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It is not a new photo in fact an old one, taken during Arena Tour last fall. But this event brought everlasting memories to me since it was my first time ever to go around their Japanese Tour after years being boice. So here it is, another photo I wanna share with other boice.

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Big Bang and CN Blue Clash on the Top Two Ranks of the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart

Big Bang and CN Blue took over Oricon′s Weekly DVD Chart with their concert DVDs.

According to Oricon on April 1, Big Bang′s Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan: Special Final in Dome DVD topped the music DVD chart after selling 36,000 copies.

The DVD, which was released on March 20, sold the most copies out of all Big Bang′s DVDs ever released in Japan. The group′s Big Bang Presents “Love & Hope Tour 2011” had sold 35,000 copies in December 2011, 1,000 copies less than the most recent DVD.

CN Blue′s DVD, which had landed on the no. 1 spot in the previous week, was pushed back this week to no. 2. Its Arena Tour 2012 ~ Come On!!! ~ @Saitama Super Arena DVD had previously topped Tower Records′ general DVD chart on the day of its release, March 20, and topped the Oricon′s Music DVD Chart.

The DVD contains CN Blue′s live performances of 26 songs, including Come On, Time is Over and its Japan debut single In My Head.

Big Bang toured three domes in Japan, coursing through a total of six cities, while CN Blue held its first arena tour, in 2012.

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Photo credit: YG Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Oricon

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CN Blue′s Concert DVD Takes Over Oricon′s DVD Chart

CN Blue′s DVD came out on top of the DVD chart of Japan′s Oricon.

According to the Oricon on March 20, CN Blue′s live DVD Arena Tour 2012 ~ Come On!!! ~ @Saitama Super Arena rose to the top of the DVD sales chart on the day of its release.

Even before its release, the DVD was reported to have topped pre-sales charts.

Fans have especially shown their excitement for the 26 live performances of the band′s hit songs, including Come On, Time is Over and In My Head.

CN Blue toured Japan for its arena tour in October 2012, and this year will embark on its first world tour from April.

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