CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa 26th Birthday Project, “Chameleon Short Story Competition”

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Hello dear Boice,

Following Burning Melody, now we are give you another chance to participate in our project. We all know what event in next June. Taking “In Between” as project theme here we announce our second project “Fiesta June In Between”.

Taking the same inspiration as Burning Melody now it is Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk’s turn. To all Emotinal Angels and Lovely Gazes or everyone, here is your chance to show them what you could do. Let them know your masterpiece and let them read your story.

How to join? Please read the rules below carefully before you start writing your story.

Competition Rules

1.      Pick one of Jung Yonghwa’s self-composed songs as your story theme (you can use the song title as your story title as well).

2.      Your story must be written in English or Bahasa. (The book will be published in English so all the chosen stories which are written in Bahasa will be translated into English by our team.

3.      The story length is max. 5 A4 pages (or 2000 words) it needs to be written in the font Times New Roman, the size of the font needs to be 12 and the space between sentences 1.5. The title, a birthday message for Yonghwa and your author profile is not included in the 5 pages.

4.      Do quote one of Jung Yonghwa’s quotations it can be from magazine interviews, TV show interviews or anything else, and please give footnotes for your quotation source, so our team can verify it.

5.      Do not use quotes from any song lyric unless Jung Yonghwa is credited as the only writer of that song, NOT THE CO-LYRICST.

6.      You can choose which genre you want to write, but FANFICTION IS NOT ALLOWED, so the use of certain names (Jung Yonghwa) is prohibited.

7.      The birthday message can max. be 150 words.

8.      Please mention your Twitter username or Facebook account in your author profile.

9.      Contestants can submit more than one story, but make sure your story meets our requirements.

10.  Submit your story here:

  • Submit your story as Doc. File.
  • The e-mail subject needs to be Chameleon
  • DO NOT write your story in the e-mail body.
  • Submit your story, birthday message, and author profile in one document to prevent missing documents or stories which get matched with the wrong author.

11.  THE DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 28 12 PM WIB (GMT +8), so please hurry!


1.     The 10 best stories will be included in the short story collection book dedicated to Jung Yonghwa.

2.     The writers of the 10 best stories will be invited for the launching of the book and Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk’s birthday party in Jakarta on June (more information will follow) (you only win an invitation for the party, we do not pay for the expenses when the winner is not from Jakarta).

3.      The 3 best stories will receive a copy of the book and if the winners are not from Jakarta or are unable to come to the party, we will send the copy to the winners including the winners who live overseas; we will then pay for the shipping!

4.      The winners will be contacted by our team through email and will be announced worldwide through twitter: @lanhudiee, @4cnboice and @indonesianboice on the 22nd of May, 12 PM KST (during TTWW)

5.      Winners who are unable to come to the party will be asked to upload a video of themselves in which they tell their birthday congratulary message for Yonghwa and Minhyuk (further explanation will be given personally).

The launching of the book and Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk’s birthday party will be recorded and we will send the video along with the copy of the short story collection book to Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk. So, do not miss the chance of getting your story read by our Emotional Leader and Lovely Drummer!

Let him know that his fans are not only able to follow him around but can also create something. Furthermore, to make this project even more meaningful, the royalty of this book will go to the CNBLUE SCHOOL project, let’s party but never forget to share our happiness with other unfortunate kids!!!

So please hurry and submit your story! We will be very grateful if you tell everyone you know about this project.

THANK YOU and please keep your stories coming!!!


To other fanclubs who want to join our project, please contact our creator @lanhudiee on twitter.

Still have questions? Please reach the creator of this project @lanhudiee or our partner @indonesianboice on Twitter.

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