CNBLUE Oricon Special Interview, “NEVER STOP”

CNBLUE Oricon Special Interview, “NEVER STOP”


CN Blue, Korea’s band who ever trained in Japan, and now hold world tour and also become very famous not only in Japan and Korea but also in Asia. Before their first documentary movie to be launched and draw near their frankness face, 4 members shared their hardships and gushing hotly now.

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This is your first documentary movie, do you feel some pressure?

[JH] At the first I felt some pressures. Because this is documentary movie, we thought it’s too fast, isn’t it? We even ever said “it will be better after this”, but because of its title is “NEVER STOP”, we think to make a film of that picture hereafter.

[JS] Recording of this movie has been done for now, but since this is documentary movie; I think it should shows our (almost) real appearance. Such as our situation in the back stage or the discussion after live performance, I think it is our very first time to appear that way to all of our fans. If you watch this movie, you will be able to know us very well.

[MH] In spite of me, at the beginning I felt a little pressure too. But when watching the whole clips, there nothing to be worried about. I think it is a good movie and I could enjoy watching it.

[YH] I thought at the first watching our plain (without make up) appearance, and the truth when we hit each other of our opinion, what if there are people who get confused? But, I rethink again, that shown such ‘naked’ appearance is good enough. Why I said like this, our life and way to think, because I think there is no opportunity to show (that ‘naked’ side) except we did interview like this. 

I think director has been edited your story out. Is there any surprising part or another unexpected one when you watched the completed clip by your selves?
[MH] I thought another unexpected one is a movie which pulls out a plenty of unknown and did not show things of CNBLUE before, and we thank fully to the director. It reflected after live performance, we discussed about part there was regret, and also when we become nervous when rehearsal. We felt worry, but I think is good we could show that circumstances.

The most very impressive part among the movies is when you discussed thoroughly with all of member after your performance in the Summer Sonic..  
[JH] Because it was live performance, it is better when there is a problem in many cases than no problem at all. Therefore, the growing on our live performance is extending our ability to cope when there was something, doesn’t it? 

And then, by doing like in Summer Sonic, do you think that it is enough for growing your band in the top?

[JH] Well, our discussion like in Summer Sonic, we do after live performance every where. When we did good live performance we will be happy, but when live performance left regret, the discussion must be longer. But whenever it does, it will take about 1 hour, sometimes only 30 minutes. But it depends on the situation. In the end, somebody will change the nature and the feeling. 
[MH] When we got a trouble in our live performance, we poured everything in our mind together, and then we will try our best on the next live performance, hope (to make up) for it. At that time we will tell everything we want to tell, after that us always being back as fellow close friend member, and then get meals, dabble out together.


But your cooperative life also could be watched in the movie too,
[JH] Because we are together for a long time, it has already being familiar. So, I don’t think to be alone.   

[MH] I also feel it will be greater if we are together then thinking to be alone.

[JS] If being alone, maybe will be better if stay in our room. Since we got to know in along time, and know that being together is great.  Therefore, being together and living hardly, it is not at all.

[YH]If you want to live alone, I think you can do it. Beside you will get some inconvenience, does spend the time together is better?


The bitter memory of your training in Japan..!?

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And then, YongHwa’s bed that shown in the movie was very big, did you choose them by yourself?

[JS] The person who used to live there put them. Because it was rental, actually we use the provided one.
[YH] But, I like everything that big. (Laughing)

The movie is containing of your enjoyable day-to-day scene, but do all of you usually cook?

[JH] Occasionally.
[JS] If I find ingredients, I will make a soup and eat it.

[MH] I do it rarely.

[JH] Me, do not do it at all. (Laughing)

[YH] In this member there is nobody who preferences in cooking, isn’t it?

[JS] Cooking for life.

 What foods do make you happy?

[YH] Absolutely whatever my mom’s cook. 
[YH, MH, JS] Tenjanchige (Doenjang Jjigae = Korean Soybean Paste)!!!
[JH] At home, my mom is good in cooking. Therefore, she often cooks Ika Jjigae, Shikka for me.

[YH] But, whatever mom cooks is delicious. Even Ramen instant is delicious too.

What memory do you have when you did your training life in Japan?

[JH] I thought I’ll be dying. (Laughing). We did not have money and could not eat anything…… 
[JS] I looked forward to go and buy Gyuudon.
[MH]  Lying on the bunk bed was fun. Since there I wanted to sleep in the upper bunk.
[YH] Me too!!

[JH] But for me, sleep on upper bunk bed is hard enough. When I got up, I will hit my head (with the ceiling).

[JS] I knocked my head that much. 
[MH] I got in the bottom. JungShin-kun in the upper one.
[YH] I got in the bottom too.

Another one, do you have a memorial place in Japan?

[JH] In the downstairs of our training dorm, there was a Café, it is delicious. But, because its price is high, I could not go (to buy meal). 
[JS] Because in front of the training dorm is always under the construction, I wonder think when it will finish, when after debut I go there again and it was still in under construction.  Therefore, I want to see the finished place (Laughing).

This movie’s sub title is “NEVER STOP”, but you will not stop from now, and then what are your great efforts you want to do?

[JS] We do not think that we have left such a footprint, but CNBLUE was started in Korea, that case was great too. So, we think that much sense of responsibility also was born, and our opportunities become role model has come some more. If we looked back, we tried our best and started from now on we have to try our best too.

[JH] I believe CNBLUE will go on till forever. Because of that we try our best.

[YH] I think CNBLUE has left for footprint. And then from now I want us to continue for leaving our footprint (in the future).

[MH] I believe we all try our best for leaving our big footprint. We will launch our album in Korea in 2014; we’ll wrap up the tour too. But, I want to do the tour in the country where we never done before and I want more people in Japan who listen our songs.

Source Oricon

Trans by Nuru chan @ cnboice

English Preference and Edited by Satomi and Tara Lee @ cnboice

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CNBLUE – Lady Full PV

CNBLUE – Lady Full PV




Itsumo to nanika chigau kodou ga

The heartbeat is different from usual one


Kizanda beat hanarenai

Engraved the beat it doesn’t leave

この先にはそう 知らない景色

Kono saki niwa sou shiranai keshiki

Beyond this, the view which I don’t know


Miesou de mou tomerarenai

I can’t stop it yet because I’m likely about to see it


Let’s go Party tonight 始まりは君と今

Let’s go party tonight hajimari wa kimi to ima

Let’s go party tonight is going to be with you now

Wanna know you I’m gonna turn you on


Hurry tonight 見つめ合えばそこから

Hurry tonight mitsumeaeba soko kara

Hurry tonight if we gaze into each other, it is from there

I tell you このまま

I tell you konomama

I tell you as it is


Lady 重なる手と手

Lady kasanaru te to te

Lady the overlapping hands

I want you lady もっともっと強く

I want you lady motto motto tsuyoku

I want you lady (the desire) is strong and stronger


Lady 離さなければ

Lady hanasanakereba

Lady won’t let you go 

I want you lady oh 僕のもの

I want you lady oh boku no mono

I want you lady oh you’re mine

You’re my lady 溢れる思いを

You’re my lady afureru omoi o

You’re my lady filled up this feelings,

You’re my lady huh huh ah


You’re my baby 怖がらないで

You’re my baby kowagaranaide

You’re my baby don’t be afraid of it

You’re my baby ここにいるから

You’re my baby koko ni iru kara

You’re my baby because I’m here

I think you’re my lady


途切れる吐息 忘れるほど

Togireru toiki wasureru hodo

Even I forget how to breaking my breath,


Kininaru kimi mada shiranai

You’re on my mind I still don’t know about you


Moshi boku ga hora toozakareba

If I were about to leave you


Kimi wa kokoro mo mitasenai

You couldn’t even filling up your heart


Let’s go party tonight 始めるならここから

Let’s go party tonight hajimerunara koko kara

Let’s go party tonight if we start (it), from here

Wanna know you I’m gonna turn you on


Hurry tonight 走り出したリズムは

Hurry tonight hashiridashita rhythm wa

Hurry tonight the rhythm about to beat up

I tell you そのまま

I tell you sonomama

I tell you as it is


Lady 裸足のままで

Lady hadashi no mama de

Lady keeps with (walking with) barefoot

I want you lady ずっとずっと暑く

I want you lady zutto zutto atsuku

I want you lady (it is) hot and hotter


Lady 感じるままに

Lady kanjiru mama ni

Lady as your feeling

I want you lady I want you lady

You’re my lady 張りめぐる罠

You’re my lady harimeguru wana

You’re my lady a snare put up around

You’re my lady huh huh uh


You’re my baby 絡まる君は

You’re my baby karamaru kimi wa

You’re my baby intertwining with you

You’re my baby もう僕のもの

You’re my baby mou boku no mono

You’re my baby you’re already mine


Lady 重なる手と手

Lady kasanaru te to te

Lady the overlapping hands 

I want you lady もっともっと強く

I want you lady motto motto tsuyoku

I want you lady (the desire is) strong and stronger


Lady 離さなければ

Lady hanasanakereba

Lady won’t let you go

I want you lady oh 僕のもの

I want you lady oh boku no mono

I want you lady oh you’re mine

You’re my lady 溢れる思いを

You’re my lady afureru omoi o

You’re my lady filled  up my mind,

You’re my lady huh huh ah


You’re my baby 怖がらないで

You’re my baby kowagaranaide

You’re my baby don’t be afraid of it

You’re my baby ここにいるから

You’re my baby koko ni iru kara

You’re my baby because I’m here

*this is tentative lyric based on our listening. feel free to corrected and will updated as soon as the official lyric is out. Thank you 🙂

Another warning is that this lyric is so sexy, intimate and HOT!!! As hot as the PV it self, kkkk so I think Lady will heat up the hot summer, be ready boice xD

Video source warnermusicjapan

Lyric Trans and Rom by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

CNBLUE Special Fan Cafe Update

CNBLUE Special Fan Cafe Update

Check these special photo taken during Blue Moon Manila. Only four photos but their cuteness is irresistable kkkk


First of all, Duckie Jungshin!!! The photo taken while he was took selca, ahhh I wonder when he will share the selca on CNBLUE’s twitter.


Secondly, Sleeveless Burning, kkk Untill now I still wondering how come a guy has a fair skin like him! And he was not care if his tank-top may kill thousand Burning Soul in the whole world, LOL. Anyway in this photo, his expression is far beyond Burning, but more innocent, how do you think?


And this? No need to asked, but the Killer Stare is just beyond a word! And I have no word to describe him.


Lastly, the cute boy who love to appreciate his  fans presents! Well yeah, it our cute drummer Minhyukie 🙂


Photo credit Daum Cafe

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CN Blue′s Lee Jung Shin Glares in Stills for ′Blade and Petal′

CN Blue′s Lee Jung Shin Glares in Stills for ′Blade and Petal′

shiwoo3Lee Jung Shin went back into the past to transform into a Koguryo warrior.

New stills of the singer-turned-actor were released before the premiere of the KBS drama Blade and Petal, set to start airing on July 3.

Lee Jung Shin will appear as a warrior named Si Woo in King Yeongryu (Kim Yeong Cheol)′s secret warrior team Geum Hwa Dan.

In the stills, Lee Jung Shin poses in battle mode, with his long hair covering his face to give him a rough look. His charismatic eyes show he′s all set to become the warrior he needs to be.

Si Woo is an orphan who used to wander the streets, but is picked up by So Sa Beon (Kim Sang Ho), the leader of the Geum Hwa Dan. He rarely despairs, and is a bold character who boasts great martial skills and an eye for art.

He comes to have a crush on Kin Yeongryu′s daughter Moo Young (Kim Ok Bin).

Lee Jung Shin previously proved his skills in acting with a role in KBS2′s My Daughter Seo Young. In the drama he appeared as a mischievous little brother, but this time he aims to turn his image around.

Blade and Petal is a Romeo-and-Juliet-type romance set in Koguryo.

Source enews world

Phot credit Bliss Media

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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Upcoming Drama, “Blade and Petal”

CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Upcoming Drama, “Blade and Petal”


이번엔 무술도 잘하고 마술도 잘하고 예술적 심미안이 뛰어난 매력적인 청년 검객! 캐릭터가 정말 매력적에요~

Shiwoo is good at martial arts and magic, has an outstanding aesthetic sense. He is an attractive young swordsman! His role is really attractive~

js 1 sided love

‘칼과꽃’ 여자주인공 무영 역. 옥빈 공주. 실물이 정말 인형처럼 예쁘더군요. 이정신군이 이 여인을 짝사랑 한다죠? ㅎㅎ 7월3일 첫방송!

Leading role Mooyoung of ‘Blade and Petal’, princess Okbin. She is pretty like a doll. Lee Jungshin’s one sided love.


The Official English Title is “Blade and Petal” whilst the first episode will broadcast on July 3rd!!!

#CNBLUETIME will be back again with Shiwoo, welcome Shiwoo :)

Though I’m a bit upset with the story but still I’ll be on the line to support him kkk. Actually I’d love to see Jungshin has a cute love line rather than one-sided love, it remind me with Shinwoo (Yonghwa) and Collin (Jonghyun) most of all I can’t stand to see his sad expression. watching him cried on My Daughter Seoyoung is enough for me. But I think I’ll be watch something like that again in the near time 😦 is very unpleasant thing.

Aside of high expectation for the drama, honestly I please more to see Jungshin improving his musical talent, he improved of course but I’m yearning to hear his self-composed song!! Besides, seeing Jungshin had to flies back to Korea alone when the other 3 still at Sydney and seem having fun (though, suspected to be filming something) irritated for me. But well, everyone has their own path and whichever Jungshin will take is I think the best for him 🙂



Trans by saturn

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Dear my readers, especially my fellow boice out there. There plenty of CNBLUE’s news these days but it seems in this site is pretty quite.  It is, but actually it isn’t. Confuse? Well, for more CNBLUE’s flash news and twitter update please visit my fansite here CNBOICE 

I’m sorry bu I’m too busy to updating two site in the same time and our translator is on the CNBOICE site so, if you want to be more update just visit the site.

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Jungshin vs The Dog, Which is The Winner?

the fnc

화보 촬영장에서 만난 정신이의 귀여운 친구를 소개합니다~ ^.^ 정신이와 강아지의 귀여움 대결 과연… 승자는?!

Trans: We are introduce Jungshin’s cute friend we met at filming location~^.^ What becomes of cuteness showdown of Jungshin and the dog.. Which is the winner?!


Omg can you see how cute both of them????? The dog even know how to pretend dies while Jungshin acted to shoot him >.<

Source @the_fnc_

Trans by May @cnboice

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cnblue twitter update

【CNBLUE】 ファンミーティング大阪公演、終了しました!写真は終了後のメンバーです。4/26の東京公演もよろしくお願いいたします!

Trans: CNBLUE Fan meeting in Osaka finished!!

Source @fncmusicjapan

Trans by @ftshcnjh @cnboice on tumblr

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