Earlier today I have a shocking news not bad one but good instead although kinda bad too to me kkk. Yes, as the title above, both of Jungshin and Minhyuk had spotted on the Korea Motor Show! Why is it bad to me? because I was scheduled to attend to the show as well if only there was no schedule conflict and it was my staff who replace me instead. If only I was there probably I can meet them haha *daydreaming*


As seen to the picture, both Jungshin and Minhyuk seems looking at something on the bike and Minhyuk shown it to Jungshin. My friend when I sent her the picture commented, though the guys wore mask both of them seem still shine! LOL

I know she was true, and now I’m guessing did somebody recognize them? I supposed so otherwise there is no picture of them of course, kkk

Actually, my notice is on their fashion. Because both of them just dressed up like the most of their official photo, so is it their stylish just mix and match the color without changing their basic fashion? They have good sense of fashion though, hehe.

I know pretty well that Jungshin is love with all-black style and so it was, he wore jeans, t-shirt and black leather jacket, so young and cool and of course it was also my favorite guys style 🙂

As for Minhyuk he wore, as usual, student style; blue jeans and grey jacket he seems stood up his collar but it was’nt seen clearly. it just how he looks like in most of his photos.

Is there any other thing that caught my eyes? Yes, there is, the rear of the Honda Repsol Motogp Team!!! Omg, it also present there and I was wondering whose bike is it, Dani’s? or Marc’s? Whoever starting today, they are already kicked off the new 2013 championship seasons.

Photo credit gall.dcinside

Posted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded