Today is bright and shiny and there, near M’s studio, M and T having their lunch which is interrupted by Mary’s call.
“I need someone for my new advert, can you recommend ones for me? Ah, the better can I see you? I need an advise from expert.” Mary said.

‘Well, I’ll see you in my office after lunch, I’m outside now.’ Replied M shortly.

T, who sat next to M smiled seeing M hang up the phone and continue eating.

‘What?!’ Asked M when smiled did not leave T’s face when frequently look at him.

T just shrugged his shoulders, still smiled eventually saying,

‘You’d better take her for dinner or at least a cup of coffee instead of office flat meeting.’

M raised his face, looking directly into T’s eyes with kind of surprise,

‘For what?’

T rolled his eyes heard M’s question.

‘What for?! You don’t know?’

‘You say,’

T put his cutlers down and gazing at M’s face without saying anything. And when M gazing back at him, T looking directly into M’s dark brown eyes, x-raying it.

‘She’s fancy you and you reckon that you don’t know it?’ T said in low voice.

M did not answer but starting eating, avoiding T to gaze at him.

‘You know it for so long but you just pretending.’ T went on.

‘Then you see Mary later,’

T look at M with confuse mimic by sudden change of topic. M explained T what Mary had told him on her last call.

‘I don’t wanna see anyone you don’t like me to see.’ Conclude M.

Once again T put his cutlers and piercing M’s eyes. He took a deep breath and said slowly, still in low voice.

‘I never trying or willing to keep you under my wings. You aren’t my pet I should put in the cage. You still have your freedom about how or what you wanna. Don’t make me feel worse and guilty about limited people you can see. I don’t like that.’

‘I didn’t, I didn’t mean, I just, well, I’m sorry,’

T just smile as he took his lemon juice,

‘I’m done, no need to see me tonight ’cause I’ll be busy.’

He stood up and leave while M saying,

‘You know I’m sorry, really.’

T did not respond but continue takes step and walk away. M takes deep breath as he set his eyes on T’s figure who walk outside the restaurant untill its figure vanish.

After a minute M laughing himself, T’s voices echoing on his head. Then his thought goes into Mary, the one he knows for so long, as long as he keep his secret. He feels sorry and regret at the same time but he still has no idea how to start this conversation, Mary never reveal what does her feeling toward him yet M knows exactly because he feels the same way Mary is for somebody else.

Ah…. Why are loves so complicated?

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note : to see the casts, read love is one of the kind, character description.

LOVE IS ONE OF A KIND (Part 1 I Don’t Know Why)

“I’m downstairs, be quick, starving already…”

Mary smiled when reading the message, G is always like that one. And by the time she arrives, G was there with his usual grimance, a camera lying near him.

At once he gave Mary initial look and communicate with their eyes, indicating Mary to open a fancy blue box looks next to him.

As soon as Mary did it, a snake like doll zoomed into her face! Causing Mary deadly surprise by the sudden attack. No need to asked, G already roared with laughter.

In his last laugh, G gave a sign to the waitress near him. In a second they appear out of nowhere and laid plate by plate and seemingly they did not stop until no space left on the table!

Another shock for Mary,

‘what the- hey will you eat all of this?’ yelled Mary but suddenly she lowered her voice down.

G who already attacking his food said with his cheeks bulging,

‘I ‘old ‘ow ‘m tav’ing.’

For a while there was silence but the sound of chewing.
Then G broke it by saying,

‘you don’t eat’ not clear whether he asking or admitting something.

Mary shook her head, still silent.

G raised his head, quit eating,
‘still thinking of him?’

‘Eh, ‘

‘M, ‘

Mary gave only a bitter smile and took a sip of water.

‘Ouuuh, I don’t know why you love him, he just living statue, you will never catch his fancy! Why didn’t you turn into another guy? I have some if you wanna-‘

‘You think love just a thing, don’t you?’ interjected Mary.

G laughed, ‘ sorry, well I can be your date then,’

At the moment Mary just took another sip and burst it out at once, some hit G’s face.

‘Hey, I was just joking.’

‘Not funny.’

And there another things that send Mary into flabbergasted, it was when G asked waitress to packed the food he has not eaten yet and pass the bill to her.


‘Sign, OC’


G gave a big nod and waving the bill to her face,

‘Right, OC.’

‘You….’ Mary open her mouth but then closed it again, appearantly she lost her speech. Then with fierce look to the innocent act face in front of her, Mary took up her card.

‘Sist, I give you an advice, forget M, turn your back there 2B waiting behind you.’ Said G as he stood up.

Mary did not respon, so while G passes Mary, he stop beside her and placing his index fingers againts Mary’s cheeks without her notice.

‘Sist,’ called G.


Mary turn her face quickly and gotcha! Her cheeks hit by G’s index fingers.

G burst out with laughter once again while Mary turning red because of anger.

‘G….!!’ Screamed Mary.

G runs away still with laughter but before he lost her glimpse, G called out, ‘I love you.’

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note: to see the casts read character description.

LOVE IS ONE OF THE KIND (Character Description)

A successful business woman, owner of hotels and restaurants. Stubborn, strict, optimistic and realistic woman. One sided love to Monkey and good friend to Giraffe.

Jung Yonghwa as Monkey
A music director, ambitous, workaholic yet easy going person. Has complicated relationship with Turtle and pretend that he does not know if Mary fancy him.

Lee Jonghyun as Turtle
A singer-songwriter, producer, rather stubborn, does not like challange himself but eventually he realize that is not always bad. Then he even leave his love in order reaching his dream. He has complicated relationship with Monkey.

Kang Minhyuk as Baby Bird
A musical professor, quite but playful person, one sided love to Mary.

Lee Jungshin as Giraffe
A photographer, best friend who more like a younger brother to Mary. Michivieous and likes a laugh guy.

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