First of all I’d like to thanks to my staff, Caroline who taking care and in charge at my place while I am enjoying the whole concert and Nadia who re-arranged my scheduled pretty perfectly! And to you, David, Eric, Naomi, Angela and Patrick who make this possible and willing to came along with me even though you are not boice.

This is my third I wrote about CNBLUE after  Lee Jonghyun, Teardrops In The Rain and CODE NAME BLUE TESTIMONIAL.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend perhaps made a record as my tightest day ever! Actually, I was set not to leave London before concert, unfortunately something had happened and I have to back to leave to solve it.
So it was Saturday morning when I had to pick up my aunty at Heathrow airport which then I know it was exactly the same EA with CNBLUE. At that time the airport was like normal. Half of me feel a bit pity because I thought UK boices did not show up to welcoming the boys. And another part of me feel glad, it was good none waiting, then I can see them clearly!

But that thought would not stay longer. As the flight had landed, the situation change all in sudden. I don’t even know where those people come from but CNBLUE had sent Heathrow into riot! I was not dare to come to close to the crowd as I have to set my eyes on my aunty’s arrival. I didn’t even see CNBLUE passed the gate because ocean of boices come through together. From distance I saw people hooded surrounded by airport security, later I know it was Jonghyun, and also someone like thrown aback to the crowd and that was Yonghwa.  I do not know where Minhyuk was it can be I did not realize it was him or I indeed did not see him. People shouted, yelled, sobbed and else.

I never expected any of those and I just realize that CNBLUE is indeed well-known! Maybe I was underestimates about their popularity but with UK approach, I hope can be their gate to the another Europa countries.
Several hours later when I came back to the airport to catch my flight back, it was hard to believe if in the morning there chaos here. During the day when many boices shared their pictures of CNBLUE whom they met at street, I just ocean away, struggled and pushed myself to make sure that all the stuff had done by morning.

With sleepy eyes and just wanted to sleep in my head I head up again to London! Oh my God, what I was running into? CNBLUE better has something great tonight so my rushing time not such a waste!! With half soul in me I arrived in the Heathrow once again on Sunday morning, still, want to continue to sleep in my mind. I walked side by side with my assistant while I realize I was walking behind a group of people. I was hesitated if he was Lee Jungshin, although almost sure. However, I never saw him from back, so I was hoping that he will turn his back to make sure, and my prayer was answered! He took glance once or twice, and my heart just like stop beating! How could possible I saw him here? Unfortunately I can not take some photos for some reasons.

All day along I just can’t put my head straight on my work, in my head just CNBLUE and CNBLUE. To make even worse when I occasionally checked my twitter account, they were everywhere! While other boices out there busying their selves to share what they see or listen, I was struggle in hotel room with laptop and my assistant trying to finish my work as soon as possible.

Finally all done and I am at venue but when we were 6 arrived gate already open and boices queued not short enough to wait. Thanks, in the end we could get through in safely. The venue just like crazy even before the show had started. At first actually I have some silly thought, that this show will be like the old one, back when their live houses at Japan. To say honest, I was a bit confuse placing in the such crowd, I attended many big concert before this but those I already know them as big star, I never know how they were in beginning opposite with CNBLUE. I used to see them with less tenth , over tenth or over hundreds but over than 3000 boices just AMAZING yet they ever had bigger in Japan.

Countdown getting nearer and boices also getting crazy! and as usual like in Japan the boys appeared out with rough clothes, western style! Minhyuk’s drum beats and Jungshin’s low heavy bass lead  the heat of the o2 arena. the venue turns into chaos, glow sticks, flags, cameras all in the air. Intuition and Have a Good Night deliver craziness at first beginning, then even more when Wake Up , boices really wake up! Actually in the beginning I was lost because too busy keep focus on Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s guitar, it was after Have Good Night i start to decided not to and enjoying the show. Love Revolution was sent me into another world, especially when Jungshin did rap, followed by Love Girl, Yonghwa lead Jungshin to dance in intro, then turn with Jonghyun,  hilarious!! they really know how to make a laugh. In Gureyo, three members turn their back and did play with Minhyuk.

During talking session, they introduced themselves with short English but in the end Yonghwa said anyonghaseyo and other word that I didn’t catch. The leader really hilarious! Yonghwa even said that the night was the international night, then he pushed the speech to Minhyuk and he hope boices enjoy the show.

Ballad session opening by Y,Why  korean version and we all know how Yonghwa sung, very emotional and tender especially in rap part. Yonghwa was amazing!!! after Yonghwa the turn went into Jonghyun who sung Love Rides In The Rain, but still Yonghwa’s voices gave something special in the song. It was time for stabirabira rastabira, Still in Love.

They took another time to chill down the show by chatting a bit. And unexpectedly they did cover Oasis’s Supersonic but Yonghwa made sudden stop and ended up with laughing, he said that he didn’t know the whole song!! My friends giggling a lot  when Yonghwa mention Oasis  because his pronouncement. They also said that they want to be an international band and for that CNBLUE need help from boices. In this time Jungshin also mentioned  HARRY POTTER (lol).

Next song was Just Please (again) korean version, I don’t know why they didn’t sing the original version. One Time English version,  Yonghwa and Jungshin collaboration was a great one! Tattoo followed by Hey You, which Yonghwa said to Minhyuk, “Minhyuk, let’s go.” Let’s Go crazy lead another craziness in the o2 arena. Now or Never came after, and their performances didn’t decrease in any way, Yonghwa still wild, Jonghyun played his guitar with amazing way, Jungshin also attractive and Minhyuk drum beat didn’t slow down. I was screaming out loud as Yonghwa did too when he sung Where You Are,  Jonghyun solo guitar was really really wonderful!! Yonghwa shouted ‘this song is the last song!’ then he screamed, actually he screamed in almost every song and sometimes I was worry that he might lose his voice (Lol)! In My Head, korean version! Japanese really rare, so sad.

They disappear after In My Head but then rush up again as boice didn’t let them go on theat easy.  Encore starting by their first and phenomenal, I’m a Loner, once Yonghwa sung the first verse, boices just followed him and sing along! Great, I can’t even make up my mouth to do that and of course, make some noise!!! And followed by their lovely but not leastly, Love.  This show also shown how much their craziness, they making many laugh, though. ‘Do you know Heartstring?’ and Jungshin sung the first verse along with boices. Yonghwa also did some jogging dance while Jungshin sung. In the end Yonghwa asked Jungshin when his birthday is then all the audiences singing Happy Birthday song and Jungshin did one phrase with “I’m so happy”.

Very last song was always Gomawoyo, and I can’t believe that two hours already passed, and CNBLUE really had to step down from the stage!!!!

Actually I was longing for Get Away and No More, sadly those weren’t enlist, in fact in this concert they more to Korean songs rather than Japanese. It seems that I can’t  miss Arena Tour this October. In the night, Yonghwa seemed to be happiest guy, his smile was widest than the other members and he was the one who keep talking, yet he ever said that English is difficult. They were making great effort to have communication with audiences and we can understand well their situation, I think it’s all because they have mix feeling at the same time, too exciting the heat of the audiences enough to swept away any English vocabulary in their mind.

Overall this concert was great indeed, though we had some distraction by over hysterically boices, but it’s okay, everyone has hysteria. Actually i confuse myself about what I have to write because it’s too many I need to fix into one right story.

Here I also compile my guys friend who accompanied me along the show and the one whose protest the most whenever I playing CNBLUE’s song before. but now I dare say that they’ are three already boices!

David :

They’re cool, if only they got chance to debuted in State (USA) or here (UK) with their shooting star and attractiveness performances like this, isn’t possible if they landed in billboard. Their live show were rock and his vocal indeed powerful. beside the language music really did crossed the border and I think it’s worth if we spare time for Autumn Tours in between our Asian Tours.


If only I didn’t know from the start if they came from Korea, then I think they just come from this land (western). Cool, unfortunately they hasn’t got chance to debuted in Europa.


They just as cool as Foo Fighters or Sound Green. But I never found in one band has two differ vocal character but they can make one unity, cool and  unique.

In fact Patrick was the most commented guy, as soon as CNBLUE appeared out he looking for CNBLUE’s tattoos, ‘they have no tattoo? that’s not right, rock star should be tattooed, may I come to them? I’ll make one, in house!’

When Minhyuk’s face zoomed out in screen he shouting out, ‘How old is he? he looked like Peter.’ I said 21, ‘No kidding he’s real baby!’ (Peter is Patrick younger brother, he is 14 and drummer too.) .

In Patrick lists, the eldest was Yonghwa, followed by Jungshin, and Jonghyun, the youngest should be Minhyuk.

Well that’s all from me, sorry for my bad korean, see you at Arena Tours.

Ps: to Adrian, I really want your collection, cause I don’t have any! you can get – you know who- photo shoot and I get CNBLUE, okay???? 😉

photo cr to AEGLive

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