Korean Best Album “Present”

Korean Best Album “Present”

Korean Best Album “Present”

kr present

Release Date February 15th


●Disc 1
01. ひとりぼっち (I’m a Loner)
02. LOVE
03. 愛光 (Love Light)
04. 直感 (Intuition)
06. Imagine
07. Hey You
08. I’m Sorry
09. Coffee Shop

●Disc 2
01. Sweet Holiday
02. Black Flower
03. Tattoo
04. 愛は雨に乗って (Love Riding in the Rain)
05. まだ愛している (Still in Love)
06. Rock n’ Roll
07. Run
08. 僕は君より (Na Gudael Boda)
09. 僕みたいな男 (Man Like Me)
10. La La La

Bonus DVD for Limited Edition


Source CNBLUE Japan



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dazed n confused mag3

“Naked Morning”

Q.What makes you happy today?

MH. If I am really thinking, I am rarely have quality time in the morning. Even my shoes crumpled because I have been busy with outside schedules, but I am quite enjoy to do this photo shoot.

Q.Looking at your arms, it’s looks like that you working hard (do a lot of training).

MH: I am almost 23 years old now, I do not want to have skinny body anymore so I do weight training to train my shoulders, chest, abdominal to build muscles like I have now.

Q. Is not it hard?

MH: Basically I love active sport like football and baseball so I did not feel that the train I do is hard. It is hard to make my body sweating enough but I can feel change in my muscles.


dazed n confused mag2

Q. Beside your body, you have a good skin. What is the secret?

MH:  I take care my skin by applying moisturizer, and to remove make up I applying 4 steps, cleansing oil, nourish skin, lotion essence and moisturizing cream. Recently I always use Belif Moisturizing Night Cream. Furthermore I applying lotion for my whole body, its scent give some kind of freshness to my body.

Q. It is makes people even more curious. But your lip looks dry.

MH: My lip id indeed sensitive, I often touch it or licking (without purpose),      though I always use lip balm.

Q. Then you have to stop it.

MH: It is hard because it was my habits since I was young especially when I do not have something to do, I will absent-mindedly doing that. Is there any way to stop that habit?

Q.I think you do something right already (to applying lip balm). To keep your health, did you do diet?

MH. Neither diet nor not I drink much, water or juice, especially I love milk and yoghurt. But it not too good enough if I take carbonated drink. I eat well so I do not really need vitamin.

Q. Healhty life.

MH. I eat everything well, usually no matter how much I eat I will never gained my weight. But since 2 grades high-school right now I record my weight on highest level. I think it is the result from my hard work (his weight training), my weight over than 65 kg now.

dazed n confused mag4

Q: Lately you have been busy with World Tour, what did you do to relieve stress?

MH:  I spend the time with another member, going out and have a meal with Jungshin, sometimes when we get bored at home we will have supper outside or drink together (in Korea there is place to drink and local snack who open in the night). I want to substitute my resting time with light activity.

Q. Do not you ever worry by going out at the night?

MH. I just got to apply BB Cream, even though my skin is yellowish as long as I use BB Cream my skin will be fair.

Q. You are typical twenties by using BB Cream. This April World Tour will kick off. Hongkong tickets had sold out just by 5 minutes, how do you feel?

MH:  I am nervous because this is the first World Tour. We prepare everything as  perfect as possible so we could leave a deep impression and audiences could enjoy as well. We will go to South and North America and Europe. Besides preparing for regular performances I have to think about some ad-libs too. Because we could hold World Tour by fans helping then we have to give them unforgettable performance in return.

Q. Are you perfectionist?

MH: The same when I act. I felt nervous when I do it for the first time. I think when I am on the stage, acting gives a big impact to help to create enjoyable atmosphere while I show off my musical ability.

Q. What is the difference actor Kang Minhyuk and CNBLUE’s Drummer Kang Minhyuk?

MH:  It seems I more like CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk. I am the type of person who observes a change day by day. While I am acting I try to change Kang Minhyuk as a new and different character.

Q. With a new character, what do you want to do in the future?

MH: Just like everybody who always tries the best to reach their dream, I want to work hard for my dream. I want to have spare time for self-improvement as well. When I was young I can concrete while I am listening to the radio, nowadays I only can do that by one ear (he means he just listen without any attention on the song he listens to). I want to be person who caring by a small thing. Even though, it will need a little more time, I think I can synchronizes my self with it

Q. Dazed’s concept for May issue is ‘Man of Beauty’, in your opinion what is the man of beauty?

MH: I think a man who knows when the right time to tell and do something without losing his attention to other people (he means the man who do whatever he wants to do but still take care with people around him). That is the real man.

dazed n confused mag7

Korean Interview

Q. 오늘 참 편안해 보여요.
A. 생각해보니 아침에 여유 있었던 적이 없어요. 신발 구겨 신고 나오기 바쁜데, 방금 촬영했나 싶을 정도로 편했어요. 정말 이렇게 아침을 보내고 싶네요.

Q. 촬영할때 보니까 팔 근육이 남달라요. 운동 열심히 했나봐요.
A. 이제 스물세 살이 됐고, 언제까지 마른 몸을 가지고 싶지 않았어요. 새로운 모습도 좋지만 자신을 위해서 웨이트 트레이닝을 하는데 어깨, 복부, 등, 가슴 전체에 근육이 생기기 시작했어요.

Q. 힘들지 않아요?
A. 워낙 축구나 야구 같은 뛰어노는 운동을 좋아해서 재미있어요. 흘리는 만큼 힘들지만 몸이 좋아지는게 느껴지니까.

Q. 몸도 그렇지만 피부도 좋아요. 비결이 뭐예요?
A. 피부에 잡티는 없는데 건조해서 보습에 엄청 신경 써요. 메이크업은 클렌징 오일로 지우고, 스킨, 로션, 에센스, 수분 크림 4가지는 발라요. 요즘은 빌리프(Belif)모이스춰라이징 밤을 발라요. 샤워하고 나선 바디로션을 바르는데, 아이리스 향같이 산뜻하고 은은한 향기를 좋아해요.

Q. 꼼꼼하네요. 근데 입술에 상처가 있어요.
A. 입술을 가만히 두지 않아요. 입술을 다문다든가 손으로 만지거나 침을 발라요. 립밤을 수시로 발라주는데도 입술이 터요.

Q. 그럼 고쳐야죠.
A. 어렸을 때부터의 버릇이라 고쳐져요. 특히 멍하니 있을 때는 그러더라고요. 좋은 방법이 없을까요?

dazed n confused mag5

Q. 건조해서 그런가봐요. 건강을 위해서 수시로 챙겨 먹는 음식이 있어요?
A. 뭐든 많이 마셔요. 물이나 주스, 특히 우유와 요구르트를 좋아해요. 그런데 탄산음료는 쏴서 싫더라고요. 그래서 녹여 먹는 비타민도 먹게 되더라고요.

Q. 건강한 입맛이네요.
A. 뭐든 먹어요. 원래 먹는데 체중 변화는 거의 없었어요. 그런데 중학교 2학년 이후로 요즘 최고 체중을 기록했어요. 운동 열심히 했더니 근육량이 늘어나서 그런가 봐요. 65KG넘겼다니까요.

Q. 월드투어 연습과 활동하느라 바쁠텐데, 스트레스를 풀기 위해서 어떤 걸 즐겨해요?
A. 멤버들이랑 시간을 같이 보내요. 정신이랑 먹으러 가기도 하고, 같이 새벽에 야식 먹으러 가고 술도 마시고 맛집도 찾아다녀요. 때는 집에만 있으니까 답답하더라고요. 색다르게 쉬고 싶어서 활동적인 많이해요.

Q. 돌아다닐 때 신경 쓰이지 않아요?
A. 비비 크림은 발라요. 피부에 노란 기가 도는데, 비비 크림을 바르면 아무도 모르고 피부가 화사한 느낌이 나더라고요.

Q. 비비크림을 바르다니 20대 맞네요. 4월이면 월드투어를 시작해요. 홍콩 콘서트 티켓이 5분만에 매진 됐다는데, 기분이 어때요?
A. 월드 투어라 긴장돼요. 남미, 북미, 유럽까지 가는데, 연습을 열심히 했으니 무대에서 최대한 즐기는 모습을 보여주려고요. 준비를 완벽하게 해야 여유도 생기고 애드리브도 되는것 같아요. 팬들 덕에 월드 투어를 떠나는 거니까 멋진 모습으로 보답해야죠.

Q. 혹시 완벽주의자예요?
A. 연기할 때도 그래요. 다른 배우들보다 늦게 시작했기 때문에 신경 쓰이고 기본에 충실해서 연기하려고 해요. 무대에 때나 연기할 제일 중요한 현장 분위기에 어울리면서 실력을 보여주는 같아요.

Q. 연기자로서의 강민혁과 씨엔블루 드러머로서의 강민혁, 어떤 모습이 다른 것 같아요?
A. 씨엔블루의 강민혁은 본모습을 많이 가지고 있는 같아요. 성격이라든가 일상적인 모습이라든가. 연기할 강민혁을 버리고 캐릭터의 새로운 모습을 담아보려고 해요.

Q. 새로운 모습이라… 앞으로 뭘 하고 싶어요?
A. 빡빡한 일상생활에서 챙겼던 챙기고 싶어요. 사람들도 거두고 싶고, 운동도 열심히 하고 싶고, 자기 발전을 위한 시간도 가지고 싶어요. 어릴 라디오나 노래를 들을때 거기에 온전히 집중할 있었는데, 이젠 귀로 흘려요. 사소한 것도 크게 보는 사람이 되고 싶어요. 시간은 만들면 되잖아요. 이제는 마음의 여유가 찾아온 같아요.

Q. <데이즈드>의 5월호 콘셉트가 ‘Man Beauty’예요. 남자의 아름다움이란 무엇을까요?
A. 말할 때나 행동 하나하나에서 남을 배려하는 마음이 묻어나는 여유인 같아요. 그게 진짜 남자죠.

dazed n confused mag6

Source kangminhyuk.com

Korean Typing by Mudpie

Korean – Bahasa Trans by Raisha @cnblue4ina

English Trans and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice



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minhyuk dazed and confuse mag6minhyuk dazed and confuse mag8minhyuk dazed and confuse mag9minhyuk dazed and confuse mag10


OMG look who is it? I think this magazine is suit enough with the man who had pictorial on it, Dazed and Confused and I’m already on that state once I found this scan!!! Well guys, enjoy th sey Minhyuk and let’s see what your opinion is 🙂

Anyway, now I’m waiting for the interview trans and I’ll be upadate this post as soon as I have the trans, until then be patient if you curious about what Minhyuk might share in this Dazed and Confused May Issue.


Scanned by YFfTW

Reposted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice




Dear my readers, especially my fellow boice out there. There plenty of CNBLUE’s news these days but it seems in this site is pretty quite.  It is, but actually it isn’t. Confuse? Well, for more CNBLUE’s flash news and twitter update please visit my fansite here CNBOICE 

I’m sorry bu I’m too busy to updating two site in the same time and our translator is on the CNBOICE site so, if you want to be more update just visit the site.

the fnc1




Dear my lovely readers,


I made this post because I need your help. I am looking for voluntary translator since I often have difficulties when I meet Japanese or Korean article.

So, the qualifications are:

  • Be able to translate Korean or Japanese or Chinese into English or Bahasa.
  • And if you are Boice, you are most welcome and become my first priority.
  • If you are not into the site, that is no matter because mainly I am looking for translator.
  • Another point if you are active on twitter.

Is there any one of you willing to help me?

Show your interest by leaving me a comment(s) or reach me on twitter @lanhudiee.

I am waiting for our team work.


Best Regards,

Tara Lee


Blue Moon tour reached to the second stops which take place at Singapore now, unfortunately since their departure from Incheon airport ’till Changi airport there only fantaken so I decide not to posted it.

And CNBLUE’s activity today was met Singaporean press media and shared their thought about many things. Here some of photos of them during press-conference today. Enjoy staring their face!!!

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cnbluemoon sg presscon36cnbluemoon sg presscon3

cnbluemoon sg presscon77cnbluemoon sg presscon55

cnbluemoon sg presscon46cnbluemoon sg presscon74

cnbluemoon sg presscon49cnbluemoon sg presscon18

cnbluemoon sg presscon68cnbluemoon sg presscon28

Thats all for today 🙂 I’ll be searching around tomorrow once I feel better. And PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LOGO AND EDIT, be respect to the owner okay 🙂

Photo credit HallySG and ++ InCinemas,

Compile and Reposted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded


Well, Blue Moon 2013 CNBLUE World Tour already kicked off today, took place in Taipe Arena and as the second times CNBLUE rocked Taiwanese land, the show had ended succesfully. Here some snappshoot during the show, thanks to the cameramen and yahoo taiwan who did a great job in posting their stage glimpse!!!

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And, sadly there was no Minhyuk solo photo!!!

Photo credit yahoo taiwan

Reposted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded


I think alot of people already know if I’m one of the Happy Virus Spirit and Untouchable united, so when I was visiting my galery in this site, I just realize about how many Jungshin’s photo I have. But one thing thing who catch my eyes of course his hat, it wasn’t like Jonghyun’s beanie, Jungshin has his own style of course. Whether he wore coboy hat or just simple baseball cap it just look good on him. Here some of it and this make me loooooooove him more, kkkk

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Photo came from site gallery and credit as tagged

Compile and Posted by tara lee@blue plum blossoms decoded