2 thoughts on “CNBLUE on Sparkling Magazine

  1. I would love to have the actual magazine…but since I can’t really….I found an app for the iPad that is free, then it’s 3.99 (USD) for each edition or 11.99/year (four issues a year) I guess this is why you need an iTunes acct. I am willing to check it out. Although I am old fashioned and still like reading actual magazines in my hands and turning pages. Those days may be coming to an end-I had better realize it. SO…..I will check out “Sparkling” on the iPad and do a review. EXCEPT…it says past issues not included. I would really hope for the SUMMER 2013 issue with CNBLUE. This should be a current issue. *****ok, in the digital world…this is taking forever. Looks like my first download is Spring 2013, I would imagine Summer 2013 would be next. THANK GOODNESS!**** thank you for scanning and posting, at least I can read the article right now!!! and…BTW, pretty happy it’s in English!

    • yeah this is the result or being away rom the guys!! me too, I’ve ordered the paper magazine but I guess it will take months before I can read it in my hand kkkkk

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