ‘Robot’ is strongly lingering in my head.

Yonghwa: The point of this song is the lyrics. The lyrics describe people live in modern society can’t not realize their dreams.

Jonghyun: A Robot lyric is really wonderful. You can to get the point from the lyrics easily, and this is really great.


Q: How long does it take to produce this song?

Yonghwa: I took about 1 day to complete it. The recording was done in Japan after the final Arena Tour. So, bringing the tension of live show, the recording was done in a good and warm atmosphere.

Jonghyun: The pronunciation of ‘Japan’ is quite accurate. (Chuckle). Vocal recording was done in that time. Only Yonghwa and I were doing the vocal recording, so Minhyuk and Jungshin went back to Korea first.

Yonghwa: Frankly, it’s really lonely. (chuckle)

Q: Finally we can hear the truth.

Yonghwa: Among  the team members, Jungshin has the most positive reaction to this song.


Q: CNBLUE had performed Robot’ in last year-end live concert, the audience’s reaction seemed great.

Yonghwa: Everyone worked like a team, and it felt really good.

Minhyuk: What do you feel when hear ‘Robot’? Untill now there is no the same sound (Robot’s sounds is different from all of CNBLUE’s previous song.) So when we stand (on stage and playing it live) I’m really happy.

Jonghyun: It’s another new live song for CNBLUE.


Q: The song is like live band CNBLUE with strong power. There is a lyrics “yes” ka “no” no hibi wo, so who is the one who more straightforward to say Yes or No?

Yonghwa: Minhyuk.

Q: The answer is quite surprising.

Yonghwa: If you say or do something impolite to Minhyuk, you will be in trouble. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: Minhyuk will mocking at you forever. (chuckle)

Q: Really? Forever?

Minhyuk: Not really forever, but it will last for a long time. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: It’s really a terrible thing if Minhyuk gets angry. (chuckle)


Q: So Minhyuk is the kind of person who can’t put up with lies and not easy to compromise.

Yonghwa: We are all like that. If Minhyuk tells a lie, it will easy to detect. (chuckle)


Q: From this point of view, Minhyuk is an honest and credible person. Does he is the kind of person who unable to imagining the real world completely? (Means what he sees it’s what does happen)

Jonghyun: As for our self-written songs, Minhyuk expresses his opinions frankly by pointing out this is great or maybe it’s better to do another way.

Minhyuk: I speak out what I have been thinking and express my opinions for CNBLUE’s own good. It’s would be great if we can get better by doing this way.


Q: How about another song in this album?

Minhyuk: All songs are very good!

Jonghyun: I get nervous when Minhyuk is listening to my song. However, I feel relived when he has positive opinions toward my song.

Minhyuk: None of songs from this album is bad, including ‘ring’ and ‘starlit night’. (chuckle)


Q: Your frankness is only for music?

Minhyuk: No, it applies to all aspects. For example, if serving a dish tasted gross, I won’t eat it no matter how starving I am, and I will not go to that restaurant for the second time.


Q: Do you have high standard when it comes to food?

Minhyuk: Not really. I can eat everything who is good enough for me when we even don’t have time to eat.

Yonghwa: When it comes to eat, Jungshin and Jonghyun are picky about food.

Jonghyun: I’m really not picky about food but just have many food preferences, and basicly I don’t really like eating rice. I’m from Busan, so I like something spicy and with strong taste, but in order to have better health, I tend to have light diet outside.


Q: By the way, what food do you like to eat recently?

Jonghyun: Ochatsuke of boiled Cod roes.


Q: There is Ochatsuke in Korea as well, I supposed. By the way, who is the one not that straightforward?

Yonghwa: Jungshin. He tends to compromise and cooperate with us because he is the youngest in the team. This doesn’t mean something bad. For music, we can easily express our ideas and opinions, no special language required. However, when is comes to eating, he can always speak out his opinions. (chuckle)


Q: After all, it turns out the topic go back to Jungshin again.

Yonghwa: Jungshin is the kind person that has strong sense of existence even he is not here. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: Recently, Jungshin is a real robot now. (chuckle)



* It’s isn’t the new one but back when CNBLUE had released Robot, there many who asked about Japanese Magazine to be translated but at that time we’re unable yet, and this is one of the most request, so I present this to you all. I’m sorry and thank you for keep visiting this site 🙂 ah, and one thing, since I can’t find the scan so I put FNC’s photo promotion instead.*


Source  Arena 37 magazine

Photo Credit FNC Ent

Japanese – Chinese trans by The Stupid

Chinese – English trans by Noelle and Tara Lee @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ bpb decoded/cnboice


CNBLUE, Long Live Youth Rock and Roll

CNBLUE, Long Live Youth Rock and Roll

CNBLUE, Long Live Youth Rock and Rollhottest start mag

This spring, they released a new album and also toured around Asia. Due to the 4 comprehensive developed members, allowed CNBLUE’s youth rock and roll to remain on the spotlight.

Doing happy music:

Q1: New title song, is composed by Jonghyun, what is the theme for the song?

Jonghyun: Firstly, I heard that the song will be released on spring, so i thought of trying a different style. As this is the first time we’ve decided to release a love song as title song, so I want to let Boices and more people to listen to. For example, when people heard of it on the street, they’ll be like “Ah, this song is nice” or something like that…I was with the thought of “I want to compose such nice songs” while composing Blind Love.

Q2: What impression did member have when listen to this song for the first time?

Yonghwa: I feel that this song can be singing easily with any vocal. Most of our other songs are usually emotional and has  very high pitch.  But this song’s pitch is medium . But I am not specialised in such songs, so it is a challenge for me.

Jungshin: From the very start, I thought that there wouldn’t be any problems with the recordings. But after we started recording, we realised that there is not enough time. So we are very stressed, but as we work with Jonghyun hyung, and record the song, we’re all very happy with the final result.

MinHyuk: There isn’t enough time but for the drum part is completed quite quickly.
Q3: This new album has got 3 songs, and 3 of them are of different genres. Which song do you put in most feelings when you hear it?

Minhyuk: The song that i put in most feeling is With Your Eyes .  When I listen to who makes me more relaxed is Blind Love.

Yonghwa: My self-composed song (Greedy Man).

Jonghyun: For me is With Your Eyes.

Jungshin: For me is Blind Love. I feel that no matter who, also wishes to have true feelings when they met the person they likes.
Q4: Can you share your feelings before debut, that period of time back when you’re in Japan.

Minhyuk: Once, when we were performing on the street of Japan, we were caught and went to the police station. Back then our japanese weren’t that good, thus caused miscommunication. After we took our passports, the problems are then smoothly solved. After that, the Japan polices even treated us cola!
Q5: 4 of you had drama experiences and achieved an excellent result. Are there any roles do you want to try?

Jonghyun: I want to try action movies. Just like those that Jackie Chan filmed, with dress suit.

Jungshin: I want to try being a murderer. As the first time I act was acting as someone from a wealthy family, rebellious and is not sensible. So for the next time, i want a totally different role.

YongHwa: Because I’m a cheerful person, so I want role that is like my character.

Minhyuk: Recently, I watched a lot of literature and art movies, the picture is very mellow, and quiet. So if there is chance, i want to try a refreshing role.
Q6: Have you thought of how will you be like in 10 years?

Yonghwa: I think we’ll still be like this, playfully and happily doing music together. We might still live and do music together. Then ride on our personal helicopter and go around for sightseeing, this is just a dream! (laughs)

hottest start mag1

Scanned by roywinnie 

Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice/

CNBLUE Hanako Magazine Interview

CNBLUE Hanako Magazine Interview

hanako maghanako mag5


“Love and night is likely within our hand”

CNBLUE is a band in behalf of Korean musical industry and has so many popularities all over the world. They released major 5th single ‘Blind Love’ in Japan and bustle about the world tour now. They told us their current situation in spare moment from their busy lives.

We can see CNBLUE members’ philosophy of love through ‘Blind Love’

Jungshin-san asked (to the staff) the (Hanako magazine) latest issue, ‘May I look at it?’ Jonghyun-san glanced over next to Jungshin-san, said ‘these are food~’. While Yonghwa-san and Minhyuk-san watched the magazine that Yonghwa-san appeared solely three years ago, ‘I was young~,’ they got excited. They seem relax when they told us their philosophy of love, about members, and about tour with some Japanese (stuff).

– New single ‘Blind Love’ is composed by Jonghyun-san. What impression did other members have when you listen to it for the first time?

Jungshin: I was worried since this song has different atmosphere from the previous singles, but I thought our musical range may spread. Previous songs are written mostly about our wills and future, but this song is about love.

Yonghwa: It’s kind of fresh feeling I sang ‘Aishiteru (I love you in Japanese)’ in Japanese for the first time. Many previous songs are in English, so it’s difficult to sing all Japanese. But this doesn’t have high key, so it’s the easiest song to sing among all singles that we have been released in Japan.

Minhyuk: I felt this song is like Jonghyun-san. The melody is strong, vocal and guitars are dominant, so I didn’t feel so much pressure. Of course I worked hard to hit rhythm.

– Do you have any point you want everyone to listen the most, Jonghyun-san?

Jonghyun: Firstly I thought to make a song that whoever listen to it, they can feel nice. So these   lyrics are what everyone can sympathize. And I’ve sung such a love song alone, but Yonghwa-san singing this kind of song for the first time. I hope fans will be pleased, too.

– The man who can’t forget his past love. Who is among CNBLUE that resembles to the lyric the most?

Yonghwa: When he falls in love, he can’t forget her; I think everyone has the similar feeling.

Minhyuk: I think love has no regrets.

Jungshin: I think so.

Jonghyun: Me too.

– How do you express your love to your lover?

Yonghwa: I give her everything, and make many efforts. Maybe Minhyuk is similar to me.

Jungshin: I don’t make especial efforts to her before marriage. Haha I have my level. But I’ve never met a person whom I’m willing to give everything to her or I love her without condition.

Jonghyun: I think love is what is changed by condition or timing. So I’m different from for my partner.

Jungshin: I’m a frivolous man. Haha

– What is each of you your ideal type?

Jonghyun: I like a person who works hard. Level-headed and I can learn a lot from her. I like such a person.

Yonghwa: I don’t have certain type. My ideal type is somebody who I fall in love with.

Jungshin: I like a person who is feminine, but a little strong, and doesn’t open her heart easily. I want to marry such a person even soon. Haha

Jonghyun: You can’t. Hahhha

Minhyuk: My ideal is a person who has beautiful eyes and cute smile.

Jungshin: You’re hardly to deal with the one who talk so much, aren’t you?

Yonghwa: Minhyuk is a single-minded person, only thinks about one person, all the time. He is like a man who is heroine’s lover in the ‘One Littre of Tears’ (Japanese drama).’

Minhyuk: I hope she gives me as much as I gave her and as possible as she can. Haha

Jungshin: Finally Minhyuk is a calculating man. Hahaha

‘The member’s attraction and their hopes regarding the tour and they talked by each of their own word’

– Please tell me each member’s attraction.

Jonghyun: Jungshin is funny. I thought he is fun by looking at his face only.

Jungshin: I’m sad~

Jonghyun: Ah, and he becomes cool these days. He is cute a year ago, but he seems to have become mature now.

Yonghwa: And Jungshin is more compassionate among us. He is thoughtful for everyone.

Jonghyun: But I want to make a clear, whatever it is his nose is unique, hahaha

Jungshin: Why are you tease me even two times~! Even Yonghwa hyung kindly said nice things. Haha

All: hahahaha

Jungshin: Minhyuk isn’t cute and funny. Haha But he is cool!

Minhyuk: huhu Thanks.

Jungshin: He is cute in the situation like now. We are the same age, so he is like a friend for me. His personality is….

Jonghyun: Calm?

Jungshin: umm I’ll talk in Korean. Haha Minhyuk during work and a day off is…, calculating….

Minhyuk: Do you become not to be able to speak even in Korean? Hahaha

Yonghwa: Minhyuk is a man who is properly accomplishes given things one by one.

Jungshin: Yes, he is. Haha

Minhyuk: Yonghwa-san is cute, cool and funny. He has everything. During a live, he is so cool and charismatic, and he is really funny as usual.

Yonghwa: Thanks ~ haha Jonghyun is a single-minded about the guitar, and does his best for every given things. This part is the coolest!

Jungshin: He is really kind and gentle to women. But he is manly toward men.

Jonghyun: (shook Jungshin’s hands) we’ve a contract. Haha (not to tease each other anymore)

Jungshin: But I wish you would kinder towards men too. Hahaha

– Lastly, please tell me your hopes about world tour.

Yonghwa: I’m looking forward going to the countries I’ve never gone before.

Jungshin: I’m looking forward to that, too. I’ll enjoy live (performance).

Jonghyun: I wish we could hold tour that only we can do.

Minhyuk: There are some songs we’ve never shown, and please look forward to it!

hanako mag1

Lee Jungshin

“During our live is the happiest time for me. All the fatigues are disappearing.”

Jungshin-san posing in front of the camera is super cool as the same as him on the stage. He is perfect like a model. But he was teased by other members, and then he took an outcome with his smile. He showed inspiration like a maknae. He is a gentle man rather than a cool man. He was kind to the crew and didn’t try to look good (act cool).

– Is it true that you like a prank the most among the members?

Jungshin: Yes it is true. I want to come to tease other members as soon as I see them. I’m pleased to see their reaction.

– If you have a girlfriend? (Do you want to tease her?)

Jungshin: Of course, I want to surprise her. But I’m still young, so my thought often changes.

In drama ‘My daughter, Seoyeong’, he acted as a maknae son of a noble family pretty well. He showed us a loving boy, a confliction about trouble of his family and saddened tears.

– I was impressed (with your) natural acting.

Jungshin: No it’s not natural~! I couldn’t feel cool and couldn’t watch scenes which I’m appeared. I couldn’t meet CNBLUE members during drama filming, so I was too much alone. I had a lot of stresses.

– Your short hair is fresh, too. What will you do in future?

Jungshin: I’ll have short for some time. I want to try Japanese trend, which cut only half side.

– What do you do for a change (fashion style and appearance)?

Jungshin: My recent favorites are look for shoes, cap or accessories at online shopping.

What do you feel during world tour right now?

Jungshin: Live is the happiest time for me. Even if I’m tired, all of them will disappear.

hanako mag4


‘I think I’m a little brother who looks like an elder brother from my two elder sister’s point of view’

During shooting, as soon as he eagerly stared a monitor, he raised his hand who held flower that has long stalk, and said ‘this is a magical stick.’ He made staffs laugh. He naturally becomes friendly to everyone, he is amiable and calm.

– Do you often say ‘you’re composed’?

Jonghyun: I do not saying so by other members, but other people often.

– Are you kind to women consciously?

Jonghyun: No I’m not, it’s instinctive. Haha

– You are visiting Japan this time, what do you casually feel?

Jonghyun: Japanese foods are good. I’m working hard to eat good foods in Japan. Hahaha

– What Japanese word do you like?

Jonghyun: I…I want to know the words that fans like. Please let me know. Haha

During photo-shoot break (not in interview purpose), Jonghyun-san often mentions Jungshin-san. In this time, they sat next to each other, and they did familiar talk.

Among CNBLUE members, only you who have O type (blood type), others are A type. Do you feel any deference?

Jonghyun: When I’m with members, I sometimes feel vague. Since I’m exclude people, I regularly do!

– What do you always do before live?

Jonghyun: I sleep… Or I sometimes pretend to be for not to be teased by Yonghwa hyung and Jungshin, who are noisy in the dressing room.

– It was 4 years since you have debuted. How do you feel the band growing up?

Jonghyun: I feel change rather than growing. We’re perfectly other people compare with us in the beginning (their career) when it comes to live performance. We’re growing up in every tour.

hanako mag3


‘If I fall in love, I become earnest, but it will take a long time until I fall in love.’

During the interview, Yonghwa-san was teasing Minhyuk-san. Also he added other members’ words and suddenly replied question for the other members. He considers the other members with his own way. He is a smart elder brother.

– There is a gossip you are always act cool even when you’re among members, is it right?

Yonghwa: Never! I often disgraced my carelessness in front of the members.

– A while ago, did you speak to Minhyuk-san in English?

Yonghwa: Ah because I’m studying English hard for world tour. Sometimes I talk with members in English.

– How do you spend time before live (performance)?

Yonghwa: Jungshin and I talk a lot and playing around, to reduce the tension.

After shooting his solo cut, he immediately caught Jungshin-san and talked in low voice. His face turned annoyingly playful at once. We touched with their good relationship, “Are we? Haha…” he played fool.

– It was 4 years since you have debuted. How do you feel when you watch your previous live (performance)?

Yonghwa: It’s fresh, but I’m embarrassed and I want to skip it haha… We didn’t have much composure.

– You do composed songs one by one; do you sometimes reach a dead end?

Yonghwa: I’ve never hit a slump. I think I keep my pace to compose.

– I heard you are earnest about love, how do you make efforts on her?

Yonghwa: If I fall in love, I really become earnest, so I want to do many things she hopes. But actually it takes long time until I fall in love.

hanako mag2

Kang Minhyuk

‘I’m trying quite hard to be perfect.’

Minhyuk-san went out from make-up room and he was ready for shooting. He is well-known as neat man, and his skin is smooth. His smile is innocent like a young boy, but he seems to manage himself strongly.

– You said a perfectionist, aren’t you?

Minhyuk: I’m trying hard to be like it and do everything definitely. Is that the reason I say so? Just joking, I’m not perfect!

– If you love someone, can you become positive?

Minhyuk: If it becomes such a condition, I can’t control my mind and I attract her. I’ll make a lot of efforts for her, though others said not good to make too many efforts. I lead her, but I lose the initiative. I’m not depending on her.

In a drama “Unexpected you…” You acted a brother who is doted toward his sister. He tries to look good in front of his girlfriend, but in front of his sister who is scariest in the world for him, he is hesitating. He acted the cute brother very well, finally he became like national brother.

– How did your family reaction (Minhyuk’s real family toward Minhyuk’s drama family)?

Minhyuk: I was asked by my real sister “Which one do you like, your real mother or mother in the drama?” so I answered “Both!” We are talk little about our work. She always tells me “Take cares a cold”, “Eat much.”

– What do you into aside music these days?

Minhyuk: I often watch baseball games in Korea because of now it’s the season. I start wanting to play sports.

– How do you usually spend time before live concerts?

Minhyuk: I have to check everything, so I always breathed deep in a room that I can be alone to concentrate.

Source Hanako Magazine

Scanned by Rin

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded /cnboice

CNBLUE Moon Seoul Rehearsal


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That’s all!!! There 9 photos taken during CNBLUE rehearsal for Blue Moon Seoul. Did you guys notice something? YES!!!! Mr. John had disappear and Lee Jonghyun is BACK! hahaha

Actually, seeing them changing their hair frequently, I’m really worry with their hair health. And I hope the light playing trick on my eyes because I do feel like Minhyuk also has new dye.

As for my eyes, Jungshin of course, his hat was never left him that I love the most, and hopefully, really hoping that my eyes also didn’t play trick since I saw his hair is longer than before. With his new historical drama I hope it becomes one of the reasons for him to grow his hair long again. Something I miss from him very dearly >.<


Source @CN_FANCLUB, CNBLUE Official Fan Cafe

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CNBLUE on Yess Magazine vol 1157

CNBLUE on Yess Magazine vol 1157


January last year, CNBLUE held two consecutive solo concerts, with high standard of music; it was attracted in total more than 6000 fans. After more than a year, CNBLUE is back again! From last week, 2013 Blue Moon World Tour concert had started among the Asia countries. With a larger-scale, more shocking and more explosive, it “bombed” near 14 000 of boices’ vision with auditory. That day, CNBLUE shouted more than 10 times of “WE LOVE HK!”, “I LOVE HONGKONG!”, “ARE YOU READY HONGKONG?!” to convey their love for Hong Kong. Since CNBLUE loves Hongkong so much, they can be a tour guide to promote (sell) Hong Kong! (Joke)

There will certainly be Hong Kong in the plan whenever CNBLUE holds a concert, this allows Hong Kong boices to have chances to close up and experience CNBLUE’s explosive concert. There are a lot of boices in Hong Kong, this explains why whenever CNBLUE arrive Hong Kong, and there will be hundreds of boices in the airport to cheer them on. Last week, CNBLUE had came Hong Kong earlier for rehearsal and to attend the press conference, to share their feelings for holding a concert in Hong Kong again.

Minhyuk is thankful for Hong Kong boices’ support and promised that the concert will be exciting.

Besides holding a concert, CNBLUE will also donate the special-version of blue moon T-shirt for auction; the funds raised will be donated to the charity.



Q1: This time, there are overwhelming responses for the concert ticket, upon hearing this news, how do you feel?

Minhyuk: The first time we heard about this, we felt very thankful yet excited, we’re very happy for Hong Kong boices’ continuously support. That’s why we decided to perform well in return.

Q2: This concert is larger-scale compared to the previous one, how do CNBLUE feel?

Yonghwa: This allows me to meet more fans, thus I’ll perform a better show than the in the previous concert. 

Jungshin: This is my first time holding a concert with the name of CNBLUE; I feel that it will be a magnificent and cool performance. I hope that we can smoothly show the perfect side of us to everybody. 


“Hope that you will film MV in Hong Kong”.


Q3:  Fans hope that they can interact with their idol up close, what has CNBLUE prepared for it?

Jonghyun: We have prepared a special part for the boices. Plus we will also perform all the songs in our new album. I believe everyone will be pleased with our performance.

Q4: New album Re: Blue all the songs are personally composed by CNBLUE, how do their inspirations of composing come about?

Yonghwa:  Actually it is based on every member’s personal and unique creativity. I don’t have a fixed direction of composing, all inspirations are naturally inspired.

Q5: Title song I’m Sorry’s MV is specially filmed in London, will you consider to film in Hong Kong for the next MV? 

Yonghwa: Who knows…? Maybe! If we really film in Hong Kong, I hope we can film in the double-decker bus towards the night scenery of Hong Kong; the result will definitely turn out good.

Jungshin: Hong Kong’s night-view is so beautiful! All of us love it!

Q6: CNBLUE always try different style during the performances, but personally what kind of style do each of you likes?

Minhyuk: I’ll always coordinate with the coordinators, but personally I like simple and plain outfits.

Jonghyun: Personally, I am more sensitive when it comes to the outfits. Sometimes I will wear exaggerated outfits but normally I’ll wear T-shirt with jeans. 

Jungshin: I like accessories to match with full black suit, but this time I wore slight sharp outfits, I am surprise myself too.

Yonghwa: I like comfortable clothes, as long it as matches me, I’m okay with it.

Q7: YongHwa performed an impromptu song in Japan; will you also perform an impromptu song for Hong Kong boices?

Yonghwa: I’ll definitely perform, if I can speak Cantonese. But with Korean or English, it is already stated as “impromptu”, thus it is based on the atmosphere. If the atmosphere has feel, plus boices understand Korean, I don’t mind to performing. 

Q8: It is Jonghyun’s birthday soon, how do you wish the member will celebrate it?

Jonghyun:  It is a week before my birthday; normally members will celebrate my birthday together. 

Q9: Lastly, what do you want to say to Hong Kong boices? 

Jungshin:  Can’t wait to meet the Hong Kong boices! Hope that they will look forward to our performance; we promise to bring joy/pleasure to everyone! 

Jonghyun: Our today’s status is all thanks to fans that support us, thanks everyone! Therefore, we’ll use our best performance in return to our fans. 

Yonghwa: Every time we come to Hong Kong, our fans will welcome us enthusiastically; we’ll perform enthusiastically as well and also to bring everyone an unforgettable memory.

Minhyuk: Our concert theme is Blue Moon, as Blue Moon is a rare natural phenomena, thus it will be a special day. I hope that Hong Kong concert will be like Blue Moon and bring an unforgettable night for everyone!


From the start stimulate to the end:

Each night they had attracted more than7000 boices, both nights they attracted a total of more than tens of thousands boices. Before the start of concert, there are already lots of fans queuing early in the morning. 15 minutes before the concert had started, the fans are already all ready to welcome CNBLUE. CNBLUE first sang a rock song, ‘Where Are You’ to excite the fans, then sang ‘Get Away, ‘One time’ and Coffee Shop’. Unlike other Korean groups, they did not make use VCR time, or wore luxurious clothing’s. They turned up with a simple T-shirt plus jeans for the whole concert. Just with their singings and instruments, they filled the 2 hours concert; this proves that they are definitely one of the best bands in Korea.


Love Song:

Beside rock songs, the romantic representatives, Yonghwa and Jonghyun also led Jungshin and Minhyuk to play a touching love song; it showed their gentle and affectionate side. Firstly, Yonghwa played ‘Feelings’ with keyboard, it changed the atmosphere. Then Jonghyun played guitar to led Jungshin and Minhyuk to perform slow song ‘Love Light’ and ‘These Days’. Fans shone white lights while they sang ‘Love Light’ to create a white sea. This makes the atmosphere to be more romantic. Yonghwa can’t help but to be touched and shouted “Thank You So Much!”


30Times of Love Hong Kong:

Every time before they start singing, Yonghwa will shout ‘Are You Ready Hong Kong?!’, ‘Make Some Noise’, or ‘We Love Hong Kong’. And after singing a song, Jungshin and Jonghyun will use Cantonese and shouted something like ‘are you guys happy?’ In the 2 hours concert, CNBLUE shouted more than 30 times of ‘We Love Hong Kong’. During encore, Yonghwa kept his promise and performed impromptu song in English to thanks the fans. Although lyrics are just ‘I Will Remember Tonight’, ‘We Love Hong Kong’, ‘I Love Hong Kong’, etc. But at the end, Yonghwa added a part of beat box. Shockingly, fans screamed. Then they performed ‘Hey You’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Try Again, Smile Again’.



*Translator’s note: I’m not Cantonesse so forgive me if there mistake in my trans.*

Scanned by Jenna

Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice


CNBLUE Oricon Style Interview

CNBLUE Oricon Style Interview

CNBLUE whom the 5th single CD is well received.


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“When you heard this song, I want you to think that it is a good song.”


“Blind Love” is a new type love song written by Jonghyun.

Jonghyun: I made this song only for our fans but also for such as the people who walk around. Almost people like a love song, I have written this song with simple word.

We can actually visualize the scene. Is it a story that is still thinking of the person who broke up? I feel wistful but warm.

Jonghyun: To begin with, I like such a song.

Yonghwa: Love song~. It’s good.

Jungshin: The lyric is worth to listen to.

Jonghyun: Depends on the situation, I think the impression of lyric might change. It has an image of nostalgic, warm and shiny feeling.

Minhyuk: We played this song for fans for the first time on the other day; I felt that atmosphere is different from live and recording. I could get into this song and raise my spirits because we have a lighting and special effect on live.

Jonghyun: I was happy that fans had felling for this song and sung it with us.

Yonghwa-san, what did you feel when you sang this song?

Yonghwa: The melody is simple and the lyric is easy to memorize, so I was able to finish to recording it faster than usual.

How long did it take to make this music?

Jonghyun: I had a rough image since the end of the last year and I made a serious attempt in one week in January. I had made it on the back stage of the award ceremony on year-end though, I was asked to do it on the staircase because there are lots of groups there. I made a melody on there, and when I went back to home I arranged it.

But it was noisy there isn’t it?

Jonghyun: I didn’t care about it. Sometimes I sing to myself in front of others.

Jungshin: I am annoyed with it.

Yonghwa: It is a little awkward

Jonghyun: Seriously?  I am sorry.

Jungshin: Just joking.

Yonghwa: It’s okay!


Oh, good. Well, next is about “With your eyes”. It is also composed by Jonghyun. But this song is an aggressive rock tune and it has a different image from “Blind Love”.

Jonghyun: Yes, it is totally different.

And the lyric were all written in English.

Jonghyun: We can not surely say “This is the life” in my age such as 23 or 24 years old. However this is a message that “Since it’s our own life, Let you do it by yourself! But it doesn’t make only yourself and it is difficult to find an answer of life, let’s find it out together.”

It has a big theme of life starting from love.

Minhyuk: This time’s our single CD has good lyrics.

“Greedy man” was composed by Yonghwa that has rock tune.

Yonghwa: I made this story attached with love. I can say this is enjoyable love song.

Jonghyun: Our single includes different variations music in each time though; there are especially different types at this time. You could feel “This is CNBLUE.”


“We are progressing towards the future, we want to be shown evolved CNBLUE”

Now you are having a world tour, I heard you make a big wave in each country.

Jungshin: We had had a live in Taiwan and Singapore, and next up is ZEPP tour in Japan, we will go to Thailand and Hong Kong. Since every time fans give us rapturous welcome, we are looking forward to going there and our spirits are raised high. We can feel we have a good live.

Whenever you have a live, we can see your evolution as a band.

Minhyuk: The live tour in Japan is a live house performance after a long time for us. The stage is close to the fan, we are looking forward to doing it.

We are excited for ZEPP tour. By the way, from “Greedy man”, what are you greedy for?

Yonghwa: (quickly) for sleep!

Jungshin: Me too. I have 100 % desire for sleep.

Junghyun: I have the strongest desire for sleep among members.

Minhyuk: Me too, desiring for sleep.

Yonghwa: Sleeping is more important than eating for us now.

Jonghyun: It is happy to sleep without thinking anything.

Oh, you look so tired…

Jungshin: From the beginnings, I like to sleep.

Have you experienced that because a song comes up with your head, while you were trying to sleep, you couldn’t sleep?

Jonghyun: Yes I have. If I try to sleep while music is playing, I keep listening to this music, so I cannot sleep. I always keep in silence.

Have you ever had a dream to be pressed by producing a music, or coming up with a song in your dream?

Jonghyun: No, I have actually not, and I don’t want to have such a dream.

Yonghwa: I have never seen a dream about music.

Minhyuk: Me too.

Jungshin: I don’t remember almost what I’ve dream of.

Yonghwa: But I may want to see a nightmare.

A  nightmare?  Does it seem that there is nobody in live?

Yonghwa: Oh, no, no, I don’t want to see it. I would like to see that a ghost comes, or having an experience what I cannot experience in the reality.

Jonghyun: I may have desire for eating than sleeping. I think I am a light eater but I can get a good power from eating a delicious food!

At last, in “Blind Love”.  The main character is still thinking of the person who broke up. Are you the person who keeps to having a memory of the love? Or are you the person that can be switched feeling immediately?

Jonghyun: I think it depends on the other side.

Minhyuk: I would like to memorize only a good memory.

You just do daringly don’t you?

Jonghyun: If we memorized only the good memory, we can forget bad memories, can’t we?

Yonghwa: I memorize everything. I can’t believe that the person who forget the memories.

These your thinking reflects to your song?

Yonghwa: Yes, I don’t always think or remember about our memories. But our experiences are refracted. In our music even these are good or bad

Jungshin: I don’t remember the all memories, but I remember the impressive, happy thing. I can remember. That the saddest memories instead.

Jonghyun: Of course. We are here now because there is past. The past is also important, but we are progressing towards the future rather than live in the past! After a world tour, you can see we’re grown up.

Minhyuk: Let’s enjoy ZEPP tour together!

Yonghwa: We are doing our best to be shown evolved CNBLUE.

Jungshin: We’ll express the cool of CNBLUE with sounds. Have a fun!

Source Oricon Style

Trans by Satomi @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee@bpb decoded/cnboice


CNBLUE Blind Love Special Release Event

CNBLUE Blind Love Special Release Event

Release Event 5th Single Blind Love Special was held on 27th April at Nikkei Hall, Tokyo. This was special event that only 500 fans were invited there. In the venue who looked like a live house.

oricon bl release event3

Fan’s handclap made a warm atmosphere

After 3:00 pm, the light in the venue was start to shine on, it started with Yonghwa’s guitar play and “Let’s start!” The first song was “Where you are”.  Fans sang it with them in the red light and it made the atmosphere high. After they said “Hello everyone, we are CNBLUE”, they looked around.

Yonghwa: “We’re happy to hold such a small stage after a long time!”

Jungshin: “Very lucky, you are.”

Yonghwa: “We can see all your face, today!”

Jungshin: “Yes, we can.”

On the previous event, they had live in front of 5000 fans (5000 per show and they had held twice a day so in total there 10000 audiences) at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A. However, fans who had been invited on that day is 500 people, it is one-tenth. This 500 people had a very special time about an hour. These fans’s handclap made a warm atmosphere in “I’m sorry” and “Kimio”

oricon bl release event1

Jonghyun: “I always think everybody is very good singer.”

Minhyuk: “We also played ‘Kimio’ with acoustic Ver. On yesterday’s fan meeting though, these have a different charm.”

Yonghwa: “We are going to show you different set list from yesterday. We played and sang Korean songs yesterday but we are playing lots of Japanese songs today.”

Then they showed dynamic playing on “Time is over”, Yonghwa screamed “Everybody In My Head~~” and “In My Head” was played which is their major debut song in Japan. The last song was “Blind Love” that was released 24th April.

“This is the most important song for today’s event. Yesterday we played this song first but today are a release event for this song, so we put it into the last song. Did everybody listen to this song already? Did you memorize the lyric? Let’s sing together.” Yonghwa said.

Yonghwa had sung with his powerful voice in another song but he used his tender voice such as  Jonghyun’s in this song. Other members expressed their own feeling with their instrument, these made the deep music.

oricon bl release event6

We can hear their breathing directly— Special space for limited 500 people

After the live, they had a talk time & lottery for gifting time.  They appeared again with “Blind Love” as back sound music. When Jungshin started to sing “Blind Love”, fans followed him in chorus. Jonghyun saw that and said “this is a good song, isn’t it?” with his big smile.

Yonghwa: “Once I felt 500 people are a lot for us, but now I heard 500 people are lucky fans. I’m very happy to hear that.”

Minhyuk: “Everybody can see my face well; it is happiest thing for me.”

Jonghyun: “We can see all fans’ faces, so we have to do our best.”

And then they talked about their day-off.

Jungshin: “We went to shopping and ate something without a manager.”

Minhyuk: “I ate Isaki (The name f fish) Sashimi for the first time with Jungshin. I like Tuna Sashimi too but Isaki was very delicious. I like fish more than meat.”

Jungshin: “I like Tuna Sashimi.”

Jonghyun: “I prefer meat. We ate ShabuShabu with Ponzu, It was excellent! It would become the popular item if there is Ponzu in Korea.”

Yonghwa: “I like Sukiyaki.”

Jonghyun: “Sukiyaki the best food in Japan for Yonghwa.”

Yonghwa: “But when I am starving, I cannot wait to be cooked.”

oricon bl release event5

They told the secret story about the MV for “Blind Love

Yonghwa: “We did outside shoot; it was very windy and cold day. Only me who was shooting long time, but my scene was used a little only.”

Jungshin: “Because of you are the main characters, you should bear it.”

Yonghwa: “But because of it, I could make sad expression.”

Next, they handed fans an autographed poster as a gift, and they talked about ZEPP tour in Japan.

Jonghyun: “We go back to our first objective when we play at live house. We’ll able to see all fans’ faces as today.”

Jungshin: “I was happy to make a live stage together, today. We’ll meet at ZEPP tour again.”

Yonghwa: “I was happy to see your expression on live. Fans are most important for me!  Let’s meet at ZEPP!”

Minhyuk: “It was a short time but it’s been a blast. We’ll meet at ZEPP tour on summer!”

At ZEPP, we’ll be supposed to feel their expression and breath. We are looking forward to see them grew up. Doubtless their ticket for ZEPP tour would be premium one in all the venues.

oricon bl release eventoricon bl release event2

Source Oricon Style

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice

(Article: Ayano Hoshino)

CNBLUE Excite Interview

CNBLUE Excite Interview


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CNBLUE released their 5th single “Blind Love”. The title song is a love song that has a medium tempo and is composed by Lee Jonghyun. The lyrics draw painful feelings leaving in one’s heart. The four-on-the-floor rhythm, which are bearing a comfortable groove, the hidden “heat” is conspicuous by the regularity of that rhythm. Cool and warm, stillness and movement… such a comparison produces dynamism. It’s characteristic for CNBLUE. Eventhough the dearest person isn’t in front of me now, when I closed my eyes, she emerged in my eyes. Jonghyun told about this feeling ‘Everyone surely has one each.’ This is an “opened” song because the listeners themselves can sympathize in piles. We asked them about this single during their visit at the height of the world tour.


Excite: Making such a love song as a single is the first time for CNBLUE. Jonghyun-san made the lyrics and music, what did you imagine when you began to compose this?

Jonghyun: When I think which song is good, it’s spring after all, so I thought it should be a love song. I made this while thinking that everyone surely has one dear memory like this lyrics. Furthermore, I currently think our fans become glad to hear this song, but also other people will feel ‘This song is good’ when they listen to it. I wanted to make such a song.

Excite: Did you mean that you had the thought ‘I want to spread CNBLUE’s music more’ ?

Jonghyun: Yes. Some people don’t like rock music, but I wanted to make a song so that even if they listen to it, they can feel ‘good’.

Excite: You do compose while playing the guitar, don’t you?

Jonghyun: Yes. In the dressing room of an award ceremony at the end of last year. It was so harried because of many people…

Excite: Your concentration is great to make a song when you’re out of your room.

Jonghyun: I often to do so.

Excite: When other members listened to this song for the first time, what impression did they have?

Jungshin: When I listened to it for the first time, it wasn’t decided that this song would be the title song yet, but I wished this song would be title song. I felt the medium tempo sounded good. Until now, many of our songs are about a dream or hope, but this song is about love, and we can feel a sign of spring. I felt comfortable when I listened to it.

Minhyuk: Honestly t was  hard to choose which song makes a title song. All songs are good and have each own atmosphere. Both ‘Blind Love’ and ‘With your eyes’ are songs which are created by Jonghyun hyung’s sensibility and these styles are like Jonghyun hyung. ‘Blind Love’ is also the song which is gaining attraction at the live concert. We usually feel music with only the ears, but we can feel several feelings and effective lighting at the live concert. The song has such an attraction.

Jonghyun: Such a love song was included in our previous albums. I had a time where only I sing, but I thought ‘How about Yonghwa hyung’s singing?’ so I tried it once.

Yonghwa: This song doesn’t have a high key, so I could sing this easily. I sang it sadly with the feeling of loss during recording. I sing while remembering this feeling at the lives.

Jonghyun: In fact, at first  I worried. Yonghwa hyung hasn’t sung many of this kind of songs and I’m better at up-tempo songs than such kind of songs. So I worried ‘What if this song doesn’t match us?’ We didn’t need worries like this because this song was exactly for us. I felt so good.

Jonghyun: This song is a love song, but it is drawn in painfulness, it’s not to ‘like’, or for fun and excitement, as if feelings stay in my memories, so one can’t go anywhere else.

*Jungshin: Nostalgic is color of this song. The lyrics originally were like ‘when the cherry blossoms have fallen, I’ll always remember’, but I changed it on my way. I wanted to write a simpler lyrics this time.


Excite: ‘With your eyes’ is also made by Jonghyun-san.

Jonghyun: This lyric has a strong power. We are still young, so It’s wrong to positively say ‘My life is like this!’ I don’t know it yet, so I meant ‘Let’s find it together’, anyway my life is mine, so we look at it through my eyes.

Jungshin: I love the guitar solo part of this song! I remained until the end of the recording to look at it. I thought it’s different from Jonghyun hyung’s phrase until now, is this a challenge!? This new style is really nice, so I always listen to this part now.

Excite: ‘Look with your eyes!’ I felt this is a strong massage to the society. Were you able to feel sympathy?

Yonghwa: I’m against looking with my eyes! We should feel with our mind!

Jonghyun: Hahaha Both are the same. Only the face has eyes, this message is ‘Look at the things in yourself.’

Yonghwa: You meant ‘Look with your eyes and feel it!’? I correctly know this haha.

Excite: Did you ever had a situation where you thought ‘Look with your eyes more and think!’ to anyone?

Minhyuk: I think whoever has one whom I want to tell one in my life. So this lyrics tell to everyone.

Jonghyun: I have listened to music which have messages like this, it gave me a power. I had thought ‘I want to make someday.’ and I tried this time. I think I should make such music that has a theme about life when I get much older, but I was surprised it started much earlier than I thought. I don’t know ‘What is my life’ yet, so this song include hopes ‘Let’s think together’.

Excite: ‘Greedy man’ was composed by Yonghwa-san. When was it born?

Yonghwa: This is a new song for this single.

Excite: I felt its well ventilated from fresh guitar cutting.

Yonghwa: I came up with its part for the first time. Thanks for it, I make this song from first to end. I wanted to make a simple song not especial showy. So both what I made as a demo and finished product is not different so much. In my  case, many  demo and arrange don’t have different so much.

Minhyuk: While he made the song, I listened to all parts of song in a day. From then I had known atmosphere of this song, finally completed just like first song. I’ve liked this song very much.

Yonghwa: I wanted to compose simple sound, but I wanted to write beautiful love story as lyrics.

Excite: Does it have any relation in between (Blind Love and Greedy Man) what ‘Blind Love’ lyrics is also sadly?

Jonghyun: No, not at all.

Yonghwa: I didn’t care  at all.

Jonghyun: I didn’t know other’s lyrics until it completed. I looked at his lyrics at recording for the first time.

Yonghwa: I’d written lyrics until right before  recording day. I thought sound is simple, so I write interesting lyrics, everyone can feel the real pleasure.

Excite: These 3 attractive  songs have each different personality. How do you want to give opinion to this single?

Yonghwa: Maybe everyone can listen to it with comfort and calm feeling. Our previous songs had a deep color, this single is what many people can listen with comfortable feeling. Anyway I want everyone to listen to many CNBLUE’s songs.

Jonghyun: We are ordinary  band, which has wide music. Please listen to our music!


Excite: You’ll hold Zepp tour in summer after 2 yearsinterval. Please let us know your enthusiasm.

Jonghyun: We hold world tour now, so I thought we are too busy to hold Zepp tour. But we promised ‘We’ll hold many lives’ last year, so we want to meet you and we decided to!

Jungshin: Please look forward to Zepp tour. Please come, please!

Excite: Are you going to do impromptu corner like at Saitama super arena?

Jonghyun: No, we can’t do that anymore!

All: hahaha

Yonghwa: I started to do it, Minhyuk and Jungshin got nervous ‘Perhaps what do we do?’ I’m sure they thought so while I was doing.

Jungshin: That’s right!

Minhyuk: Yonghwa hyung felt pressure to do it alone, so he suddenly spoke to us. So I always listen his word carefully. I don’t enjoy it!

Jungshin: I look someone who is singing  with my eyes, but I absolutely concentrate to think in my brain!

Yonghwa: But if in I’m good feeling, maybe I can do. I don’t think melody especially, I sing words which I came up with before 0.1 second. I feel pressure if I think ‘I have to do’, but if I have comfortable feeling, I can do it. Because I’m genius! haha

All: …haha

Jungshin: I’m sorry~!

Excite: I’m looking forward to it!



[My旬] [Mean : My Fashion]

We asked them about their favorite thing in what you bought these days!


A jacket, pants and shoes – Lee Jungshin

excite11I went shopping with members in Japan and I bought jacket and pants and shoes. A denim jacket has cool gold studs. Black pants has rare silver studs on back pocket. I bought basketball shoes, which I’m into these day. The color is purple and blue. Most important point when I buy clothes is whether it matches with me or not. So mirror in shop is important. I don’t care about any others’ idea. To be honest, even if others tell ‘It doesn’t match’, I buy it. I have my own style. As I get older, my fashion seems to be getting younger. I like comfortable fashion such as a hood or basketball shoes.


Meat – Jonghyun

excite15My best buying is food. What I buy almost meat. My habit is paying money when I eat with someone, so meat costs most of the money. That’s cost of meal. My habit is to treat someone. People from Busan are so, Yonghwa hyung, too. I don’t like to walk, so I don’t like window-shopping. My favorite style is uniform. I buy jacket and shoes and pants when I need these. I often wore T-shirt in summer, so I train my body. Whatever T-shirt  match , I train. It’s easier than thinking clothes I wear (he means rather than mix and match his outfit he’s likes more to match his body with the T-shirt he wears, good point).


Basketball shoes – Yonghwa

excite36White and navy blue basketball shoes. I bought it with Jungshin. But our interest are a little different, so we buy what we want to buy each other without talk. I think a little, then decide to buy. Before I bought so many things, some of them are what I wore only once. That’s why I became careful. Previously I liked shopping, now too. But I don’t think so ‘need’. I have so many things I want to buy.


A denim jacket – Minhyuk

excite22I bought denim jacket with nice detail. It’s usual comfortable jacket and not gaudy. I’ll try and fit it to various clothes. When I go shopping, my most important point is members’ advises. In case of buying expensive things, I especially ask members. I trust Yonghwa hyung’s advise the most. We have different interest but his advise is useful because he knows my style.



*Editor and Translator’s note: the * part it should be Jonghyun’s word but on the excite music it’s definately written as Jungshin, so maybe they did mistake on that. You mau confuse since Jungshin did not wrote the lyric but Jonghyun.


Source excite music

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited by Tara Lee & Linda @cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice