Tara Lee, Bad Girl SOS Cinderella

Tara Lee, Bad Girl SOS Cinderella

So, the most anticipated song released more than a week ago and only yesterday the MV officially released through various sharing video sites.

What is it? Yes it is Bad Girl, Kris Wu’s newest single.

Frankly, when it comes to Kris Wu’s music, I do not know what to say since his musical preferences basically is not my favorite genre. Honestly I prefer he sing ballad only but after I listen to his self produce single, Bad Girl, I realize that his pace is not in ballad.

Bad Girl was released when I was on temporary hiatus thus I could not listen to it immediately but when I finally I did;

My—very—first impression upon hearing song intro was Jay Chou!

Secondly, after listen the entire song, I was open mouthed, surprise!
Kris Wu is indeed a big troll, since the moment they broke the news about Bad Girl and from promotional photos they had release previously, I expect such a heavy or maybe dark hip hop, I think none expect that the song will turn out that way.

Come to think of it, I should have expect he will insert EDM since the genre is huge recently—even I trouble my self to study the sound since I’m curious why CNBLUE is so in love with the genre—and apparently I failed to notice.

I can not say much about his music since I have no clue about it, I rarely—almost never actually—listen to hip hop or R&B or any kind of music Kris Wu prefer to listen to. In my opinion, Bad Girl’s music, lyric and beat is opposite to each other. It is like contrast situation among anger, disappointment, and upset feeling that voice out through happy beat. I do not know if this right or not, I really hope there someone out there will be able to teach me this kind of music.

Hip hop is something new to me, I mean, I started to closely listen and studying about this genre just recently, thank to Kris Wu. While EDM I already studying about the genre for awhile now, this time thank to CNBLUE.

And because of EDM too, I found cool band which dedicated their music for the sound, they are one of popular Japanese band, SEKAI NO OWARI. They taught me that the thing when produce by its master would have some amazing outcome. Do I say that CNBLUE’s EDM is bad? To me, yes. In my opinion, they still have so much space to explore without switching genre. But then again, that is the difference Korean music industry and other countries. CNBLUE has company need to feed, has market to satisfy since they make music for them not for their own satisfaction, not for art. Music and art come after money for them, I can not blame them though, the environment had them to do that. SEKAI NO OWARI however, they are a group of best friends who love in same sound thus they decide to create some music to cheer other as none can cheer them when they are feeling down. And how about Kris Wu? Kris Wu is fetus in music scene but I am already proud of him.


I have all the reason to be proud of him, here I will list them down.
Firstly, Kris Wu is not trained to be musician; he trained 4 year along to be rapper and dancer. None—even me—ever imagine he will compose, writing lyric or even produce music.

Secondly, instead of looking for good composer, lyricist or producer to do his song, he trouble himself to create himself a song. This one is indication of musician’s point of view to me.

For Boice, maybe this is not a big deal since CNBLUE best known as self composing and producing team, but for Meigeni and Kris Wu, of course, this one is huge thing. Although I barely see people talking about his music but I think that understandable, or maybe since I can say that I came late for his song, people already discuss his music a week ago and I miss it?

Other discussion about music is, the MV. Frankly I am not quite please with Bad Girl MV. But I think, the reason why I displease is very different with most of the people out there. And this is also the same reason why I did not spare a glance to watch Cinderella MV.

I never like those unnecessary scenes. But I still talk about Bad Girl and not Cinderella?

Because both of them are different although have the same reason why I do not like the MV. The scene did not affect Bad Girl too much, not many people discuss it. Meigeni discuss many things and what I proud the most is “Kris Production”. While Cinderella was the opposite. Those scenes stole all the attention and became the main topic of discussion, even news media—well Korean media almost never write about CNBLUE’s music though, so it was no surprise at all. They ditched CNBLUE’s music just because of the scenes.

Why I strongly oppose the unnecessary scene in MV?

Because I know, they add the scenes to gain attention not to emphasize their music. I remember ever read somewhere about one Kpop idol, he said that ripping his t-Shirt is one of his way to communicate with his audience. Perhaps, it works for many idols or their fans but for me, it definitely big no. to me, there should be no other way to communicate with audiences but with music.

There a lot of world artists also did the same, should CNBLUE or Kris Wu wait until the time?

No! Do not forget that CNBLUE is huge, Kpop is huge—Kris Wu is no longer Kpop but most of his fans were still have Kpopers’ mindset. Their albums often sitting at Billboard world album chart and yes many of world artists did that—ripping clothes, etc—and I still have the same preference, if they did it simply to make their fans high, it’s not right. To put simply, ripping clothes shall not be the main attraction of the show. Take for example, RHCP or LP, with or without ripping clothes their show is always high. Plus their music, they are not only voice out about lame and desperate love story topic. Is that necessary to rip off your clothes when you are desperate and upset and broken heart? I don’t think so, unless you wanted to show off your body. If you perform nude for human trafficking campaign, I’ll definitely standing ovation for you.

Back to music, I do not know if I should be glad or not Kris Wu inserted some EDM sound because it makes me able to speak a word or two about his work. Although I am still incompetent enough to make review but I still proud of Bad Girl. Some people actually thinking that I lower my standard about music in order to keep Kris Wu relevant. I tell you, I still picky when it comes to music and my standard is still the same.

Good music=self compose (and/or self written lyric).
Perfect music=good music + live performance.

That is the way I am rating music, whosever the music is, western or Asian, are all the same. And Bad Girl was even self produce, so can I say that this song is beyond perfect? Definitely!

I do not know how other rated one song, but I think everyone has their own way to rate each work but this is my way.

And one more thing—and this is the most important thing actually—when I talk about music, it has nothing to do with MV. Music is something you work with your ear, not with your eyes.

Below here there 3 EDM music—plus one is not EDM it is only the newest song—with different taste and sound. Enjoy and let me know what you think about those musics (not MV). Until next time 🙂

SEKAI NO OWARI – Dragon night

Kris Wu – Bad Girl

CNBLUE – Cinderella

Another SEKAI NO OWARI newest song SOS

Video by  SEKAI NO OWARI CHANNEL  Kris wu  CNBLUE (씨엔블루)




Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know Indonesian Movie Premiere Survey

Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know Indonesian Movie Premiere Survey

Calling all of Wu Yifan’s fans, please help us and join our survey, thank you

Mr. Galaxy Fanfan's house



Hello Meigeni Indonesia dan Meigeni International.

Mengantisipasi penayangan perdana film pertama Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know, kami, ingin mengajak Meigeni Indonesia untuk berpartisipasi dalam sebuah survey yang kita adakan.

Seperti yang kita tahu, Somewhere Only We Know akan tayang perdana Valentine tahun depan dan untuk sementara yang pasti HANYA AKAN TAYANG DI CHINA. Kami selaku Meigeni tentu ingin ikut serta mendukung dan meramaikan penayangan film tersebut. Hanya saja tak mungkin kita semua pergi ke China untuk nonton film kan?

Nah, disini kami mengadakan survey untuk meminta pihak produser untuk menayangkan Somewhere Only We Know di bioskop di Indonesia.
Disamping itu untuk semua voters, mohon menulis comments di comments box, panjang comments tak lebih dari 100 kata. Kami tunggu vote dan comments kalian sampai tanggal 15 October. Kami akan mengirimkan comments kalian ke pihak produser.

Peraturan VOTE dan COMMENT

  1. Pesan singkat padat dan jelas tentang seberapa ingin kalian menonton…

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Somewhere Only We Know Behind the Scene (from Hotel U Zlatých nůžek)

Somewhere Only We Know Behind the Scene (from Hotel U Zlatých nůžek)

Mr. Galaxy Fanfan's house

Shooting of a new Chinese film “Somewhere Only We Know”

The new Chinese romantic film called “Somewhere Only We Know” with a famous Chinese star Xu Jing Lei and popular singer Wu Yifan (called Kris) was shoot above all in Prague′s Old Town and beautiful Lesser Quarter. Few parts were shoot as well at our hotel, in the Prague Castle View Room.

More>> www.channelnewsasia.com


Source Hotel U Zlatých nůžek

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Musing, #PrayforGaza #StopChildrenViolance while Waiting for Peace in Kingdom of Heaven

I think this is nothing but maybe also something. It maybe quite late as well, but I think it better than nothing.

It’s been week and my little brothers and sisters there, in Gaza were still suffering. Sometimes I think they were proud to be chosen one and born in Palestine, carrying boulder to protect and guard the land Allah had promised to Muslim but when it comes to humanity, it was not very good sight to see children suffering with trauma and physical pain. They’re just innocent kids who deserved to be happy.

According to UNICEF Palestine there 73 children killed and 367 injured in Gaza. It was very heart breaking to see those children suffering but nothing I can do but praying.

Be strong my brothers and sisters, heaven is await for you so keep on smile and belief that Allah is never forget his promised. Let’s wait for the peace comes to the kingdom of heaven eventually.


EXO-M ‘Overdose (上瘾)’ – English Translation, Pinyin Lyrics, and Chinese Lyrics


omggggg hi here are the lyrics LOL

just a preface, the girl is a poison in liquid form, so that’s why they keep talking about drinking the girl okay lol so if it sounds funny it’s the nature of the metaphor!


[Luhan] I wagered everything   and drank you down

Even if time turned back there’s no way to take it back

[Chen] Even taking the risk of addiction

So bad, no one can stop her

[Lay] Her love her love, I want her everything

Her love   is the only law

[Chen] One kiss from her lips is lethal

The more unmindful   the more you’ll be unable to get yourself out

[Luhan] Oh she wants me, oh she’s got me

[Chen] Oh she hurts me

I am like this, eager to get you

[all] Someone call the doctor   tie me up and tell me


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CNBLUE PATi PATi 2013-2014 Year Book

Stronger, More Flexible…

PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book

To the future

If it could be say with one word for this year’s CNBLUE, it would be “The World”. They set the world on fire while they go around the world. What is there in the bottom of “Gloval” CNBLUE?

PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book5

—Now we are toward the world step by step.

2013, this year for CNBLUE had become a big year that started their first world tour that became the first step to conquer the world. This was the first time for Korean band and the historic first. But their thinking is different from around.

“If we conquered the world, we get our own jet and when want to eat Sushi, we go to Japan using it. (Laugh)” (Yonghwa)

They talk like that with a certainty even only a Hollywood star and a celebrity do such a thing. Put simply, their mind is totally different from us. They are always thinking their global activity. After all, they are the Rock Band to be selected by the world.
Since they formed a band, they had talked about their dream our dream is top of the world and get a No.1 on a Bill Board Chart’. Even if somebody laughed about their dream, they might feel like that. ‘Why are you laughing?’ ‘We just talked about our dream though‘. In the 2013, their comeback album ‘Re: BLUE’ got No.1 on the International Court in Bill Board. This album’s read song ‘I’m Sorry’ that was composed by Yonghwa was gotten No.1 on chart in Korea. The ticket for their world tour that was started from Taiwan on April 6 and sold out. They went some countries of Asia and Oceania while offering an additional performance for a half year. And then in the New Year, they started it again.

The world is ‘MINE’?

“No, no, we are unworth of it yet. We are on the way toward the world step by step” (Yonghwa)

—Asiatic melody, it would not lose from our music.

4 years ago, June 2009…

How many people would have believed that CBLUE who came to Japan for practicing their music become a big Rock band pass for the world…?

‘The Story of CNBLUE~NEVER STOP~’ that will be released from Jan 17. This film will not only showing their usual life and world tour, but also their activity back then during their trainee days in Japan (indie period).

“If we didn’t come to Japan, we are not being here” (Jonghyun)

Actually, their first ballad song ‘Blind Love’ that was composed by Jonghyun and released on April, 2013 was like J-pop. But Jonghyun said ‘It is like Asiatic’. It makes sense if you hear that song in ‘CNBLUE JAPAN BEST ALBUM’ that was re-write in Korean from Japanese and released in Korea. There are both of base of J-POP and Korean music.

“Even though we arrange the song as Western music, it would not lose part of Asiatic because we are not grown up in other countries. I think our music is on the middle of Western music and Asian music. Because our music has a part of it, overseas people to come to our concert and enjoy it.” (Jungshin)

“Because both of Yonghwa-hyeong and Jonghyun-hyeong make a song in free regardless to try to make it like a Western or like an Asian.” (Minhyuk)

From the first, when composing a song, Yonghwa doesn’t have an idea ‘this is for Japan; this is for Korea, etc…’

“We can say the same about our global expansion. We have not had aware of it like ‘We aim for a global expansion from now’. I like a Western music but not place a Western music above anything else. Now we are here because we’ve been to make a good music and good sounds. This is only it. So there is no song to make for the global. Our fans upload the video that shows a reaction when they heard our song though. And then I saw our international fans sing ‘I’m sorry’, I got a weird feeling. ‘Eh, they are singing’ (Laugh) (Yonghwa)

They are still down-to-earth even they became a big band as have a world tour. In fact they were doing Zepp Tour in Japan in 2 and a half years while they were having a World Tour. To our surprise, while this tour, they had secret live at the small live house where is the first live house they have their first live. And now, they have an Arena tour in Japan that mobilize fans for concert ‘ONE MORER TIME’ They would go to top of the world regardless of nationality, place and music.

— We’ve been to make a good music and good sounds

PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book6PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book4PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book2PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book1PATi_PATiPATi PATi 2014 Year Book3

Korea Best Album “PRESENT”

January 29 (Wed) Released

*Limited Ver.(2CD+DVD)

*Regular Ver. (2CD)


01. I’m a loner.


03.Love Light

04. Intuition



07.Hey you

08.I’m Sorry

09.Coffee Shop



01.Sweet Holiday

02. Black Flower

03. Tattoo

04.Love In The Rain

05.Srill Love You

06.Rock n’ Roll

07. Run

08.More Than You

09.Man Like Me

10. La La La


(DVD) *Only Limited Ver.

*Bonus Gift* Half Year Calendar

Limited Ver: First half of the year (Jan~Jun)

Regular Ver: Last half year (Jul~Dec)


Scanned by Nuromianchaochi

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @  bpb decoded/cnboice

9/28(Sat) Shibuya CYCLONE
10/1(Tue)Zepp Tokyo (Opening Act)
10/2(Wed)Zepp Tokyo (Opening Act)
10/4(Fri) Shibuya CLUB CRAWL
10/7(Mon)Zepp Sapporo (Opening Act)
10/8(Tue)Zepp Sapporo (Opening Act) 10/10(Thu) Shibuya CYCLONE
10/11(Fri)Zepp Namba (Opening Act)
10/ 15(Tue)Zepp Fukuoka(Opening Act) 10/ 16(Wed)Zepp Fukuoka(Opening Act) 10/ 24(Thu)ACT CITY Hamamatsu(Opening Act)
10/28(Mon)Zepp Nagoya(Opening Act)
10/29(Tue)Zepp Nagoya(Opening Act)

Source N.Flying Official Facebook

CNBlue Members Name Ideal Types But Get Stonewalled by a Question

CNBlue Members Name Ideal Types But Get Stonewalled by a Question

Four-member pop-rock band CNBlue named their ideal types but were left speechless with a question about girls. Girl groups, in particular. The band were guests on MBC’s “Section TV” on April 14 for its “Starting” segment.

After interactions with students for the segment, guitarist and vocalists Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun, drummer Kang Min Hyuk and bassist Lee Jung Shin sat down for an interview, with questions raised from the students themselves.

The members revealed that when they are together, they do talk about women, like how males usually are. The host then asked them to name their ideal types. Lee Jung Shin’s answer was Lee Bo Young, with whom he acted in the weekend drama “My Daughter Seo Young.” The bassist said, “I think it’s because she’s not very typically just feminine. That’s her charm.”

Lee Jong Hyun named A-list actress Jeon Ji Hyun for “everything” she is, while Jung Yong Hwa’s was champion ice skater Kim Yuna. Jung Yong Hwa said, “She has overflowing charisma on ice. She looks good.”

For his part, Kang Min Hyuk did not put a name to his ideal type, but someone “bright and pleasant.”

However, a question that stumped the CNBlue members was “Who is your closest girl group?” The members all stayed silent and the only answer was Kang Min Hyuk’s sigh.

Meanwhile, CNBlue has completed the second leg of its “Blue Moon World Tour” in Singapore on April 13, which will continue on to Bangkok for the next stop in early May. The band is set to release their fifth major Japan single “Blind Love” on April 24.


Source Soompi

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