CNBLUE Moon Seoul Rehearsal


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That’s all!!! There 9 photos taken during CNBLUE rehearsal for Blue Moon Seoul. Did you guys notice something? YES!!!! Mr. John had disappear and Lee Jonghyun is BACK! hahaha

Actually, seeing them changing their hair frequently, I’m really worry with their hair health. And I hope the light playing trick on my eyes because I do feel like Minhyuk also has new dye.

As for my eyes, Jungshin of course, his hat was never left him that I love the most, and hopefully, really hoping that my eyes also didn’t play trick since I saw his hair is longer than before. With his new historical drama I hope it becomes one of the reasons for him to grow his hair long again. Something I miss from him very dearly >.<


Source @CN_FANCLUB, CNBLUE Official Fan Cafe

Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded

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