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Kang Minhyuk

A multi talent who attracts people not only by music but also acting.

Sekwang is smart and tall, a reliable man as a boyfriend. But he is a maknae who can’t oppose his sister. CNBLUE drummer Kang Minhyuk created the lovely character. He is still a new face as an actor. He naturally acted contrast character compared to a single-minded boy in previous drama ‘Heartstrings’ more than everyone’s has expected.


Changed into a ‘Bad man’.

He was influence his action by the other members (CNBLUE).

ーHow did you finish shooting the long home drama that extended for over 7 months?
MH: Our drama has 57 episodes, I acted with nice actors for a long time, so I was comfortable and we became like a real family. I could relax when I acted and I had no difficulties during shooting.

ーIs it any difference from ‘Heartstrings’?
MH: Simple, It was (My Husband Got a Family) weekend drama and the previous one (Heartstring) was mini series. And I acted only as a cute character in ‘Heartstrings’ , but this time, I could show you my several face. I showed a lot of usual me.  This time when I acted I had a bit difficulties (regarding his character that quite opposite with his real personality) this point is most different. As for the similarity, both drama had mild atmosphere.

ーAt first, Sekwang was a bad man who tempts women on purpose for his friend. How did you try to express it?
MH: To be honest, I’m worried because I don’t know how to be a bad man. CNBLUE members burst out into laughing when they heard I will act as a bad man… so I studied and discussing with scriptwriter. And I synchronized the timing with Malsook, so then I could express the hidden things of me.

ーWho was burst out into laughing the most?
MH: All of them. hahaha  Sometimes we’re monitoring each others act. They will say nothing when someone acts well, but when they find the strange part, they will make fun. And they start to imitate it. They’ll imitate as soon as  they find such a part.

ーWhat about this time?
MH: On the opening of this drama, I had the scene that I raise my hand saying ‘I am!’ at a club. Usually when people raise their hand, they stand all of their fingers. In my case, they said I raised only my 3 fingers, thumb, index finger, and middle finger and it looked like a  bird’s paw! I  continuously to deny it , they didn’t believe me. Finally, they updated its cap picture in our messenger, and when I saw it, it’s really looked like a  bird’s paw.. Even now they still make fun on me because of this.

ーAt the beginning Sekwang was tempted Malsook on purpose for revenge, gradually he really loves Malsook. Actually, is your ideal type a woman like Malsook?
MH: She is cheerful and active. I think she is very cute. She is a little hatred and acts irresponsibility, but I’ll get over her personality if I like her, haha.

ーWhat is the secret to have  someone’s heart like Sekwang?
MH: If I have a girlfriend, I make efforts as possible as I can and try to express all of my feelings. I will call  or spend time just to eat with her. I’ll express all of my feeling without controlling.

ーPreviously, you said you’ll do your best for her more than Gwinam if you have a girlfriend, didn’t you?
MH: I do everything when I interest in something. And Gwinam in drama expresses all of them directly. I have a confident about such things! I wish I would have my girlfriend. hahaha

kang minhyuk korean tv drama mag2

Very nervous at  first kiss scene.


ーHow do you opposed to keep company with your lover?
MH: It’s a problem and I have thinking back again. I tried to persuade my family in drama, but I have to think over in reality. I’m sure they have  reasons to oppose our marriage. But I let members know if I have a girlfriend in the first place.


ーWhich scene do you have a deep impression?
MH: Kiss scene under the umbrella. It’s my first to have such a scene  since I started to act, I felt ‘I’m cool’ when I watched it on TV! It left a good impression on my mind.


ーNow, all of CNBLUE members work  not only as musician but an actor. Did you receive any advise from other members?
MH: Yonghwa hyung works as an actor longer than I do. But… his kiss scene…kkk In that scene, I thought it’s only acting, there  just as scenario. In fact I was very nervous, I put our lips closely rather than I acted with my heart.


ーSekwang is attractive man, how about you?
MH: In members, I’m maknae, so I sometimes depend on others, I don’t do like in drama. I worried about how to try to please, but when I went to the shooting destination, I could do smoothly! I’m youngest of all (among My Husband Got Family casts), other actors loved me, so I could act naturally. I felt a little shy, but I was Okay, sometimes I’ll talk to  Yunie nuna or mother (his mother on drama).


ーWhat do you think if you have a strong sister like Yunie?
MH: Yunie gets angry with me, and sometimes spoils me. Her action has love to brother, she always supports him behind. I’m happy if I have such a sister. Of course I was slapped in drama. hahaha


ーWere you scared in the scene you were slapped?
MH: Not at all. Namjoo is tender, so she can’t slap strongly. She worried about me, finally I asked her ‘I’m ok, so please slap’. We could enjoy shooting.


ーWhat did you think you acted with other actors?
MH: First, I felt a lot of  pressure, but I didn’t want to trouble them, so I always practiced hard the day before. They encouraged me so warmly on the location, and I appreciate  them for it. They treat me like real brother or son. I enjoyed shooting very much.


ーWho supported you about acting the most?
MH: um…… I was maknae in set (among those casts), so all of them concerned me warmly. I was helped by Namjoo and Yoon Jungsan.

kang minhyuk korean tv drama mag

I’ll show you cool us at World Tour!


ーWhat word were you impressed the best from co-worker’s as advise?
MH: I was given ‘You did well, so act like now without thinking too serious.’ When I was anxious. I remember when script-reading meeting. I’m originally shy, so I was embarrassed acting at the place where there no camera. I felt so nervous, but I gradually became calm because other actors relaxed and read scenario. Thanks for them.


ー It was funny a tutor Sekwang and a student Janggun give and take. Did you have many NG?
MH: We were never have NG which cause of our laughing. For let audience laugh, I think we have to control to act naturally. Dongyeon who acted Janggun and I practiced many times, so we were a perfect pair. I concentrated to express impatience when I teach Janggun who is slow on the uptake.


ーPlease advise how to study to the student fans.
MH: Advise? I give an advise? oh… I think the result of school exam is in proportion quantity of studying. School exam is decided by general range. If you’re well study at the school, you can have  high score.


ーCNBLUE member, Lee Jungshin acted a man who wants to be an actor in ‘My daughter, Seoyeong’, He had the scene he practiced Sekwang’s word. Did you watch it?
MH: I watched it, but I was amazed. hahaha It was strange for me, Sekwang was presented by audience like that. In fact, I didn’t know that scene, I knew when I watched the drama. We don’t give an advise each other. In the Jungshin’s case, I checked his lines few times, and I told him ‘It’s important to stay relax’. Maybe we haven’t talked about drama we appeared.


ーRecently, your video playing the drum became a topic, can we directly see you like that at the world tour?
MH: I don’t know camera will be set before drum. Maybe you can see  me at our live in Seoul on May. We will go to many countries, the atmosphere will be different on each countries. We’ll show you cool us at each concerts!


ー5th single ‘Blind Love’ will be released on 24 April. What kind of song is it?
MH: This song is composed by Jonghyun hyung. We have let you listen to Yonghwa’s songs who powerful and sparkled with wit until now. But this song is like spring. I think we can show you Jonghyun’s song to be more coloring J-pop taste. It’s new challenge for us, so please listen to it!


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emtg music

CNBLUE had released ‘Blind Love’ on 24 April

New single ‘Blind Love’ is a love song composed by Lee Jonghyun. Mild sentimental melody and vocal are indeed their style, but it’s the first time to choose love song as a single. Previously they always picked up  rock tune as a single, so this is one is must be a challenge for them. Immediately we bombard them with questions about their feeling to this song.

EMTG: New single ‘Blind Love’ is a love song composed by Jonghyun, what is intention did you have when you composed this song?

JH: Firstly, I heard this single will be  released on spring, I wanted to do something new and different. We choose love song as a single for first time, so I want not only for our fans but more people would listen to this single. For instance, when people walk around, they hear the song by chance and they feel ‘Good song’…. I want to make them feel like that, so I made such kind a song.

EMTG: This lyrics is written in Japanese, did you write Japanese at the first place?

JH: Yes I did, I wrote lyrics in Japanese at the first place.

EMTG: Wow?! Your Japanese is getting better!

JH: It’s not different…

EMTG: Did you smoothly write without taking so much time?

JH: Yes I did. It takes more time to write in Korean. It’s more difficult for me.

EMTG: This lyrics is expressed sentimental feeling.

JH: Yes it is. Such feelings are everyone goes though once at least.

EMTG: This song is sung by Yonghwa, did you receive any suggestion about how to sing this song from Jonghyun, Yonghwa?

YH: No I didn’t. Because I can sing well!

EMTG: Of course. By the way, what impression did you have when you listen to this song for first time?

YH: I thought I can sing without any pressure. Until now we always have up tempo and high key singles, but this song is medium. However, by no means this is type of my prosperity, so it’s one of my challenge.

EMTG: What do you feel about ‘Blind Love’, Minhyuk?

MH: I tried to record it by thinking simply.

EMTG: How about Jungshin?

JS: I was struggle the most among them. Firstly, regarding to recordof this song, I thought will not a particular problem. In fact, once I tried to record I didnt have enough time (to explore his bass tone more). And I felt pressure, I was completing by discussing the tone with Jonghyun hyung. I’m satisfied our with the result.

MH: Certainly I didn’t have enough time, but  I could finish recording drum early.

JS: I thought it takes more time ‘Greedy Man’ , it is smoothest among all.

JH: This single, I thought the bass tone is the most difficult.

JS: I did my best!

EMTG: Next, I’ll ask the other two songs. I thought ‘With you eyes’ has some kind of messages, it’s indeed your style.

JH: Along this time, I made these songs with all my heart. About my life… it’s strange that young man says such a thing… I wrote lyrics thinking how the life is.

EMTG: Pretty deep!

JH: Of course, I didn’t know its answer yet.

EMTG: I felt your strong message trying to have own intention.

JH: Anyway, my life is making by myself, Surely I become ash when I find this answer.

EMTG: It might be so… What did other members think about this song?

MH: I have a part I agree and I disagree.

EMTG: Oh? Whicht part is you disagree?

MH: This song is too abstract. But it’s what everyone thinks.

YH: I’m agree, this song applicable to everyone.

JH: This song has something to make us hot. I think you’re given energy by it.

EMTG: Next, about ‘Greedy man’, this was compose by Yonghwa.

YH: I don’t like writing lyrics about usual love. The theme is important for this song. This lyrics is expressed a man who has attachment.

EMTG: This was written in English, why did you choose English?

YH: English has direct style. I like it. This song  expressed the man cwho ares about his girlfriend acts and thinks ‘What is she doing now?’

EMTG: All songs have different type. Which song you can really atthachment to? I want everyone answer this question.

MH:  I attached the most to the ‘Greedy man’. And the song I can relax when I listen to  is ‘Blind Love’.

YH: After all ‘Greedy man’ because I wrote my feeling.

JH: ‘With you eyes’.

JS: ‘Blind Love’. The feeling for the song  is what someone who has a lover once. in their lifetime

EMTG: You’ll do live at many place around the world, which city are you looking forward to go the most?

JH: I have fun in every city.

YH: The city we do live (performance) for the first time, Live is always different.

JS: I’m looking forward to meet many people and doing live in each country. We went to Taiwan and Singapore after a long time, many people welcomed  us, we got into swing, so we did live as well as we can. After this promotion in Japan, We’ll go to Thailand and Hongkong and Australia, and return to Seoul.

JH: I have nothing to say because they had said everything.

EMTG: Okay. I want to see your live in Japan. I looking forward to it!

My first impression while I’m editing this interview for cnboice I was pretty shock due to the most of their thought in this interview almost the same way I thought when I wrote Blind Love review.

Source EMTG

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yonghwa on AJ mag1

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Guitar and Vocals in the popular Korean 4-piece band CNBLUE. As an actor, he boasts his popularity in all parts of Asia after starring in “You Are Beautiful” and “Heartstrings”. On April 24, CNBLUE’s 5th single “Blind Love” will be released.
Not your typical “K-pop idol”. He came to Japan seeking to be a musician, flew here from Korea where the band culture isn’t well established. On the streets and in live houses, he trained and experienced hardship. He’s a serious band guy.

“In Japan, there were so many unique bands that were beyond our wildest imagination. It was a culture shock. I’ve learned so much from watching other bands. I still do.”

“You Are Beautiful”, a drama he was cast in the middle of his training, was a bit hit. Riding that wave, he returned to Korea and debuted as CNBLUE. The band that performed on the streets of Shinjuku swept the Korean charts with “I’m a Loner”. Their popularity spread to Japan where they were filled up Yokohama Arena right before their major debut. Their first major album ranked top on the Oricon chart, and they also successfully finished an arena tour. Starting this April, they’re starting the first massive worldwide tour as a Korean band.

“I have no pressure at all about the World Tour. I’m excited to experience different cultures abroad, it feels like I’m going on a trip. (laughs) CNBLUE is a band, but I think our appeal to the world is that we have popular melodies that are distinctly K-pop. Of course, it’s thanks to other K-pop artists’ superb performances, and our unique position as a band within K-pop that makes us stand out. I think that the current K-pop and K-drama boom worldwide is helping us greatly in synergistic effect.”

As Asia’s top runner who aspires to venture abroad following Korea and Japan, what should CNBLUE do next?

“Recently, not only in Japan and Korea but the variations of music are becoming more and more rich worldwide. Diverse genres of music are bringing energy to the charts, and that’s what people want, too. They’d listen to CNBLUE but other music as well. That’s what I like. It’s not like I only listen to what I like, and I don’t listen to CNBLUE’s music every day. (laughs) I think it’s important to get in touch with many different kinds of music. Compared to when I debuted, the band culture in Korea has developed a lot. I want CNBLUE to be a band that leads that trend, a band that can suggest “the way” to progress forward. I have the same mindset on this whether it’s in Korea, Japan, or the world. Through our overseas activities, we are promoting Korea and Korean music, and it’s very overwhelming every time the Japanese or overseas fans support and welcome us. It’s been three years since debut, but it’s still really overwhelming. (laughs) Just this fact that I’m on the cover of “AJ” with a Japanese star, Sato Takeru, is also overwhelming. Certainly, it’s an incredible honor. The photoshoot and the interview were so much fun, I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future.”

A common denominator between Sato Takeru and Yonghwa is that they’re both actors. Although he started in a band, what are his thoughts on being an actor?

“The pressures I feel as a musician and as an actor are quite different. It seems like my fans think the the difference I feel are very interesting, and so do I. I feel that performing as an actor definitely improves my expressions and performances on stage. It’s also connected to the music I express. I also think about going overseas with acting, not just as a musician.”

Scan by tieba

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CNBlue’s “Blue Moon World Tour” Concert in Singapore

cnbluemoonSG selca

It was a long two-year wait for CNBlue to perform in Singapore since their last appearance at a fan-meeting. April 13 was a sleepless night for many Boices as they relished every song and witty banter at the energy-packed “Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore“.

Organized by One Productions, tickets to the one-night-only show were quickly snapped up right from the start of ticket sales. With so many Korean artists heading to Singapore for showcases and fan meetings, it is certainly no small feat to fill the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a seating capacity of 12,000!

Members Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk immediately warmed up the audience with a powerful opening and continued to belt out one rock song after another over the course of the concert. They did not stop even once for costume changes, as they focused with all their might on delivering their best to the fans. As there were no solo stages for members to rotate and rest, their stamina for the two and a half hour concert was truly amazing.

The night was also filled with laughter whenever the comedic band stopped to interact with their audience. Twice, fans were asked by Yonghwa to ”ride the wave” (the raising of arms in consecutive order to create a tidal effect).

The four guys certainly took their music very seriously, as evident from performing in their sweaty shirts from start to end. However, they were not stingy in showing their humorous sides to fans. During one of the talk breaks, we even wondered if the organizer had been mistreating them by feeding them only fishballs! Watch the clip below and find out for yourself what we mean.

Kudos to CNBlue for trying their best to interact with fans in English without a translator. I would certainly award them full marks for their effort!

My favorite moment of the night has to be this! Fans sang along to “Love Light” and Yonghwa gave a very lovely twist to the end by changing the lyrics.

The only disappointment of the night was the stage team’s failure to switch on white lights as Yonghwa earnestly requested them to do so several times, exclaiming, “I want to look at you (fans)”. Oh well, may the next concert will be better!

Set list 

1. Where you are
2. Get Away
3. One Time
4. Naran Namja
5. Coffee Shop
6. Have a Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Light
9. Feeling
10. These Days (Korean version)
11. Y,Why… (Korean version)
12. Lalala 
13. Just Please (Korean version)
14. Tattoo
15. In My Head (Korean version)
16. Intuition
17. I’m a Loner 
18. I’m Sorry


19. Hey You
20. Love Girl
21. You’ve Fallen For Me 
22. Love
23. Ad-lib (song about concert Singapore) 
24. Try Again, Smile Again

After successfully completing their concert in Singapore, CNBlue heads to Thailand next for their “Blue Moon World Tour 2013” concert on May 4 at the Impact Arena.

Source Soompi

Photo Credit @CNBLUE_4

Videos credits to jcluphjc and imforyouxxdp.

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Blue bird, CNBLUE and the origin of love DNA


“Searching for happiness across someone else’s fence is foolish. You should look for the blue bird of happiness under your own eaves.”

The most famous group of people that lives by this advice by Maurice Maeterlinck in “The Blue Bird” is probably the K-pop boy band CNBLUE. CNBLUE consists of four talented artists: Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Jung-shin and the leader, Jung Yong-hwa. Each member is a singer-songwriter, actor and producer.

The full name of the band is “Code Name BLUE.” “BLUE” refers not to the actual color, but to an acronym from the initials of the four members’ characteristics. However, it still holds to philosophy of “The Blue Bird” that each member finds happiness from one another and spreads that treasure to the world. As a result, CNBLUE is a metaphor of a factory that produces love from the four distinct characteristics represented by each band member: Burning Lee Jong-hyun, Lovely Kang Min-hyuk, Untouchable Lee Jung-shin and Emotional Jung Yong-hwa.

Jong-hyun possess all the qualities of a “golden boy” — tall, a handsome face, excellent taekwondo, judo and swimming skills and fluent in Japanese. Even so, he picked CNBLUE as his only pride, claiming that it is a truly excellent team in an interview with Japan’s Oricon Style magazine last August. Band leader Jung Yong-hwa agreed, further adding that they are a really happy band that he is proud of. If it were in Korea, “golden boy” Jong-hyun’s statement would sound too humble, bordering on sarcasm. However, the band members’ voices prove the veracity of their love for the team.

Directly after graduating high school, the four members lived through hardship. They had to perform in front of meager audiences gathered outside at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, Yoyogi Park and other places. Once they were kicked out during their weekend performance at Yoyogi Park. Despite such adversaries, Jungshin reminisced, “I was happy to have music and my mates pull me through hardship.” Their friendship which lasted through both joy and sorrow appears in CNBLUE’s lyrics, such as “The tears and sweat rolling down my face / There is paradise / Such chaos and dismay drown me in my despair and tears / The wandering continues but I’m trying to enjoy it day by day” in their song “Feeling.”

Loveliness is not just reserved for Min-hyuk. When Jung-shin and Yong-hwa had different schedules, Jung-shin called the leader up and told him, “Good night, brother. I left some vitamin drinks on your desk. Make sure to take them before you sleep.” The leader Yong-hwa was deeply moved. Last year, in an interview with Japan’s Junon magazine, Min-hyuk confessed that Jong-hyun is like his true brother. Jong-hyun, on the other hand, described Min-hyuk as as caring as his own mother. Jung-shin also praised the team’s leader as having a heart as warm as the sun. They all emphasize that their friendship will continue even when they are old.

Having genuinely tasted love, CNBLUE carries on distributing happiness. For four years since their debut, the band has delivered emotional catharsis to their fans through their concerts. However, it has also been three years that they have been giving back to the community by helping the poor. Yong-hwa was the first celebrity to ask online on Korean portal Naver about ways to serve the community. His question, posted on April 5, 2011, received numerous answers and praises.

Realizing the band’s spirit of distributing happiness, CNBLUE has been active nationally and internationally in helping the destitute. Through Donation Concert.com (www.k-popgiveconcert.com), CNBLUE has been contributing their musical talents for yearly donations of rice to Korea Food for the Hungry International since June 2011 for the elderly living in solitude. Internationally, they established “CNBLUE School” last year in Niamadougou Village, Burkina Faso. Furthermore, they stated on April 4 that they plan to build another school in Africa with the donations earned from their World Tour. Despite their busy schedule filled with filming dramas and recording tracks, CNBLUE never rests from their concert tours around Asia, Oceania, Europe and North and South America in order to raise more donations.

Earlier on April 6, CNBLUE’s Taiwan concert for 11,000 fans was featured on the local CTV News and other famous channels. One highlight of this concert was Yong-hwa singing his self-composed “I’m sorry” piece acoustically after performing the original version filled with energetic beats. The single “Coffee Shop” also received fervent applause from the audience, proving the band’s “Re: Blue” album as No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard World Album Chart. CNBLUE will continue the tour to Singapore on April 13, followed by Bangkok, Hong Kong and Seoul in May, and finally Sydney, the Philippines and Beijing in June.

The members confessed that their experiences of hardship led to the discovery of genuine love for humanity. They strongly wish to share and alleviate hardships of the impoverished. CNBLUE increasingly resembles “The Blue Bird,” which symbolizes the hope of our world.

Source The Korea Herald

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