LOVE IS ONE OF A KIND (Part 1 I Don’t Know Why)

“I’m downstairs, be quick, starving already…”

Mary smiled when reading the message, G is always like that one. And by the time she arrives, G was there with his usual grimance, a camera lying near him.

At once he gave Mary initial look and communicate with their eyes, indicating Mary to open a fancy blue box looks next to him.

As soon as Mary did it, a snake like doll zoomed into her face! Causing Mary deadly surprise by the sudden attack. No need to asked, G already roared with laughter.

In his last laugh, G gave a sign to the waitress near him. In a second they appear out of nowhere and laid plate by plate and seemingly they did not stop until no space left on the table!

Another shock for Mary,

‘what the- hey will you eat all of this?’ yelled Mary but suddenly she lowered her voice down.

G who already attacking his food said with his cheeks bulging,

‘I ‘old ‘ow ‘m tav’ing.’

For a while there was silence but the sound of chewing.
Then G broke it by saying,

‘you don’t eat’ not clear whether he asking or admitting something.

Mary shook her head, still silent.

G raised his head, quit eating,
‘still thinking of him?’

‘Eh, ‘

‘M, ‘

Mary gave only a bitter smile and took a sip of water.

‘Ouuuh, I don’t know why you love him, he just living statue, you will never catch his fancy! Why didn’t you turn into another guy? I have some if you wanna-‘

‘You think love just a thing, don’t you?’ interjected Mary.

G laughed, ‘ sorry, well I can be your date then,’

At the moment Mary just took another sip and burst it out at once, some hit G’s face.

‘Hey, I was just joking.’

‘Not funny.’

And there another things that send Mary into flabbergasted, it was when G asked waitress to packed the food he has not eaten yet and pass the bill to her.


‘Sign, OC’


G gave a big nod and waving the bill to her face,

‘Right, OC.’

‘You….’ Mary open her mouth but then closed it again, appearantly she lost her speech. Then with fierce look to the innocent act face in front of her, Mary took up her card.

‘Sist, I give you an advice, forget M, turn your back there 2B waiting behind you.’ Said G as he stood up.

Mary did not respon, so while G passes Mary, he stop beside her and placing his index fingers againts Mary’s cheeks without her notice.

‘Sist,’ called G.


Mary turn her face quickly and gotcha! Her cheeks hit by G’s index fingers.

G burst out with laughter once again while Mary turning red because of anger.

‘G….!!’ Screamed Mary.

G runs away still with laughter but before he lost her glimpse, G called out, ‘I love you.’

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note: to see the casts read character description.

LOVE IS ONE OF THE KIND (Character Description)

A successful business woman, owner of hotels and restaurants. Stubborn, strict, optimistic and realistic woman. One sided love to Monkey and good friend to Giraffe.

Jung Yonghwa as Monkey
A music director, ambitous, workaholic yet easy going person. Has complicated relationship with Turtle and pretend that he does not know if Mary fancy him.

Lee Jonghyun as Turtle
A singer-songwriter, producer, rather stubborn, does not like challange himself but eventually he realize that is not always bad. Then he even leave his love in order reaching his dream. He has complicated relationship with Monkey.

Kang Minhyuk as Baby Bird
A musical professor, quite but playful person, one sided love to Mary.

Lee Jungshin as Giraffe
A photographer, best friend who more like a younger brother to Mary. Michivieous and likes a laugh guy.

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Silver Doe and Mr. Tree

It is hot and windy day today and Silver Doe still feels the freshy air around her. Waa… It is like the one she has in her home place.
She cheerfully walking through the forest, deep and deeper. It been long for her not to see this kind of greenery. Uncountable trees standing up reach the sky. Golden sun’s rays breaking through the canopy, making a magnificent light stick.
However, her happiness is not stays longer, about miles away deeper Silver Doe find something terrific, it maybe saveral football fields’s wide forest was gone! Leaving nothing more than the roots and bushes. Silver Doe cannot believe her eyes.

‘What happen here?’ Whisper Silver Doe to her self.

‘Sorry? This? We’re all cut down,’ there sudden voice replied Silver Doe.

Silver Doe turn her head to find the voice’s source. It came from The Tree who standing right beside her.

‘But why? I mean it damage the forest.’ Asked Silver Doe.

The Tree srugged, ‘what do I know? They did almost everyday, not in the same place, though. Ah.. Maybe they do again today, there.’ Said The Tree pointing straight to the distant.

‘Why they cut you down?’

‘Many purposes, we were planted to fulfill their need, though.’ Replied The Tree lightly but there something in his voice.

‘Not in this way, this just not right. Didn’t they replant any tree?’

The Tree shook his head, ‘Altough they did, it need years even decade to make it like today. Actually, I’m glad if I can do what I supposed to do them but I’m more grateful I’m still here with my kind, surrounded by nature. I love being here, I love this greenery, it’s something they also need right? Keeping the greenery alive. But I think they don’t trouble themselves with it. If only they notice that greenery is must, to have fresh and pure air, they’ll think twice before touch the forest. Sometimes I don’t understand with the way they thinking.’ Concluded The Tree.

‘Yeah.. Me too, human is complicated.’ Agreed Silver Doe.

Aaah.. Human, if only you understand The Tree’s feeling or realizing how important the forest for your own life, probably you never even dare to ruin it. You have to pay more attention on it before too late for you to regret it.

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Summer has come, it is pretty nice weather although a bit too hot and humid. But it is okay, at least not severe like winter, cold and freezing!
Silver Doe looks around to find out where she is, aah… she arrives a little away from residential area, currently she stands at the bridge crossing a wide river. The River is not clear instead dirty and brown also smelly?

‘Hi who’re you? I never know you,’

There sudden voice causing Silver Doe who look at The River closely jump to her feet.

‘Oh, hi.. ermm my name is Silver Doe. I’m a.. Well, can say wanderer.’ Replied Silver Doe.

‘Wanderer? But you’re a doe,’ said The River.

‘Why? A doe can’t make the journey?’

‘No I didn’t mean that, sorry. But what are you doing?’

‘Nothing, just walking around and find something new, then here I am. Anyway, you look great-‘

‘Before,’ interjected The River to correction.

‘-well, yeah, before. What happen with you?’

‘You see there?’ Asked The River pointing up to the residential area not too far ahead.

Silver Doe nodded.

‘The human up there who done these the mess. That area growing rapidly without proper plan. They don’t know how to dispose their trash and when they’re coming to the dead-end, they will throw away everything on me as if I’m their never-ending rubbish bin. Some of them even thrown mattress bed.’

‘Mattress bed?’ repeat Silver Doe surprisingly, how come they throwing away that such a thing.

‘unbelievable right? And you know what, when rain comes, the water from river head brings the soil with them, that’s why my water becomes like this. All the human did, they messed up everything. Even the only place they live at. If only they ever think when the earth collapse they have no place to live. Nowdays, I take it easy too, if I’m overload
I just flooding my water.’

‘What about them?’ Asked Silver Doe.

‘They never learn though,’ The River shrugged.

Another encounters, another heartbreaking The Earth stories, another experiences too.
Yeah, many human don’t care with their environment. They should start paying much attention on it or when they realize is already too late to regret it.


I wake up with jolt when realizing I dreamed about something I supposed to be our. I dream that we were there and David was crowning the title!!

Huft… What the heck!!

 I look around me and I could make out nothing more than darkness and opaque wall in my room. I stir my head, I see a silhouette lying beside me, it realize me where I am, I’m in a reality. I slip out of my bed with very minimum of noise, been trying not to wake him up.

 Slowly, I lock my self in my office; turn the computer on; make my self busy with the_whatever_things, even though at the end I found nothing.

I am hardly breathing; open the drawer and took a cigarette, something I never touch again for years but these recent days really drive me crazy, this is my only help to keep myself under the sense. In spite of, it is all about him, David. The only person who I can to talk to, but I can talk about him with himself, can I?

Stars glimmering palely mix with grey blue of the break day sky. I see half-moon smiling at me on the east as the slit crimson gold of sun’s rays begin to rose up from the horizon. A bit cold and windy as now early autumn and always deliver with unique smell.

It is the day, the big day where we supposed to drive in through, but we are not, we are here, at home. My thought train back to a couple of days ago, when finally we decided to give up.

His mother called me, just to check her son, before she appeared out in our garage herself.

‘Have I voice here?’ asked her while we are already sat together.

‘Yes of course, just speak up,’ replied Albert, David personal and team manager,

‘You really wanna go?’ again, she asked but now her addressing more to David than to anybody else here.

David nodded as his answer.

‘Well, if I have said, why don’t you just stay a week longer, you’re there or not it doesn’t make any difference to him, right? He’ll be crown, surely. How much your ability to deprive? It’s very slim, isn’t? Forget this. You stay, continue your recovery and get ready to defend your spot next rounds. Don’t be silly, I’m not speaking as your mother, but as your fans, we don’t want you push yourself to hard; we don’t want you to get another serious injury. Please think carefully before you make decision to go.’ Said her to advice her son.

‘But doctor has clearance of me.’ Insist David.

‘And I try to clear your mind,’ smiled her.

At last, that was the decision. We give up. This moment, I have to honest to myself if I can really accept this situation, although two days ago I was on mom’s side, while I persuaded David. ‘Mom’s right, we don’t have to push our self beyond the limit, mathematically we’re already loose. Why don’t we get this and prepared for next year, for instance?’

Right now, that stuff really irritating and it hard for me to get the reality is, and we are really, truly lose. Today, it will be revealed, who is the king.

Stars still glimmering above, I look my watch, it is the time!

I take my feet back from balcony; turn the TV on. Narrowly finish, but it has not yet. Five minutes, four minutes, time seemingly goes slowly even I know, for us, it is already finish!

He has it, really he is.

I see Prince smile widely, he so, so happy with his achievement, to be back on top the rostrum. But my eyes cannot off from him!

The happiest man today. I turn the TV off exactly he shown the plaque who wrote “GAME OVER”. I am turning back to the balcony.

Yeah… The game was over; I knew it right after I flew from Japan a week ago.

The sky brighter right now, but I felt that the sun will never come out!

Somewhere inside me seemingly wants to protest. I could feel there is part of it wants to scream out loud. Screaming to the dawn, screaming to…… I don’t even know whether somebody or something wants to listen. Loads of “why” question began to coming out one by one, things who annoying me lately.

However, I am laughing myself for being unsporting and unfair people. How could I standing up his win? The facts unquestionably that he deserved it, but then, again-I retort my self-and so does David! He did not deserve this kind of injury, not when he on his best shape; not when his dream just two steps ahead; not when the crown lying inches away.

And what was the deal? It was we had to bury that dream; had to forget this; had to let it go from our hands.

I take another cigarette, but after a second or two I decide not to smoke, anymore, yet I did not put it back to the pack. I told myself, parrots him, the game was over. I close my eyes and sudden picture form in my mind, the game was over, yes it was, but it definitely for him, not for us. We still have a lot of things to fight for, and that is the fact. It is true. We will be back with another purpose.

‘What ‘re you doin here.’

I nearly jump to the air when I heard someone voice behind me, surprisingly I turn my head.

‘Oh gosh!! You almost gave me the heart failure! Make a sound please, don’t just slip in like this’ I said with my heart still beating quite fast as if I just run for miles.

David look at me with confuse mimic, then he said, ‘make a sound? I did! Didn’t you hear when the door opens? It was you who drown in your own mind.’

‘What are you doing anyway; it’s too early for you to wake up.’ I asking just to change the topic.

‘It was me who supposed to ask that question, isn’t it?’ I did not answer, so he went on, ‘I woke up and didn’t know where you were, I have been searching you around the house’

‘You were searching me?! You didn’t need to do that-‘

‘Then don’t just disappeared, I’m terrified!!’ interjected him abruptly.

‘Hey, take it easy. I’ll not go anywhere’ I smile but then fell solemn at once he gave me a fierce glare. ‘Okay, I’m sorry, really. I was dream about something ugly and don’t wanna wake you up if I keep staying there, so I slip out and locked myself here, I didn’t mean to terrified you. I’m sorry. ’

David face still looked angry.

‘Oh come on, I’m really sorry’

When his irritated face softened I said, ‘let’s get back to sleep, then. You need rest more than usual.’

Under my breath, I was wondering whether David suspect anything with my disappearance just now. I was sure that he does not forget about what the event is held today, this morning, but he seems not bothering to tell me that.

There are moment that I feel he wants to spit it out, he remain silent, though. He might have known, this is not the thing we need to talk to; to discuss about or he just simply wants to spare my feeling. He knows clearly how much my disappointment.

I have no dare to touch him even though he lying so near beside me, not with my thought full of his stuff. After a minute or so, probably longer that I can’t be sure of, and my mind was completely drained with heavy thought, I am fallen asleep. It just a good sign for me and wishes the cloud will clear up by the time I wake up.

The sun began to rise up in the horizon this moment, but I have no desire to enjoy it as I usually do. I would rather to close my eyes ad trying to forget unsatisfied things that came consecutively in these recent days.

In my fond hope, that I have more strength to face all these stuff, because this way, our way is very cruel. You do or lose the game, which is the deal.

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Do you know why the Moon always surrounded by the Star? It because the Moon always feeling lonely.

And if you wondering, why does she lonely while a lot of kind adore her,  simple, she knows pretty clearly that all hers not actually belongs to, even though she surrounded by million sparkling stars, she understood the difference.

The Star has his own, the same reason why he always gives his bright smile no matter what and that contrary to the Moon.  The Moon, she full of darkness and un-enchanting.  Although the Moon spends most of her time with sadness and loneliness, the Star never give up on her.  The Star keep his spot beside the Moon and put wide bright smile on his face still.

The one and only who makes the Moon cherry is the Sun but the Moon and the Star realize the only Sun heart is belongs to the Earth, that is undoubtedly. Until one day, the Moon dying, none could help but the Sun yet he doesn’t know what to do, though The Earth is the Sun true love, the one and only shows him the beauty but fragile the Moon needs him most.

To give a new strength and little hope, they have been together for a long time to.  The Sun knows, wherever he leaves, the Earth will always waiting every morning for him to rising up, to warm the cold heart and to give a new life.  It hard to decided.  If the Sun gives his only heart to the Moon, he and the Earth will die and the Star and the Moon will suffer.

However, the Moon is one part of the Earth, so she can’t forgive herself if the Moon suffering.  That is why, every night the Earth staying alone in the darkness when the ray’s of the Sun can’t reach her.  It’s okay to see the Moon shiny, though.  And the Star?  He never stop accompanying the Moon no matter what.

When the Moon on her most bright time or when the Sun leaves and gives his only heart to his true lover, the Earth, leaving darkness and loneliness to the Moon The Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the Star are stuck in the complicated destiny, creating a long circle can’t be cut off to release them.  No matter how hurt or that dying almost take their broken soul, they will stick together.  To repeat every pain, to recall every good moment.  They will always be, until the exhausted and finally quit.

Forever and ever






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It was one fine spring day when this chat happen among The Body, The Heart and The Doctor.
The body told that his body feels a bit unwell, he asked The Doctor whether he could help to heal or not.
‘Of course I can help to heal you, that is why I’m called The Doctor, I’m the one when people think about seeking help to heal their sick body.’ Answered The Doctor.
‘What about me? I have some bad feeling too. Can you help to spare myself?’ Asked The Heart.
Unexpectedly The Doctor shook his head and saying,
‘There is nothing I could do for you, you know what, if The Body gets hurt, I can give you an injection or treatment sometimes surgery too but if The Heart gets hurt, I can’t do those for you. No injection could spare you from that feeling or special treatment needed, even surgery can’t save you. You know, I can’t just open your heart and take away that feeling. So Heart, if you get hurt, you have to heal your self because no one can’t help. That’s also the reason for everyone has their own ways to heal their broken heart. May be listen to their favourite music, reading a book or drawing, or may be went to the place who has nice view, but the worst is when you just keep that pain silent.’

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