“Blade and Petal” Lee Jungshin and Park Soojin, Battling Their Attractions

“Blade and Petal” Lee Jungshin and Park Soojin, Battling Their Attractions


“Blade and Petal” Lee Jungshin and Park Soojin, battling their attractions. Work-worms display their true worth

CNBLUE Lee Jungshin and Actress Park Soojin show the best confrontation of attraction as young and sensational warriors at “Blade and Petal”

Lee Jungshin and Park Soojin will act a warrior Shiwoo, who belongs to the secret organization ‘Keumhwa’ led by Yeongryuwang (Kim Yeongchul) against Yeongaesomoon (Choi Minsoo) from Goguryeo and a warrior Moseol respectively at KBS special project drama “Blade and Petal” (Screen-play by Gwon Minsoo, Directed by Kim Yongsoo and Park Jinsuk). It will be first broadcasted on July 3rd.

Shiwoo played by Lee Jungshin is a young warrior. He caught Kim Sangho’s eyes –the head of a gang Keumhwa–, and he grew up by learning as swordsman and martial arts under Sangho’s. He is an attractive person. He does all thing to do, of course he is doing well on martial arts, has a special eyes toward artistic and cleverness. He falls in unrequited love for daughter of Yeongryuwang Mooyeong(Kim Okbin), but he lose his love since she loves a son of her enemy Yeonchoong(Eom Taewoong).

Moseul played by Park Soojin is Dosoo’s daughter –he is a political companion of Yeongaesomoon. She has by far most successful greed and real ability in martial arts and beauty. She is intelligent, so she will accept a part as brain of the organization. She also falls in unrequited love, Yeonchoong(Eom Taewoong). She undergo mental conflict as he, Yeonchoong loves Mooyeong(Kim Okbin).

Although everything goes well around both of them but they are unhappy about love. They are famous work-worms in this business world, so they started to practice martial arts early. Lee Jungshin has learned martial arts and riding horse for more than 1 month as he finishes busy concert schedule with CNBLUE. Park Soojin started to practice them since April. They are paying their love to each works.

While, “Blade and Petal” is a melodrama between, Yeongryuwang (Kim Yeongchul) and Yeongaesomoon’s (Choi Minsoo) conflict, their daughter and son, Mooyeong(Kim Okbin) and Yeonchoong(Eom Taewoong) fall in love, so they are surrounded by tragic destiny. It will first broadcasted on 10 pm July 3rd through KBS2.


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