Blue Moon tour reached to the second stops which take place at Singapore now, unfortunately since their departure from Incheon airport ’till Changi airport there only fantaken so I decide not to posted it.

And CNBLUE’s activity today was met Singaporean press media and shared their thought about many things. Here some of photos of them during press-conference today. Enjoy staring their face!!!

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cnbluemoon sg presscon36cnbluemoon sg presscon3

cnbluemoon sg presscon77cnbluemoon sg presscon55

cnbluemoon sg presscon46cnbluemoon sg presscon74

cnbluemoon sg presscon49cnbluemoon sg presscon18

cnbluemoon sg presscon68cnbluemoon sg presscon28

Thats all for today 🙂 I’ll be searching around tomorrow once I feel better. And PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LOGO AND EDIT, be respect to the owner okay 🙂

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Well, Blue Moon 2013 CNBLUE World Tour already kicked off today, took place in Taipe Arena and as the second times CNBLUE rocked Taiwanese land, the show had ended succesfully. Here some snappshoot during the show, thanks to the cameramen and yahoo taiwan who did a great job in posting their stage glimpse!!!

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And, sadly there was no Minhyuk solo photo!!!

Photo credit yahoo taiwan

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I think alot of people already know if I’m one of the Happy Virus Spirit and Untouchable united, so when I was visiting my galery in this site, I just realize about how many Jungshin’s photo I have. But one thing thing who catch my eyes of course his hat, it wasn’t like Jonghyun’s beanie, Jungshin has his own style of course. Whether he wore coboy hat or just simple baseball cap it just look good on him. Here some of it and this make me loooooooove him more, kkkk

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Only in this year, Jonghyun already three times becoming Running Man guest and this was the first time for him not accompanied by his fellow member mates and leader, Jung Yonghwa. Check these caps out to see his ultimate tv viewer mode and happy loser Jonghyun xD


Caps by ai_nyangko

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As we ara all know how much Lee Jungshin loves black color and in some pictures here just the another prove of it. He looks stand out with the simple yet half formal style.

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jungshin MK Fashion jungshin MK Fashion1 jungshin MK Fashion2 jungshin MK Fashion3 jungshin MK Fashion4

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The Stars – 2nd Something Inside

the stars

John sighs and straight his back up, ‘alright, I think we got to talk about a new member. I do feel that we missing something, four is better than three.’


‘No idea?’ John asked since Tom and Ringo fell silent.

Ringo open his eyes lazily and saying, ‘I have no other person than Jerry and Tom rejected it. So?’

Tom shrugged, ‘He’s the last choice then.’

‘Anyway what’s wrong with him? You don’t even know him, you make nonsense judgment.’ Ringo pouted.

John looks at Ringo for agreement, aside of everything he, too, has no idea why Tom hates Jerry.

‘He frightened me.’

Both John and Ringo look at Tom in disbelief. The man who afraid of nothing and loves using his fist rather than words threatened by first year junior? It must be a joke.

‘Come on, look at his appearance, long hair, pierces and anyway, how tall is he?’

Both John and Ringo burst into laughter. Did they hear right?

‘And I don’t like somebody who likes playing around; I can see that he never be serious.’ Tom continues spitting out his impression towards Jerry.

‘Sorry mate,’ John coughing, ‘I think you think too much, and yes, how tall is he?’ John asked to Ringo.

‘I don’t know, 6.3 maybe, anyway Tom, as you said, he likes playing around, didn’t you think it’s good. We’re not only needing someone who playing bass but also someone who wanna wasting time.’ Ringo explained sending both John and Tom into puzzle.

‘You got to wake up,’ Ringo indicated to Tom, ‘we don’t have many choices, you know, most of our classmates belong to the talent agencies already.’ Ringo concluded.


Read the whole chapter here

The Stars

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The Stars – 1st, First Impression

the stars

‘Can we have our time now?’ finally it was Tom who broke the silence.

His question makes the two of his friend facing him at the same time. With question look Ringo look at him and John back and forth.

‘Alright, as you wish, shall we hiring by audition?’ said John slowly.

Ringo’s eyes widened and his brow furrowed, ‘what was this all about?’

‘He wants a new bassist.’

Tom did not gives any replay, he just look at Ringo as if he is waiting for another rejection.

‘Bassist,’ Ringo murmured. ‘Ahhh… Jerry, what about Jerry?’ Ringo said almost yelling with excitement.

‘Who?’ John and Tom asked in chorus.

‘Jerry, the guy who had hidden behind you,’ Ringo explained. ‘He’s same grade with me.’

‘That guy? No way!’ Tom shoots quickly.

To his surprise by Tom’s reaction, Ringo asked the reason and Tom simply saying that the boy is the stupid type.

Ringo rolled his eyes by listening Tom’s reaction.

‘Heaven sake, what happen with your reaction? You don’t even know him,’ Ringo laughed.

Tom nodded.

‘Oh please, didn’t you see what he had doing just now? Believe me I can see that he likes fooling around; in fact, he’s deadly stupid.’ Tom said.

‘Hey mate you think too far,’ John gave his opinion to his irritated friend, Tom, and turn to Ringo, ‘how do you know if he plays bass?’


The Stars

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