9/28(Sat) Shibuya CYCLONE
10/1(Tue)Zepp Tokyo (Opening Act)
10/2(Wed)Zepp Tokyo (Opening Act)
10/4(Fri) Shibuya CLUB CRAWL
10/7(Mon)Zepp Sapporo (Opening Act)
10/8(Tue)Zepp Sapporo (Opening Act) 10/10(Thu) Shibuya CYCLONE
10/11(Fri)Zepp Namba (Opening Act)
10/ 15(Tue)Zepp Fukuoka(Opening Act) 10/ 16(Wed)Zepp Fukuoka(Opening Act) 10/ 24(Thu)ACT CITY Hamamatsu(Opening Act)
10/28(Mon)Zepp Nagoya(Opening Act)
10/29(Tue)Zepp Nagoya(Opening Act)

Source N.Flying Official Facebook

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