CNBLUE PATi PATi 2013-2014 Year Book

Stronger, More Flexible…

PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book

To the future

If it could be say with one word for this year’s CNBLUE, it would be “The World”. They set the world on fire while they go around the world. What is there in the bottom of “Gloval” CNBLUE?

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—Now we are toward the world step by step.

2013, this year for CNBLUE had become a big year that started their first world tour that became the first step to conquer the world. This was the first time for Korean band and the historic first. But their thinking is different from around.

“If we conquered the world, we get our own jet and when want to eat Sushi, we go to Japan using it. (Laugh)” (Yonghwa)

They talk like that with a certainty even only a Hollywood star and a celebrity do such a thing. Put simply, their mind is totally different from us. They are always thinking their global activity. After all, they are the Rock Band to be selected by the world.
Since they formed a band, they had talked about their dream our dream is top of the world and get a No.1 on a Bill Board Chart’. Even if somebody laughed about their dream, they might feel like that. ‘Why are you laughing?’ ‘We just talked about our dream though‘. In the 2013, their comeback album ‘Re: BLUE’ got No.1 on the International Court in Bill Board. This album’s read song ‘I’m Sorry’ that was composed by Yonghwa was gotten No.1 on chart in Korea. The ticket for their world tour that was started from Taiwan on April 6 and sold out. They went some countries of Asia and Oceania while offering an additional performance for a half year. And then in the New Year, they started it again.

The world is ‘MINE’?

“No, no, we are unworth of it yet. We are on the way toward the world step by step” (Yonghwa)

—Asiatic melody, it would not lose from our music.

4 years ago, June 2009…

How many people would have believed that CBLUE who came to Japan for practicing their music become a big Rock band pass for the world…?

‘The Story of CNBLUE~NEVER STOP~’ that will be released from Jan 17. This film will not only showing their usual life and world tour, but also their activity back then during their trainee days in Japan (indie period).

“If we didn’t come to Japan, we are not being here” (Jonghyun)

Actually, their first ballad song ‘Blind Love’ that was composed by Jonghyun and released on April, 2013 was like J-pop. But Jonghyun said ‘It is like Asiatic’. It makes sense if you hear that song in ‘CNBLUE JAPAN BEST ALBUM’ that was re-write in Korean from Japanese and released in Korea. There are both of base of J-POP and Korean music.

“Even though we arrange the song as Western music, it would not lose part of Asiatic because we are not grown up in other countries. I think our music is on the middle of Western music and Asian music. Because our music has a part of it, overseas people to come to our concert and enjoy it.” (Jungshin)

“Because both of Yonghwa-hyeong and Jonghyun-hyeong make a song in free regardless to try to make it like a Western or like an Asian.” (Minhyuk)

From the first, when composing a song, Yonghwa doesn’t have an idea ‘this is for Japan; this is for Korea, etc…’

“We can say the same about our global expansion. We have not had aware of it like ‘We aim for a global expansion from now’. I like a Western music but not place a Western music above anything else. Now we are here because we’ve been to make a good music and good sounds. This is only it. So there is no song to make for the global. Our fans upload the video that shows a reaction when they heard our song though. And then I saw our international fans sing ‘I’m sorry’, I got a weird feeling. ‘Eh, they are singing’ (Laugh) (Yonghwa)

They are still down-to-earth even they became a big band as have a world tour. In fact they were doing Zepp Tour in Japan in 2 and a half years while they were having a World Tour. To our surprise, while this tour, they had secret live at the small live house where is the first live house they have their first live. And now, they have an Arena tour in Japan that mobilize fans for concert ‘ONE MORER TIME’ They would go to top of the world regardless of nationality, place and music.

— We’ve been to make a good music and good sounds

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Korea Best Album “PRESENT”

January 29 (Wed) Released

*Limited Ver.(2CD+DVD)

*Regular Ver. (2CD)


01. I’m a loner.


03.Love Light

04. Intuition



07.Hey you

08.I’m Sorry

09.Coffee Shop



01.Sweet Holiday

02. Black Flower

03. Tattoo

04.Love In The Rain

05.Srill Love You

06.Rock n’ Roll

07. Run

08.More Than You

09.Man Like Me

10. La La La


(DVD) *Only Limited Ver.

*Bonus Gift* Half Year Calendar

Limited Ver: First half of the year (Jan~Jun)

Regular Ver: Last half year (Jul~Dec)


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CNBLUE Oricon Special Interview, “NEVER STOP”

CNBLUE Oricon Special Interview, “NEVER STOP”


CN Blue, Korea’s band who ever trained in Japan, and now hold world tour and also become very famous not only in Japan and Korea but also in Asia. Before their first documentary movie to be launched and draw near their frankness face, 4 members shared their hardships and gushing hotly now.

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This is your first documentary movie, do you feel some pressure?

[JH] At the first I felt some pressures. Because this is documentary movie, we thought it’s too fast, isn’t it? We even ever said “it will be better after this”, but because of its title is “NEVER STOP”, we think to make a film of that picture hereafter.

[JS] Recording of this movie has been done for now, but since this is documentary movie; I think it should shows our (almost) real appearance. Such as our situation in the back stage or the discussion after live performance, I think it is our very first time to appear that way to all of our fans. If you watch this movie, you will be able to know us very well.

[MH] In spite of me, at the beginning I felt a little pressure too. But when watching the whole clips, there nothing to be worried about. I think it is a good movie and I could enjoy watching it.

[YH] I thought at the first watching our plain (without make up) appearance, and the truth when we hit each other of our opinion, what if there are people who get confused? But, I rethink again, that shown such ‘naked’ appearance is good enough. Why I said like this, our life and way to think, because I think there is no opportunity to show (that ‘naked’ side) except we did interview like this. 

I think director has been edited your story out. Is there any surprising part or another unexpected one when you watched the completed clip by your selves?
[MH] I thought another unexpected one is a movie which pulls out a plenty of unknown and did not show things of CNBLUE before, and we thank fully to the director. It reflected after live performance, we discussed about part there was regret, and also when we become nervous when rehearsal. We felt worry, but I think is good we could show that circumstances.

The most very impressive part among the movies is when you discussed thoroughly with all of member after your performance in the Summer Sonic..  
[JH] Because it was live performance, it is better when there is a problem in many cases than no problem at all. Therefore, the growing on our live performance is extending our ability to cope when there was something, doesn’t it? 

And then, by doing like in Summer Sonic, do you think that it is enough for growing your band in the top?

[JH] Well, our discussion like in Summer Sonic, we do after live performance every where. When we did good live performance we will be happy, but when live performance left regret, the discussion must be longer. But whenever it does, it will take about 1 hour, sometimes only 30 minutes. But it depends on the situation. In the end, somebody will change the nature and the feeling. 
[MH] When we got a trouble in our live performance, we poured everything in our mind together, and then we will try our best on the next live performance, hope (to make up) for it. At that time we will tell everything we want to tell, after that us always being back as fellow close friend member, and then get meals, dabble out together.


But your cooperative life also could be watched in the movie too,
[JH] Because we are together for a long time, it has already being familiar. So, I don’t think to be alone.   

[MH] I also feel it will be greater if we are together then thinking to be alone.

[JS] If being alone, maybe will be better if stay in our room. Since we got to know in along time, and know that being together is great.  Therefore, being together and living hardly, it is not at all.

[YH]If you want to live alone, I think you can do it. Beside you will get some inconvenience, does spend the time together is better?


The bitter memory of your training in Japan..!?

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And then, YongHwa’s bed that shown in the movie was very big, did you choose them by yourself?

[JS] The person who used to live there put them. Because it was rental, actually we use the provided one.
[YH] But, I like everything that big. (Laughing)

The movie is containing of your enjoyable day-to-day scene, but do all of you usually cook?

[JH] Occasionally.
[JS] If I find ingredients, I will make a soup and eat it.

[MH] I do it rarely.

[JH] Me, do not do it at all. (Laughing)

[YH] In this member there is nobody who preferences in cooking, isn’t it?

[JS] Cooking for life.

 What foods do make you happy?

[YH] Absolutely whatever my mom’s cook. 
[YH, MH, JS] Tenjanchige (Doenjang Jjigae = Korean Soybean Paste)!!!
[JH] At home, my mom is good in cooking. Therefore, she often cooks Ika Jjigae, Shikka for me.

[YH] But, whatever mom cooks is delicious. Even Ramen instant is delicious too.

What memory do you have when you did your training life in Japan?

[JH] I thought I’ll be dying. (Laughing). We did not have money and could not eat anything…… 
[JS] I looked forward to go and buy Gyuudon.
[MH]  Lying on the bunk bed was fun. Since there I wanted to sleep in the upper bunk.
[YH] Me too!!

[JH] But for me, sleep on upper bunk bed is hard enough. When I got up, I will hit my head (with the ceiling).

[JS] I knocked my head that much. 
[MH] I got in the bottom. JungShin-kun in the upper one.
[YH] I got in the bottom too.

Another one, do you have a memorial place in Japan?

[JH] In the downstairs of our training dorm, there was a Café, it is delicious. But, because its price is high, I could not go (to buy meal). 
[JS] Because in front of the training dorm is always under the construction, I wonder think when it will finish, when after debut I go there again and it was still in under construction.  Therefore, I want to see the finished place (Laughing).

This movie’s sub title is “NEVER STOP”, but you will not stop from now, and then what are your great efforts you want to do?

[JS] We do not think that we have left such a footprint, but CNBLUE was started in Korea, that case was great too. So, we think that much sense of responsibility also was born, and our opportunities become role model has come some more. If we looked back, we tried our best and started from now on we have to try our best too.

[JH] I believe CNBLUE will go on till forever. Because of that we try our best.

[YH] I think CNBLUE has left for footprint. And then from now I want us to continue for leaving our footprint (in the future).

[MH] I believe we all try our best for leaving our big footprint. We will launch our album in Korea in 2014; we’ll wrap up the tour too. But, I want to do the tour in the country where we never done before and I want more people in Japan who listen our songs.

Source Oricon

Trans by Nuru chan @ cnboice

English Preference and Edited by Satomi and Tara Lee @ cnboice

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