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I start this blog because I need some place for me to escape from myself. I have difficulties to expressing my feeling and that’s give me a lot of trouble since my therapist give me an advice, I have to find something to express my true feeling. Fortunately,  I write since I was kid but I never blogging before. By the time, I’m addicted with blogging and gradually I’m able manage myself into what I want and what I supposed to.

I didn’t expect so many from this blog, but again thank you for your time to visit my home.

I know, there many mistake I made in my post, sometimes in spelling or grammatical error since english isn’t my first language, though, I using it for almost 10 years already. I need to remind myself to double-check in every of my post before publish it, especially when I’m too excited about something (thanks for those comments who said irritated with my errors).

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I don’t think I need to post review of Re:BLUE since they were already explain everything, though I will write my first impression toward this album.
overall, Re:BLUE has flawless in my eyes the reasons behind are, it is korean album but first time ever using member’s self-composed as the title track. the korean album that has more japanese sound releases which is suit most with their sense of music (from my personal point of view). and Jungshin has more voice in tittle track (well this is bias).
Re:BLUE has beyond in my expectation, since I always expect for nothing for their Korean release. I have many reasons why I displease with their Korean songs, but I am Sorry just proven if their original musical style were away from Korean mainstream. I am Sorry definitely different with CNBLUE’s past songs and that was it. my disappointment for being seen the name of HAN SEUNGHO on the track list credit a bit softened with how the song came out. well it will better if he leave the boys alone but maybe he want more cash having Re:BLUE under his control? but surely Yonghwa and the rest of the members were unstoppable to make their own color.
Speaking about the songs one by one, my ear just catch the one of ballad song (again) and when I realize it was Jonghyun’s. Whoa, my taste seems change recently. but still I am Sorry is impressive one. the other song is La La La that I was surprise by the piano intro who remind me with Avril’s When You’re Gone. so far my favourite is the tittle track I am Sorry.


january anticipation

Today, January 14th, surely become pretty memorable day for boice. Yes of course, today is exactly 3 year already CNBLUE has official debut in Korea as their homeland. Starting with I’m a Loner CNBLUE popped up in the Korean music industry that dominated with dance group for both boys and girls. Bringing the new sound, they tried to break through the mainstream. Gaining success? Definitely, but before that they had to suffer in many ways. Hardship during indie activities, plagiarism case until the idea of hand-sync just few of their obstacle before they had achieved what they have today.


For me, CNBLUE is the only offspring band I adore so much, for I used to hear t o Japanese music who led me to them. Yes, I know CNBLUE far before they had Korean debut. Which mean I know them in Japan during their indie activities? My first impression toward them was, envious. I was longing in music activities but some reasons not allowed me to do so and they were so young to have their own stage. Although at that time it was in the streets or small live house. CNBLUE was become my reasons to sneak out from my study, followed their street performances or waiting for them at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.

So, when most of boice first fall with I’m a Loner, my favorite was Voice (until now) and my first ever treasure was Now or Never. That was also the reason I hate Jungshin so much n the beginning since he replace Kwang jin who’s initially my bias, moreover it was no official announcement about the replacement and what Kwangjin  will does following his departure.

Now or Never

Now three years had elapsed and CNBLUE has growing rapidly as probably they had never expected before.  But they have never stop to attacking boice with their storm and another storm should be anticipated tomorrow as their 4th Korean Mini Album Re:BLUE officially release.

Then boice, prepare your self and hold your heart tight ‘cause it might jump out from your chest once you watch I am Sorry MV tomorrow!!!


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How far do Simon D and Yonghwa go back?

yonghwa running man

Supreme Team‘s Simon D revealed his connection to CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa.

Simon D tweeted, “Same neighborhood, same apartment, same high school sunbae-hoobae.” He also revealed later on that Yonghwa’s older brother and he had been in the same class in high school and were friends.

The photo attached was taken an episode of ‘Running Man‘, which they starred on together. Fans commented, “The world is a small place“, “You guys should always keep in touch“, “Busan has all the cool guys“, and more.

Source allkop

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realese event1



music for all, all for one



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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

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I’ts probably too late but still I wanna say thank you to all my visitors, readers and followers to make this blog keep active. it was because of you all I keep updating my home 🙂 so once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!


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january anticipation

Yes it is, January will be the biggest anticipation for the Boice. I am sure you are all know why, yes, hi five to you all, CNBLUE Korean new mini album, RE:BLUE. The most special things for this new album is of course Yonghwa will composed the tittle track.

Saying honest, it was not a big deal for the band to write their materials by themselves. But since it is Korean that I am talking about, then it will be a very big deal.

CNBLUE always wrote and compose tittle track by their own for Japanese releases but not yet in Korea.

I am sorry but I do feel that Korean not put music as art in the first place but bussiness. And honestly I have no idea why idol cannot compose their own tittle track if they are able for it. Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s composition already recognized in Japanese with gold certified or constantly topping both daily and weekly Oricon chart but for their Korean EP, Ear Fun, they were use FnC precident’s song though Yonghwa compose the other 5 songs! What a pity.

As band lover and boice for sure, the korean rules dissapoint me moreover I like CNBLUE because of their musical ability (though I cannot deny if four of them have outstanding look, both with face and height), so it was no point to me when knowing they were sang another composers song instead. That is one of my reason why I am not into Korean’s songs. Sorry K-pop lover this is just my personal point of view.

So, this January will be my highest anticipation since Yonghwa had announced that the next Korean comeback using his composition. Though I still have no courage to set my curiosity as level as for their Japanese release. But I cannot help but hoping that I am wrong. However it was CNBLUE who land me in the K-pop music.

So, since the announcement, Yonghwa and Jungshin as usual to be the most members who promoting their comeback via CNBLUE official twitter.

Here, some of their scedule who makes me even more exciting.

  • January 4th, image teasers release.


  • January 6th, Busan invasion, Yonghwa and Jonghyun special guest on Running Man.
  • January 7th midnight, video teaser release.
  • January 10th 12.00 noon, 1st Blue teaser release.
  • January 11th 12.00 noon, 2nd Blue teaser releases.
  • January 13rd, CNBLUE 3rd Korean debut anniversary.
  • January 14th, D-day 4th Mini Album contains 5 new songs and Where You Are English Version.

And these pictures were taken by Jungshin and Yonghwa in order to promoting their comeback.

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Photos Source SBS