CNBLUE Wishes Fans to Jump, Sing and Go Crazy at their Concert Tomorrow!

Boices (Fans of CNBLUE) can expect a good time at their concert tomorrow, for the boys will be performing songs mostly from their new album, Re:Blue.

They have been to Singapore a couple of times for showcases and fan meets, but the upcoming concert happening tomorrow at the Singapore Indoor Stadium marks their very first full-fledged concert here in our sunny island.

While fans will not be able to see all the fancy costume changes, expect all live performance instead. ‘We are a band, so you will see more of us playing instruments and hearing our voices,’ said Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of the band.

After a successful concert in Taiwan last week, Singapore is the 2nd stop for the Blue Moon World Tour and they are happy to see all the Singapore fans. For their Taiwan stop, CNBlue met up with local singer, JJ Lin, who went to watch their concert. They even took a group photo backstage which Lin posted on his Twitter.

Jung was fast to point out that the T-shirt he was wearing was actually a gift from JJ and when he heard JJ is from Singapore, he felt that it was a token of friendship for both countries.

“There isn’t any particular Dos or Don’ts at our concert, but we are here to have fun for our fans to have fun. I have a small wish is for the fans to go crazy, jump, sing and to really have fun!” Jung commented.

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore
Date: 13 April 2013 (Sat)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium (Nearest MRT: Stadium)
Ticket Prices: $108 – $258

(Check out for the seating plan & purchase your tickets!)

Many might not know that they boys started out at street performers, playing in clubs and bars before they debuted and rose to fame. The down-to-earth musicians are not only thankful and grateful to the fans who supported them, but because of the hard work prior to the fame, they are appreciative of what they have right now. “Hopefully we can go playing on the streets again, maybe with a mask to hide ourselves!”

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Besides playing as CNBLUE, the members are also quite active in dramas and shows. “We are in the midst of our world tour now, I’ve received scripts for shows but for now, we are mainly focusing on our world tour, but if there are good opportunities, I’ll take it,” said drummer Kang Min Hyuk.

“I believe I can be brighter in my next acting as I’m a very bright, cheerful and bubbly person! Imma funny guy!” Jung joked.

“If the opportunities arises, I would like to take on a new role,” Lee Jung Shin commented, who plays the bass guitar in the band.

Also, expect lots of singlish like ‘lah’ coming from the boys tomorrow as they picked up very fast when DJ Ken taught them how to use it.

“Thank you lah!” “I’m very happy lah!” were some of what they said before the press conference ended.

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Singaporean Star JJ Lin Meets CN Blue Backstage at Its Taiwan Concert

JJ Lin not only went to see CN Blue′s concert, but also got to go backstage to meet the band in person.

The singer recently tweeted a photo showing him posing with the CN Blue members backstage.

In the photo, JJ Lin holds up CN Blue′s most recent album Re:Blue, and gives a big thumbs up to the camera while the other members smile.

JJ Lin is a Singaporean-born singer/songwriter who is popular across Taiwan, China and other areas of Greater China.

Netizens commented, “JJ Lin and CN Blue look great together,” “JJ Lin must like CN Blue′s music” and “The meeting between a big star in Taiwan and a Korean star.”

CN Blue next plans to venture on to Singapore on April 13.


On his twitter, JJ Lin tweeted:

Hello CN Blue! Enjoy your stay in Taiwan n rock the stage!


It is nice to know how JJ Lin as CNBLUE’s senior (both of the stars are belong  to the same label, Warner Music) showing his support. Just for information, JJ Lin already a big Mandopop star for so long. I used to listen to his song during my high school and as Mandopop lover of course I know him well though sadly, since I moved up and leaving Asia, I seem lost in Chinese music. And seeing this picture, enough to bring my memorize back when I fangirling to many of Chinese singers

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Photo and Twitter credit JJ Lin

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CN Blue Holds World Tour Concert in Taiwan

CN Blue was another singer that stretched out to the world in the past week, as it held its first concert of its world tour in Taiwan.

The band held its 2013 World Tour – Blue Moon on April 6 in Taiwan′s Taipei Arena, exciting 11,000 fans with its live performances and charisma.

Even in the rainy weather, Taiwanese fans crowded the venue five hours before the concert was to start.

The concert had gathered much attention not only from fans but also from the general media. The press conference held the day before on April 5 drew in many prominent local outlets, and Jung Yong Hwa made issues of his own at the event as he sang an acoustic version of his self-written track I′m Sorry.

This day the band sang songs from its Re:Blue album, including I′m Sorry, Coffee Shop, More Than You, Man Like Me and Lalala, as well as its self-written songs Where You Are, Have a Good Night, Tattoo and In My Head. It also turned up the heat with performances of the OST from Jung Yong Hwa′s drama Heartstrings, along with its hits Intuition, Loner and Love.

Fans in return showed their love by holding up placards reading ′Taiwan♥Boice (CN Blue′s fanclub) CN Blue′.

The band sang a total of 24 songs, and fans sang along to every single song being performed. They cheered in waves, and remained in their seats singing along to I′m Sorry, which played after the concert concluded.

Popular Taiwanese stars including JJ Lin, Peter Pan, JPM, Sodagreen member Shin Yi, Evan Yo and more attended the concert.

CN Blue will perform next in Singapore on April 13, then go on to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Seoul in May then Sydney, the Philippines and Beijing in June.

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