CNBLUE Hanako Magazine Interview

CNBLUE Hanako Magazine Interview

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“Love and night is likely within our hand”

CNBLUE is a band in behalf of Korean musical industry and has so many popularities all over the world. They released major 5th single ‘Blind Love’ in Japan and bustle about the world tour now. They told us their current situation in spare moment from their busy lives.

We can see CNBLUE members’ philosophy of love through ‘Blind Love’

Jungshin-san asked (to the staff) the (Hanako magazine) latest issue, ‘May I look at it?’ Jonghyun-san glanced over next to Jungshin-san, said ‘these are food~’. While Yonghwa-san and Minhyuk-san watched the magazine that Yonghwa-san appeared solely three years ago, ‘I was young~,’ they got excited. They seem relax when they told us their philosophy of love, about members, and about tour with some Japanese (stuff).

– New single ‘Blind Love’ is composed by Jonghyun-san. What impression did other members have when you listen to it for the first time?

Jungshin: I was worried since this song has different atmosphere from the previous singles, but I thought our musical range may spread. Previous songs are written mostly about our wills and future, but this song is about love.

Yonghwa: It’s kind of fresh feeling I sang ‘Aishiteru (I love you in Japanese)’ in Japanese for the first time. Many previous songs are in English, so it’s difficult to sing all Japanese. But this doesn’t have high key, so it’s the easiest song to sing among all singles that we have been released in Japan.

Minhyuk: I felt this song is like Jonghyun-san. The melody is strong, vocal and guitars are dominant, so I didn’t feel so much pressure. Of course I worked hard to hit rhythm.

– Do you have any point you want everyone to listen the most, Jonghyun-san?

Jonghyun: Firstly I thought to make a song that whoever listen to it, they can feel nice. So these   lyrics are what everyone can sympathize. And I’ve sung such a love song alone, but Yonghwa-san singing this kind of song for the first time. I hope fans will be pleased, too.

– The man who can’t forget his past love. Who is among CNBLUE that resembles to the lyric the most?

Yonghwa: When he falls in love, he can’t forget her; I think everyone has the similar feeling.

Minhyuk: I think love has no regrets.

Jungshin: I think so.

Jonghyun: Me too.

– How do you express your love to your lover?

Yonghwa: I give her everything, and make many efforts. Maybe Minhyuk is similar to me.

Jungshin: I don’t make especial efforts to her before marriage. Haha I have my level. But I’ve never met a person whom I’m willing to give everything to her or I love her without condition.

Jonghyun: I think love is what is changed by condition or timing. So I’m different from for my partner.

Jungshin: I’m a frivolous man. Haha

– What is each of you your ideal type?

Jonghyun: I like a person who works hard. Level-headed and I can learn a lot from her. I like such a person.

Yonghwa: I don’t have certain type. My ideal type is somebody who I fall in love with.

Jungshin: I like a person who is feminine, but a little strong, and doesn’t open her heart easily. I want to marry such a person even soon. Haha

Jonghyun: You can’t. Hahhha

Minhyuk: My ideal is a person who has beautiful eyes and cute smile.

Jungshin: You’re hardly to deal with the one who talk so much, aren’t you?

Yonghwa: Minhyuk is a single-minded person, only thinks about one person, all the time. He is like a man who is heroine’s lover in the ‘One Littre of Tears’ (Japanese drama).’

Minhyuk: I hope she gives me as much as I gave her and as possible as she can. Haha

Jungshin: Finally Minhyuk is a calculating man. Hahaha

‘The member’s attraction and their hopes regarding the tour and they talked by each of their own word’

– Please tell me each member’s attraction.

Jonghyun: Jungshin is funny. I thought he is fun by looking at his face only.

Jungshin: I’m sad~

Jonghyun: Ah, and he becomes cool these days. He is cute a year ago, but he seems to have become mature now.

Yonghwa: And Jungshin is more compassionate among us. He is thoughtful for everyone.

Jonghyun: But I want to make a clear, whatever it is his nose is unique, hahaha

Jungshin: Why are you tease me even two times~! Even Yonghwa hyung kindly said nice things. Haha

All: hahahaha

Jungshin: Minhyuk isn’t cute and funny. Haha But he is cool!

Minhyuk: huhu Thanks.

Jungshin: He is cute in the situation like now. We are the same age, so he is like a friend for me. His personality is….

Jonghyun: Calm?

Jungshin: umm I’ll talk in Korean. Haha Minhyuk during work and a day off is…, calculating….

Minhyuk: Do you become not to be able to speak even in Korean? Hahaha

Yonghwa: Minhyuk is a man who is properly accomplishes given things one by one.

Jungshin: Yes, he is. Haha

Minhyuk: Yonghwa-san is cute, cool and funny. He has everything. During a live, he is so cool and charismatic, and he is really funny as usual.

Yonghwa: Thanks ~ haha Jonghyun is a single-minded about the guitar, and does his best for every given things. This part is the coolest!

Jungshin: He is really kind and gentle to women. But he is manly toward men.

Jonghyun: (shook Jungshin’s hands) we’ve a contract. Haha (not to tease each other anymore)

Jungshin: But I wish you would kinder towards men too. Hahaha

– Lastly, please tell me your hopes about world tour.

Yonghwa: I’m looking forward going to the countries I’ve never gone before.

Jungshin: I’m looking forward to that, too. I’ll enjoy live (performance).

Jonghyun: I wish we could hold tour that only we can do.

Minhyuk: There are some songs we’ve never shown, and please look forward to it!

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Lee Jungshin

“During our live is the happiest time for me. All the fatigues are disappearing.”

Jungshin-san posing in front of the camera is super cool as the same as him on the stage. He is perfect like a model. But he was teased by other members, and then he took an outcome with his smile. He showed inspiration like a maknae. He is a gentle man rather than a cool man. He was kind to the crew and didn’t try to look good (act cool).

– Is it true that you like a prank the most among the members?

Jungshin: Yes it is true. I want to come to tease other members as soon as I see them. I’m pleased to see their reaction.

– If you have a girlfriend? (Do you want to tease her?)

Jungshin: Of course, I want to surprise her. But I’m still young, so my thought often changes.

In drama ‘My daughter, Seoyeong’, he acted as a maknae son of a noble family pretty well. He showed us a loving boy, a confliction about trouble of his family and saddened tears.

– I was impressed (with your) natural acting.

Jungshin: No it’s not natural~! I couldn’t feel cool and couldn’t watch scenes which I’m appeared. I couldn’t meet CNBLUE members during drama filming, so I was too much alone. I had a lot of stresses.

– Your short hair is fresh, too. What will you do in future?

Jungshin: I’ll have short for some time. I want to try Japanese trend, which cut only half side.

– What do you do for a change (fashion style and appearance)?

Jungshin: My recent favorites are look for shoes, cap or accessories at online shopping.

What do you feel during world tour right now?

Jungshin: Live is the happiest time for me. Even if I’m tired, all of them will disappear.

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‘I think I’m a little brother who looks like an elder brother from my two elder sister’s point of view’

During shooting, as soon as he eagerly stared a monitor, he raised his hand who held flower that has long stalk, and said ‘this is a magical stick.’ He made staffs laugh. He naturally becomes friendly to everyone, he is amiable and calm.

– Do you often say ‘you’re composed’?

Jonghyun: I do not saying so by other members, but other people often.

– Are you kind to women consciously?

Jonghyun: No I’m not, it’s instinctive. Haha

– You are visiting Japan this time, what do you casually feel?

Jonghyun: Japanese foods are good. I’m working hard to eat good foods in Japan. Hahaha

– What Japanese word do you like?

Jonghyun: I…I want to know the words that fans like. Please let me know. Haha

During photo-shoot break (not in interview purpose), Jonghyun-san often mentions Jungshin-san. In this time, they sat next to each other, and they did familiar talk.

Among CNBLUE members, only you who have O type (blood type), others are A type. Do you feel any deference?

Jonghyun: When I’m with members, I sometimes feel vague. Since I’m exclude people, I regularly do!

– What do you always do before live?

Jonghyun: I sleep… Or I sometimes pretend to be for not to be teased by Yonghwa hyung and Jungshin, who are noisy in the dressing room.

– It was 4 years since you have debuted. How do you feel the band growing up?

Jonghyun: I feel change rather than growing. We’re perfectly other people compare with us in the beginning (their career) when it comes to live performance. We’re growing up in every tour.

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‘If I fall in love, I become earnest, but it will take a long time until I fall in love.’

During the interview, Yonghwa-san was teasing Minhyuk-san. Also he added other members’ words and suddenly replied question for the other members. He considers the other members with his own way. He is a smart elder brother.

– There is a gossip you are always act cool even when you’re among members, is it right?

Yonghwa: Never! I often disgraced my carelessness in front of the members.

– A while ago, did you speak to Minhyuk-san in English?

Yonghwa: Ah because I’m studying English hard for world tour. Sometimes I talk with members in English.

– How do you spend time before live (performance)?

Yonghwa: Jungshin and I talk a lot and playing around, to reduce the tension.

After shooting his solo cut, he immediately caught Jungshin-san and talked in low voice. His face turned annoyingly playful at once. We touched with their good relationship, “Are we? Haha…” he played fool.

– It was 4 years since you have debuted. How do you feel when you watch your previous live (performance)?

Yonghwa: It’s fresh, but I’m embarrassed and I want to skip it haha… We didn’t have much composure.

– You do composed songs one by one; do you sometimes reach a dead end?

Yonghwa: I’ve never hit a slump. I think I keep my pace to compose.

– I heard you are earnest about love, how do you make efforts on her?

Yonghwa: If I fall in love, I really become earnest, so I want to do many things she hopes. But actually it takes long time until I fall in love.

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Kang Minhyuk

‘I’m trying quite hard to be perfect.’

Minhyuk-san went out from make-up room and he was ready for shooting. He is well-known as neat man, and his skin is smooth. His smile is innocent like a young boy, but he seems to manage himself strongly.

– You said a perfectionist, aren’t you?

Minhyuk: I’m trying hard to be like it and do everything definitely. Is that the reason I say so? Just joking, I’m not perfect!

– If you love someone, can you become positive?

Minhyuk: If it becomes such a condition, I can’t control my mind and I attract her. I’ll make a lot of efforts for her, though others said not good to make too many efforts. I lead her, but I lose the initiative. I’m not depending on her.

In a drama “Unexpected you…” You acted a brother who is doted toward his sister. He tries to look good in front of his girlfriend, but in front of his sister who is scariest in the world for him, he is hesitating. He acted the cute brother very well, finally he became like national brother.

– How did your family reaction (Minhyuk’s real family toward Minhyuk’s drama family)?

Minhyuk: I was asked by my real sister “Which one do you like, your real mother or mother in the drama?” so I answered “Both!” We are talk little about our work. She always tells me “Take cares a cold”, “Eat much.”

– What do you into aside music these days?

Minhyuk: I often watch baseball games in Korea because of now it’s the season. I start wanting to play sports.

– How do you usually spend time before live concerts?

Minhyuk: I have to check everything, so I always breathed deep in a room that I can be alone to concentrate.

Source Hanako Magazine

Scanned by Rin

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

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