On the day when the rain is falling

What did you think by its sound?

By the look of your surrounding?

It was the day we met

How could I forget that smile?

The gaze led me into the beautiful dream

And the hands who help to open one page after another

This memories to you

How do I erase it?

Though the page I open no longer the same

And I held my own hand

But the gaze is still next to me

Form in a vivid picture as if it real

The day when the rain is falling

I always remember you

posted by @lanhudiee


Night comes along with the wind
Can you see the light above there
Smiling in bright and sparkling in gaze
With tiny wink melting the icy heart
Snow flakes dropping along with the cold
Do you see how beautiful it is?
Snowy blue rain in golden twilight
With a small swaying calling up for accompany
Ah… The star and the snow come along as friend
Wiping away those teardrops
Sweeping away those lonelliness
Hey, do you realize it?

Posted by @tara_lee26


The wind blowing
Calling out the memories
Taking the pain out of the flesh
It’s just the kind of another misery
When the breezy swept my face
Deliver the past I wanna leaved
The wind coming
Offtering a different day of love
Giving a new day of romance
But itl stuck in mind
When the swaying cloud hanging on
Keeping the story in my memory, still

posted by @tara_lee26

Ticking of The Destiny

Do you see o’clock hanging on the wall?

Minutes and Seconds ticking around in their own path.

But one day, they will meet each other.


Destiny just the same, once has its fate.

Maybe the two hearts could broken up.

But someday the destiny reunite it once more.

Posted by @tara_lee26


I wake up lonely
In the middle of the dawn
When the star peeping through the window
Stared at the darkness
Holding back the tears

As the shadow found its shape
It just the memories
The sweet things in the bitter lines
How do I fix this?
Picking the pieces
But the puzzle never goes right

I close my mind
In the middle of the confusion
When the sun began to rise through the skyline
Dancing under the rain
Holding the heart who start falling

posted by @tara_lee26


It just a little smile
When you take a glance
Secretly looking at my eyes
I know not
That smile lighten up my days
And those eyes brighten in every darkness
You came along with the wind
Turn to be the air I breathe
I found you everywhere
Do you know how long I take to open my eyes?
To understand enough why you are priceless
This heart beating
These missing pieces
These worrisome
I know now
I’ve been longing for this
Do you hear my shouting heart?
This confession
Under the shooting star
You should know
That my only one wish
For you not to let me go

posted by @tara_lee26


It just a simple word
It’s everything going to be alright?
But I never made up to say it
Cause she’s always one step a head from me

And it’s only on her
You never keep your eyes off
Have you ever notice my presence?
This feeling to you
Have you ever feel it?

Shed the tears today
When seeing the star gleaming palely
Walking along without soul
Raised the hand in reach
But its suspended in the air
Stopping dead as your eyes wasn’t for me

It just a simple move
A smile
Lean on my shoulders to you
But I never made up to do it
‘Cause she’s always the one you reach first

And it’s only for her
The gaze and smile
Have you ever notice my sincerity?
This hurt by you
Have you ever realize it?

Posted by @tara_lee26


Above there
Can you see blue bird flying?
Calling to come along
Flying with rainbows
Singing along with angel’s voice

Above there
Can you see blue butterfly flying?
Deliver a mild hope for every dream
Playing with desire
Dancing along with great passion

The blue sky
A place for hope
Season for spring
Dream comes as destination
And road for direction

The blue sky
A place for fly
Spring for life
Passion that held strength
And faith for fall

Above there
Can you see fireflies flying?
Tiny light for the darkest night
A little warmth in cold
And little cherry in despair


I see the dawn; cracking

I see the sun; rising

I see the morning; cherry

I see the sky; bluish

I see the ocean; rushing

I see the cloud; swaying

I see the rain; stop crying

I see the wind; waving

I see the twilight; dimly

I see the stars; twinkling

I see the moon; smiling

I see the night; vigil

I see the dawn; cracking
Once more
Deep in your eyes

posted by @tara_lee26