blue butterfly

Hello, welcome to the Blue Plum Blossoms, a home for a Blue Butterfly. And finally I can manage to introduce my self.
My name Blue Butterfly, taken from my chinese name Lee youdie which mean beautiful butterfly (didn’t trying to tell that I’m beautiful but I’m a girl, though,) and for the Blue, I use it not because I’m Boice or CN BLUE’s fans but I just freaking blue color since I was young. Blue is my third choice of colour when I can’t pick up black or white.

I was born at small and quite village with a big family. I’m the eldest and have 4 younger brothers. Mum is house wife and running on her own business while Dad is a Headmaster of Elementary School. My childhood time was fun even though I spent a hard times and become harder when I got to live with Granny, she was strict person and such a hermit. She shut me up every time in home but during school time only. I was (and always) scolded whenever I late to come home. Her way to raised me up still effect on how I live my life these days.
I like wandering around and discover something new but I prefer to go alone rather than have accompany. And while I’m in home I can stay at my room whole day (as long as food and water are there!).
Beside a headmaster Dad also artisans, all round artisans. He does painting, traditional dancing, singing and the most of his talent is making Indonesian puppets who best known called wayang.
Because of his interest and involve in art field, I, as his daughter get influence too. I was grow up with Michael Jackson, Boney M, Barbara Streisand, Scorpion’s songs which is Dad favourites.

Then when finally I have my own musical heroines, it’s Bond, Aussie classical instrumental band and The Corrs. Time goes by and mind also changed, me, myself too. With the cage Granny set for me, My escaping way only through music and hiding inside in my mind. Those days when I wanna screaming Superman Is Dead, The Calling and Linkin Park were help me out. During my high school days I was fangirling into Chinese stars as my surroundings also Chinese. Jay Chou, 5566, Mayday and many more. While Japanese such as L~arc~en~ciel, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru.

But it was CNBLUE who played  the biggest role in which who I am now. My envious to them had led me on this far and finally I know what I have to do for my life.

Writing for me not only for work, but also that the only way for me to communicate with the world. I’m not the kind of person who open and share easily with other, my personality also such a blunt therefore hardly for me to express my real feeling. And I can do that in writing. Once again there another person I need to thank to, my doctor. Thank for her search on to me so I can walk out from my own mind and able to face the real world. That is writing mean to me while music is my life. I can’t live without it, even my player never stop playing for 24 hours a day. but I don’t know why, I still let it just as hobby rather trying to be a professional.

So, this is me, blue butterfly is an ordinary butterfly who tries to fly. She has a lot of destination but she still in the place she is right now.

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