CNBLUE February Failure

Before I start this, I would like to warn you guys that this article is base on my opinion so I apologize if any of you get offended.

This is not a review but more like critics toward the Can’t Stop album and I guess I am one of the few Boice that oppose this album  from the concept, MV, music in general, and comeback stages. So fellow Boice, read this with your own risk because I already received many angry mentions on twitter because of my disagreement. So yeah, if you are the kind of fans who can’t stand with different idea then I advice you not to read this.

First Impression


From the start FNC announced CNBLUE’s new album, I already disagree with the idea, why? Because that means Yonghwa did prepare this album during his MHIYD and Blue Moon Tour and let face it, that Yonghwa is the main person in this album more over right now he also serving as producer as well. I just don not want him to over work himself although he keep saying his work is fun.

My disagreement bit loosens when one night Yonghwa tweeted and saying something about brass music which was increasing my curiosity. Unfortunately, my excitement did not last long because FNC release a selca of the member in MV filming set. I quickly conclude that the album will not meet my expectation and I doubt if I will like the album either. And the more FNC — that continuously — release promotional photos and teasers the more I have no interest with the album.

Honestly I just watched the MV once, and during the time I was just frowning, what with the song and MV? CNBLUE became more and more idol-ish (but for sure I cannot complain, it is Korean after all, what can I expect but as fans I cannot help but disappoint).  And when finally I bought the digital version while I am waiting for my copy arrived, I just glad that I put my expectation on the right place.

One word for this album, I DO NOT LIKE IT (yet I still buy 2 versions of the album).



First of all, I can find that Can’t Stop music style in many popular band and music now days, nothing special with this album unlike CNBLUE’s previous album because Cant Stop is dominates by commercial music ( ps: I start to listen another Kpop music other than FNC artist to try to understand their style more).

To me CNBLUE has lost their uniqueness, lost their touch in order to give another color in Kpop music. Can’t Stop failed to show their own style and I hate that. The only difference among those Kpop idol is that CNBLUE is playing instruments for real, compose and produce their own songs but those not enough to buy me.



Do not ask me about it because I am highly uninterested, I can bear to listen to the song but not watching the MV.  I read many reviews from fans and medias with mix outcome but I guess I go with those who put the thumbs down.

When the MV was out it was just proven why I do not like the album, to me being mature does not mean you have to wear suit and singing endless love. Mature in music, technique and vision is more important. From here I think they only after cash instead of art. And love is not only love interest between man and woman, there many kind of love in this world yet these days they only care about desire. Where is CNBLUE who likes to sing about their dream, about their daily life, about their interest in chasing the bigger stage? All gone already by the word of “mature”.

Can’t Stop


Speaking about the album I do not understand why they choose Can’t Stop as title track, aside of song title that also album title, I do not think that the song is match enough with the MV concept. For me, if they insist with the concept, why did not the go with Cold Love or Sleepless Night? Both are having melody that suit for the concept. To me Can’t Stop is just plain popular music that you can find everywhere now days that song has no CNBLUE taste at all.

Personally I rooted for Diamond Girl or Like A Child as title track. Only those songs that show it were CNBLUE who compose and sing it. Diamond Girl is just as CNBLUE’s usual music, unique and only them who made it. This song is just different with their previous songs they made without lessen the attractiveness of guitar riff, bold drum beat and fancy bass not to mention the “Brass”, suddenly I wondering Yonghwa’s tweet that night is about this song. Sadly it is not a title track.

Next up is Cold Love, how to say, it is one of CNBLUE’s kinds of medium beat songs, one of the sweet (or sad) slow rock songs, followed closely by Sleepless Night. Another medium low beat songs with interesting guitar solo. Cold Love and Sleepless Night should be Burning Soul favorites songs since here Jonghyun can show off all out of his skill both in singing and guitar. Sleepless Night is bit pop-ish compare to with intense Cold Love rock sound.

The music intensity came into the lowest point for Love Is, another pop ballad and popular and commercial music CNBLUE presented to Boice. Nothing I can say about this song because aside from Yonghwa and Jonghyun harmonic voice, there nothing special about this song.

Last one is Like A Child, another unique song brought up by piano sound, followed by orchestra blended by main instruments, Like A Child bring back CNBLUE’s musical style that seem lost in this album.


I do feel that Minhyuk’s drumming style is very various in this album. He seemed to have more space to explore himself compare with CNBLUE’s previous album.

And of course I do not forget with Jungshin’s fancy bass (this is biased so do not count in).


I do feel nothing but proud less, why? Because no “LIVE” and even been cheated by “all live show comeback special”. They did live for TV air, okay, live. But apparently Korean has new meaning of “LIVE” because as long as I know, LIVE means you play there and I watch you at the same time but not with Korean, they have different meaning of that. And if you hope I will appreciate the effort they made for recording — wasting for me — over than 15 hours, nope, do not expect me. Because for me that recording is the most ridiculous thing ever, what did they do wasting so much time just for worth 6 songs and 3 medleys? And the point is; what is called LIVE when they take one song more than once? TV program is full of trick and I never fond of that. For me as cool as their performance on that screen, I am sorry that I am hardly appreciating it.

I am too demanding Boice am I not? LOL

Written by Tara Lee @ bpb decoded

Photo Credit CNBLUE Official Facebook

12 thoughts on “CNBLUE February Failure

  1. I agree with you on some of your points- I agree that “Can’t Stop” and “Love Is” are too commercial.
    However, I wouldn’t call it “February Failure”. That’s going too far.
    This album is helping CNBLUE get more fans.
    Like it or not, it’s hard for Koreans to like rock music. That’s why CNBLUE has to lure them in with the pop title track Can’t Stop. Koreans love the title and as a result have listened to their whole album.
    I totally understand your views though. I was slightly disappointed by the title and MV too. However, the genius of Diamond Girl, Cold Love, and Like A Child still make some BOICE think it’s the best album to date. Producing something like this while doing a world tour and filming a drama is quite impressive.

    • failure here, is when CNBLUE once again failed to catch my ear, not CNBLUE in general since I know, Cant Stop is prettily success..

      I know the real reason behind it, and that also my main reason why I don’t like it, because as artist, I don’t want to sell my idealism for anything, I’m indie artist to btw,

      truth to be told this album is (as you said) sucess, not only in selling but also, it’s definately what yonghwa ang jonghyun wants (they ever said they want to follow the natural flow, though)

  2. Sometimes I think it is hard for CNBLUE to branch too far out musically because at the end of the day, they belong to FNC. They have a responsibility to fulfill as artists with a contract with an entertainment company that needs to see profit. Even when though they now have more control over their music, it still needs to be approved by FNC. At the same time, how I interpret it is that Yonghwa both wants to create music that allows him to be musically creativity while still appealing to the general public. His goal is to connect with as many people as possible through his music and that isn’t possible if his music branches to far from pop music. So unfortunately I expect there to be some compromise to their music as long as they are signed with an entertainment agency.

    And I also agree with the “lives.” In the end…it seems like it’s just a combination of a ton of takes so we never actually see one coherent version. It seems a lot of Korean broadcasting stations have this standard where they need to do “cool” shots but a lot of the times I find it too distracting (like tilting the camera). I much prefer the type of camera shots used to record live concerts.

    • yeah that’s my regret for them to have born in business country, LOL

      korean seems like to put art behind the profit, so, just like CNBLUE we see today. sad but what can we do?

      watching their “all live show” comeback its like watching MV for me

  3. Hey Tara, i have same opinion with you, i dont like their new album concept, can’t stop and also their new single, truth. Both are too mainstream, not interesting for me. They’re just like another commercial band. I think they want to imitate the concept of oasis song ‘whatever’ but they fail. Their britpop concept is not like britpop concept of many britband, like oasis or blur. They just put the pop, but erase the brit. Their music just like power pop like maroon 5. Too mainstream. I’m sad because they lose their identity as a rock band in previous album.
    Are you indonesian, Tara? I’m indonesian. It’s nice to read your review for the first time.

    • yeah we feel the same way, our musical preferences no longer same with them, but what can we do?

      for me I still rooted on them (tho now i’m distracted by exo boys LOL)

      Yep I’m indonesian nice to meet you 🙂 and thanks to read my review

  4. Hahaha, everyone around me also like exo. They always talk about exo, and when i talk about cnblue or roy kim, they are just ignoring me.
    Ah sometimes it’s hard to share our thought about music , but it’s fun when everyone appreciate it
    Are you belong to indonesian boice club?

    • kkkk i just love yifan, i know him month ago and realize that he has as handsome back as bunny LOL ( i caant resist whoever the guy who has handsome back :DDDD)

      and actually you won’t believe that I spazz exo with my fellow boice who also still learning about them, we don’t even make to mention who is who ’cause tbh 12 person is huge.

      indonesian boice as in? member? no, but i’m blog admin of indonesian boice (on hiatus due to health problem now)

      ah btw if you wanna share anything about the cnblue we can talk on twitter here is my u/n @lanhudiee,

  5. Hello! It is my first time reading this and I am pleased, in the good way obviously. I do think that as fans we should be to some extent demanding or a bit tough on our music likes. I agree with the uncertainty of CNBLUE´s choice of style or simply the new sounds of the album. However, in my opinion is to vague to say that because of industry, and let´s say plainly money they changed the music. Let´s do not forget that they are relatively new artists, for me a band who has been formally around 5 years is not either mature nor sold, specially when they themselves have said so (I believe them). So, alll in all, I see it as an experiment that does not determine their future, whatever their next decisions are, I simply hope for good music. I won´t say that can´t stop is a musical failure, not in the k-pop industry nor the internationational music industry because I do think that they show a variety of sounds that are not “exactly” called popular. Furthermore, I do think they are hungry for a variety of music, not money.

    • yeah i do think the same actually, because well cnblue is the youngest band i listen to.

      truth to be told, can stop is also accomplish Yonghwa and Jonghyun who determine to focus on commercial music, I forgot in which interview but both of them ever said like that.

      and once again, i put failure here because they are fail amaze me, i don’t refer to their achievement so far (yet I still rooted thet they downgraded their music, I’m so stubborn, am I not?)

  6. wawwww I like it 🙂 you can criticize clearly.
    I think so, as the first time I heard the album “Can’t Stop”.
    but finally, I enjoy it.

    emmmm, i like ‘truth’ song but I was confused for the album “truth”, don’t they perform live for that song ? what happen with that album?

    thanks 🙂

    • hahaa thank you

      I’m still boice though, but yeah I’m dissapointed with their album recently, for both Can’t Stop and Truth.

      What do you mean by they playing Truth live? Truth is Japanese single whilst Can’t Stop is Korean EP. CNBLUE has never play their Japanese song outside Japan unless they’re already set the lyric into Korean (such as Get Away and These Days during Blue Moon Tour)

      So Truth only been played in Japan during their activity in that country. Never expect they play their Japanese songs outside Japan   Best Regards

      Tara Lee

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