Guess who I’m………


Yonghwa? ?? ah are you sure?



It’s Lee Jungshin!!!

Waahhhh, that’s my first reaction whn I saw the photo. Recently I was so desperate to find him in Re:Blue peomotion since he busy with My Daughter Seoyoung. The only way to catch him of course on the stage while CNBLUE doing live for music show (which is I love the most seeing him on stage). But still, whenever I updated CNBLUE’s activities and only Jungshin that missing,I do feel less interest. Well, the result of being fangirl that the bias wasn’t there, lol.

Anyway earlier today, Jungshin also updated their shared twitter account twice!!! Ahhhh I’m so happy today, my mistake, not twice but trice!!! Including from the Show Champion.

His tweet in the drama filming location

js tweet2

The second tweeted showing he read the script using his cell-phone.

js tweet

And this was after they’re received 2nd award for I am Sorry.

show campion

Plus this my caps for the silly bunny who trying to taste the trophy. how does it taste Jungshin? Taste good?

js biting the trophy

That’s all!

I’m so happy today and I think I ended my post today since too late already and I got a lot of work tomorrow. Anyway I’m in Malaysia now. 🙂


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