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the fnc010


‘In the end of the day, when I am about to sleep I have to do special treatment for my lips. My lip is very dry type so right before sleep I always applies moisturizer to keep the moisture lips. I use non perfume lip balm since I need it for treatment. Because of that I have no problem when I have to talk or perform on the stage.’


‘If take a look closely among the part of my body, the one who look stands out is eye. I have keen eyes! Of course the other parts are outstanding too (laugh). I used to hear people said that I have gentle eyes but once I get angry my eyes could be so scary. Fortunately, I am not the type of people who get angry easily so I think there is no chance to see my scary eyes.


‘At school I have a lot of friends; I used to close with many of my old teachers. I used to very serious person when it comes to do every assignment; I never made a scene, fussing or something, I am hardly remember I ever had fought with my schoolmates either. And I was really obedient kid so how it possible the teachers did not like me?’


Kang Minhyuk Interviewing Lee Jungshin

Good point of Lee Jungshin

I am a positive person.

What if you are happening to meet your ideal type on the street?

I just pass her by, even though I would be regretting later.

What if your crush likes Minhyuk?

I will just say, “I see”.

From woman point of view, what is Lee Jungshin’s charm?

My charm is humble.

Give a name for these two cats.

“Ciblue” and “Nyam Nyami”

If you are gifted to give ability and power to the cat, what kind of ability you want to give?

I want to give them a power to sweep away my fatigue.

Named one thing Lee Jungshin is better than cat.

I am bigger.

And named one thing Lee Jungshin is worse than cat.

I have no fur as much as the cat.

If you are not happening to be an entertainer, what might you do right now?

I do not know.

In the past, what do you think you are?

I was a frog prince.

If you have a sister to who you want to introduced her?

I will introduce her to nobody.

If you are happening to have   1.000.000 won, what did you want to do for the first time?

I will save all the cash.

You are happening to have a big debt, who do you think will loan you cash?

It seems will no body.

What did you think right now?

I want to eat samgyeopsal (pork belly), I want to eat meat, I want to have cat as my pet.

When you are eat samgyeopsal with Minhyuk and there only one piece left, what do you will do?

I will let Minhyuk to have it because he seems pretty miserable.

What if you have a day, ah no, a week off holiday?

I will go to Jejudo, rent a car and drive along, playing around and eat meat.

At this moment named three things that make you enthusiastic.

I will named five, acting, automotive, fashion, watches, and concert.

Named your childhood dream you want to make it reality nowadays.

  1. 1.      Compose a good song.
  2. 2.      Completing “My Daughter Seoyoung” finely.
  3. 3.      Buying car.

You already have a car, which place you want to visit the most?

I will go to Incheon because from there I can go anywhere. (Did he mean Incheon international airport?)

What things Kang SeungJae had given to Lee Jungshin?

He gave me experience.

 (For Lee Jungshin they are …)

Yonghwa is Yong’s dove.

Jonghyun is a poor elder brother.

Minhyuk is a sparrow.

CNBLUE is a pal.



‘Honestly, when every one said to me “everything will be okay”, that is a big burden to me.’

Since I am the last CNBLUE’s members who step up into acting field, I felt a lot of burden. Honestly, when everyone said “everything will be okay”, that is a big burden to me. At first, I thought acting is not my things, because surely, the whole thing is not as easy as they are talking about. Some news who came up with headline “Reaching the peak rating” make people start to gossip about and it make me deadly stressful.  My first target on my first drama is: “I have to do the best so that I will not screw up the whole set” and next thing I become ambitious and saying “I have to be able to act naturally” as my second target. I know up to this time I am lacking in many things but I make an effort to make it better little by little. In the beginning as idol I am not doing solo activities yet, it felt dreadful. The other members understand those feeling better than anybody else does and because of that I do feel thankful. All of them keep supporting me. I am really happy to have a chance to act together with many senior actors and actress. Especially Lee Boyoung noona because she is my ideal type, honestly even on my wildest dream I never been dreamt to act together in a drama like this!



‘I want to seek for the kind of music that makes many people want to listen and curious about it.’

I am recently challenging the acting field for the first time through drama “My Daughter Seoyoung” and the changes I have gone as an actor Lee Jungshin is also helping my musical activities a lot. Since this is my first time as an actor I told my self frequently that I am extremely low place (he means, his acting knowledge is still negligible). It is a kind of mind control. This mental attitude helps me while I am made myself to do better both as a singer and a bassist. Is not my challenging task and goal to be more and more suit for CNBLUE as a bassist? As for CNBLUE, while we are finding our own color, we want to search for the kind of music that makes people want to listen and curious about it and I want to challenge myself everyday and for a long time in the future as CNBLUE’s bassist.

*Author’s notes*

– Blue line is author and translator’s note.


Source The FNC Magazine

Scan by Parishin

Korean – Bahasa Trans by Raisha @cnblue4ina

Bahasa – English Trans by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

Special Credit Korean – English Trans “Singer” part @depps1004

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The Stars – 2nd Something Inside

the stars

John sighs and straight his back up, ‘alright, I think we got to talk about a new member. I do feel that we missing something, four is better than three.’


‘No idea?’ John asked since Tom and Ringo fell silent.

Ringo open his eyes lazily and saying, ‘I have no other person than Jerry and Tom rejected it. So?’

Tom shrugged, ‘He’s the last choice then.’

‘Anyway what’s wrong with him? You don’t even know him, you make nonsense judgment.’ Ringo pouted.

John looks at Ringo for agreement, aside of everything he, too, has no idea why Tom hates Jerry.

‘He frightened me.’

Both John and Ringo look at Tom in disbelief. The man who afraid of nothing and loves using his fist rather than words threatened by first year junior? It must be a joke.

‘Come on, look at his appearance, long hair, pierces and anyway, how tall is he?’

Both John and Ringo burst into laughter. Did they hear right?

‘And I don’t like somebody who likes playing around; I can see that he never be serious.’ Tom continues spitting out his impression towards Jerry.

‘Sorry mate,’ John coughing, ‘I think you think too much, and yes, how tall is he?’ John asked to Ringo.

‘I don’t know, 6.3 maybe, anyway Tom, as you said, he likes playing around, didn’t you think it’s good. We’re not only needing someone who playing bass but also someone who wanna wasting time.’ Ringo explained sending both John and Tom into puzzle.

‘You got to wake up,’ Ringo indicated to Tom, ‘we don’t have many choices, you know, most of our classmates belong to the talent agencies already.’ Ringo concluded.


Read the whole chapter here

The Stars

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The Stars – 1st, First Impression

the stars

‘Can we have our time now?’ finally it was Tom who broke the silence.

His question makes the two of his friend facing him at the same time. With question look Ringo look at him and John back and forth.

‘Alright, as you wish, shall we hiring by audition?’ said John slowly.

Ringo’s eyes widened and his brow furrowed, ‘what was this all about?’

‘He wants a new bassist.’

Tom did not gives any replay, he just look at Ringo as if he is waiting for another rejection.

‘Bassist,’ Ringo murmured. ‘Ahhh… Jerry, what about Jerry?’ Ringo said almost yelling with excitement.

‘Who?’ John and Tom asked in chorus.

‘Jerry, the guy who had hidden behind you,’ Ringo explained. ‘He’s same grade with me.’

‘That guy? No way!’ Tom shoots quickly.

To his surprise by Tom’s reaction, Ringo asked the reason and Tom simply saying that the boy is the stupid type.

Ringo rolled his eyes by listening Tom’s reaction.

‘Heaven sake, what happen with your reaction? You don’t even know him,’ Ringo laughed.

Tom nodded.

‘Oh please, didn’t you see what he had doing just now? Believe me I can see that he likes fooling around; in fact, he’s deadly stupid.’ Tom said.

‘Hey mate you think too far,’ John gave his opinion to his irritated friend, Tom, and turn to Ringo, ‘how do you know if he plays bass?’


The Stars

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the stars

The Stars is a story about four art shcool students who pursue their dream in music. Inspired by Korean rock band CNBLUE, The Stars giving a small hint about what might happen to them during their pre-debut in Japan as indie band.

Not to be confuse here, this story is definately not CNBLUE’s documentary although some of them based with what they had told in many interviews.

Overall The Stars is teens story where dream, passion and failure created. As John said to warn his member once their only proper stage about to close down,   ‘the first stone will followed by another, be ready ‘cause our path is still long way to go and we’re not suffering yet.’

Read the whole story here THE STARS

The Stars by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded



I’m falling from the sky

As the dream hit my head

Leaving me in ocean of sin

The pieces of hope was scattered for I’m not knowing where it is

I’m all alone in the empty crossroad

I know the rain will falling

Again, maybe to swept away this hesitance

The bell was ringing out loud

Wake me up harshly


a day-dreamer girl

Keep on running in the empty street under the dark cloud

Where the future lies full of shadow

Shr tried to fight the fog

Breaking through the wall

Finding a way to keep her dream

The bell was ringing in the silent night

There’s no star giving the light

It just a spark of hope in her eyes to shine in the darkness

And I know now,

I’m falling from the sky

Photo credit by http://vlad-georgescu.deviantart.com/art/Pressure-325031897

Poem and posted by tara lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

1:31 AM


Audrey mengerjap-ngerjapkan matanya menahan kantuk yang perlahan-lahan menyerangnya, sementara sang adik, Adriana masih asyik dengan tidurnya. Jalan pantura sudah sangat lengang, hanya sekali-sekali cooper putih mungil itu disalip bus atau truk. Terpikir olehnya untuk berhenti dan istirahat dihotel, perjalanan ke Malang masih jauh. Dan karena hanya berdua sang adik yang juga sama-sama cewek, agaknya akan beresiko jika terus memaksakan tetap jalan. Toh, tidak ada waktu yang harus dikejar.

Belum lagi Audrey menjalankan niatnya untuk berbelok ke hotel, matanya tertumbuk pada dua orang anak kecil di lampu merah perempatan jalan di depannya. Mereka sepertinya adik- kakak. Membawa gitar kecil, mereka asyik menghitung uang yang didapatnya, disebelah anak laki-laki yang besar tergeletak buku besar, entah buku apa.

Audrey menanti mereka menghampiri mobilnya—lampu merah menyala cukup lama—tapi dua anak kecil itu tidak juga bergerak. Mungkin karena hanya ada tiga kendaraan yang berhenti, sebuah bus, truk dan mobilnya Audrey. Audrey melihat jam di dashboard-nya, 1:31AM, jam segini mereka belum pulang juga, apa besok tidak sekolah? Diperhatikannya lagi penampilan kedua bocah itu. Dekil, dengan celana pendek, kaus kusam, dan bertelanjang kaki.
Audrey menarik nafas panjang. Sungguh berbeda dengan dirinya.

Lampu hijau menyala. Audrey menginjak pedal gas dengan kepala yang masih tertuju pada kedua bocah itu. Dari kaca spion dia masih bisa melihat keduanya yang—sepertinya—serius berbicara.

Mendadak satu pikiran muncul di kepalanya, Audrey memutar balik mobilnya dan berhenti tidak jauh dari kedua bocah pengamen tadi. Merasa mobil berhenti, Adriana terbangun.

‘Ada apa Kak? Kok berhenti?’ Tanya Adriana sambil mengeliat dan menggosok-gosok kedua matanya.

‘Nggak ada apa-apa, gue capek mau istirahat bentar, lo tidur aja lagi.’ Jawab Audrey sambil menutup pintu mobil. Dia tidak mengatakan tentang dua bocah pengamen itu, karena Audrey tahu adiknya paling anti dengan “kaum-kaum kumuh”.

‘Hai malem.’ Sapa Audrey begitu sampai di dekat kedua bocah itu.

Kedua anak itu jelas terkejut ada seorang cewek yang mendatangi mereka malam-malam begini. Sang kakak memperhatikan Audrey dari ujung rambut hingga ujung kaki, sementara adiknya berbisik,

‘Bule Mas, tapi kok iso ngomong jowo yo?’ kakaknya tidak menjawab tapi masih menatap tajam kearah Audrey.

Audrey tersenyum mendengar bisikan tadi, meskipun dia tidak mahir berbicara bahasa Jawa tapi dia bisa mengerti ucapan anak kecil tadi, karena keluarga Mama-nya banyak yang tinggal di Malang otomatis mereka seringnya berbicara bahasa Jawa daripada bahasa Indonesia apalagi bahasa Spanyol, hampir tidak pernah. Paling-paling saat Papa-nya ada ditengah-tengah mereka, baru sekali-sekali bahasa Spanyol muncul.

‘Eerm.. aku mau tanya, ada hotel nggak di sekitar sini?’ Tanya Audrey, sambil berjongkok disamping kedua anak itu.

‘Ada Mbak, kalau dari sana agak jauh.’ Jawab sang kakak sambil menunjuk arah datangnya Audrey tadi. ‘Tapi kalau Mbak terus kesana, lebih dekat, tidak sampai perempatan yang disana itu ada beberapa hotel.’

Audrey mengangguk-angguk mendengar penjelasan bocah itu. Diambilnya buku yang tergeletak disamping kaki sang kakak. Ternyata buku modul untuk sekolah terbuka tingkat SMP. Anak ini masih sekolah. Adiknya mungkin masih SD.

‘Ngomong-ngomong, kok sampai jam segini kalian belum pulang sih. Ini udah lewat tengah malam lho.’ Kata Audrey.

‘Uangnya belum cukup, nanti kalau sudah kami akan pulang.’ Jawab si adik cepat dan seketika mendapat tatapan tajam kakaknya.

Kening Audrey berkerut, pikiran pertamanya adalah kedua anak ini dipaksa bekerja untuk seseorang dan harus menyerahkan setoran setiap harinya, kasus-kasus semacam itu kan sedang marak saat ini.

‘Dia butuh uang untuk membayar biaya sekolah. Besok harus membayar.’ Jelas sang kakak dengan nada yang tiba-tiba berubah putus asa.

‘Memang berapa uang sekolahnya?’ Tanya Audrey lagi, lega, dua anak ini bukan anak yang terikat preman.

‘Dua puluh ribu.’ Jawab si adik.

Audrey terhenyak seketika, dua puluh ribu?! Hanya demi dua puluh ribu mereka berkeliaran dijalan sampai lewat tengah malam. Audrey lebih terkejut lagi ketika Adriana tiba-tiba sudah berada dibelakangnya.

‘Nah Ayah dan Ibu kalian? Apa tidak memberi uang?’ Tanya Audrey.

‘Emak dan Bapak mencari uang untuk makan, untuk sekolah kami cari sendiri.’ Jelas si kakak.

‘Memang orang tua kalian tidak cemas kalian belum pulang jam segini?’

Agak aneh kan kalau ada orang tua yang sampai membiarkan anaknya berkeliaran dijalan sampai selarut ini.

‘Mereka juga baru mulai bekerja lagi dipasar.’ Terang si adik.

‘Tengah malam begini?’ Tanya Audrey tidak percaya.

Sang kakak mengangguk. ‘Kalau tidak cepat-cepat, tidak bisa mendapat uang. Kami butuh makan dan dia masih sekolah.’

Mendadak Adriana berbalik menuju mobil tanpa berkata-kata.

Kedua anak itu memperhatikan Adriana dengan seksama dan penuh tanya.

‘Oh, dia adikku, namanya Adri, Adriana. Maaf ya kelakuannya memang sombong.’ Kata Audrey menjawab pandangan penuh Tanya kedua anak itu.

‘Kalau nama kakak siapa?’ Tanya si adik.

‘Audrey. Kalau kalian?’

‘Aku Dwi, nah mas-ku namanya Eka.’ Jawab si adik.

Adriana kembali dengan dua kantong KFC dan satu tas plastik yang Audrey tahu berisi buah-buahan. Tanpa berkata-kata Adri duduk dan meletakkan bungkusan yang dibawanya ditangah-tengah mereka. Diambilnya sebungkus nasi dan sepotong ayam.

‘Nih, ada sedikit makanan, kalian makan aja. Gila gue laper banget. Disini anginnya kenceng ya?’ cerocos Adri sambil merapatkan jaketnya.

Eka dan Dwi saling pandang, bertatapan aneh. Audrey hanya terbengong-bengong. Apa tidak salah dengan Adri, jangankan sampai makan di trotoar, biasanya berjalan kaki saja tidak mau!

‘Kenapa? Pada nggak mau makan? Jangan salahin gue ya ntar kalo abis.’ Kata Adri menyadari tatapan aneh mereka.

Audrey tersenyum, ‘Kalian makan saja, buruan, nanti dihabisin si Adri, dia rakus soalnya.’

Adri tidak bergeming, tapi terus mengunyah. Kedua anak itu kembali saling bertatapan dan tersenyum mendengar kat-kata Audrey. Audrey mengerti apa yang dipikirkan keduanya.

‘Tenang aja, kami bukan penculik kok, emang kami berdua bertampang penjahat ya?’ candanya.

‘Kami mau ke rumah nenek di Malang.’

Meski awalnya ragu-ragu kedua anak itupun ikut makan. Lahap sekali mereka. Audrey bertanya dalam hati, kapan terakhir kalinya mereka makan makanan enak tanpa harus berfikir ada uang atau tidak untuk besok.

Ditatapnya tubuh lusuh itu lekat-lekat, anak sekecil ini sudah dtuntut untuk mandiri, dia menengok dirinya sendiri, mendadak perasaan malu menyelusup hatinya. Sampai detik ini dia masih mengandalkan orang tua, meskipun dia sudah bekerja.

Dialihkan pandangannya ke Adri yang tertawa-tawa bersama Eka dan Dwi. Ternyata adiknya itu bisa juga bercanda dengan orang yang baru dikenalnya. Padahal sebelumnya Adri sangat anti dengan “kaum gembel” jangankan mendekat, melihat saja tidak sudi. Tapi malam ini Adri bukan hanya berdekatan tapi juga makan bersama mereka, di trotoar pula! Sungguh suatu keajaiban.

‘Kakak berdua bule tapi kok bisa bahasa Indonesia?’ Tanya Dwi tiba-tiba.

‘Ya iyalah bisa. Gue sama kakak lahir dan gede di Jakarta. Papa orang Spanyol dan Mama orang Malang, gitu.’ Jawab Adri.

Dwi hanya manggut-manggut. ‘Terus, Mbak Adri sudah pernah ke Spanyol?’

Adri mengangguk seraya mengupas jeruk. ‘Gue pernah beberapa tahun tinggal disana, tapi balik lagi ke Jakarta. Disana nggak enak, nggak ada yang ngurus, hehe…’

Tanpa sengaja Audrey melihat jam tangan Adri. Jam satu lewat.

‘ Eh, udah jam satu lewat nih, kalian pulang gih, udah larut malem. Rumah kalian dimana?

Kakak anter pulang.’ Ajak Audrey.

Keduanya terkejut, seperti menyadari sesuatu.

Audrey tahu, masalah uang itu.‘Kalian nggak usah cemas dengan uang, nanti kakak kasih.Rumah kalian jauh nggak dari sini. Mobil bisa lewat?’Tanya Audrey.

Eka mengangguk. ‘Rumah kami dibawah jembatan itu.’

Eka menunjuk sebuah jembatan yang tak jauh dari mereka duduk.Malam itu ada sebuah keajaiban. Di salah satu perempatan lampu merah di kota Kudus, tiga sosok tubuh berjalan di kegelapan menuju sebuah rumah kecil terbuat dari bambu di bawah sebuah jembatan. Dibelakangnya sebuah mini cooper putih mengikuti mereka perlahan.

Malam itu juga dua orang sangat senang karena untuk pertama kalinya mereka merasakan nikmatnya berbagi. Sedangkan bagi dua orang anak itu, mereka serasa mendapat keajaiban bertemu dengan orang mau membantu mereka dengan tulus. Rasa lelah dan kantuk yang semula begitu mengganggu kini menguap begitu saja.

‘Ini nomor telepon kakak, telepon aja kalau ada apa-apa, ya.’ Kata Audrey sambil menuliskan nomor hp-nya di buku Eka.

‘Jangan sampai hilang ya.’ Pesannya lagi.

Setengah satu malam di perempatan kota Kudus, semoga tidak ada lagi anak-anak seperti Eka dan Dwi yang harus berjuang hanya untuk mendapatkan sedikit pendidikan.


*This is another short story I found, I’ll trans it into english later :)*

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a kid syria


Under the same sun

Where the smokey air was formed

Dusty dry wind-swept away his dirty little face

He stay still


Stare at the unmoved poor father

Trembling with fear

Covers by anger

Fury blowing inside him

What’s our fault?

Why did they do this to us?

Oh my poor father!!!

He screaming inside

Nothing he could do but hiding

The last word his beloved father had said

One of his legacy

‘Son, go! Run and hide, save your self!’

As blood start leaking


That day,

The day that bullet had pierced through his poor father

In front of the helpless little son

Another anger was form

Another war had declare

And war will never end in the world that peace and love is the most expensive thing


*Dedicated to those kids who lost their parents during war, stay strong and be sure not to create another war. So in the future the will be no more innocent kids who suffering like you do now. It will be hard to forgive but that’s the best you can do to find peace*


Photo credit www.iinanews.com

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Today, I realized that my stats view had already surpassed 11.000 views. I don’t know if this is a big deal or not but seriously, I want to thank you to all of you, the visitors, viewers, silent readers, followers, subcribers, and to whoever who leaved me comments.


I start this blog because I need some place for me to escape from myself. I have difficulties to expressing my feeling and that’s give me a lot of trouble since my therapist give me an advice, I have to find something to express my true feeling. Fortunately,  I write since I was kid but I never blogging before. By the time, I’m addicted with blogging and gradually I’m able manage myself into what I want and what I supposed to.

I didn’t expect so many from this blog, but again thank you for your time to visit my home.

I know, there many mistake I made in my post, sometimes in spelling or grammatical error since english isn’t my first language, though, I using it for almost 10 years already. I need to remind myself to double-check in every of my post before publish it, especially when I’m too excited about something (thanks for those comments who said irritated with my errors).

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I’m looking forward for your guys feedback in the future!!!

Again and all over again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


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[REVISE] Blue B and the Firelies Tale

The more Blue B walking around in her journey, the more she finds precious experiences. On this day, she meets with generous elder woman who tell her very precious tale.

There was once a kind yet blind little girl living alone at the beautiful riverbank. Plenty of people come everyday to enjoy the view and relieve their bad feeling. It was always that blind little girl who listen to them patiently and gave them a wide bright smile when the visitor about to home. That was give them deep impression and for the girl, the visitor are bless gift to her. Because of them, she never feels alone and listening to them is like crossing to the bridge from her dark surrounding to the bright beautiful world.
Meanwhile, the riverbank’s beauty will be nothing when night comes. People even unable to see their own hands due to the blackness. That is the time for the little girl feeling lonely the most. Every night she prays for the morning to come early, so she will have another friend to talk to.

It was one dead of the night, she visited by Pixy Queen who deliver unwillingful message. The Pixy Queen said that she was about to die. But she will rewarded by heaven for her longing to listen to the people who come to her by receiving three wills in order and one day extra to make her wills reality.
Even though the Little Girl was very upset but she tried to be tough and smile when revealing her wills.
Firstly, she wants to see by her own eyes the place she live at for her lifetime.
Secondly, she wants to meet and talk to the visitors who come by for the last time and saying goodbye properly.
The third one she has not figure out yet so she only asked for the two first.

What a precious gift that the Little Girl finally see the beauty of her home place.
She smiled and said to herself that no wonder many visitors come every day and what they told were so true.

It’s very beautiful indeed.
However, when she told the visitor that she was about to leaving the place, it saddened them, but she made a promise.

‘I will come back here as a light. If you come here at night and see the light, that is me. So you can tell me everything as usual, I will listen and help you to relieve the pain.’

The promise is actually came from nowhere she could think and just for reassuring the visitors but Pixy Queen took it as the last gift for the Little Girl.

After that day, visitor no longer see the girl around, instead of tiny light who flying around when the night comes. That was her unconditional last wills, she wants to be a light for that place then the visitor can visit everytime even in the night.
Nowdays, if the surrounding still pure with greenery and river also clear, you can find these tiny light by singing

“fireflies, fireflies, come here this water is sweet that water is bitter, fireflies, fireflies, come here.” *


*As told by the elder woman own shop at Kyoto, Japan


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[1] This story told by the elder woman own a shop at Kyoto, Japan.