CNBLUE Arena 37 Interview March 2013 Issue


According to CNBLUE, new live song has been released!!


Q: There are only three of you (Yonghwa, Jonghyun and Minhyuk) for today’s interview.

Jonghyun: Sorry about this, because Jungshin is filming TV drama (My Daughter Seoyeong).

Yonghwa: Now he is totally an actor.


Q: All CNBLUE members have experiences to film in TV dramas, so all of you can realize Jungshin’ hard work.

Yonghwa: No…we can’t.  (Chuckle)

Jonghyun: I had experience of being an actor last year and it really had conflict between CNBLUE’s performance and TV drama. This is the first time for Jungshin, so no matter in mental or physical should be difficult for him, and we are worried about this for him. Jungshin always shows his delight and happiness to let us not worry about him. I think Yonghwa has better understanding to Jungshin and of course Yonghwa worries about him the most.

Yonghwa: No I don’t! (Strong note)

Minhyuk: Yonghwa is not joking. Yonghwa likes Jungshin more than any other team members and this is positive.

Jonghyun: During this period, Jungshin was getting excited for our re-union live performance as we didn’t get together for quite long time.

Minhyuk: Yonghwa was very clingy. He followed Jungshin around. (chuckle)

Yonghwa: No… I didn’t’ I just mad to fool him.

Samurai jungshin6

Q: The attitude of speaking and acting in one way but actually not was meaning that way is like a child who making fun of the one he likes.

Jonghyun: It’s so true. Yonghwa is not really joking.

Yonghwa: No… I’m not!!! (Insisted)


Q: Well…will Yonghwa keep saying “No” to the end of this conversation? So, let’s back to the topic.

Yonghwa: Of course, once we ended Jungshin topic, it’s not possible to say “No” for all questions.


Q: Okay, let’s talk about ‘Robot’.

Yonghwa: This song is composed by me. Most of our previous songs are positive and ‘Robot’ is a sarcastic song. I had vacation in April, and I observed people have hustle and bustle everyday. Everyone has only one body but has to do many things. Every person is just like a robot. I decided to write a song for robot and I don’t need much time, the melody and compose arrangement just came out of my mind.

Minhyuk: At first, Yonghwa let me listen to this song, and I find this is a great song. Especially, the word of ‘Robot’ is strongly lingering in my head.

Yonghwa: The point of this song is the lyrics. The lyrics describe people live in modern society can’t not realize their dreams.

Jonghyun: A Robot lyric is really wonderful. You can to get the point from the lyrics easily, and this is really great.


Q: How long does it take to produce this song?

Yonghwa: I took about 1 day to complete it. The recording was done in Japan after the final Arena Tour. So, bringing the tension of live show, the recording was done in a good and warm atmosphere.

Jonghyun: The pronunciation of ‘Japan’ is quite accurate. (Chuckle). Vocal recording was done in that time. Only Yonghwa and I were doing the vocal recording, so Minhyuk and Jungshin went back to Korea first.

Yonghwa: Frankly, it’s really lonely. (chuckle)

Q: Finally we can hear the truth.

Yonghwa: Among  the team members, Jungshin has the most positive reaction to this song.


Q: CNBLUE had performed Robot’ in last year-end live concert, the audience’s reaction seemed great.

Yonghwa: Everyone worked like a team, and it felt really good.

Minhyuk: What do you feel when hear ‘Robot’? Untill now there is no the same sound (Robot’s sounds is different from all of CNBLUE’s previous song.) So when we stand (on stage and playing it live) I’m really happy.

Jonghyun: It’s another new live song for CNBLUE.


Q: The song is like live band CNBLUE with strong power. There is a lyrics “yes” ka “no” no hibi wo, so who is the one who more straightforward to say Yes or No?

Yonghwa: Minhyuk.

Q: The answer is quite surprising.

Yonghwa: If you say or do something impolite to Minhyuk, you will be in trouble. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: Minhyuk will mocking at you forever. (chuckle)

Q: Really? Forever?

Minhyuk: Not really forever, but it will last for a long time. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: It’s really a terrible thing if Minhyuk gets angry. (chuckle)


Q: So Minhyuk is the kind of person who can’t put up with lies and not easy to compromise.

Yonghwa: We are all like that. If Minhyuk tells a lie, it will easy to detect. (chuckle)


Q: From this point of view, Minhyuk is an honest and credible person. Does he is the kind of person who unable to imagining the real world completely? (Means what he sees it’s what does happen)

Jonghyun: As for our self-written songs, Minhyuk expresses his opinions frankly by pointing out this is great or maybe it’s better to do another way.

Minhyuk: I speak out what I have been thinking and express my opinions for CNBLUE’s own good. It’s would be great if we can get better by doing this way.


Q: How about another song in this album?

Minhyuk: All songs are very good!

Jonghyun: I get nervous when Minhyuk is listening to my song. However, I feel relived when he has positive opinions toward my song.

Minhyuk: None of songs from this album is bad, including ‘ring’ and ‘starlit night’. (chuckle)


Q: Your frankness is only for music?

Minhyuk: No, it applies to all aspects. For example, if serving a dish tasted gross, I won’t eat it no matter how starving I am, and I will not go to that restaurant for the second time.


Q: Do you have high standard when it comes to food?

Minhyuk: Not really. I can eat everything who is good enough for me when we even don’t have time to eat.

Yonghwa: When it comes to eat, Jungshin and Jonghyun are picky about food.

Jonghyun: I’m really not picky about food but just have many food preferences, and basicly I don’t really like eating rice. I’m from Busan, so I like something spicy and with strong taste, but in order to have better health, I tend to have light diet outside.


Q: By the way, what food do you like to eat recently?

Jonghyun: Ochatsuke of boiled Cod roes.


Q: There is Ochatsuke in Korea as well, I supposed. By the way, who is the one not that straightforward?

Yonghwa: Jungshin. He tends to compromise and cooperate with us because he is the youngest in the team. This doesn’t mean something bad. For music, we can easily express our ideas and opinions, no special language required. However, when is comes to eating, he can always speak out his opinions. (chuckle)


Q: After all, it turns out the topic go back to Jungshin again.

Yonghwa: Jungshin is the kind person that has strong sense of existence even he is not here. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: Recently, Jungshin is a real robot now. (chuckle)



* It’s isn’t the new one but back when CNBLUE had released Robot, there many who asked about Japanese Magazine to be translated but at that time we’re unable yet, and this is one of the most request, so I present this to you all. I’m sorry and thank you for keep visiting this site 🙂 ah, and one thing, since I can’t find the scan so I put FNC’s photo promotion instead.*


Source  Arena 37 magazine

Photo Credit FNC Ent

Japanese – Chinese trans by The Stupid

Chinese – English trans by Noelle and Tara Lee @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ bpb decoded/cnboice


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