bm hk stage fantaken1

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bm hk stage fantaken12

bm hk stage fantaken36

bm hk stage fantaken100

bm hk stage fantaken39

bm hk stage fantaken40

bm hk stage fantaken11bm hk stage fantaken92

bm hk stage fantaken83

Well, those all photos fantaken during Blue Moon Hongkong 1st day, actually there many out there but I just pick the HD one or the clearest among them. As friendly reminder, when you guys take it out please DO NOT REMOVE THE LOGO or EDIT. Please respect to the right owner who had done very hard job to take those picture so we, International or boice who unable to attend the concert at least can imagine what might happen during the night.

And to those owner, if you are happening to see or find this sites, I would like to say sorry because I can’t link back to your sites and I am very, very thank you very much for your hard work to take the photo, I know it was not an easy job. Thank you. *bow*

Photo redit to all owner as tagged

Compiled and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice

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