Earlier today, Jungshin tweeted about his dinner on his parents’s house. He was sitting alone on the dining room and in front of him lied several dishes made by his mum.

jungshin mum's love

Along with the photo he tweeted

이게 얼마만에 집밥~~!! 며칠전에 새벽1시반에 어머니가 차려주신 밥이에요ㅋㅋ 요즘 이런 나물들이 왜이렇게 맛있는지!! 근데 먹을게 별로 없다며 계속 신경쓰시던 어머니… 하지만 저에겐 최고의 밥상인듯!ㅋㅋ
요즘 계속 투어 준비도 열심히 하고 있으니 여러분 기대해 주세요~ 다음엔 용화형 종현이형 민혁이도 같이와서 먹으려구요ㅎ
This’s real zipbap style

English Trans:

“This is homemade food after a long time ~~!! A few days ago, my mother prepared this for me at 1:30 am keke I don’t know why these vegetables are so delicious these days!! By the way, my mother is always concerning about that there is nothing much to eat..But, this is the best dining table for me! keke 

These days we’re also continuing to prepare hard for the tour so everybody, please look forward to it ~ Next time I want Yonghwa hyung, Jonghyun-ie hyung and Minhyuk-ie to come and eat with me haha

This’s real zipbap style “

Some time ago, Yonghwa also used english phrase in the end of his tweet and now Jungshin too xD, seems they not only preparing their music for Blue Moon world tour but also their english! hahaha.

Source @cnblue_4

English trans by @depps1004

Posted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded


There several notices about Sizhuoka’s live. First of all of course the ad-libs song, who according to the local people has many specialties. So I guess many boices that night were wondering what the theme song for Sizhuoka’s live. The second was tattoo that like the ad-libs song who getting longer live after live. Boy’s tattoo has the same, although only Yonghwa and Jonghyun who put it a lot on their body.

Y,Why today was replaced by Rain of Blessing and it was perfect replacement. Rain of Blessing, Feeling and These Days were played consecutively and once again, it really something unspeakable. The songs, the way they performed it and boices responded made the whole venue just perfect. As usual too, in the Yonghwa’s solo at Feeling, it was only Jungshin who gazing at him and pay fully attention on it while Jonghyun busying himself on the back and Minhyuk simply resting and wiped his sweat out.

There was something funny while they sang Blue Sky, Yonghwa had shown Minhyuk his tattoo with pleasant look but Minhyuk seemed scared instead!

And when they about to sing a local song, boys asked boice for what theme they had to sing.

“There quite a bit many familiar things in Shizuoka.” Said Minhyuk at that time.

“I ate unagi pie,” added Jungshin.

“So, it still about unagi pie isn’t it?” Asked Yonghwa.

“Fujiyama? What the better Jonghyun?” Suggested Minhyuk.

“Anything okay because I’m genius!” Bragged Yonghwa.

“Ah… Before you started, I have a problem. Today I have idea no more, what should I play?” Jonghyun asked some ideas.

“You can find yourself.” Replied Yonghwa.

And Jonghyun started playing a breezy melody with his accoustic guitar. A song that may reflect Shizuoka.

Unagi Song

Oh unagi pie tabeta
Ocha mo nomi mashita
Shizuoka wa gotouchi gourmet ga ippai desune
Unagi pie unagi pie
Ocha ocha
Minasan ocha shinai?
Minasan zenbu tabeta
Fujisan ikimashou
Genki ni naritainda
Shizuoka gotouchi gourmet ga ippai desune
Oh daisuki
Oh… Oh… Minhyuk onegai shimasu

Unagi pie, unagi pie, unagi pie,
Ocha shinai, ocha shinai, ocha shinai

Tsugi wa Jungshin

Shizuoka daisuki
Unagi pie mo arunda
Fujiyama, Fujiyama yappari yappari daisuki

Mata kitai Shizuoka
Ah arigato
Mata kitai
Live de aimashou

English Trans/Eel Pie Song

Oh we were eaten eel pie
We were also drunk green tea
Shizuoka has a lot of local cuisines
Eel pie, eel pie
Green tea, green tea
Do you wanna have a cup of tea with me?
Guys lets eat all of it
And let’s go to Mt Fuji
I wanna be lighten up
Shizuoka has a lots of local cuisines
Oh I love it
Minhyuk please

Eel pie, eel pie, eel pie
Have a cup of tea, have a cup of tea, have a cup of tea

Next is Jungshin

Shizuoka I love it
There even an eel pie
Fujiyama, Fujiyama still, still I love it

I wanna come to Shizuoka once again
Oh thanks
I wanna come again
Lets meet at our live next time

Minhyuk, even though his singing part was quite short but boices could hear his gentle and clear voice. While Jungshin seemed more free and enjoyed himself with his powerful voice and Yonghwa did vocal backing to him. Jungshin even stood up during his ad-libs singing part, meanwhile Minhyuk did it with a little embrassement and stayed on his chair still.

In the night show, Jonghyun reveal how much his thankful he was to boices who support them.
“Fans are so awesome!!! Great.” Said Yonghwa to Jonghyun and he went on praising Jungshin’s hair by saying, ‘your hair is awesome too.’
‘Ah thanks.’ Replied Jungshin.
‘Honestly, Shizuoka is quite distance from Hiroshima. We’re come here by bus, thanks for coming in such a distant.” Said Jonghyun.
“But the view is outstanding.” Added Jungshin.

Tom and Jerry fight also shown that night. It was Jonghyun who insist that Jungshin’s new hair cut is completely in waste. Saying the truth, Jungshin’s messy short look make him looked younger than his previous appearance but seemingly Jonghyun did not have the same thought!

Another were during encore, at the Love Revolution time, Jungshin came to Jonghyun and stood behind without Jonghyun noticed that Jungshin raised his bass pretending to bat Jonghyun’s head. And once Jonghyun notice it, he pushed Jungshin away and roared with laughter when saw Jungshin’s staggered.

Tom and Jerry fight just one of the hilarious thing on that night, because Yonghwa also did’t want lose laugh from the other two. At the last song, Jonghyun asked boices to sing along, Yonghwa moved and parroted conductor at the center stage. Yonghwa also mae Jungshin stop singing and laughing instead by his amusing movement.

When Yonghwa reveal that the remaining show left for Saitama only, both Minhyuk and Jonghyun responded they want to do live more, Jonghyun even said that he wants to do twice times than he did this time. At last, Jonghyun took selca twice and said,

“we’re all made a happy live together, aren’t we??”

What moved was he also said that CNBLUE loves standing at the stage more than anything.

Shizuoka was one of the witness on how both the boys and boices make one unity and had some fun time together.

Rough Translation and Summaries by Yui

Unagi Song by Hana

Photo Source FNC Ent

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms decoded

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Another great cheers were moved to Hiroshima who held at the Hiroshima Green Arena. And boys surprised everyone by sang reggae song! Four of them indeed talented, not only having many side job outside music but also inside, they are able to express their feeling through many genres they playing at.

Appearantly during this tour Jonghyun infected by Yonghwa’s dance virus. He no longer seems embarrassing doing dance steps, although he did it strangely. Sometimes Jonghyun did dance even before Yonghwa, he also deny if Yonghwa is a good dancer.

“I am doing good at dance,” said Yonghwa at that time.

“Yes you are, ahh… No no…. You aren’t.” Responded Jonghyun.

In today’s show when Yonghwa did hand shake with Minhyuk and Jungshin, Minhyuk said, ‘scary’ and Yonghwa revealed that he just stopped by gym authority due to his ‘fake’ tattoo and he insist that it was just sticker, not the real one!!!

During encore was another fun time, Minhyuk took two CARP’s puppets mascot and played it, did puppets hand claps, attacked snare drum and so on. Jungshin wore red CARP baseball cap, make him look younger than his previous appearance.

“We’ve been sung ad-lib song at Nagoya, Tebasaki; Osaka, Takoyaki; Niigata, Koshihikari these were pure ad-lib.” Said Jungshin while they were preparing for Hiroshima’s ad-lib song.

“We were eaten Okonomiyaki yesterday, so today we will sing Okonomiyaki song,” added Yonghwa and he went on asking to Jonghyun, “reggae style please.”

 Okonomiyaki song

Dadadadupa daradiridupa
Hiroshima ni kita
Kinou okonomiyaki wo tebeta
Wo ooo oishii
Oh bikkuri shita
Okonomiyaki no naka de yakisoba ga
Oh ooo sugoi desune
Dada daridu
Okonomiyaki ah
Okonomiyaki eeeh
Okonomiyaki daisuki desu
Oh yeah okonomiyaki hiroshima gotouchi gourmet, gotouchi gourmet
Wowwooo … Oishii iii
Kyou mo owatte tebetai
~rap | jungshin~
okonomiyaki honto ni tebetai, tebetaaai
Ad-lib kagaete nai
Hiro, hiro, hirrrro
Hirroshimaaa, hirrro
Hiroshima, hiroshima
No! No, hirrro…!!!

Okonomiyaki english trans

Dadadadupa daradiridupa
Visiting Hiroshima
Yesterday we were eaten Okonomiyaki
It’s tasty
I was so susprise
Yakisoba in the okonomiyaki
Oh ooo great
Dada daridu
Okonomiyaki ah
Okonomiyaki eeh eeh
Okonomiyaki I am loving it
Oh yeah
Okonomiyaki is Hiroshima local cuisine, local cuisine
Wowooo tasty, tasty
Today after this live I wanna eat okonomiyaki too
~rap | jungshin~
Today I wanna eat okonomiyaki too, wanna eat
I have no ad-lib anymore
Hiro, hiro, hirrro, hirroshimaa, hirro
Hiroshima, hiroshima
No, no, no! Hirro

It was another surprise for boices given by the boys. And Yonghwa indeed multi talented, was not trying to minimise the other members talent, though. Yonghwa’s ways to sung was really looked like reggae singer and Jonghyun did Yonghwa’s order very well. As well as Minhyuk who was humming behind Yonghwa’s voice and how Jungshin stood up, did rapping with parroted the way the leader singing.

Nearly in the end of the song, when Yonghwa asked Jungshin to do rapping, he also asked to Minhyuk to sing a song. With a little confuse in Minhyuk’s smile, he sang some part of the Okonomiyaki song with keep staying on his chair. It just after Minhyuk’s part Yonghwa sang that he already has no more idea for the ad-lib song but Jonghyun did not stop his plying so Yonghwa made some effort to continue.

Rough translation and summaries by Yui

Okonomiyaki song by Hana

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Credit FnC Ent CNBLUE Boice Japan

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