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‘CNBLUE’s secret that I know? This is a secret that never told to anybody else… if this fact revealed, I am sure people who even sleep will woke up (because of surprise). Jungshin sometimes open his mouth while sleeping. Jungshin I’m sorry (laugh). At dorm, Jonghyun hyung often walking around without wears anything. He does not like to put anything on his body indeed. Looks like he wants to show off his body he built at gym. My secret, I have a lot of scar marks.’


‘I want to erase my childhood memories once I learned swimming. I was at 6 grades of elementary school when first time I learn diving. At that time I was immature and did everything without thinking. I try to dive but my pant was taken off! I was so embarrassed since many of my girls behind me. I tried to search my pant immediately but I found nothing. I really wanted to leave that memory behind but even now that memory keep haunt me down.’


‘I am mastering almost all kinds of game. Even though it was a new one, I can do it in several minutes. The other members never asked me to play along. Because I can master in a short time sometimes I do feel unsatisfied (he thinks that the game was not interesting anymore).’


Lee Jungshin interviewing Kang Minhyuk

I love woman …, …, …, …, ( Jungshin asked Minhyuk to fills up four blank spaces in order)

Woman! Who! Looking at me! Only!

What if I meet my ideal type on the street?

That was impossible…

Somehow, what if you have?

I will approached and talk to her.

Okay, describe woman you wish to meet on the street.

Woman that wears blue navy coat, black skinny jeans, thick neat muffler, medium heels and beautiful long wavy hair on her back.

Good points of Minhyuk?

I have mild personality.

What does your favourite coffee and cake?

Americano syrup added and sweet potato cake.

Named actor you want to go to have your favourite coffee and cake.

Senior Kang Dongwoon who had cast in Temptation of Wolves, because he looks handsome as a man.

And if you go to bakery with four other people, who else the other two you want to go with?

Jaehyuk and Sangwook (they are actor too).

What if the cake already cursed?

Whoever who eat the cake will love Kang Minhyuk.

Name three abilities you want to have?

Drumming skills, masculine face, and being a good son for my parents.

What do you do everyday once you open your eyes in the morning?

I am checking the time on cell phone.

What if the company asked you to shave your hair?

No problem (doing it).

And what if the company asked you to grow your hair as long as Jungshin’s?

No problem (doing it, too).

Would you doing whatever they ordered you to do?

Depend on whom ordering me.

Do you ever think that you are really good-looking?

No, I never.

Your butt is too flat; don’t you intend to make it bigger by exercise?

About exercise, I do better than you do, I am working on it.

And what about the front?


Do you have the intention for whitening your skin? You’re too yellow.

I’m attending dermatology regularly.

Do you feel that you are perfectionist?

No, no, of course not.

Right now, where do you want to go?

To the any place I want to.

33 years old Kang Minhyuk is still in CNBLUE?

Nothing will change; I will be performing on CNBLUE’s concert. At the audiences seat my wife will cheering me up.

What dream you want tonight?

Dream about having a lot of money! Pig dream?

(It was saying, pig shape coin box that full of money)

(For Minhyuk they are…)

Jungshin is a friend.

Yonghwa is a reliable eldest brother.

Jonghyun is a reliable second elder brother.

CNBLUE is everything.



‘Whenever I remember the family in the drama, I’m really happy.’

Kim Nanjoo senior has almost the same personality with her character in the drama, she also treat me just like   her own a little brother in the real life. Thus whenever I act I do feel like I am in my family. I heard also that the drama has a unique nick name ‘a national drama’. Wherever I go people will called me Cha Sekwang. I am not like Cha Sekwang who has many tricks to charm girls but I want to be my brother-in-law, Yoo Junsang senior who knows exactly what to do to in order to treat woman well. If talked about my ideal type, I love woman who watching over me. During drama shooting every casts did not feel any clumsiness when act together, we used to tell each other if somebody made mistake because we are close. Besides we do not have any other but the family (in drama). I want to balancing between CNBLUE’s activities and acting well but I prefer with CNBLUE because it was my root.



‘There are many things I want to learn.’

If there is a chance, I want to learn acting or other things. There are many things I want to learn, it would be fun to learn something new … I want to learn piano again, clarinet and saxophone. But the most of thing is piano, even though it would be hard to touch it again (since too long already did not playing) but I think I can do it well. Besides I want to learn piano because it different instrument with drum. I always thinking, I want to be a drummer who can adapt (musically) CNBLUE. Because I am a CNBLUE’s member and we don’t know in the future CNBLUE will be like. I want to be a drummer who able to adapt with the team. Even I ever wrote a lyric but I want to try to compose a song, I want to know how does it feel when I walking on the street and the song I compose been playing somewhere (laugh).


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Korean – Bahasa Trans by Raisha

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