CNBlue never fail to disappoint with sartorial choices

So you think all rockers are unshaven and unkempt, like the Nirvana-worshipping grunge kids of the 1990s?

South Korean pop-rock quartet CNBlue, hands down K-pop’s most effortlessly stylish musicians, will overturn your preconceived images of scruffy head-banging wailers, guitar slingers, bass warriors and cymbal crashing timekeepers.

The handsome foursome – leader and frontman Jung Yong Hwa, 23; guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, 22; bassist Lee Jung Shin and drummer Kang Min Hyuk, both 21 – have diligently put out groovy, funk-infused dance-rock numbers such as I’m A Loner and I’m Sorry, and are equally known for their immaculate dressing, spiffy ensembles and perfectly tousled hair.


Be it a smart casual or formal setting, these swoonsome cool cats do not disappoint with their sartorial choices.

Last June, they impressed many with their fashion spread for online retailer, oozing masculinity in zip jackets, vests, skinny jeans and combat boots.

And this January, as CNBlue strutted down the red carpet at the 27th Golden Disk Awards – South Korea’s equivalent of the Grammys – held at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit, heads turned at the sight of their eye-catching marine blue tuxedo get-ups.

We can’t wait to see if attire-wise, they’d have any surprises up their sleeves when they head here next month for their highly anticipated concert.

Meanwhile, LOUD takes a candid look at the most fashionable traits of each band member…

Jung Yong Hwa -It’s all in the shoes

Who knew shoes could become a talking point?

Last November, CNBlue’s charismatic lead vocalist created a stir online when photographers snapped him at the airport wearing super shiny sneakers.

The shoes were so blindingly bright that they seemed to be emanating white light.

Shortly after, Jung posted on Twitter that his sneakers were stitched with Scotchlite, a highly reflective, washable material which resists peeling, adding jokingly that he “should wear them more often”.

Lee Jung Shin – It’s all in the pose

This suave bassist could easily carve out a second career as a model.

In his shoot with beauty publication Marie Claire last November, the chiselled star, widely reputed to be a fashionista, admitted: “I really like to shoot fashion pictorials.”

Lee reportedly expressed a keen interest in the design and quality of the clothes he had to wear that day.

Lee Jong Hyun – It’s all in the abs

Meet CNBlue’s steely-eyed beefcake.

In an interview last week with FNC Magazine, the guitarist said that he regularly does “martial arts and weight training” to keep fit.

“It’s actually a secret, but I have ‘king abs’ (referring to his six-pack). Other people probably do not notice it, but I have a good body to show off.”

Kang Min Hyuk – It’s all in the sculpted back

CNBlue’s baby-faced drummer has his share of fanatical teenage gal supporters.

Many were delighted when he boldly bared his tanned and muscular back on KBS television channel’s health programme Vitamin in January.


WHAT: 2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour Live In Singapore

WHERE: Singapore Indoor Stadium

WHEN: Saturday, April 13, 7pm

TICKETS: 108, $138, $168, $198, $228 and $258 from Sistic ( or 6348-5555)

This article was originally published in The New Paper on Tuesday, March 26.

  • cnblueafp28e.jpg South Korean pop rockers CNBlue: (from left) bassist Lee Jung Shin, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, frontman Jung Yong Hwa and drummer Kang Min Hyuk. — FILE PHOTO: AFP


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CNBLUE’s ‘Blue Moon’ concert in Hong Kong sells out in five minutes

blue moon poster

Fans have already begun fighting to grab tickets for CNBLUE‘s upcoming ’2013 Blue Moon CNBLUE World Tour‘.

Tickets for CNBLUE’s concert in Hong Kong went on sale on the 10th, and all 7,000 tickets sold out within five minutes, showcasing the group’s popularity overseas.

CNBLUE will be kicking off their world tour in Taiwan on April 6th before moving onto Singapore on April 13th, Thailand on May 4th, Hong Kong on May 11th, and Seoul on May 25th-26th.

Considering the success of “I’m Sorry“, are you surprised?

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star column part2

The four band member CNBLUE. In January 2010 debuted in the   nations of kpop industry. Debut single ‘I am a Loner’ swept number 1 in all music charts. They were the lead and breath of fresh air to the kpop industry. After CNBLUE deciding not only doing music but slowly started to become active in acting field. Leader Jung Yonghwa took first step before the other members. Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin followed and started to dream in the same acting dreamed. Naver Star Column talked to them more about why are they choose this path and their future plans in acting.

Hello this is Jung Yonghwa. This is the second time we meet through Naver Star Column. Even though the weather turning warmer but it is still very cold, hopefully no one catch cold. Although we are busy for our promotions, we are still doing our best to take a good care for our health. Ha! We always want to present the best performances on stage so we do not have time for catch a cold. Haha… So let’s continue with our story of why we took up the challenge in acting to become an actor.

Yonghwa: CEO, you were so honest in your answers for the first part of the interview who gave me such a shock! I’m looking forward for your truthful answers today. (laugh)

CEO Han: You can’t deny that I was being honest in the first interview. Haha… I will try to be the same for the questions regarding acting too.

Yonghwa: Okay, first question. Was there any point in time that you felt CNBLUE is a great difficulty?

CEO Han: I think it isn’t a difficulty, but it’s rather as many times we have to make an important decision. The first decision, we had to make is, getting Yonghwa to join the auditions of ‘You’re Beautiful’. When the team loses the main vocal the band will experience fear and disruption, the other members will definitely feel some degree of fear and discomfort. That was what exactly you felt when you busy with your Japanese activities, was it? After much contemplation, we decided to send Yonghwa back to Korea and the other members continue Japanese activities.

Yonghwa: I remember then, after our concert in Japan ended, the script was sent over by mail. I thought, what was this? And they told me to return to Korea immediately.

CEO Han: Jung Yonghwa acted as Kang Shinwoo who received much love from female audiences. Actually the script writer opposed Yonghwa being casted as Shinwoo but the director highly recommended him. Looking back to the time, I think, Yonghwa had acted his character really well.

Minhyuk: Hm… honestly when Yonghwa was left to Korea for filmed his drama; we felt really helpless in Japan and didn’t know what to do. But without   Yonghwa we found ourselves gradually improved, especially when the main vocal was absent and Jonghyun had to do it alone.

Jonghyun: Ah… I was so frustrated, we didn’t have main vocal but our team had to continue our activities. I couldn’t let go off my hand but helped our team. We were trained day and night, practicing our songs really hard. Looking back now, it was a great experience for us to become the better CNBLUE in the future.

CEO Han: Haha… I’m always giving you tough problem to solve. Seems like placing you to face extreme situations is my style, because of my harsh style Minhyuk had cried before. Under the extreme conditions the feeling of accomplishing certain tasks will likely to be remembered for a long time. Do you agree with me on this point?

Minhyuk: Why did you talk about I had cried?

Yonghwa: Not only me, you had challenged the other members to go into acting too. Is there any special reason in doing so?

CEO Han: Do you remember that time? When I gather you as CNBLUE? All of you had told me that you didn’t want to do mainstream pop music. I saw all of you do not agree with mainstream but had a heart to compose your own music. I think there’s no future if you continue your way. Even if you hate to listen but you have to, even if you hate to do but you have to do certain things. You have to do them, like wise you have to think the same way in acting. Get out from your restriction you have set for yourself in music and challenge yourselves in new area, acting field. I hope that you can broaden your mindset through acting. Do you know what the most important things in order to create your own music as a band, to generate greater awareness? You have to gain people attention. Only when other starts showing you their love and attention, then you can do your own music. (Although I disagree with this point, but in my understanding about Korean industry, I can take it).

star column part2b

Jungshin: When did you start thinking of placing us to dabble in acting?

CEO Han: Probably it was in the beginning of ‘Hey You’ promotions. You probably unhappy with me then, looking back now, I made some mistake as a producer in that album. That was maybe the reason (why I decided to get you into acting). Of course I had discussed about acting with you all before ‘Hey You’. I wanted you to be more loved by your fans and could continue on doing music that you wanted to do. But definitely I know you were going to be unhappy with the idea of acting. I would have known.

Yonghwa: There many areas to explore other than acting, why did you specifically choose acting?

CEO Han: Ummmm… I do feel that the members can improve their appeal and charm through acting which will gives impact on the band’s influence. But if you can’t act and I made you to do so, that wouldn’t works out. I saw in you there are acting potential so I pushed you through. If you had variety talent, I would have encouraged you to go for variety shows. Though all of you still not used to with acting but I believe if you start to do well in it, your music career will be success as well.

Yonghwa: Then CEO, did you feel the possibility of us succeeding as actor was high right from the start?

CEO Han: No I didn’t, in fact I thought that Jonghyun and Jungshin couldn’t make it? The management team felt the same way. Haha… when Jonghyun start acting in ‘A Gentleman Dignity’ you could still hear him spoke bits of his satoori (dialect) that was mixed with standard Korean. Honestly I was really worried and I didn’t know that he will do quite well. The same things happen for Jungshin.

Jungshin: Honestly when I started filming ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ I was pretty fearful. I know how my acting ability is looks like. So I went through many sleepless nights, keep on thinking about the script in order to have my line perfect. But after awhile, those who read the script without any initial strong perception of my acting[1] as well as the rest of the members give me much support, so I started to think positively. From episode 30 onwards, I began to be more comfortable with my acting skill.

Jonghyun: Many people said that you are lucky, I myself thinking that you are fortunate too. Haha…

Yonghwa: So, among us, who you were worried in doing acting the most?

CEO Han: That would be Jonghyun.  Because he is rigid and inflexible, he is someone who will not change if he feels it isn’t necessary.  If he personally wants to do something, his talent and skill will naturally improve. Just as same as Jungshin, even if the people around support him (in doing something) he will not unless he himself doesn’t want to.

Jonghyun: Getting rid my satoori is really difficult. I kept thinking that’s impossible to use satoori in drama filming and keep working hard on it. Need 2 months for me to managed mastering standard Korean language.

Minhyuk: When Jonghyun was trying really hard to get rid of his satoori, the other members also tried hard to motivate and pushed him. We kept telling him that his desire to change not enough to get into acting.

Jonghyun: The other members seem understand me pretty well and they motivated me subtly. Yonghwa told me before; if you refused I will take it up this role for you! The incredible thing was that after hearing those words I decided that I wanted to act badly and started working hard.

star column part2a

Yonghwa: How about me and Minhyuk?

CEO Han: Minhyuk is belongs to those who will shine after accumulating experiences so I got him to start with small role first. Yonghwa can act as lead role well, even if it’s something hard he can do it quite well. I want Yonghwa to experience and grow more. Everyone is doing well in the task and roles they are given.

Yonghwa: Lastly, do you have any expectation for us in the future? Please tell us truthfully.

CEO Han: I hope that all of you able to keep up your acting activities together but seemingly it would be quite difficult to fit your schedules. I am highly hoped you find good drama to act in. Re:Blue is a good chance for you to grown up as band. I think it is good for the band to have experiment with different music styles; especially I want you not to be afraid in a new thing. As a band I really wish you can leave legacy behind.

How was our story in challenging to be actors? The only thing we have not mentioned was that we are work and practicing hard.

We definitely still lacking in many areas but we (CNBLUE) has been busy trying to improve both in singing and acting. The last section of the three part interview will be CNBLUE’s chatting session. Do you want to read more about CNBLUE’s heart to heart talk? Please wait a little while.

star column part2c

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[1] I have no idea with this line


The Birth of CNBLUE, The Fools

star column part1b

4member band CNBLUE. In January 2010, CNBLUE debuted in the nation’s kpop industry, debut song’s title “I’m a loner” swept no 1 in all music charts, and they were the leads and were a breath of fresh air to the kpop industry. This typhoon blew innocently, which propelled their popularity as album sales grew steadily, and like a core of the typhoon, their popularity continued to grow enormously. The rise of CNBLUE impacted Korea’s band industry which was previously neglected. It is an undeniable fact that CNBLUE’s popularity drew attention to Korea’s band industry. Many bands started to perform and sing so that they could be like CNBLUE; many bands started pursuing their dreams so that they could be like CNBLUE. CNBLUE gave a lot of bands hope and dreams; Naver’s Star Column presents CNBLUE and FNC Entertainment’s CEO Producer Han Seungho, who will share with you their dreams as a singers and actors.

Hello! This is Jung Yonghwa. We finally meet everyone through Naver Star Column. Haha! Later we will reveal every single secret to you guys with our FNC’s entertainment CEO Han Seungho. We will also directly ask CEO Han some questions. Let’s act like reporters for one day.  We will probably ask sensitive questions, so get ready and don’t blink your eyes. (Going to meet CEO Han right away, so feeling kind of nervous So, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin, let’s gogo sing~)

Yonghwa: Hello, CEO.

CEO Han: Hello. It seems difficult for four of you to gather together. I haven’t seen you in a long while. Have you been practicing hard?

Jonghyun: What? Just talk comfortably, why do you suddenly use formal language to us?

Jungshin: Seems like our CEO can’t get used to this.

CEO Han: Oh really (starts to use informal language)? I will start to speak more casually then, seems like I can’t get use to being interviewed by you.

Yonghwa: CEO, do you mentally prepared to open and share all of CNBLUE to our fans? Keke…, now let’s begin with our first question. What opportunity paved the way for the creation of CNBLUE?

CEO Han: The first question seems good. Yonghwa seems to have prepared the questions well. Hahaha. When I was still a producer, I saw some Japanese bands, and realized there weren’t bands in Korea. It seems to me just a simple thought only. I started to think ‘can we form a band with good visuals and looks?’ I initially wanted to form three types of color bands. Ft Island represents one type of color, CNBLUE the 2nd, and the third type of color band is still undergoing training.

Jonghyun: What does your first impression when you saw us?

CEO Han: I can finally say it now, I didn’t like you. When I first saw you, I was wondering to myself if you can meet the image I had in mind. I can’t really imagine how you will turn out to. And do you know what the main problem was? It was Jung Yonghwa.

Yonghwa: …Why?

CEO HAN: Actually you know I wanted to develop CNBLUE into a pop band. In terms of musicality, when I first saw Yonghwa using Busan satoori (dialect), I thought this couldn’t work out. The style and color of the main vocals were different from what I expected! So I sent Yonghwa to Japan so he could become the type and color of vocals I wanted. But something surprising was happening. Yonghwa’s singing style and vocals started to change after a few months. If Yonghwa didn’t overcome his singing’s style, CNBLUE might just turn out to be a band without a distinct color and style.

star column part1a

Yonghwa: To be honest, I thought about it at that time. Because I couldn’t find a clear direction in my vocals, I reached a stage of stagnation. But after doing a few performances in Japan, I started to become stronger. There was more and more recordings and I started to find my clear direction in my vocals.

Jonghyun: Yes…It’s not only Yonghwa. We grew a lot after gaining experiences from live performances.

CEO Han: Till now, I still find Yonghwa very amazing. Yonghwa had lively and energetic vocals which you can usually find in a rock band, but it wasn’t strong. Because of that, I wasn’t very happy with his vocals. But after going to Japan, he managed to overcome that flaw.

Yonghwa: So how did you felt when you first saw the other members? Did you not like them just like when you first saw me?

CEO Han: ummm…When I first saw Jonghyun, I thought to myself ‘Where should I place this kid?’ He had good vocals but a very narrow register. But if he could stay as the 2nd vocal, it will be good, but I felt it was a pity for him to do so. So I told him to practice a lot of ballads and mellow songs. Minhyuk is too weak; you need a lot of strength to play the drums. Minhyuk had pneumothorax when he was young…so how is it possible for him to play the drums…I was worried. He exercised a lot recently, so his body is in good shape now. I feel happy looking at him now.

Jungshin: CEO, what’s your first impression to me?

CEO Han: When you first came in for audition, I laughed a lot, and I could only remember laughing after seeing you. I remembered you were awkward no matter what you did, whether it was rap or dancing. It was too funny, but because you were too sincere in doing it, I tried my best not to laugh. Because you were a rare gem, so the audition just went past like that. But there, this guy is actually a serious and determined trainee. You can even think of assignments that are tougher than mine. So then, I decided to let you join CNBLUE as the fourth member.

star column part1
Minhyuk: But you did not let us debut immediately in Korea, but sent us to Japan. We went through a lot of hardships…

CEO Han: I felt that you had to go through Japan’s “Live” training so it can push you to grow. Before that, when you performed together as band, it was horrible. I realized that its not easy to form a band. I hope you can understand this through countless live performances you’ve been through. I felt that Japan was different than Korea, the performing space in Japan is much wider, and that was the main reason why I chose to send you to Japan. Did you suffer a lot? When I first sent all of you there, I wanted you to learn how overcome this sort of hunger and thirst. Now I can finally tell you but I used to tell your parents, not to send any form of allowance to you other than basic allowance for food.

Jonghyun: At that time we didn’t have money so we couldn’t even cut our hair. But we started to realize that hunger and thirst was a form of training. We started to learn many important things about life. We had rice but no side dishes, and we could only add chili into seaweed soup which lasted us for 3-4 days.

Minhyuk: When we first went there, everything seems so interesting so we bought a lot of things. We started to run out of money eventually. From then on, we became hungry. That hunger continued until we managed to be able to eat proper meals after every performance, and we start to become extremely grateful for that.

Jungshin: Even though we had poor and were suffering, but the four of us developed a strong friendship because all of us were living in a foreign land. If it’s not for those times, we probably won’t be like now, where we hardly even fight, loving each other like close brothers.

star column part1c
CEO Han: Hmm… It seems like I was too harsh to you. But I felt that you had to experience tough period, so I was especially hard on you. If you didn’t have those training in Japan, CNBLUE won’t have such distinct strong colors as a band.

Yonghwa: So far, in your years of experience in developing us and Ft Island as band, do you have any secrets you can share with us in the developing and cultivating bands?

CEO Han: I started to form my own band in my university days because of my hobby, after that I became a pop music composer, as I continued to make music; I started to broaden my horizons in the Korean music industry. If I had continued to play in a band, I probably wouldn’t have the chance to form and develop bands. Being a composer at the same time made me realize the endless possibilities in music.

Jonghyun: So, who used to be your mentor?

CEO Han: There wasn’t anyone in particular. Everyone was good, but there wasn’t that one person whom I really liked. I feel that pop music is meant to be made to be shared with everyone. Till now, I haven’t changed my perception on that. But I personally like band music a lot. The song that was famous for its composer, the nuts <Nagging>, and it turned out that The Nuts is actually a band. Hahaha.

Yonghwa: Okay, CNBLUE’s first chat session has ended. How was it? Do you feel that you understand us a little more? The second chapter will be us sharing our challenge to become actors! Have you already started to anticipate our later stories? Just wait a little while longer. Coming Soon!!

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blue moon poster

January anticipation was over with blasting emotion when Re:Blue had released. Over month starting on January 18th on KBS Music Bank and ended on February 24th on SBS Inkigayo almost everyday CNBLUE covered all over the news, television and radio. I am Sorry became one and new addiction.

And not long after, FNC had announced their world tour entitled BLUE MOON will kick off at Taiwan on April 4th. Enough? No, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Korea, Philippines and Australia had confirm to held Blue Moon and earlier today FNC Japan via their twitter had announced another shocking news!

CNBLUE will soon release their 5th major single entitle ‘BLIND LOVE’!!!

As we are all know CNBLUE has two major markets, Korea and Japanese so that they will going return as soon as their main activity in both countries finish. In this case of course after Re:Blue’s activities ended.  CNBLUE’s activities in Japan ended once they did marathon performances last Christmas, Robot release event, Music For All All For One, and Kirakira Winter.

Honestly, I don’t like with their marathon releases not because the cash I spent but more for their time to rest. If Blind Love about to release on next month, it means that all the preparation had done months ago, and again that’s means they split their selves for work. Okay, it is all about Jungshin. He definitely did Blind Love recorded during his busy times filming My Daughter Seoyoung as well as he did for Robot.

Although I always pleased with their Japanese releases and anticipated a lot their new song I still choose wait a little bit longer to change my playlist from Robot to the new one.

This new single will drop on the store at April 24th, 2013.

Here is some of the detail from Blind Love

Limited Edition – A [CD + DVD] WPZL– 30563/4 ¥ 2.520 in tax.

Including Music Video and Making of ‘Blind Love’ BTS film.

With bonus Video Live of Music For All, All For One at Gymnasium First National Yoyogi Stadium on December 24th, 2012.


Limited Edition – B [CD + DVD] WPZL-30594/5 ¥ 2.100 in tax.

Including Robot Release Live @ TFT Hall on December 23rd, 2012.


Standard Edition [CD] WPCL-11368 ¥ 1.260 in tax.  

Judging from the title, supposed the tittle track is Jonghyun’s? Well just wait on April to know the whole, see you on April! 🙂

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Taiwan continues to show love for CNBLUE’s ‘Re:Blue’

Looks like CNBLUE‘s popularity in Taiwan isn’t about to settle down anytime soon!

The talented boys already ranked #1 on various Taiwanese charts even before the official release of their new album in the country, and then topped daily charts after the release (on the 20th). With a week gone by, Taiwan’s ‘G Music‘ chart for Asia Album Chart has updated that ‘Re:Blue‘ topped their weekly chart.

But that’s not all, since the boys also took over the Korean Popularity Chart on ‘KK Box‘, ranking #1 with “I’m Sorry” and ranking in the top 10 with the other songs included in the album.

A perfect way to usher in their world tour, which CNBLUE will be kicking off in Taiwan on April 6th.

Congratulations to CNBLUE!


* My note is, that all the song in Re:Blue sit on top 10!!! What a great. Even Where You Are include on the chart. This song actually an old song who had released earlier last year and hit #1 Oricon chart. This song then attached on CNBLUE first Japanese major album, Code Name Blue and now it was include in Re:Blue too. What I’m glad about this song is, they do not translate it in to Korean like they did for In My Head and use the English version instead (although basically this song is mostly in English).*

Source Nate

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radio show5

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*There no full trans for this show, or maybe already subtitle and I dont know, here there partial trans that I’m sure really worth reading for fangirl, lol*

DJ: We’ll take a psychological test. Everyone please close your eyes.
Now you are climbing a mountain with your loving girlfriend. What type of mountain are you climbing?
1. Mountain with dense forest full of trees.
2. A cliff consist of stones and rocks.
3. Mountain with river running through valley.
4. Mountain covered with white snow.
Open you eyes and choose one.
Minhyuk: I’m 3, mountain with valley.
Jonghyun: Jonghyun take number 4.
Jungshin: Jungshin is number one.
Yonghwa: Yonghwa is 3.
DJ: I’ll announce the result. This test is about ‘The reason why your dating doesn’t go on smoothly.’
CNBLUE: Wow, so curious.
Jungshin, you chose dense forest with trees? You value ‘a love at first sight’.
That’s why you cannot start dating. Once you start dating, you hate to part, so you become attached seriously.You never pay attention to any girls around you, you are just waiting for perfect the other half. You are too discreet, that’s why you are lonely.
Yonghwa: It perfectly matches. Oh Oh daebak!!!
DJ: Do the members agree?
Jonghyun: Yes we do, he is absolutely so.
Minhyuk: Really, he never give glance to girls all around him. He looks like waiting for his other half.
DJ: You never have  any special feeling no matter whom you met?
Jungshin: I have no intention to date this or that girls.
DJ: Have you ever been attached?
Jungshin: I haven’t dated much, so I’m not sure, but I may be spiteful.
DJ: Who chose river running through valley? Minhyuk, Yonghwa. Your eyes are hanging on the top of the sky. Now matter how perfect a woman is, she can’t meet your standard. You will get aged and die as solo. If you want a princess, you should be a prince too. Keep it in mind and lower your standard.
Yonghwa: Right, right. It’s so true.
DJ: Minhyuk doesn’t agree?

Minhyuk: I aim higher person, and I improve myself to meet her level.
DJ: Have you guys seen his latest ex-gf?
Jungshin: No, I haven’t.
Jonghyun: I have.
DJ: How was she? Was she a high level person? Hmm he can’t answer kk.
Jonghyun: Minhyuk has his own style.
DJ: Anyway you agree?
Yonghwa: I consider those things too.
DJ: Not only by look? Higher than you with many things?
Yonghwa: Yes, must be higher. One level up.
DJ: Who chose mountain covered with snow?
Jonghyun: I did.
DJ: You are so innocent that you don’t know what love is! (all laugh) Because of it, you are full of nonsense love fantasy! If you were this perfect innocent state, you yourself and your partner would feel burdened from before you start. Is he innocent?
Yonghwa: Absolutely not.
Jonghyun: I chose wrong mountain. I think I’m number 3.
DJ: So you are not an innocent?
Jonghyun: I want to be an innocent.
DJ: And the number 2, chosen by nobody, rock cliff is? ‘You are church oppa style! Always your face is smiling, gentle to random people. Countless girls are surrounding you but none of them is yours. Your partner will get sick of you, lover of everybody.’



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Jungyeop: You are all finished acting debut. How is it? Appeared in popular dramas?

Jungshin: We were so lucky.

Jungyeop: Who chose the drama?

Jonghyun: Our Company recommended roles which seems suit for us. And we choose among them.

Minhyuk: After that, it’s our work.

Jonghyun: Because of it, we had higher possibility to be casted.

Jungyeop: Minhyuk said after that, it’s your work. It means you did good job. You contributed enough to drama’s popularity. If I appear in drama, what role would suit for me?

Yonghwa: A conductor who studied abroad. A Maestro.

Jungyeop: ‘Yeop Mae’?

Yonghwa: It seems to suit for you.

Jungyeop: Is it alright? Which country?

CNBLUE: France Paris.

Yonghwa: You look like you’re good at singing a chanson.

Jungyeop: Dear drama staffs who are interested, please contact me. I will work hard.

Jungyeop: Are you going to continue to act?

Yonghwa: First, we will work hard for music, then will do world tour. After that, if I could have good roles.

Jungyeop: What role do you want to try?

Yonghwa: Teen basketball sports drama.

Minhyuk: Yonghwa hyung is good at basketball.

Jonghyun: He is good.

Jungyeop: It was popular 20 years ago. Can you make it a boom again?

Yonghwa: To 2013 version. I want the role of Jang Dong Geon.

Jungyeop: It will suit you well. Let me ask you one by one. Jungshin?

Jungshin: I like all, but I want evil role, a heavy character.

Jungyeop: Different from on TV, your blank face shows a little bit of frightening feeling.

Minhyuk: Jungshin will do killer’s role well.

Jungyeop: Yes. A careless killer. The killer forgot to bring his gun.

Yonghwa: He put out the gun and fired, but no bullet.

Jungyeop: How about Jonghyun?

Jonghyun: I want action movie. I fly and fire the palm blast.

Jungyeop: Palm blast? Then that’s martial art film.

Jonghyun: It will be fun and I think I can do well.

Jungyeop: Now the staffs are hearing. ‘Oh I see, the palm blast’. How about Minhyuk?

Minhyuk: Twisted character. An unexpected person turned out to be a key person.

Jungshin: It really suits for his personality.

Jonghyun: He is good at hitting the back of my head.

Yonghwa: I was hit the back of my head 10 times a day.

Jonghyun: I was hit 17 times. Minhyuk is an icon of reverse. He looks cute but sometimes he doesn’t speak a word for the whole day.

CNBLUE: Ehhhh~

Jonghyun: That’s too much. I mean he is as quiet as it.

Jungyeop: You are joking that you were hit the back of your head many times, for example?

Jonghyun: On the show I had said, ‘If I took shower without drawing a shower curtain, I was nagged by Minhyuk.’, yesterday, Minhyuk took shower without drawing the shower curtain.
But I couldn’t say a word, because I am scared at him.

Jungyeop: Now Minhyuk’s clothes is twisted. He wore one side; he took off the other side.

Minhyuk: I feel cold to take off, hot to wear.

Yonghwa: Minhyuk’s body is good.

Jungshin: Minhyuk just came from gym.

Jungyeop: What exercise did you do?

Minhyuk: PT, Personal training. I exercised shoulder part today.

Jungyeop: That’s why you are exposing your shoulder.

Jonghyun: One shoulder only? Exercise hard.

Jungyeop: Hearing what you were talking about shower, are you still living together? How is it? How long have you been since you lived at dorm?

CNBLUE: 4~5 years.

Jungyeop: Aren’t you feeling hard?


Jonghyun: I want to live together as long as possible.

Jungyeop: Do you fit well to each other? Even close friends may fight if they live together.

Yonghwa: We exceeded that step.

Jungyeop: That’s why you can show this harmony.

Minhyuk: In my thinking, this is the highest level. We may get better in the future, but for past 5 years living together, this is the happiest moment. We reached the top.

Jungyeop: Judging from your faces, you are not lying. What is good with four men? If I were you, I would feel annoyed.

Yonghwa: Till now, I felt like being chased. But this time, we are promoting the song I composed, we’re having more fun. We feel relaxed on the stage, so we feel more comfortable to each other. We are living a happy day everyday.

Jonghyun: The big reason is, we just took down ourselves. Before, we felt burdened for the TV shows, but from a moment, we began to take down all.

Yonghwa: We are living with our own shape, so it’s more interesting.

Jungyeop: Jungshin seems somewhat suspicious.

Jungshin: Actually, my room is a resting pace.

Jungyeop: When you play, you guys go to Jungshin’s room and make his room messy?

Jungshin: You guys are saying you’re just happy, I feel uncomfortable. (laugh)

Jungyeop: That’s because Jungshinis the nicest.

Jonghyun: A while ago, Jungshin hit me on the back of my head 10 times. Today, I took his cap without informing him.

Jungshin: This cap looks normal, but it’s the caps I like so much. It’s been disappeared for 5 months.

Jonghyun: I took it only last week.

Jungshin: Then it might be somewhere else. I was so puzzled to see him wearing it today. I was going to hit his back, but hit his head instead, because I am tall.

Jungyeop: I saw the variety show you four appeared. The rest room incident.

Jonghyun: It’s an old story.

Jungyeop: Jungshin hit Jonghyun. Your composition has been changed.

Yonghwa: Younger brothers became comfortable. We never feel any bad feeling.

Jungyeop: I see it. But no matter how you are living happily, you will feel lonely when you’re lonely. You’re in the age of dating.

Jungshin: ‘You will regret if you don’t date in your age. Date a lot, shortly and deeply.’ Everyone says.

Jungyeop: You must. We must do in our age. (laugh) I’m in the age of dating, what are we doing with five men?
Jonghyun: Although I feel lonely, if I get in member’s rooms, I don’t feel lonely. For example, there are many people in Yonghwa’s room. There is Simpson family.

Yonghwa: I like Simpson so much. Our fans know it, so they gave me a lot of presents.

Jonghyun: He received huge.

Yonghwa: My bed is king size, half of it is full of Simpson.

Jungyeop: Usually we pronounce [ssimsson], but Yonghwa pronounce [simson].

Yonghwa: How do Seoul people pronounce it? (laugh)

Jungyeop: But… You should not be accustomed to it. To feel relieved to see each other, to get in other persons’ room not to feel lonely, you should not.

Jungyeop: Chosen by Jung Yonghwa, Bruno Mars.

Yonghwa: ‘It will rain’. It’s what I like very much.

Jungyeop: The more I look at you guys, the more handsome you look. When did you hear first that you’re handsome? What’s this question… (like drama Secret Garden)

Jungshin: When I was born, in the incubator.

Jonghyun: Are you sure?

Yonghwa: My first year birthday party photo was displayed in the photo shop for many years.

Jungyeop: Really? Wow~

Yonghwa: They recognized my beauty from that time.

Jungyeop: Yonghwa, you’re the top. Incubator is too early, but it’s not certified. Only nurse nunas liked you.
Jonghyun: When I was born, my parents thought wrong baby was born. I looked like a foreigner, a Russian baby.

Jungshin: I saw Jonghyun hyung’s baby photos, he looked really weird.

Yonghwa: I saw both Jonghyun baby’s photo and Jungshin baby photo, how dare you say that?

Jungshin: Now I think he is the most handsome among us four. But he wasn’t at all when he was young.

Jonghyun: I will tell it to my father. Will I tell it to my appa?

Jungshin: Father, I’m sorry.

Minhyuk: I see my photos of kindergarten; I think my best flower age was kindergarten days. It was my peak age in my life.

Jungyeop: You guys are all excited. All were when you’re babies. Jungshin said Jonghyun hyung is the most handsome. Who do others think is the most handsome?

Minhyuk: All four look different. By only look, the most handsome is Jonghyun hyung, ‘The most attractive man’ is Jungshin, overall the best is Yonghwa hyung.
Actually I think I am the least among us.

Jonghyun: That’s his strategy. Don’t be fooled, everyone! You are the most popular these days.

Jungyeop: Jonghyun, who do you think is the most handsome?

Jonghyun: I am hearing a lot that they like Minhyuk the most. He is not a cute guy. He is like an elder brother.
Jungyeop: A man of man?

Yonghwa: Minhyuk isn’t a man of man. But he is clear-cut. If I treated him roughly, I suffer.

Jonghyun: I can’t play trick on Minhyuk.

Jungyeop: He must have reverse. He looks very soft.

Yonghwa: Minhyuk is soft. He cares everything. He summarizes our schedule, writes memo well.
If I ask him about any machine, Minhyuk knows eveything.

Jungshin: If he didn’t know, he searched internet and give me the answer right away.

Yonghwa: He is also good at assembling toys. Minhyuk is mandatory to CNBLUE.
First, I am the best. Who compete against me?

Jonghyun: I left him to say it himself.

Yonghwa: Sometimes, I am surprised by my charm.

Jungyeop: What’s your charm?

Yonghwa: As I have to say… My face is commonly attractive.

Jungyeop: All are handsome and each of you has unique character. So you mix well.
When the song was aired, I asked them, ‘Until when will you live together?’ They answer they don’t have plan at all. You guys are great.

CNBLUE: Thank you.

Jungyeop: ‘Perfect CNBLUE, then what are your insecurities? Wow I am curious.

Minhyuk: I have flat butt.

Jungyeop: I have a lot. Shall I give you some? I have too much.

Jonghyun: Please graft some on him.

Jungyeop: My butt is facing the sky. How you don’t have butt?

Minhyuk: So I am exercising hard, but I feel the limit. But if I exercise harder, I believe someday my butt will face the sky too.

Jungyeop: It seems you are modest. How about others?

Jonghyun: I have too much facial hair. Every morning, I have hard time to shave. It takes 10 minutes. It grows at not only some part, it covers the whole face. If I didn’t shave for a week, I would look like a terrorist. It isn’t shaved cleanly everyday, so I don’t shave cleanly and go to TV shows.

Jungshin: Looking at him from his side, he is serious. He shaved in the morning, but his face turned black-spotted at night. And the hair is rough. But I think he looks nice as a man.

Jungyeop: Well, that’s not that serious… How about Jungshin?

Jungshin: I have lines around mouth

Jonghyun: Nose sweat!

Jungshin: I have nose sweat too. I sweat on my nose. My mother is the same. If I see a spicy food on TV, I sweat on my nose.

Jonghyun: The funniest thing was, at the TV show, he was asked by an unexpected question, and he sweated immediately on his nose.

Jungyeop: Here is fan’s memo, ‘The butt king is Yonghwa.

Minhyuk: I didn’t say it, Yonghwa hyung’s butt also face the sky.

Jungshin: the Himalayas of butts.

Jonghyun: K2! K2!

Jungyeop: I must compete my butt with Yonghwa’s.

Minhyuk: Here are two peaks.

Jungyeop: Besides butt, what is Yonghwa’s insecurity?

Yonghwa: I’m not the type of person who feels insecurity to my look. I have double eyelids when I feel tired.
Minhyuk: Yonghwa ssi, would you give me a line of it?

Yonghwa: I hate the feeling of my eyes being turned over.

Jonghyun: Looking at him from beside, Yonghwa’s hard point is that he gains weight easily.

Yonghwa: I gain weight instantly if I eat. But I lose soon if I don’t eat.

Jungyeop: Then you need to control it always. Maybe you keep your nutriment in your butt?

Jungshin: Like camels?

Yonghwa: I look 1.5 times bigger on TV, so if I see myself gained weight, I go on a diet.

Jungyeop: Let’s listen to Jonghyun’s choice. Red hot chili peppers – Snow. Is it your favorite?

Jonghyun: Yes. I was impressed a lot by this team to be a guitarist.

Jungyeop: Do you drink liquor? You have close relationship; it must be great if you drink liquor.

Yonghwa: We like to drink by ourselves.

Jungshin: We feel awkward if anyone else joined.

Jungyeop: Do you? You love yourselves too much.

Jonghyun: Our guys are shy in front of strangers. When we were laughing cheerfully, if someone came, we became quiet.

Jungyeop: That’s an unexpected fact.

Jungyeop: You are exhausted back at home because you laugh this hard. You are good at reaction.

Yonghwa: I don’t like to laugh this hard. Because when I laugh hard, my cheekbones explode. But you made us laugh so hard.

Jonghyun: Yonghwa hyung’s laughing sound is so flippant. I can’t copy him. (laugh)

Yonghwa: Like this sound?

Minhyuk: Jonghyun hyung, you are no less than him.

Jungyeop: I thought I am not less ‘flippant’ than anyone. But CNBLUE is competitive.

Source Blue Night Radio

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Finally Re:BLUE promotional activities had ended positive and safely. All the boices cheer for about 43 days leaved great memories as I do too. Since their comeback performances on Music Bank with Na Geude Boda and I’m Sorry I try my best to cover them and if everyone notice my post in this month will be a record for the whole. Yet, I still miss a lot and many left in my draft due to unfriendly connection. That’s bad but I still happy for them despite the bitter case they facing right now (I didn’t post it because it’s already off topic, maybe later if there update from both parties).

Along this week was thrilling yet saddened for me for I can’t believe that I’m Sorry was coming for goodbye stage, which mean I can’t see them again around. I will definitely miss their dorky behave, silly fight or of course excitement stage performance.

Re:BLUE promotion is over and My Daughter Seoyoung in which Jungshin cast in also about to the end, if I’m not mistaken then it would be this weekend. TV appearance concluded!!!  The marathon CNBLUE’s weekend drama has come to the conclusion since it started by Minhyuk last year and continue by Jungshin.

Then what they will do with no project to be announcing in the near time? No project? You must be joking. FNC will not let CNBLUE just breath easily because on April CNBLUE will kick off their first ever WORLD TOUR entitled BLUE MOON!!! According to Jungshin on Taxi TVn interview, around 12 countries on negotiated and four Asian countries already fixed

js confirmTaiwan

Date:  April 6th

Venue: Taipe Arena

*Tickets are already sold out*



Date: April 11th

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

*Tickets are already sold out*



Date: May 4th

Venue: Impact Arena

*Not ticketing yet*


Date: May 10th and 11th

Venue: Asia World Arena

*Tickets are already sold out*


Date: May 25th, 26th
Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium

*Not ticketing yet*

*Tickets are sold out*


Date: May 31st

Venue: Festival Hall

*No ticketing yet*

Date: June 1st
Venue: Big Top Sydney

*Tickets are already sold out*

Date: June 15th
Venue: Araneta Coliseum

*Not ticketing yet*


Date : August 24th

Venue: Stadium Negara

*Not ticketing yet*

blue moon

There also rumored about Beijing and Philipina who had confirmed, but since CNBLUE official not release yet so I omitted.

Well, who excited? Me? Definitely, I am already marking my calendar so that once my schedule allowed me to, I can fly straight away.

In the mean time, I hope they have enough rest to recharge their batteries before the tour begin. Though, I’m very sure that they still have plenty individual schedules to be finish.

Do you see how they never let boice rest from high anticipation? Also, since their last Japanese single, Robot, had release on December, it is kind of silent anticipation too. As we all know, CNBLUE usually will going back to Japan once their Korean activity ended or, almost every three months they have release a new single. If it that so, the new Japanese single will be on March?

I hope so, but more than anything, I want the quit release anything awhile. Take some time out for themselves. Go on holiday maybe, or just simply spending time with nothing that’s not likely, though.

Well, that’s all for Re:BLUE and the new anticipation for BLUE MOON, doesn’t mean that I will not post anything about them anymore ‘cause I said before, I still have many draft for Re:BLUE.

So, see you all on BLUE MOON’s update (and maybe a new Japanese single that I loved the most.

Concert scedule source CNBLUE official Facebook

Photo credit CNBLUE official Facebook

Caps and Written by tara lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

JUNG YONGHWA, ‘I want to be the PR ambassador for Busan.’

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa expressed his special love for Busan.

promotional picts13


Jung Yong Hwa is one of the first to come to mind among the idols from Busan. He’s told numerous stories about his hometown Busan on variety shows like “Come to Play” and “Running Man”, attracting much attention.


At a meeting with TVdaily on the set of KBS Music Bank on the 22nd, Jung Yong Hwa remarked, “I want to be the PR ambassador for Busan. It’ll be quite cool.”
CNBLUE members then presented him with a nickname “The Son of Busan,” humoring those surrounding them.


On a side note, CNBLUE is enjoying huge popularity on music and TV charts within and outside of Korea through the promotion of their mini album Re:BLUE, which includes JYH’s self-compositoin “I’m Sorry”. They will wrap up the promotion at SBS Inkigagyo on the 24th, and beginning in April, they will become the first Korean band to launch the world tour encompassing Asia, Europe, North and South Americas, as well as Australia.

씨엔블루의 정용화가 각별한 ‘부산 사랑’을 보였다.

정용화는 부산 출신의 대표 아이돌가수다. 그는 ‘놀러와’ ‘런닝맨’ 등 각종 예능프로그램에서 고향 부산에 얽힌 다양한 에피소드 전해 많은 이들의 관심을 모았다.

지난 22일 KBS2 ‘뮤직뱅크’에서 가진 티브이데일리와의 만남에서 정용화는 “부산 홍보대사 해보고 싶다. 정말 좋을 것 같다”는 바람을 내비쳤다.

이에 씨엔블루 멤버들은 정용화에게 “부산의 아들”이라는 호칭을 붙여줘 주위의 웃음을 자아냈다.

한편 씨엔블루는 정용화의 자작곡 ‘아임쏘리(I’m sorry)’가 수록된 미니앨범 ‘리:블루(RE:BLUE)’로 국내외 각종 음원, 방송 차트를 석권하며 높은 인기를 누리고 있다.

오는 24일 SBS ‘인기가요’를 마지막으로 ‘리:블루’ 활동을 마무리 하는 씨엔블루는 오는 4월부터 국내 밴드로는 최초로 아시아 유럽 북남미 호주 등 세계 곳곳을 도는 월드투어에 나선다.


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