CNBLUE Get Rockingly Sweaty

CNBLUE Get Rockingly Sweaty

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South Korean band leader Jung Yonghwa wasn’y kidding when he told the media that their audience would see few outfit change at the quartet’s firdt full-length concert here last Saturday.

Despite being sweat-drenched in the Indoor Stadium show, which was 95% sold out, Jung and the other members of the  pop-rock quartet changed their simple T-shirt just once during their two hours show.

At a press conference last Friday, the 23-year-old noted that frequent outfit-changes indicate where a band’s prioritis lie. And he wanted to make one thing absolutely clear CNBLUE take music very seriously.

And the show it self, part of their Blue Moon World Tour, was high-octane affair from start to finish that saw the quartet comprising bassist Lee Jung Shin, drummer Kang Min Hyuk, both 21; and guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, 22; and Jung – showing the crowd that they are a lively, fun-loving bunch.

Jung was an Energizer bunny, working the stage like an athlete. It was almost impossible to take one’s eyes off the frontman, who was responsible for penning the band’s biggest hits, like I’m Sorry and Love Light – which was reportedly inspired by Girls’ Generation member Seohyun.

“My hair-style okay?” he joked, pushing his sweaty hair out of his eyes at one point.

And despite looking very much like the boy next door, Jung’s inner rocker was unleashed fully when he presented heavier rock material like Tattoo. Then, he sang in high-pitched howls that can only be described as ear-shattering aural-gasms.

Bassist Lee Jungshin was game to engage his audience, too, despite the fact that his english is less than stellar. He revealed that the band was going out to eat chilli crab after gig.

“Singapore, we will eat chilli crab. Where is the chilli crab best?” he asked, with the crowd shouting back several names.

“Give me address,” he said, trying not to laugh as people screamed back suggestions.

My Paper learnt that the band ended up eating a “tar pau” order of chilli crab at their hotel after the show.

This reviewer would have wanted drummer Kang and guitarist Jonghyun to hog a little limelight. At least Jonghyun got a chance to show off his soulful vocals on the ballad These Days.

Yes, CNBLUE proved that they are really all about their music.

At the press conference last Friday at Grand Waterfront Copthorne Hotel, Jung had said, “we are part of K-pop, but probably our biggest difference and strength is that we are band. Unlike other K-pop idol groups, which do a lot of dancing, we focus on our music.”

True that, Jung. You definitely did.

*Yonghwa photo caption, ‘ CHARISMATIC. It was impossible to take one’s eye off CNBLUE frontman Jung Yonghwa, 23, who was an Energizer bunny at two hours gig.’*

*Jungshin photo caption, ‘HUNGRY? Bassist Lee Jungshin asked the crowd where to go to eat chili crab.’*


Actually this article is quite out of date since Blue Moon Singapore already finished weeks ago but still when I found this picture I can’t help but wanted to share. In fact I was a bit disappointed with how the reviewer review the concert. I don’t know whether s/he knows CNBLUE or follows K-pop or not because s/he mostly mentioned CNBLUE’s old song. Well Tattoo is wonderful live song but what about the amazing Get Away live version? And, what was Love Light? Big hit? Maybe but I think the song still over shadowed by Love or Love Girl if we are talked about CNBLUE’s Korean songs.

Well, I cant blame though, everyone has their own point of view, maybe mine is different.

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CNBlue’s “Blue Moon World Tour” Concert in Singapore

cnbluemoonSG selca

It was a long two-year wait for CNBlue to perform in Singapore since their last appearance at a fan-meeting. April 13 was a sleepless night for many Boices as they relished every song and witty banter at the energy-packed “Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore“.

Organized by One Productions, tickets to the one-night-only show were quickly snapped up right from the start of ticket sales. With so many Korean artists heading to Singapore for showcases and fan meetings, it is certainly no small feat to fill the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a seating capacity of 12,000!

Members Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk immediately warmed up the audience with a powerful opening and continued to belt out one rock song after another over the course of the concert. They did not stop even once for costume changes, as they focused with all their might on delivering their best to the fans. As there were no solo stages for members to rotate and rest, their stamina for the two and a half hour concert was truly amazing.

The night was also filled with laughter whenever the comedic band stopped to interact with their audience. Twice, fans were asked by Yonghwa to ”ride the wave” (the raising of arms in consecutive order to create a tidal effect).

The four guys certainly took their music very seriously, as evident from performing in their sweaty shirts from start to end. However, they were not stingy in showing their humorous sides to fans. During one of the talk breaks, we even wondered if the organizer had been mistreating them by feeding them only fishballs! Watch the clip below and find out for yourself what we mean.

Kudos to CNBlue for trying their best to interact with fans in English without a translator. I would certainly award them full marks for their effort!

My favorite moment of the night has to be this! Fans sang along to “Love Light” and Yonghwa gave a very lovely twist to the end by changing the lyrics.

The only disappointment of the night was the stage team’s failure to switch on white lights as Yonghwa earnestly requested them to do so several times, exclaiming, “I want to look at you (fans)”. Oh well, may the next concert will be better!

Set list 

1. Where you are
2. Get Away
3. One Time
4. Naran Namja
5. Coffee Shop
6. Have a Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Light
9. Feeling
10. These Days (Korean version)
11. Y,Why… (Korean version)
12. Lalala 
13. Just Please (Korean version)
14. Tattoo
15. In My Head (Korean version)
16. Intuition
17. I’m a Loner 
18. I’m Sorry


19. Hey You
20. Love Girl
21. You’ve Fallen For Me 
22. Love
23. Ad-lib (song about concert Singapore) 
24. Try Again, Smile Again

After successfully completing their concert in Singapore, CNBlue heads to Thailand next for their “Blue Moon World Tour 2013” concert on May 4 at the Impact Arena.

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