CNBLUE PATi PATi Magazine June 2013 Issue

CNBLUE PATi PATi Magazine June 2013 Issue

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CNBLUE is a first Korean rock band who doing a World Tour. Right after debut, they are known as an alternative rock band, they released medium tempo love song this time. We interviewed them about the new song “Blind Love” composed by Jonghyun.

“Blind Love” was released on April 24th. It is their 5th single CD who first time contain love song and a medium tune song for CNBLUE.

Jonghyun: This is kind of “spring” song. At first, I’ve written this song’s lyric in impression of Sakura (cherry blossom). But I didn’t want to make this song for only “spring”, so I’ve changed the lyric.

When I listen to this melody, I feel like seeing cherry blossom petals swirl.

Jonghyun: Well, the original lyric was “you are shining in swirling petals~”. However some of my Japanese friends and our staff said there are lots of Sakura songs in Japan. So I’ve changed it.

Jungshin: Since this time’s the title song has a different image from our previous songs, I was worried that people who listened this song feel a little confused. But it is a love song and melody like J-pop, so I think Japanese Fan will likes this song.

Minhyuk: This is an easy listening song. We also felt fresh feeling.

Yonghwa: We had strong songs up to now, though we have tender song this time. You can feel different style of us.

Almost of your songs were rock tune after your major debut in Japan.

Yonghwa: Yes we are. Most of our songs we’ve written are about a positive thinking like “HOPE”.

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Did you need courage to make such a medium tune love song as a title song?

Jonghyun: It seemed a “challenge” for me. We try a ballad as a rock band.

Yonghwa: Ummm, it was like one of temptation rather than challenge for me.

What song who comes into your mind immediately as a rock band’s ballad song?

Jonghyun: Bon Jovi “Always” and Oasis “Don’t Look Back In Anger”. These two songs are great as ballad songs.

Yonghwa: Bon Jovi “All About Lovin’ you”.

Jungshin: Bon Jovi is good and MR.BIG.

Minhyuk: Every song that they have said until now (Minhyuk had the same opinion with Jonghyun and Yonghwa).

Jonghyun: See, ballad song is important one for a rock band. I hope our song will be so.

Since this song’s lyric is almost written in Japanese, it’s easy to understand for Japanese fans.

Jonghyun: This song is the love song that anyone has experienced once and has a nostalgic feeling. “No matter how far our distance is, I always love you~”.

The couple in this song already broke up, didn’t they?

Jonghyun: Yes, they did, seems sad though. I would be lying if I said they don’t break up. Even though they broke up, love is blind. This is why “Blind Love”

Then we would like to interviewed you about “With Your Eyes”.

Jonghyun: Actually, we were divided between “Blind Love” or “With Your Eyes” as a title song. In fact many staff chose “With your eyes”.

“With Your Eyes” has more CNBLUE’s sound.

Jonghyun: I think so. “With Your Eyes” is also a good song. “Greedy man” was composed and written a by Yonghwa though; all songs “Blind Love”, “With your eyes”, “Greedy man” are have a good lyrics.

Did you write a lyric of “With Your Eyes” purposely for  “Love”?

Jonghyun: No. It’s about a “Life”.  I can not surely say “A life is like this” in my age. However this is a message that “Since it’s your own life, you must have responsibility for your life”.

Then what about “Greedy Man” composed by Yonghwa?

Yonghwa: This song describes a message “where are you? ”, “I’ll keep loving you”. A lyric of biased love is more interesting than a lyric that say straightly “I love you”, and I think listener also feels so toward this song.

I see. After you released this single, you are going to do World Tour and then ZEPP tour in Japan.

Yonghwa: We just take a step toward the world including Japan. We’ll always do our best.

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Do CNBLUE members give support to “Blind Love”?

Jonghyun:  Of course they are.

Yonghwa:  What do you mean by “Love is Blind”?

Does it like a straight love. No cheating?

Jonghyun: Yes it does.

Jungshin: It doesn’t mean that you give up your job and to be besotted.

Nobody is here like this type (cheating, besotted and giving up)?

Minhyuk: Nobody.

Jonghyun: Because everybody works hard.

Yonghwa: We have to keep working hard while we are young.

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Source PATi PATi Magazine June Issue

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Trans by Satomi @cnboice

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My project, The Stars hopefully will ended up here sometime in the near future. Joining my wonderful guys to make the world of the innocent kids better!

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The Stars – 2nd Something Inside

the stars

John sighs and straight his back up, ‘alright, I think we got to talk about a new member. I do feel that we missing something, four is better than three.’


‘No idea?’ John asked since Tom and Ringo fell silent.

Ringo open his eyes lazily and saying, ‘I have no other person than Jerry and Tom rejected it. So?’

Tom shrugged, ‘He’s the last choice then.’

‘Anyway what’s wrong with him? You don’t even know him, you make nonsense judgment.’ Ringo pouted.

John looks at Ringo for agreement, aside of everything he, too, has no idea why Tom hates Jerry.

‘He frightened me.’

Both John and Ringo look at Tom in disbelief. The man who afraid of nothing and loves using his fist rather than words threatened by first year junior? It must be a joke.

‘Come on, look at his appearance, long hair, pierces and anyway, how tall is he?’

Both John and Ringo burst into laughter. Did they hear right?

‘And I don’t like somebody who likes playing around; I can see that he never be serious.’ Tom continues spitting out his impression towards Jerry.

‘Sorry mate,’ John coughing, ‘I think you think too much, and yes, how tall is he?’ John asked to Ringo.

‘I don’t know, 6.3 maybe, anyway Tom, as you said, he likes playing around, didn’t you think it’s good. We’re not only needing someone who playing bass but also someone who wanna wasting time.’ Ringo explained sending both John and Tom into puzzle.

‘You got to wake up,’ Ringo indicated to Tom, ‘we don’t have many choices, you know, most of our classmates belong to the talent agencies already.’ Ringo concluded.


Read the whole chapter here

The Stars

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The Stars – 1st, First Impression

the stars

‘Can we have our time now?’ finally it was Tom who broke the silence.

His question makes the two of his friend facing him at the same time. With question look Ringo look at him and John back and forth.

‘Alright, as you wish, shall we hiring by audition?’ said John slowly.

Ringo’s eyes widened and his brow furrowed, ‘what was this all about?’

‘He wants a new bassist.’

Tom did not gives any replay, he just look at Ringo as if he is waiting for another rejection.

‘Bassist,’ Ringo murmured. ‘Ahhh… Jerry, what about Jerry?’ Ringo said almost yelling with excitement.

‘Who?’ John and Tom asked in chorus.

‘Jerry, the guy who had hidden behind you,’ Ringo explained. ‘He’s same grade with me.’

‘That guy? No way!’ Tom shoots quickly.

To his surprise by Tom’s reaction, Ringo asked the reason and Tom simply saying that the boy is the stupid type.

Ringo rolled his eyes by listening Tom’s reaction.

‘Heaven sake, what happen with your reaction? You don’t even know him,’ Ringo laughed.

Tom nodded.

‘Oh please, didn’t you see what he had doing just now? Believe me I can see that he likes fooling around; in fact, he’s deadly stupid.’ Tom said.

‘Hey mate you think too far,’ John gave his opinion to his irritated friend, Tom, and turn to Ringo, ‘how do you know if he plays bass?’


The Stars

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the stars

The Stars is a story about four art shcool students who pursue their dream in music. Inspired by Korean rock band CNBLUE, The Stars giving a small hint about what might happen to them during their pre-debut in Japan as indie band.

Not to be confuse here, this story is definately not CNBLUE’s documentary although some of them based with what they had told in many interviews.

Overall The Stars is teens story where dream, passion and failure created. As John said to warn his member once their only proper stage about to close down,   ‘the first stone will followed by another, be ready ‘cause our path is still long way to go and we’re not suffering yet.’

Read the whole story here THE STARS

The Stars by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded



I’m falling from the sky

As the dream hit my head

Leaving me in ocean of sin

The pieces of hope was scattered for I’m not knowing where it is

I’m all alone in the empty crossroad

I know the rain will falling

Again, maybe to swept away this hesitance

The bell was ringing out loud

Wake me up harshly


a day-dreamer girl

Keep on running in the empty street under the dark cloud

Where the future lies full of shadow

Shr tried to fight the fog

Breaking through the wall

Finding a way to keep her dream

The bell was ringing in the silent night

There’s no star giving the light

It just a spark of hope in her eyes to shine in the darkness

And I know now,

I’m falling from the sky

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Poem and posted by tara lee @blue plum blossoms decoded



Reva baru saja merebahkan tubuhnya di ranjang, ketika ponselnya berdering. Dari Resti. Ada apa Resti menelepon tengah malam begini?

‘Halo Rev, ayah pulang malam ini, kamu kesini ya?’ pinta Resti begitu Reva menjawab “Halo”.

Kening Reva berkerut. ‘Tapi ini udah lebih dari tengah malam lho, besok aja ya. Pagi-pagi deh aku kesana.’

‘Nggak nyesel nanti kamu nggak ketemu ayah. Katanya kamu pulang untuk ketemu ayah.’ Kata Resti mengingatkan “misi” kepulangan Reva dari Barcelona.

‘Yaah.. kan masih banyak waktu ini. Aku capek banget nih, baru jam setengah dua-belas tadi aku nyampe dari Surabaya.’ Ucap Reva beralasan.

Memang benar Reva baru sampai di Malang sekitar dua setengah jam yang lalu, setelah menempuh perjalanan lebih dari dua puluh jam dari Barcelona-Kuala Lumpur-Surabaya.

‘Rev, bagaimana kalau udah nggak ada waktu lagi?’ Tanya Resti dengan suara pelan dan hampa.

Reva mengeryit mendengar intonasi suara Resti yang mendadak berubah.

‘Maksudmu?’ Tanya Resti bingung.

‘Udahlah, kamu ke rumah sekarang. Kutunggu ya, bye.’ Kata Resti menutup teleponnya.

Ada yang tidak biasa dengan Resti. Setelah tercenung beberapa saat, Reva akhirnya mengikuti kemauan Resti. Disambarnya jaket dan kunci mobil. Angin berembus kencang begitu Reva membuka pintu gerbang depan, dirapatkan jaketnya. Kompleks perumahannya juga sangat lengang, semua orang pastinya sudah terlelap dibuai mimpi. Pak Iman, satpam di pos terheran-heran begitu mobil Reva melewatinya.

‘Mau kemana Mbak malam-malam begini? Bukannya tadi baru saja sampai?’ Tanya Pak Iman ketika membuka portal.

‘Kerumah Pakde, Pak Iman.’ Jawab Reva sambil tersenyum.

‘Malam-malam begini!?’ Kata Pak Iman kaget.

Reva hanya mengangguk dan meringis. ‘Makasih Pak.’

‘Sama-sama. Hati hati lho Mbak.’ Pak Iman melambaikan tangan menjawab ucapan terima kasih


Ada yang aneh dengan rumah Resti. Dari kejauhan Reva bisa melihat jika rumah itu masih terang benderang, kelihatannya ramai pula! Mendadak ada suatu perasaan takut yang mendesak didadanya. Semoga jangan! Ini tidak boleh terjadi. Benar saja, gejolak dihatinya juga semakin terasa begitu Reva memarkir mobilnya di garasi samping rumah. Mobilnya Pakde ataupun Resti sendiri tidak ada, garasi kosong. Dari jauh dia sempat melihat nenek yang berjalan lunglai.

Jantung Reva berdetak semakin cepat. Resti menyambutnya dengan senyum lebar dan pelukan seperti biasanya. Suasana semakin aneh. Hampir semua perabotan di rumah telah disingkirkan, rumah menjadi—semakin tampak—super luas. Roni masih sibuk menggelar karpet terakhir yang ujung pintu, dia juga tersenyum lebar ke Reva, seperti biasa.

‘Kau sudah datang? Maaf ya, merepotkanmu, kata Mbak Resti kamu baru nyampe ya.’ Sapa Roni.

Satu kesamaan. Intonasi dan suara, baik Roni maupun Resti pelan dan hampa! Belum sempat Reva bertanya, sebuah ambulans memasuki halaman rumah, dibelakangnya, Reva mengenali mobil Papanya, begitu juga dibelakangnya lagi, ada beberapa mobil lagi.

‘Ayah datang.’ Desis Resti patah.

Sedangkan Roni sudah berlari ke depan.

Reva membeku ditampatnya berdiri, sirine ambulans itu sudah tidak berbunyi, hanya lampunya yang menyala, biru! Reva merasa seolah ada batu bata meluncur deras dari tenggorokan ke perutnya. Seluruh organ-organnya seolah ditarik keluar dari tubuhnya. Ternyata apa yang ditakutkan sejak memasuki rumah Resti menjadi kenyataan. Reva masih terpaku ketika Resti menariknya minggir. Roni, Papanya dan dua orang yang lain menggotong sesosok tubuh berbalut kain kafan yang dilapisi kain jarit batik.

Itu Pakde. Itu adalah orang yang menjadi alasan Resti buru-buru kembali ke Malang dua hari yang lalu. Tapi bukan untuk ini, bukan untuk menyaksikan tubuh itu kaku tak bergerak dan tak dapat mengenalinya lagi. Reva kemari membawa berita gembira. Reva kemari untuk bersyukur, bukan untuk menangis.

Tidak ada yang dilakukan Reva kecuali berdiri diam tak bergerak dengan mata nanar menatap sesosok tubuh kaku itu, bahkan ketika Budhe-nya datang dan memeluknya, atau Mamanya sendiri yang menghampiri dan menyapanya. Semuanya kosong, sekarang semua usahanya selama berbulan-bulan terasa sia-sia. Reva merasa dikutuk! Reva merasa bodoh, Reva merasa tidak berguna. Kesadaran kembali masuk ke otak Reva begitu orang-orang mulai melantunkan ayat-ayat suci Al-Qur’an. Dia juga baru sadar kalau dirinya hanya memakai celana pendek dan t-shirt kumal. Buru-buru dia masuk kamar Resti untuk berganti baju.

‘Budhe ingin memintakan maaf untuk Pakde.’ Kata Budhe ketika Reva selesai berganti baju dan duduk diranjang Resti, bersebelahan dengan Budhe dan Resti.

Kedua orang itu sepertinya sudah ikhlas. Resti masih tidak menangis, Budhe matanya masih merah, tapi tidak menangis.

‘Reva yang harus minta maaf, Reva terlambat.’ Kata Reva lemah.

Dia sungguh menyesal.

Budhe menggeleng. ‘Ini yang terbaik, sekarang kau sudah tidak perlu lagi memikirkan kami, pikirkan dirimu sendiri. Itu yang Pakdhe-mu inginkan. Beliau sangat merasa bersalah padamu, karena merasa telah menjual keponakannya sendiri untuk kesembuhannya.’

Reva menoleh memandang Budhe-nya bingung.

‘Kami tahu Ellé mengeluarkan uang yang tidak sedikit selama setahun ini.’ Tambah Budhe.
Sekali lagi, ini benar. Semua biaya pengobatan Pakdhe memang Ellé—cowok Reva— yang menanggung.
‘Tapi Budhe, itu…..tapi darimana Pakdhe tahu kalau Ellé….’

‘Pakdhe-mu bukan orang bodoh, beliau juga masih bisa berfikir Va, siapa lagi yang mampu sampai berbuat seperti ini kalau bukan Ellé? Iya kan? Sudahlah, sekarang kalian tidak perlu lagi mengeluarkan uang banyak, kamu juga tidak perlu lagi pontang-panting mencari donor. Maaf ya sudah merepotkanmu dan Ellé.’ Kata Budhe memotong kata-kata Reva.

Resti akhirnya menemukan surat-surat pemberitahuan operasi pengangkatan sekaligus pendonoran ginjal bagi almarhum ayahnya ketika dia meminjam mobil Reva pagi harinya.

‘Jadi kamu sudah menyiapkan operasi Ayah?’ Tanya Resti tiba-tiba begitu mendapati Reva masih meringkuk dikamarnya.

Reva terperanjat mendengar pertanyaan itu. Dia lupa kalau surat-surat itu berada di jok belakang mobilnya.

‘Kau menemukannya?’

Resti mengangguk. Reva kemudian menceritakan alasan kepulangan mendadaknya. Pihak rumah sakit sudah mendapatkan pendonor ginjal yang cocok, segala persiapan sudah dilakukan termasuk kamar. Benar-benar tinggal pergi dan operasi bisa segera di jalankan. Siapa sangka, begitu sampai disini semuanya berubah tidak seperti yang dikiranya.

‘Jadi maksudmu, kamu kesini untuk membawa Ayah ke Hongkong, begitu?’

Reva menggeleng, ‘Tidak, kami akan melakukannya di Singapura, lebih dekat. Tapi sekarang sudah tidak berguna kan? Pakdhe sudah pergi.’ Kata Reva patah. ‘Aku barusan membatalkannya, memberitahu mereka apa yang terjadi.’

Resti terdiam. Resti tahu kenapa Reva begitu ngotot untuk membuat ayahnya sembuh, dulu Reva pernah kehilangan Om-nya, makanya kali ini dia berusaha begitu keras untuk membuat Ayahnya sembuh. Tapi rupanya Tuhan berkehendak lain.

‘Ellé bagaimana? Dia juga baru saja menjalani operasikan?’ Tanya Resti memecah keheningan diantara mereka.

Reva menjawab pelan. ‘Dia akan baik-baik saja, besok dia akan keluar dari rumah sakit dan mulai rehabilitasi dirumah, hanya seminggu sekali dia akan check up untuk memantau keadaannya agar bulan depan dia bisa balap lagi.’


Yatch itu meluncur tenang membelah lautan dilepas pantai Barcelona. Diburitan berdiri dua orang yang memandang birunya air dengan diam. Disamping cewek itu ada sebuah kotak karton besar. Angin musim semi mengibarkan syal cewek yang matanya mulai memerah. Cewek itu Reva dan cowok disebelahnya adalah Ellé.

Perlahan dia membuka tutup kotak dan melemparkan kupu-kupu kertas hasil lipatan Resti selama Ayahnya sakit sampai beliau dipanggil Yang Maha Kuasa. Reva teringat ucapan Resti saat itu, “Ini aku melipatnya sejak Ayah mulai sakit, harapanku selama ini sekaligus ketakutanku, kau bawalah, terserah mau kau apakan. Hanya ini yang bisa kuberikan padamu untuk semua usahamu selama ini. Semua hal yang tidak bisa kami lakukan untuk Ayah.”

Reva memandang kupu-kupu kertas yang terbang tertiup angin, kemudian terhempas ke air dengan sayu.

Diambilnya salinan puisi yang ditulis Resti untuk Ayahnya. Puisi aslinya sudah dikubur bersamaam mereka mengubur seorang yang mereka sayangi.


Hari ini seekor kupu-kupu telah terbang memenuhi panggilan-Mu

Dia terbang dan kembali ke surgamu

Dia kupu-kupu yang indah

Tapi kurasa dia akan lebih indah jika berada bersama-Mu

Ingin ku pergi bersamanyaMelihatnya terbang diantara bunga-bunga-Mu

Tapi belumlah tiba waktuku

Kelak jika sampai diriku dihari itu

Pertemukanlah kami kembali

Dan bersama-sama akan kami warnai taman surga-Mu

Jagalah dia seperti yang selalu Engkau janjikan

Ellé menepuk pelan bahu Reva untuk menguatkan cewek itu.

‘He already in a better place right now, this was the best for him. Let him fly peacefully. Everything will be alright. God, always has a new path for us and your uncle has a new life.You should happy for him.’ Kata Ellé pelan.

Reva hanya mengangguk mendengar itu.

Ya, benar, Tuhan selalu mempunyai rencana yang tidak kita ketahui. Tapi apapun itu pastilah yang terbaik untuk kita, dan jika memang kematian yang terbaik untuk Pakdhe-nya, Reva tidak akan menyesalinya, dia sudah berusaha semampunya untuk membantunya bertahan.
Selamat jalan, bisik hatinya pelan. Kupu-kupu kertas itu semakin lama semakin mengabur dan akhirnya tidak terlihat sama sekali.

July 11th, 2011.

*Two days ago when I visited my old house at Singapore, I found this, the story about the girl who lost her uncle. I’ll translate it into english but in the mean time, I’ll just post the original version.*

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