CNBLUE Lee Jungshin, was Shiwoo Nervously Pointing the Sword?


연개소문 목에 서슬퍼런 칼을 겨눈 시우. 대선배 최민수 씨에게 칼을 대야만 했던 이정신 씨가 잔뜩 긴장했다고 하는데요. 연개소문vs시우의 긴장감 넘치는 기싸움은 오늘밤【 #칼과꽃 】에서 만나보실 수 있어요~

Shiwoo was cruelly having a sword into Yeongaesomoon’s neck. Lee Jungshin-sshi was getting nervous to point his sword at the senior actor Choi Minsoo. You can see Yeongaesomoon vs Shiwoo’s diplomacy filled tense atmosphere at ‘Blade and Petal’ tonight~


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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Went in a Giant Vase, “Performed Spy Mission”

CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Went in a Giant Vase, “Performed Spy Mission”

‘Blade and Petal’ CNBLUE Lee Jungshin went in a giant vase, “Performed spy mission”

At ‘Blade and Petal’, KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama, CNBLUE Lee Jungshin is attracting attentions by having released the scene he goes in a giant vase.

In the photo released in advance for broadcast on 17th July, His acting carrying out spy mission was released. Shiwoo (Lee Jungshin) faced a crisis that he comes to light Yeongaesomoon’s subordinate. But he found a vase at the moment, then he hide himself in the vase and overheard secret meeting.

Especially, Lee Jungshin with strong eyes is getting interests for slender nine heads high and as manly swordsman with flexible moving.

He was given confirming from a director soon by his manly enter water. He was valued high by staffs because he finished shooting without losing smile for all he kept hard situation hiding himself with flowers in the vase that barely enter his body.

Shiwoo, acted by Jungshin had been moving place and place, but since he kept eyes of a leader of a gang Keumhwa -a secret organization of Yeongryuwang- and has been under him. Shiwoo will guard like a shadow by Mooyeong (Kim Okbin), who was involved tragic destiny.

At episode 5 of ‘Blade and Petal’, Shiwoo will trespass on Yeongaesomoon’s mansion and will be aware of uncommon moving in there. It will be broadcasted on 10 pm July 17th in Korea.


*To see more about Blade and Petal including per episode caps, and behing the scene photo collection visit Blade and Petal Special Page I store all the photos there 🙂

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CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Asks Lee Bo Young to Go Easy on Him

CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Asks Lee Bo Young to Go Easy on Him


CNBlue‘s Lee Jung Shin asked actress Lee Bo Young, who he has acted with in the ratings hit “My Daughter Seo Young, ” to go easy on him and his drama.

According to TV Daily, the bassist of CNBlue said at the press conference for the premiere of the KBS drama “The Blade and Petal,” “‘My Daughter Seo Young’ only ended in March, so I did not expect to be acting so soon.”

When asked about his former co-star Lee Bo Young, he stated, “I contact her sometimes. I saw her in passing and she was working hard filming. I asked her to go easy.”

Lee Jung Shin is one of the cast members of “The Blade and Petal” (also known as “Sword and Flower”), in which he essays the role of the swordsman Si Woo tasked to protect the princess played by Kim Ok Bin. Lee Bo Young is currently starring in the SBS drama “I Can Hear Your Voice,” which is a ratings hit and the competition for “The Blade and Petal” during the Wed-Thurs evening drama timeslot. It seems Lee Jung Shin humorously asked Lee Bo Young to take it easy with her drama so “The Blade and Petal” and “I Can Hear Your Voice” can have a friendly neck to neck ratings race.

Lee Jung Shin said of being part of the series, “I am very fortunate to take on an acting project very quickly after my first one. I am glad to meet good people and to be able to improve my skills. I want to learn how to think and act, and I want to continue to learn a lot.”

“The Blade and Petal” premieres on KBS2 on July 3.

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CN Blue Lee Jung Shin′s Fans Donate 1.2 Ton of Rice Wreaths

CN Blue Lee Jung Shin′s Fans Donate 1.2 Ton of Rice Wreaths

Fans have been backing up Lee Jung Shin′s recent drama endeavour, sending in rice wreaths to show they′ll be there for him.

Lee Jung Shin′s fans sent in over a ton of rice wreaths to be displayed in the press conference for the upcoming KBS2 drama Blade and Petal held on July 1.

Fans from across Asia, from countries such as Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, also joined in the rice wreath donations, covering the venue with quite a few such wreaths. The grand total added up to 1,200kg, which will be donated to those in need.

CN Blue fans boast a long history of rice wreath donations, as they also brought in rice wreaths for CN Blue′s CN Blue Blue Moon World Tour Live in Seoul 2013 held in May. They also sent wreaths for the CN Blue concerts held in September 2011, December 2011 and December 2012, as well as for the press conference for KBS′ My Daughter Seo Young held in September 2012.

Lee Jung Shin has donated the wreaths to various welfare facilities and joined in volunteer work.

The singer will appear in Blade and Petal as Si Woo, who has a crush on King Youngryu′s daughter Moo Young (Kim Ok Bin). He is skilled in music, and uses fans and umbrellas as weapons.

Lee Jung Shin said at the press conference this day, “I still have a lot to learn in acting, and I′ve been learning a lot on set. Even though I won′t be appearing in any scenes for the shoot, I′ve been remaining on set to watch my seniors film and learn how they act.”

Blade and Petal will air its first episode on July 3.

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CNBlue Members Are Worried for Lee Jung Shin

CNBlue Members Are Worried for Lee Jung Shin


CNBlue members show concern for their youngest member, Lee Jung Shin. The band’s bassist, who is currently in the cast of the soon-to-premiere historical drama “The Blade and Petal,” (also known as “Sword and Flower”) revealed this at the drama’s press conference held in Seoul on July 1.

“The other members (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk) are very worried,” Lee Jung Shin said. “We are currently going on a world tour, and we have a tour in Japan. The schedules for drama filming will overlap. They are concerned for my health, that I won’t be able to eat right and will have no time to rest.”

In addition, the bassist also spoke about his preparation for his character, a swordsman named Si Woo. He said, “I acted in a modern drama and now I am acting in a drama that was based on history. There is the burden of history and it’s at first strange. Also, I was in a weekend drama, but since this is an evening drama, I’m taking on the challenge to learn a lot.”

In the drama, Lee Jung Shin’s character Si Woo is revealed to have feelings for the princess protects, played by Kim Ok Bin. He is the third wheel to the love that blossoms between the princess and Yeon Choong, played by Uhm Tae Woong.

“The Blade and Petal” premieres on KBS2 on July 3.

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Blade and Petal Twitter Update

Blade and Petal Twitter Update


정신입니다~ 오늘 칼과꽃 제작발표회가 끝났습니다~내일 모레 7월3일부터 방송이에요~ㅎ 떨리네요.. 그리고 오늘 제작발표회라고 많은팬분들이 화환도 보내주시고 기자님들,스탭분들 떡이랑 부채까지 준비해주셨어요…너무맛있음..ㅜㅜ
많이 사랑해주시는만큼! 투어도! 칼과꽃 촬영도 더더더 열심히할게요^^ 사랑합니다잉

I’m Jungshin~ Today Blade and Petal press conference had ended~ It will be broadcasted from the day after tomorrow, on July 3rd~ I’m nervous.. And today many fans sent me garlands, reporters and staffs prepared rice cake and a fan for me… delicious..
Just as much as I’m beloved! I’ll work hard and harder to do tour and  Blade and Petal filming ^^ I love you!



【 #칼과꽃 제작발표회 】고구려 영류왕의 딸 무영(김옥빈)에게 한 없이 낭만적인 순정파 시우로 등장하는 #이정신 씨. 시청률 30%에 도달하면 센 공약을 내걸겠다는 정신 씨 말 믿고 시청률 팍팍 밀어주세요~♡

[Blade and Petal Press conference] Lee Jungshin appears as Shiwoo who is unlimited love and has pure heart for Mooyeong (Kim Okbin) -A daughter of Yeongryuwang from Goguryo- He would hold up terrific promise if it reaches audience rating 30%. Please believe in his words and push audience rating~♡


My curiosity goes up to the max once I read trans for KBS, Jungshin does promise something once Blade and Petal reached 30%?? And what is that? ughhhh unfortunately I don’t speak Korean so I can’t searching around this and patiently waiting for the news or trans :(, well whatever Jungshin’s promise is I’ll make sure not to miss one and each eps start from the day after tomorrow, SHIWOO FIGHTING!!!!!


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