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Today, January 14th, surely become pretty memorable day for boice. Yes of course, today is exactly 3 year already CNBLUE has official debut in Korea as their homeland. Starting with I’m a Loner CNBLUE popped up in the Korean music industry that dominated with dance group for both boys and girls. Bringing the new sound, they tried to break through the mainstream. Gaining success? Definitely, but before that they had to suffer in many ways. Hardship during indie activities, plagiarism case until the idea of hand-sync just few of their obstacle before they had achieved what they have today.


For me, CNBLUE is the only offspring band I adore so much, for I used to hear t o Japanese music who led me to them. Yes, I know CNBLUE far before they had Korean debut. Which mean I know them in Japan during their indie activities? My first impression toward them was, envious. I was longing in music activities but some reasons not allowed me to do so and they were so young to have their own stage. Although at that time it was in the streets or small live house. CNBLUE was become my reasons to sneak out from my study, followed their street performances or waiting for them at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.

So, when most of boice first fall with I’m a Loner, my favorite was Voice (until now) and my first ever treasure was Now or Never. That was also the reason I hate Jungshin so much n the beginning since he replace Kwang jin who’s initially my bias, moreover it was no official announcement about the replacement and what Kwangjin  will does following his departure.

Now or Never

Now three years had elapsed and CNBLUE has growing rapidly as probably they had never expected before.  But they have never stop to attacking boice with their storm and another storm should be anticipated tomorrow as their 4th Korean Mini Album Re:BLUE officially release.

Then boice, prepare your self and hold your heart tight ‘cause it might jump out from your chest once you watch I am Sorry MV tomorrow!!!


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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

I’ts probably too late but still I wanna say thank you to all my visitors, readers and followers to make this blog keep active. it was because of you all I keep updating my home 🙂 so once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!


I think I have to say sorry to all my blog followers especially to you all who aren’t Boice. Saying the truth, I didn’t intent to turn this blog to be a fansite but these days it seems to be.

I have been hiatus to write everything unrelated with my own mind and when I come back here, CNBLUE has many things that I want to keep for my self and share with another Boices. Christmas and other stuff take all my intention so I can’t think about my writing properly.

I’m thinking to create a real fansite to make specific site, but with limit time I have to stay and updating on each and every site, I don’t think I can manage those sites well. Moreover, as my concept for Blue plum blossoms decoded is ‘a home’ which mean I can keep mine in here. Until then, the time I can fully manage my all site well, you need to compromise when visiting my home.

So to everyone of you who disspointed or displease with my random posts instead only poetry who I post mostly. I’m really sorry to let you down.

It’s maybe too early but I’d like to say Merry Christmas!!!

Alot of peace and love
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A Letter For My Dear Friend

Dear friend,
How are you today?
The season had change and so the days we’ve been through
Here I am waiting for another days we’re chatting together
Simply talking of the daily life
And joke around for the foolishness
Ah… The rainbows is too beautiful outside
Do you see the blue sky above?
It’s always pretty after the rain
Just like how you bless me with a simple word
Laughing together by a silly thing
Nothing I could say but thank you
To feed this lonely soul with beautiful songs of life
Enlighten the darkness of the silent night
And giving me a reason to stay
To live better
For offering an invisible grip
Another days coming as the other passed me by
What do I have right now?
‘Cause the butterfly can’t fly
Her wings not strong enough to winged
So how does she crossing the world?
She flies through you my dear friend
Your existance strengthen her
Build her confidence to keep learning how to fly
And trying to reach the highest summit
Will she?
She will as long as you stay beside her
Again, my dear friend
Thank you for coming
The day covers by the snowflakes
And it’s all about the good day of December
White snowy everywhere
Are you doing good my dear friend?
Enjoy the white December
I love you all!!!

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OSAKA 2nd Day

The set list almost the same of the first day show just added Let’s Go Crazy after Teardrops In The Rain and double encore, surprisingly A.ri.ga.to.u.
“Osaaakaaa!!!” Shouted Yonghwa on the opening show, Come On.
“Let’s go Osaka!!” Yelled Jonghyun at Get Away.
Tattoo, Hey You and Love played consecutively.
“Osaka, do you enjoying? Let’s be exciting ’till the end! Change the atmosphere right now, please listen to our ballad numbers.” Asked Yonghwa before Y,Why.
Here Jungshin changed into black 5 strings bass. During Feeling, Yonghwa played keyboard and as usual in his first part Jungshin always gazed at Yonghwa with arm crossed. Yonghwa counted for Jonghyun’s These Days singing.
“It’s also fun today, I always had something here, (on These Days), you all really cool!” Said Jonghyun while These Days ended. Jonghyun mentioned about London live and Yonghwa had set up head mic and said through it, “then, let’s be more exciting with our rock and I’m a good dancer.”
“Ahh yes, you’re good at dancing,” responded Jonghyun.
“Guys have a good night???” Party time had started by Yonghwa’s question. Have a Good Night followed by Wake Up where Yonghwa and Jonghyun repeated aerobic’s steps!
Blue Sky as always into the boysband time. The boys left their instruments. Honestly the other boys looked strange without instruments on their hands. Jonghyun did strangely small waved hand.

“Osaka is still takoyaki,” said Yonghwa when they’re preparing for ad-lib song.
“Takoyaki song,” added Jonghyun as he start to play some keys and Yonghwa thinking a while.
“Well then, the tittle is… Takotakotakoyaki sukiyanen.” Concluded Yonghwa and start singing.

* Takoyaki song*
Oh no ~
Live mae takoyaki tebeta
Oh~ mecha oushi
Itsumo Osaka dewa takoyaki
Live ga owatte nani wo taberu ka?
Yappari takoyaki
Takoyaki sukiyanen
Mecha sukiyanen
(Yonghwa sang in whisper)
Saikou tako tako takoyaki mecha sukiyanen
Oh, live ga owatte takoyaki tako say takoyaki, tako, tako, yappari osaka mecha sukiyanen
Oh, kyou wa takoyaki ga tabetai oh my god
tako, tako, takoyaki daisuki
Takoyaki mecha umai oh my god
(Yonghwa approached Minhyuk and asked him to sing after and Minhyuk sang: )
Takoyaki Jungshin wa niteiru
(Jungshin disguised himself as tako=octopus by his hands and made funny facial expression. Jonghyun roared with laughter when heard and saw that. Minhyuk stood up and together with Yonghwa, both of them approached Jungshin and rounding around him. Minhyuk even did rapping!)

Tako, tako, tako.
(Yonghwa continued)
Oh~ takoyaki arigato gozaimasu ~nagai~
Ad-lib kangaete nae
Jonghyun kept playing guitar even Yonghwa giving up on singing.
“You always played a good song.” Said Yonghwa to Jonghyun.
Actually Jonghyun also sang but quite short part, ‘takoyaki, takoyaki’ that’s all.
“How was Niigata song, a Koshihikari song.” Yonghwa went on asking Jonghyun.
“I don’t remember…. Ahh like this??” Jonghyun seemed remember and replayed the Koshihikari song’s key. Along side Jonghyun’s guitar Yonghwa sang ‘Koshi, koshi, koshihikari~’

*english trans*
I like takotakotakoyaki (Osaka dialect)
Oh no~
We were eaten takoyaki before live
It was tasty
Osaka is always takoyaki
What we will eat after live?
Still takoyaki
I like takoyaki
Tako, tako, takoyaki is the best
I like so much
Oh~ Takoyaki after live, say takoyaki, tako, tako, still at Osaka, I like so much
Oh~ today, I wanna eat takoyaki oh my god
I love tako tako takoyaki
It’s pretty tasty oh my god
Takoyaki is Jungshin twin
Tako, tako, takoyaki
Oh~ takoyaki thank you … Too long
I have no ad-lib anymore

When boysband time ended and they get back to the main stage, Jonghyun threw out many guitar pics.
“Quite fun, I’ve heard if Osaka people is hot, today is indeed hot!! Not the weather but all of you guys!!!” Said Jonghyun.
Yonghwa approached Jonghyun who still played his guitar but suddenly he reach out Yonghwa’s hand and hold it tightly and saying, “great! Osaka is amazing.”

Yonghwa danced through the runaway and Jonghyun followed his step on Love Girl. And again, Jungshin went down to the audiences floor, they looked quite enjoy themselves on each other part.
Kimio interval (again and over again,) Jonghyun took pictures, firstly, Yonghwa and Jungshin on the center from the main stage. Then Minhyuk joined in.

“Yonghwa, what do you feel? Is this a miracle?” Asked Jonghyun, he seemingly touched with the whole surrounding, he often rolled his eyes to enjoy the scene.
“I can’t explained,” replied Yonghwa.
“Guys, today we made a good live together, didn’t it? You’re great indeed! Please sing together, sang after me,” Asked Jonghyun then he sang first part Kimio a capella n Boices choir after him.
“Ahh great….” Said Jonghyun. As soon as Kimio ended they gather together and discussing something.
“We can’t win over you guys so we will sing a.ri.ga.to.u but please sing it altogether with us!” Unfortunately staff already took their instruments off the stage.
“Staff are surprised!!” Surprised Yonghwa.
Jonghyun asked to the staff his accoustic guitar, while waiting for the Jonghyun’s guitar ready, Yongwha played his own guitar randomly. As wrote above, then Osaka second days concluded by A.ri.ga.to.u as a special song who unlisted before.

*Author’s Note*
Boys parroted Japanese/Osaka gag but Hana can’t make up to find a way to translate and understand it by english reader (author too hard to understand it) so I omit.
Special thanks as always goes to Hana who did very good summaries and translating, especially in Takoyaki song which was quite long.

Rough Translation and Summaries by Hana

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Sources Fncmusicjapan@twitter

External Link wikipedia 

OSAKA 1st Day

Arena Tour Osaka first day was all about Jungshin’s new hair cut which surprise everyone (the author included) due to this the shortest hairdo Jungshin’s ever has since debuted and actually his long hair already became his signature.
For today’s the boys put more sticker tattoo than in the previous show.
Yonghwa wore red T-shirt and (as usual) he rolled up its sleeves, showed off his left shoulder and wrist tattoo.
Jonghyun put his tattoo on his right upper arm and left collarbone.
Minhyuk on right neck while Jungshin on left wrist.
This show too, Yonghwa danced so many times on his own ways. The amusing one was at the Have a Good Night, Yonghwa approached Jonghyun and asked to danced together. Jonghyun then followed Yonghwa’s steps strangely, still with playing his guitar and Yonghwa commented in laugh, “its looks like an aerobic steps!”

“Osaka I love you so,” said Yonghwa using Osaka dialect.
“Indeed.” Added Jonghyun still with Osaka dialect and he went on, “this stage is special for today only so you all quite lucky.”
“I cut of my hair,” said Jungsin.
“At first I saw Jungshin’s new hairdo at our Kakao, I thought he was Yonghwa.” Explained Minhyuk.
“I was shocked when I saw him, ” added Jonghyun.
“Actually I prefer to his previous one.” Commented Yonghwa.
“I was challenge for you guys.” Said Jungshin with bitter smile.
“Which one do you prefer guys, last or new one?” Yonghwa asked Boices.
Unfortunately many Boices prefer to the last one.
“Last one?? Ahh so sad…” Said Jungshin.
“Jungshin, you wasting yourself.” Commented Jonghyun and roared with laughter.

*Jungshin’s new hair cut song *
‘Yesterday I saw Jungshin’s new picture but I was surprise; because ohh he has changed his hairdo!? A little scary? Or cute? Cute isn’t it? Jungshin’s hair, Jungshin’s hair dadari didadadu.’ Then Yonghwa singing in whisper face to face with Jungshin. He looked embarrassed but Yonghwa kept on singing and even poked Jungshin’s chin. In the end Yonghwa asked Jungshin to sing.

Jungshin sang, ‘now days my hairdo twined with Yonghwa.’
‘Yes you are, why do you do?’ Replied Yonghwa. It was another scene tha both Jungshin and Yonghwa danced on their own way. Yonghwa rounded around and asked Minhyuk to sing.
Shockingly Minhyuk sang, ‘Jungshin’s hair didn’t look cool than before!’
Honestly Minhyuk and Jungshin look strange sat down without any instrument on their hand but mic, only Jonghyun had acoustic guitar to be played with Yonghwa’s ad-lib song.
“Thanks to all of you guys. Because of you, we’re able to stand in this stage.” Said Jonghyun.

“We had plenty individual activities recently but from now on we will keep on working hard to do our music. So just stand by and walk along with us.” Added Yonghwa.
During the last encore, Kimio, there was quite long pause, where Jonghyun took pictures with his own iPhone. He took Yonghwa and Boices picture.
“Aahhh cool, you are all so cool! We will playing here again tomorrow so it isn’t the last song. But please sing together with us.” Asked Jonghyun.
“Aahhh cool!” Surprise Yonghwa after choir of Kimio Jonghyun’s accapella part. Jonghyun took another selca right after Kimio ended.

*Author’s Note*

In this update, rather than focusing on one after one song I more to their talking time yet I have to say sorry too, if there any missed in their talking above cause I almost can’t read my notes! The set list also the same just an exception on third song which they replaced Just Please with Tattoo. The same crowd and enthusiasm!

Rough Translation and Summaries by Akira

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Source Fncmusicjapan@twitter


The venue began to dimmed altogether Come On intro and exploded of fireworks to start another show that night. The boys as usual wore rough clothes, Yonghwa’s red wine T-shirt which he rolled up its sleeves. Jonghyun wore dark printed T-shirt and he seemed not shaved that night with very short hair, Minhyuk’s white printed cute yellow character, he looked cute yet cool at the same time. Jungshin transform into Harajuku boys with black and white long sleeve T-shirt and old-school design short combined border legging.
Yonghwa seemingly excited right from the start of the show yet the other boys too.

Just Please present their rock live style and Yonghwa said, “Niigata let’s rock till the end!”
While Jonghyun asked to Jungshin, “are you ready?”
Again, Yonghwa shouted “I love Niigata” and danced on his way during Hey You.
“Do you know the next song?” then he asked Jonghyun’s Boices side to say ‘clap, clap, clap’ and Jungshin’s Boices side to say ‘love, love, love’ he even taught how to sing rap percussion. In the middle of the song Yonghwa approached Jonghyun and the exchanging wiped their chin’s sweat out!

And as usual they introduced themselves. Yonghwa said, “hello,” while another member said altogether, “we are CNBLUE!”
Yonghwa went on saying, “this is the third time we are visit Niigata.”
“I’m flew alone to get here, ” said Jungshin.
And Jonghyun simply asking Boices, “guys, do you enjoying the show?”
Repliying Boices answer of Jonghyun’s question, Yonghwa said, “you do? But now we will change the atmosphere.”
It was then, Y,Why led the changing. Jonghyun guitar solo brought another scene of CNBLUE.

Niigata to be the first step for Yonghwa played piano for Feeling and These Days. During first verse of  Feeling, while Jonghyun and Minhyuk busying themselves, there only Jungshin who watched Yonghwa fully attention with arms crossed.
“Ahh what a nice song.” said Jonghyun as soon as they finish sang it.
“Jonghyun, your song is outstanding.” Commented Minhyuk.
“Thanks. This is our first time played These Days, how was your feeling? Good? I’m happy.” Said Jonghyun.
“Yonghwa’s piano was incredible too.” Said Minhyuk praising Yonghwa.
Again, they mentioned about London live to start the party time which was led by Have a Good Night. Jungshin shown off his modelling charm and together with Yonghwa he shouted ‘Niigata!’ Yonghwa approached Jonghyun and both of them danced together with Jonghyun still playing his guitar.

Yonghwa shouted “hashire!!” (same like make some noise). Yonghwa and Jungshin moved to reach the runaway while Jonghyun struggle with his guitar electrical code. Jonghyun had tried to come to Jungshin’s side but his code just to short to be hold and running around the stage. He try to pulled it off but almost in vain. Giving up on that, he said using Jungshin’s mic stand instead, ” guys from now on, lets rocking more, are you ready?!?”

Yonghwa came down to the runaway while sang No More with head mic and Jungshin even went down to the audiences floor causing Boices rushed around him yet he kept playing his bass.
Heating off the venue was Blue Sky, boys left their instruments and turn to be like real vocal group. In Blue Sky, every each of them had solo part and their brotherhood shown when Yonghwa and Jonghyun encouraging Jungshin in his solo by sang as backing vocal.
“Thank you,” said Jungshin as they finished sing the song.
“It was fun,” commented Yonghwa.
“But embarrassing,” said Jonghyun, then said to Yonghwa, “keep on running now.”
Four of them sat on the chair at the center stage while discuss about ad-lib song.

“We were thinking how to use this center and runaway stage. Finally it’s the one who occurring. I guess this will be the first and the last, so, guys you’re lucky ’cause it feels embarrassing to sing a song without instrument.” Explanied Jonghyun.
“My today’s theme is fashionista,” said Jungshin.
“Well, you’re in chief.” Replied Yonghwa.
“Jungshin, you embarrassed, don’t you?” Asked Jonghyun.
“What’s Niigata local cuisine?” Asked Yonghwa.
“Koshihikari,” replied Jonghyun.
“We went to onsen and ate Onsen tamago.” Yonghwa told what the had done during off show.
“Envious!!” Responded Jungshin. He was the one who left behind due to his drama filming.

“We were sung Hitsumabushi and Tebasaki song at Nagoya, so today is a Koshihikari song.” Said Yonghwa. Actually, Yonghwa made mistake when mentioned Koshihikari and said Hisashiburi (means Long time no see) instead. And Jungshin made it as a reason to teased Yonghwa so many times.

Yonghwa wandering around the center stage with Jonghyun’s acoustic guitar sound only.

‘Niigata, there are onsen, ooh I love but I like the most koshi, koshi, koshihikari. CNBLUE loves the most it still ko, ko, koshi, koshihikari.’
“Minhyuk, what’s your favourite?” Asked Yonghwa.
Then with a little embarrassing Minhyuk sang, ‘Me too, I love koshihikari.’
They were continue the idol session by sang Teardrops In The Rain.

Jonghyun and Minhyuk quite fun and enjoying themselves during Voice while there another ‘monkey’ on the stage, it was Jungshin. He running around the runaway without even losing energy! He sang With Me chorus part well and Jonghyun guitar’s rearranged a little bit.
“Oh what an amazing day today! I was fascinated by you all responses. You all was the reason why we’re be here today. I wanna keep making a good live together with you guys. Then let’s do it!” Said Jonghyun.
“We wanna keep playing music!” Added Yonghwa.
“We were quite busy recently but that’s okay. I prefer to the busy days though. We’re still young so we don’t wanna stay in one direction only. 20 years, 30 years even on the next 40 years we’ll keep playing music.” Jonghyun shared his dearly wish.
“It’s love chu-nyu,” said Jungshin parroted Japanesse gag with kissing the mic.
“Today is exactly 3 years since I have debuted already, lucky me! Then gonna rock again!!!” Shouted Yonghwa.
Where You Are started by Minhyuk’s spinned drumstick and again Jonghyun’s tapping play rearranged a little. Jungshin took the lead who asked Boices to say ‘Ho…!’ on On Time with too much distortion effect in intro. Jungshin’s rapping part as always was indeed powerful. Jonghyun also jumped.
“Do you enjoying?” Asked Yonghwa to Jonghyun who looked too excited.
“Not enough yet,” replied Jonghyun. Yonghwa run to the runaway and sang Love Girl at the center stage while Jungshin’s chopper solo was really cool.

Yonghwa and Jonghyun played guitar side by side at Love Revolution.
“Ahh time flew fastly, I’m really happy today. You’re all great indeed so we will come again in some near time.” Promised Jonghyun. And he went on, “from now on let’s make plenty good lives! Please sing along with me.”
And Niigata Tokki Messe live ended up with chaotic drum bass and both guitar of Kimio while Boices choir for its chorus.


  • Koshihikari:
    Often called sushi rice, koshihikari is a short grain rice produced by the milling of specially cultivated koshihikari paddies. The flavour is slightly sweet and the grain has an off-white colour. Commonly used for making sushi, the texture of this type of rice is soft, and the glycaemic index is relatively low in comparison to other varieties of rice, as Koshihikari rice has a high amount of resistant starch meaning it’s broken down slowly in the body raising blood sugar levels slowly.

*Author”s Note*

I do feel like writing a novel when I typed this down cause it’s indeed along article. Big thanks, hug and kiss to Hana who did really great job in translating and summarizing who almost perfect to describe what had happen that night. Professional one is always different 🙂 Anyway, it was no surprise cause you focus on your notes rather than enjoying the show, CNBLUE’s music is too noisy for your ears.

Rough translation and summaries by Hana

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Source Fncmusicjapan@twitter CNBLUE Boice Japan

External Link thefoodcoach  wikipedia 


It seems that I leave my home too long already. but once i make come back posting I did it with quite long article. I love that story and for the reason I compile it. for my special day today.

Beloved Brotas, I love you!!!! I wonder to visit you before I come home, kkkk.

I’d like to thanks to my dear who let me have such a wonderful month (I know it just the way for you to cherish me, ) and let me stay away from my daily routines for a little bit.

Mum and Dad who made call last night (and wondering where their daughter is) I’m sorry for being cold and distance, I didn’t mean but that’s I think my real personality, didn’t I too inherit in you two precisely?

To the unexpected guest friends, if only anyone knows with who I was celebrated the party last night, then I can guarantee if I still be alive today, (lol)

To Yuki, Hana and Akira, ah also Yui, thanks for being my guide and willing to come to accompany us for CNBLUE’s concerts, I know its hard for you all but you still in, thank you very very much!!!

To all of my friends, in the sites, blog, facebook, twitter, and many of my social media sites, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your wishes.

Not forgetting to my beloved fans, thanks to come last night, thakns for the real candlle flame (its been 3 years I always using the fake one), and thanks for the eishes and presents. It’s meke me realize more that I’m not only the girl who sitting behind, but also part of his family.



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I made this post as b’day present to my self actually, having struggle with my book publishing and fail with my deadline I came into my laptop and found this  articles and for CNBLUE’s 1000 days debut anniversary. It seems that I’m too bias to Jonghyun, for I have never think who my bias is as I always follow them as CNBLUE. I fell into this story right after I read the part 1 and curious what next Jonghyun will write. When it finally published into 3 part I always wonder whether I can read this without jump to the another pages. This story, aside telling what Jonghyun had ever felt about his first ever drama, also telling within CNBLUE it selves. I never tired to read to their story as many things I can learn from them. in fact it was them too who lead me into this far. For all I have achieved in the recent 3 years and for I fail too.

Here the complete story based from Jonghyun had written himself .


CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun’s career can be divided into before and after “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” which recently wrapped on SBS. Lee Jong Hyun played Jang Dong Gun’s son Colin, and that’s how people began to know him. He had been known to their teenage fans but hadn’t really had a chance to appeal to the  elder audiences before.

The following  writing is a recounting in Lee Jong Hyun’s own words.

It’s almost been a month since I parted ways with Colin. The disappointment that was left at departing is now changing into a strange longing but I haven’t been able to let him go just yet. He’ll probably be in a corner of my conscience for the rest of my life. The anxiety that took me when I first met him is now become a very precious memory.

When I look back,  sometimes I think, “I could have done it better,” and  I also think, “Perhaps if I had enjoyed the ride a little more, Colin could have been a better character.”

Colin, who gave me great memories, opportunities for future challenges and many other things, is my unforgettable friend.

1. Stubborn Lee Jong Hyun

I was a member of the band that had no interest in acting and especially within CNBLUE. Even when Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk had started, I never think about it. Is it because I have an accent? No, I never fixed myaccent because I never wanted to act.

I had a strange stubbornness for the phrase, ‘Once a singer, is always a singer.’ Even when my company suggested acting, I said, “I only want to sing.” I only wanted to show people the Lee Jong Hyun in the songs and on the stage. But Colin was the one who won over me. An amazing dude!

I only went back on my word because Colin was a very attractive character. My management CEO left a script of “A Gentleman’s Dignity,”  I found it so fun that I couldn’t wait to see what the next story would be.

However, stubborn me couldn’t just say, “I want to do this.” I instead took on the role as if I couldn’t refuse them any longer, even though I really wanted to do it. If I had kept on being stubborn, I might have really regretted my decision.

The stuff came quite difficult right after I said, “I do.” What was I going to do with my Busan accent? I even thought of perhaps giving up but Jung Yong Hwa said I’d regret it for entire of my life , so I took that to heart.

2. Deciding to be Colin

Regretting things later is absolutely useless. I made up my mind to do it and auditioned for the role. It wasn’t easy as there were a lot of competitors and the camera test wasn’t simple. However, the crew, who were looking for a more westernized image for the character, liked me. Happiness aside, this was the real deal. I had to fix my accent and I had to practice.

However, when the time came, there was nothing I couldn’t do and it was the first time that I thought people can really do anything they put their mind to. 6 months is long if you make it long and short if you make it short. I was able to conquer my accent and though it may be slightly awkward for those raised in Seoul, it was a huge improvement for someone like me.

Minus the accent, I prepared myself to become Colin. I put in my best to figure out how I would be able to make Colin the best that he could be.

Then there was the problem of acting. I had never received training when I had just  getting rid of my accent. Jong Hyun! What have you done??

Up to the very first day of shooting, I focused on to Colin. I never let my script out of my sight and as the day approached, everything was putting pressure on me. I worried if I would be a burden for the production, which I didn’t want at all. Thanks to that, I lost 6-7kg of weight and my skin became worse as I began to have lack of sleep and rest. I wanted to appear on TV at my best condition but alas, it could not be so.

As the anxiety began to fade away, D-Day finally came around.


April 12TH was the  very first day of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” filming and I was eagerly anticipating it. It was at a club in Itaewon and it was my first time meeting Kim Haneul sunbaenim. I couldn’t help my trembling heart as I saw her right in front of my eyes, reporting at the filming set since I was very impressed with her acting in the movie, ‘My Tutor Friend’. 

On the other side, I kept telling myself  “oh, finaly it has started..”

I was holding on my heart and saying that I was already prepared. Everything was in a different environment, an unfamiliar ‘stage’, but thanks to the staff and sunbaenims, we were able to safely finish the first shoot. It seemed like I looked very awkward on TV when I act, but I calmed myself down saying “slowly it will get better soon”.

It was a day when everything was new, and it’s also the first time I ‘met’ Collin.

1. This Is An Honor Again?

Rushed to shoot in earnest, I had to face one sunbaenim after another. Jang Donggun, Kim Haneul, Kim Sooroo, Lee Jonghyuk, Park Joo Mi sunbaenims and so on. For I only heard their names before, I could not help but letting out “Wow~” as I was awed being able to act together with these sunbaenims, it was surreal to me.

Filming other than what was in the script and what we had practiced was almost impossible to me. From time to time, during the break the new script was revealed. I even had to practice acting with company’s manager! Then it changed from manager to Jang Donggun sunbaenims, then sometimes it was Meahri who became my partner. As usual in my head, it was all about Collin.

The details of each scene were made easy by the sunbaenims and  they offered to teach me during filming, since there were many unfamiliar and difficult scene. The sunbaenims’ advices were like a “treasure” to me. Especially the gang of 4 gentlemen, these sunbaenims gave me tips on how to gaze, to control my tone of voice  and many more. They will be laughing at me when I was being awkward. My first acting experience had given me such great strength, thanks to their help.

When the drama was going towards in the middle episodes, it was the time for me to act thoroughly. Facial expression, bitter-ish act, longing glaze were basically what I had to do. When I was worried about “how can I express what’s in Collin’s heart”, Jang Donggun sunbaenim gave me a big help.

As I was still struggling with my character, the director’s described it to me and even though I understood it , my heart was not at ease. It was Jang Donggun sunbaenim who would always reach out his hand for me first. Sunbaenim’s character outside the drama is much cooler than what we see in the drama. It’s really sweet because he gave me the feeling that he being my real father. One day Jang Donggun  sunbaenim told me, “It would be nice if my son Junhyeok is a big as you are right now”, and I was flattered. In fact, sunbaenim even asked me to call him ‘hyung’ instead of ‘sunbaenim’. He gave me such a comfortable feeling and great joy and I was so fortunate for that.

Kim Sooroo sunbaenim knows how to spread the happy virus to everyone and made us laugh. Thanks to sunbaenim that had made the atmosphere within the filming set always sparkling.

Next is, Kim Minjong sunbaenim. Can he  described as the warmth crystals? He was the most famous among the staff and actors and always being nice. He’s 120% the same like his drama character Choi Yoon!! He’s an attractive man, one that you can’t look away if you happened to be next to him. Lee Jonghyuk sunbaenim is known for his meticulous acting. He gave me a very big help during the filming and I was always grateful for that.

Not only the four senior actors but I was also thankful to each of the drama crew. When I see all those great people I worked with,  I couldn’t help but to vow that “I’ll be as great like them too”.

And not forgetting, Meahri!! To be honest, before the shoot I was wondering if I should prepare in case there’s a “love-line” for me (with Meahri) in this drama but since I’m  Choiyoon-Meahri couple supporter too, so I pass! Besides, Yoon Ji Yin who’s playing Meahri is the same age as me. So, we had the cuteness of the scene that we had together. Haha. And since this was the first drama for both of us, we supported each other.

I remind myself that “I’m able to be with such wonderful and great actors”,and for that I keep on being thankful.

2. My Appearance on TV

The first shooting began and about one month after the broadcast start!

“Ah~ now a lot of people will see my face..” just thinking about that made me shake. The first “A Gentleman’s Dignity” episode was aired on May 26 at 9.55 pm. Even though I did not appear in the first episode, my heart was at ease. Haha. It was really fun for me because I wonder what the viewers were expecting for the next episode.

And once again, I feel honored to be in such a good drama. In addition, we received the overwhelming response from the viewers since the first episode and so my respect for the seniors grew.

Now that the show is airing, my heart is going ‘dugeun degeun’. Half excited, half scared, I have found ‘another me’ in Collin.

I started to appear regularly in the drama starting from episode 3. Actually, CNBLUE members discuss with each other about the drama and they give comments. Even if it made me slightly hurt, I was thankful. We’re close, so they pointed things out honestly. Truthfully, that makes me work harder. I would be even more nervous if they only said good things. Haha.

But of course there’s pain too. Ah~ rather than saying it’s painful, I take those as advice. Criticism from viewers who had watched the drama. Of course, it’s logical that I get such comments, so it has become a great help to me.

Thank you to everyone. For all the advices and criticism, I am thankful. From the advices given, I was able to see myself from a different angle and able to understand my feelings better.

Although it’s difficult, I know that there are things that I regret. Instead, I’ll keep up with my work and I’ll do my best to deliver a good appearance someday, so just wait a little bit for it. Because there is no other way, I will work hard.

Especially as I am stuck in between Dojin (played by Jang Donggun) and Yisoo (played by Kim Haneul), as their ‘love intruder’. No wonder they hate me. Hahaha.

One thought after another came to me as we shoot the drama. “How is my performance?” My gratitude towards Collin, who beats the odd  gradually growing.

What more, my parents like the fact that Lee Jonghyun, by using the name Collin, is getting more famous. My mother hid me all these while because it was difficult to describe her son, CNBLUE‘s Lee Jonghyun. Haha. However, now it’s easier to explain by using ‘Collin‘ and she’s happy about it. I will put more effort in the future to make them proud to have me as their son.

I feel sad towards the end of the drama. The Olympics Games broadcast had caused the drama to be postponed for a week and a thought came up that I wished the postponement would continue.

It seems that both acting and music are the same and completely different too. There are many different ways to express my feelings. Acting experiences has helped fill the emptiness in my music.

So, little by little, I understand. Upon accepting this drama, the CEO told me, “acting will be a great help to your music.”

To be able to convey feelings to someone, it was very difficult but at the same time, it was a very interesting experience.

This way, I got to know ‘the taste of acting’ by becoming Collin and I began to have acting goals instead of just singing.

Who is Collin to me? A new friend. He’s another part of me. For a while, we played and had fun together,  I will always miss that friend. Eum.. in the future, when I look back on this experience, there might be things that I will regret but I will never forget Collin, my friend.



“We also want to be like the 4 (AGD) Gentlemen”

Quartet boy band CNBLUE. There’s Jung Yonghwa, the leader and the main vocalist, bassist Lee Jungshin, drummer  Kang Minhyuk and there’s me, the guitarist. We debuted in 2010 and this is our third year together.

As the time passes by, the members get to know each other well and we support each other like brothers.

Me as Collin, and Minhyuk as “My Husband Got A FamilySegwang, who were the busiest. Yonghwa Hyung was given time to rest. In the past, we were the ones who waited for Yonghwa Hyung to come home but now it’s the opposite. Yonghwa Hyung would be sending message “I’m alone..it’s lonely”, mixed with complains and funny jokes, and he’s the person that is proud the seeing us doing well.

Yonghwa is the brother who is always ,full of spirit. Even though the work he’s doing is hard, he rarely expressed what he feels towards us, his younger brothers. I feel reassured at the thought of having such a strong older brother.

The person that played the biggest role in letting people know who CNBLUE is of course Yonghwa Hyung. He made CNBLUE known not only  just by singing on the stages but also by acting in dramas and appearing in variety shows. He’s always tired when he comes back to the dorm but he never failed to put on a smiling face to the younger brothers. I always feel sorry when I see his smile but at the same time I am always thankful to him. My personality is blunt and therefore I don’t express my feelings well, but in my heart he’s always there. Yonghwa Hyung, thank you.

Jungshin and Minhyuk, my two younger brothers are the same too. You are a treasure to me and what we have cannot be changed.

Minhyuk and Jungshin, being the youngest in  the team, it must have been difficult. Sometimes it must have been hard for you two guys because there are times when the older brothers would be complaining, but the two of you are very matured and for that, I thank you. The drama made us spend less time talking to each other, especially Minhyuk. He had a very busy schedule and spent all his time filming his drama.

But because of that, our relationship grew stronger. Then one day Minhyuk said to me that he wanted us to be like the 4 gentlemen from “A Gentleman’s Dignity“. It seemingly he was just saying it, but actually he was serious. I’ve also thought about it, so I was moved.

Not only the two of us but the other members felt the same way  after watching “A Gentleman’s Dignity“.

“Let’s live like those four gentlemen,” we said.

It would be great if the four of us in CNBLUE could grow up to be great men, just like the four gentlemen with  our long and close relationship that we can flaunt of as we live together.

We lived together before the debut, especially in Japan where there was no one else but ourselves to turn to, we get deeply attached to each other. That’s why the members think that I won’t have any problem acting as Collin in the drama. Since I was also busy filming during the week, so we only meet about 2 or 3 days a week. Before, when I always see them every day, I don’t really feel the importance of having them by my side. So, every weekend we would all get together and had our bonding time. Usually, we would joke around and since we don’t meet each other for a long time, I’m glad that instead, we stayed in one room and played together. Even though I don’t show it, but deep down inside “I’m really happy”, that’s what I feel.

After Minhyuk‘s drama and my drama finished airing, the four of us really wanted to spend time together but the baton of acting was then passed to Jungshin. He had been practicing a lot and seems to be tensed a lot like I did before, but I hope he will do well. Lee Jungshin hwaiting!

And the same goes to the other members of CNBLUE. In the future, just like what we are right now, we’ll build up good memories and we’ll look forward to the day when we will not only be known in Korea but also as the world’s leading band.

Music Runs In My Blood

I quit being involved in sports during my high school years, from then on I started doing music. Being alone as a kid, there was a lot of time for me to think. My parents were both working, so during those time I thought of several ideas and later set up a plan.

The momentum was from there. I made a concrete plan in order to persuade my parents. The educational approach in our house was “take care of yourself”, so I had to be very cautious since I would be responsible for all the things I did.

In fact, the first time I said I wanted to do music, my parents didn’t like it. So, in the mean time, my mom and dad left me and asked to thinking  of what I look forward for if I continue in wishing to become a singer and planned about my decision. In short, it’s like a briefing for my future.  Silently, my parents started to trust me. From then on I had to try my best for the sake of  the faith and trust my parents have given to me.

Music. I had to really practice it, since I started later than the others. I tried my best when I’m at the academy. These days, it’s still the same. If someone complimented me by saying “you’re really good”, I will just shake my head. “I still have a long way to go”, that’s what I think.

When I started acting, I felt like music still fills the void that acting cannot, that’s why music is something that I can’t neglect. Acting is something that I need to finish once I started but music is my lifetime companion.

In my mind I wanted to do my best while filming for “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, so in order to do that I had to practice a lot and I cut my sleeping time. Naturally, I also had to cut down the time for my guitar and singing practice.

That was quite stressful for me. This was something that I have always insist on doing, it’s one of my daily routines, which was practicing together with the members. I would be practicing together with the members until 12 in the midnight, and the next day I had to shoot early in the morning. My body was a bit tired, but my mind was a bit relaxed and it still seems more alive. While I attained the energy for the next day, music was my driving force.

I really think that I need to do music steadily. Since I had to practice 4-5 hours a day, my mind is focused on music, so I will continue to do it in the future.

My craving for music deepens from the aspirations that we got through our street performances in Japan.

Our street performances in Japan had pushed our dream that we had before our debut.  Physically and mentally we were very dense, but we did our best towards “the dream”. Those days, if it weren’t for the passion of music; we wouldn’t have this kind of great friendship between us.

I play guitar and would only do the chorus part from behind Yonghwa Hyung’s vocal. But all of the sudden I had to stand in place of the main vocalist on behalf of Yonghwa Hyung. Hyung was sent back to Korea at that time to shoot for a drama, leaving only Minhyuk, Jungshin and me. The three of us had to schedule all the performances in Japan and had to continue everything. The position was completely longer and for the first time I was feeling puzzled and even scared. The members and I couldn’t believe that we managed to get through that.

Because of that opportunity, I was able to grow more in terms of music. Particularly for my vocal, and I made my own songs that makes me looked desirous. It’s really valuable to be able to tell things in making good songs. When someone is comforted through my songs, I’m touched. That was what made me really happy and this feeling is impossible to be replaced.

At first when we started our street performances, no one was looking forward for it. It’s an empty street. But we tried to gather fans, little by little until a few thousand seats filled in a large scale venue. Without them there would be no CNBLUE, and I won’t even be here as Lee Jonghyun.

I think that CNBLUE can still be here till today because of our fans who love our music. Starting from Asia Tour, we went to Los Angeles in the US and now we have performed in as far as in the UK. The day has finally come, as it has always been our wish to play instruments and have our voices heard at the Home of Rock. From the start we have always been grateful and I will do my best over the time to become a band that will be loved for many people.

CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun will always try to give the best. Hwaiting!!

CN Jonghyun – Thanks for reading all this while! ♥


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