MC: Once you guys are receiving scripts, you may compete against each other.

Minhyuk: We don’t compete; if we are receiving scripts we just read it together. What kind of story it is, what kind of drama it is. We are applying audition by oneself and together sometimes. Two or three people together, even sometimes all of us applying together, if we like it; and if our company gives their okay, then anyone who wants to do it applying the audition.

MC: What drama did you guys apply together?

Minhyuk: It’s so old story, Yonghwa hyung’s ‘You’re beautiful’, I took the audition too. For Jonghyun hyung’s ‘A gentleman’s dignity’, I had attended the meeting only.

MC: You are studying that much, then do you monitor other member’s drama?

Minhyuk: Yes. We are monitoring each other drama well.

MC: What do you say?

Minhyuk: Since four men are living together, we’re never praise; we’re just made fun of others.

MC: Ah, you make fun to others. How is it?

Minhyuk: My first appearance in ‘My husband got a family’ was a club scene. I raised my hand saying ‘I will!’ I was so nervous, I raised three fingers only.

MC: Like this?

Minhyuk: I wasn’t strong enough, so I did ‘I will!’ like this. Members saw it and posted that photo. Whenever they saw me at concert or TV show, they do this to me. Once, while we were doing a concert, suddenly Yonghwa hyung turned around to me. I was playing the drums. He did this (imitated Minhyuk’s ways while he raised his hand) to me. I almost threw drum stick to him because I was so angry.

MC: Then, when you’re made fun to others, what do you do?

Minhyuk: Jungshin is acting well at ‘My daughter Seoyoung’. He is very good at tearing scene.
His eyes are originally big, but when he acts those scenes, his eyes got much bigger. I captured that scene and posted it at our chatting site, typing ‘Jungshin, you cry well.’ We are living like this making fun of each other.

MC: You guys are all very stylish now, but maybe you were not at first. How was your first impression to other members?

Minhyuk: From the first, Yonghwa hyung made me think, ‘Is it an actor audition?’ He was wearing a long checked coat, with fair skin, he looked like a prince. Jonghyun hyung was wearing training suit, had short hair and was speaking in hard dialect. He was like a next door brother. Jungshin, his hair was very impressive. He had his hair tied in a bun a lot. It looked like shrimp sushi. You know the shrimp put on the rice?

MC: It’s put on the steamed rice.

Minhyuk: It was very impressive.

MC: He must be hard to make it.

Minhyuk: At first I learned drums, I was lack of power. So I worried a lot. My teachers told me a lot that I needed to strengthen the power. I thought it’s not that drums should be played by power only. Playing accurately is also important, so I practiced more on that point too.

MC: So, are you thinking of making your body bigger, making muscles on your arms, so that you can rolled your sleeves up?

Minhyuk: When we’re doing concert, I felt so hot. We’re performing 25 songs. So I took off my jacket, rolled the short sleeves T-shirt up. After the concert, I was told, ‘You rolled it on purpose!’ by our company people and who watched the concert. On the next day concert, I found myself rolled it again, suddenly I remember the words I heard, so I pulled it down again. But after the concert, I found my sleeves rolled up. I did it unconsciously. But they say my arms look okay. If you come to our concert, you can see I took my jacket off and rolled my sleeves up. We will have concert on May in Korea.

MC: May?

Minhyuk: Please be sure to come.

MC: Will it be sold out early so we can’t buy it if we don’t hurry?

Minhyuk: The ticketing is not open yet, but once it open, you’ll be difficult to buy. Please hurry to purchase.

MC: Ha ha ha you’re witty.

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CNBLUE’s Minhyuk speaks up about idols acting on ’1 vs 100′

NBLUE‘s Minhyuk spoke up about idol actors and actresses on ‘1 vs 100‘. Idols debuting in the acting world has been a hot topic as of late, and the CNBLUE member shared his own perspective on the matter.

Minhyuk previously starred as Kim Nam Joo‘s younger brother on ‘Unexpected You‘. On ’1 vs 100′, the MC talked about how idols were acting lately and brought up Minhyuk’s role. Minhyuk replied, “We take the same auditions before we’re cast in a drama. All of the CNBLUE members got accepted through auditions [for our dramas].

The idol later added, “I watched the movie ‘The New World‘, which opened recently. I want to play a character that has a twist.” He then joked, “I watched ‘The New World’ with the CNBLUE members. Everyone [in the theater] is busy and they come with their significant others, so no one pays attention to us. We just go, watch a movie, and leave.

Minhyuk also performed the ‘cutie player’ on the show at the MC’s suggestion when he said he was nervous.

Source allkpop

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