CNBLUE PATi PATi Interview July Issue 2013

CNBLUE PATi PATi Interview July Issue 2013


CNBLUE’s Melody

World tour is full in swing; they are dashing for the world. They will hold Zepp tour in Japan from July, too. So we tried to think the attraction their songs again. There are many stories we can feel “I see!” toward their composing attitude.

At their concert in Hong Kong, for example, they prepared Jonghyun’s surprise birthday event, CNBLUE thoroughly enjoy their first world tour themselves. Why their music is supported so much in the world? We considered its attraction in musical side.

“If it isn’t in English, I may burst out laughing.”

-We’ll analyze you at musical point. Firstly, the melody; “Blind Love” and “These days” melody, it’s J-pop for you?

Jonghyun: Ah~…… these main melodies is like Asia rather than like Japan.

-I think so. Your music isn’t western music or J-pop or K-pop… but melody always comes with oriental essence. I guess western people can’t compose such a melody. So, just oriental melody like “Blind Love”, your big weapon that battle in the world, that’s why your music becomes popular in the world, I think.

Jungshin: Thank you.

Minhyuk: I’m glad. (smile)

-Oh… How do you come up with such oriental melody?

Jonghyun: It’s because we’re listening music from several countries. They remain in myself little by little and may become melody like ‘Which country has this music?’

Yonghwa: And K-pop is a topic of conversation now, so I think we can hold world tour.


-Does essence of K-pop contain in CNBLUE?

All: Yes it does (clearly).

Jonghyun: Now K-pop is like American, but traditional Korean melody is naturally in us. I think the part also creates oriental music.

Jungshin: No matter how much we arrange our songs as western, but the Asian vibes still appear in our songs because we didn’t grow up in foreign countries.

Jonghyun: But there are melodies that we feel missed in spite of American such as Bruno Mars, aren’t there? They’re interesting, too.

Jungshin: Our melodies are in the middle of western pops and Asian melody.

-“Where you are” and “Come on” have feeling as western melodies.

Jungshin: I suppose when western people come to our concerts, they are pleased because of the elements.

Minhyuk: We aren’t puposely to make like western music, and Hyungs have composed very freely. That’s why it became so.

-Recently Yonghwa-san revealed “I want to get No.1 at Billboard” at each countries’ media interview. When did you start to be conscious of the world?

Yonghwa: I’ve never been conscious that we active the world into a vision. So, I’m not western music best principal at all. I have been doing with such feelings “Let’s make nice melody and song.” The result of it links with our recent activity. So, I’ve not written a song that I’m conscious of the world.

-I see. I’m surprised to hear it.

Yonghwa: Yes. At YouTube, the animations are uploaded; they contain reactions of fans all over the world when they listened to our song at first. About “I’m sorry” reaction, though its lyrics are almost in Korean, all of them were singing a part of “I’m sorry” from second verse. When we watch it, we feel strange. “Oh, they’re singing.” haha

-I see. Next I’ll analyze the lyrics. Like “I’m sorry”, Yonghwa-san is good at writing love songs about a man goes on being attached a woman he can’t tell his feeling or a separated woman, isn’t he?

Jonghyun: Ahahahahahah!!


-Aren’t you afraid that fans see such lyrics and may misunderstand ” Does Yonghwa is such a person…”?

Dongsaengs: Kkkkkkkk (They burst out laughing with their head down)

Yonghwa: I don’t care (Exactly). Except this, like “ring”, a miserable man grieves for a separated woman, like I want you to come back to me. You appear even my dream every night. I’m waiting your call. Just when can I eat the pancake baked you? While “Wake up” is written a man who is too miserable to be Oasis or Bon Jovi. There are lyrics written a coward man. It’s more interesting to write a one-sided man. Moreover it’s interested for me to express in English.

-Because of English, you can grandly write and sing such songs about a miserable man.

Yonghwa: I can write more direct in English. Conversely if I write it in Korean or Japanese, I may burst out laughing with singing, haha! For example, ‘Pancake’ in “ring”. I chose this word because this is English. I can express he is waiting forher with such lovely feeling by comparing to her handmade sweets. It’s an interesting point of English.

(Yonghwa’s points of view about writing in English is same with me kkkk)

-Imagine Yonghwa-san’s trick when writing lyrics! haha CNBLUE’s world tour still on, will you become a top of the world when you finish it?

Yonghwa: We work hard from now on to be so. We are stepping forward step by step to the world. As we do so, we are improving.

– And the end of improving?

Yonghwa: Will we fly around the world by chartered plane!?

Dongsaengs: Ooohhhhh (smile)

Yonghwa: If we become so, when I feel hungry in Korea, I’ll go to Japan to eat sushi by my plane, hahaha!


2013.4.27 “Blind Love” Release Event was Held!

1. Where you are

2. I’m sorry

3. Kimio

4. Time is over

5. In my head

6. Blind Love

CNBLUE held 5th single “Blind Love” release event at Nikkei Hall in Tokyo. Only 500 people among applicants could join this event. This event was really premium, had live, talk and lottery. Live started with “Where you are”, next they showed “I’m sorry”!! After sharp rock overwhelmed audience, everyone sang “Kimio” together. ‘Today we prepared lead songs released in Japan.’

Yonghwa said. ‘It’s most important today!’ At last he sang “Blind Love” with painful expression, this event ended.

At talk corner, when they have shooting for “Blind Love” music video, only Yonghwa had shooting at cold outdoor. He worked so hard, but he watched completion.

‘It’s used a little for a scene. haha..’ He revealed.

During staying in Japan, Minhyuk told ‘We walked together and ate a lot.’

Minhyuk and Jungshin ate sashimi, Jungshin got into tuna, Minhyuk got into isaki. They warmed up nicely about Japanese food. After lottery the event ended.

Yonghwa said ‘Today’s venue is small, so I’m glad to see all audience’s face.

‘About my name, I’m scared that you shout out my name, so please call me “Jonghyun” warmly.’ Jonghyun told ‘We will come to Japan for zepp tour soon.’

And members left the venue.


Scanned by nuromianchaochi

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ bpb decoded/cnboice