Dear my lovely readers,


I made this post because I need your help. I am looking for voluntary translator since I often have difficulties when I meet Japanese or Korean article.

So, the qualifications are:

  • Be able to translate Korean or Japanese or Chinese into English or Bahasa.
  • And if you are Boice, you are most welcome and become my first priority.
  • If you are not into the site, that is no matter because mainly I am looking for translator.
  • Another point if you are active on twitter.

Is there any one of you willing to help me?

Show your interest by leaving me a comment(s) or reach me on twitter @lanhudiee.

I am waiting for our team work.


Best Regards,

Tara Lee


The sun is calling

With uncounted loves that spreading through the snowfall


By the gaze of the sunlight who sending the warmth

Here I am today

Gazing at the deep peaceful angelic face’s sleep

What a lovely

And what I wish the time will never ticking


Just gazing at it

Just feeling this peace

With dozens of loves

And a small smile who pictured on the angel’s face

Soon the wind will swept away all the hesitancy

Leaving only the purity

Of love

Until the time I feel only like today


Peaceful of silence

posted by tara lee


Snow falling outside the window

White fluffy drops in chilly

In the distance, tiny lamplight twinkle through the bare trees

Starlit night* serenaded to sing along

All of sudden

The warmth was dissapear

Gazing to eyes next to me

It’s lovely but slowly forming with fury

Yet I can see clearly

There’s depression inside

Do you regret being with me?

All I wanna say is sorry

But it just tongue-tied

Stopping dead as if the right confession

Something chilly has entered the room

And all the unforgetable memories just sneak out leaving the pain inside

Snow still falling outside

It was the time you take a leave

What I wanna is hold your hand

Begging for you to stay

It’s nothing

Nothing had happend

I stood frozen

As the shadow fade away

And snow swallowed the rest for I know hardly to make it back

It just when the snow is falling

*starlit night is one of b-side of CNBLUE 4th Japanese single, Robot.
posted by tara lee


Wake up in a sudden

It’s a read dead of the night

When I got to used to with the darkness

The ceiling give unfriendlier looks

It’s seems cold and far away from my reach

I found myself in silence

No other sign of life

Where all the voice gone?

It’s the time when I realize,I’m leaved behind

Trying to go on

Though the darkness never leave

I wish it’s just a dream

One of the bad dream

And I am waiting for the end

Yet none I could found

It was all gone

Untill the very last pieces

posted by tara lee


It comes all in sudden

The shine, it dazzling

Blinding the eyes who determined to keep staring


The pride not allowed to doing so

Pretending that it was nothing

Nothing more than the flash of bright blue light



But is there any idea how to resist the love who spreading unstoppable?

Flowing in the air

Embracing the cold heart

Crashing the wall its built in protection


Standing there with one thing

To keep the light shine and the love alive

posted by tara lee


This crush growing badly
As the sun finding a new day
And the warm melting the snow
With its shine, with its brightness
A new love has come before I knew it takes over my mind
This feeling growing inside
As I approaching new space to breathe
It comes along with gently blowing breeze
By his smile by his gaze
A new season has change before I knew it also changed my heart
Colouring my one and another day
Sent me the light in the darkest time
Showing the way out in every turn

posted by @tara_lee26


It’s always been like this
It’s always been the same
As the sun walks slow in the skyline
And twilight about to approaching

Do you know I wanna say something?
Do you know I wanna hold you?

The fool I am just walking on one side
Taking care secretly
And make sure the star still shine
So that people can enjoyed its dazzling light
Yet I, my self sneak into the darkness
And proud by the star’s smile

It’s always been like this
It’s always been the same
You hide the tears behind the rain
And I just watching from distance

posted by @tara_lee26


It just comes like this
The first who dare to argue
And the first who has not interest in
Then it becomes like this
The first I surprise with
And the one whom I tease at

No one ever suspect it
As I never will to be to, really
But it just spread inside me
Infecting my mind time after time
Turn my world up side down

It just comes like this
The first who turn her back on me
And the first who raised her voice on me
Then it becomes like this
The first I’m waiting for
And the first I care the most

It was something I never realize
Dozens of fights that I miss everyday
A bright smile whom I wait every single time
When it comes
Without request

posted by @tara_lee26