CN Blue Lee Jung Shin′s Fans Donate 1.2 Ton of Rice Wreaths

Fans have been backing up Lee Jung Shin′s recent drama endeavour, sending in rice wreaths to show they′ll be there for him.

Lee Jung Shin′s fans sent in over a ton of rice wreaths to be displayed in the press conference for the upcoming KBS2 drama Blade and Petal held on July 1.

Fans from across Asia, from countries such as Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, also joined in the rice wreath donations, covering the venue with quite a few such wreaths. The grand total added up to 1,200kg, which will be donated to those in need.

CN Blue fans boast a long history of rice wreath donations, as they also brought in rice wreaths for CN Blue′s CN Blue Blue Moon World Tour Live in Seoul 2013 held in May. They also sent wreaths for the CN Blue concerts held in September 2011, December 2011 and December 2012, as well as for the press conference for KBS′ My Daughter Seo Young held in September 2012.

Lee Jung Shin has donated the wreaths to various welfare facilities and joined in volunteer work.

The singer will appear in Blade and Petal as Si Woo, who has a crush on King Youngryu′s daughter Moo Young (Kim Ok Bin). He is skilled in music, and uses fans and umbrellas as weapons.

Lee Jung Shin said at the press conference this day, “I still have a lot to learn in acting, and I′ve been learning a lot on set. Even though I won′t be appearing in any scenes for the shoot, I′ve been remaining on set to watch my seniors film and learn how they act.”

Blade and Petal will air its first episode on July 3.

Source mwave

Posted by Tara Lee @ bpb decoded

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