CN Blue pretty boy, Lee Jung-shin

CN Blue pretty boy, Lee Jung-shin


Lee Jung-shin transformed into a Kokuryo manly warrior.

On the new KBS 2TV drama “Knife and Flower“, Lee Jung-shin takes on the role of a secret warrior named Si-woo.

In the picture revealed, Lee Jung-shin has hair down and his clothes look plain. The pretty boy from CN Blue is nowhere to be seen but only the rebellious looking Lee Jung-shin. His tall height and strong eyes make him look the character he needs to be.

Si-woo is an orphan who wandered the streets before joining a secret group under So Sa-bun (Kim Sang-ho). He doesn’t criticize his situation but says anything and everything he wants to say when he wants to. He is also outstanding in martial arts.

He is also in love with King Yeong-ryu’s daughter Moo-yeong (Kim Ok-bin).

Meanwhile, “Knife and Flower” is a mellow drama about two people who fall in love although in ill fates. The tragedy occurs when King Yeng-ryu’s (Choi Min-soo) daughter Moo-yeong falls in love with his enemy’s son Yeon-choong (Eom Tae-woong). To be aired on the 3rd of July at 10PM.


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Lee Bo Young replies to Yonghwa’s wish of wanting to act with her

Actress Lee Bo Young thanked CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa for wanting to work with her, and revealed she would also like to do the same!

As mentioned previously, on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, Yonghwa was asked, “Who do you want to act with?“. He had answered, “I want to work with Lee Bo Young sunbaenim from ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘. She’s so pretty. Jungshin plays her brother-in-law Sung Jae, and I want to become Sung Jae.

Lee Bo Young replied, “I saw the broadcast, so I told Jungshin to tell him thank you. I’ve met Yonghwa before at a CNBLUE concert.” She then humbly added, “But I think he just said it to promote a drama that his member was in.

When asked, “Do you want to try acting with Yonghwa?“, she answered, “I want to have a mellow drama (romance) role with him, but apparently he just wants to act as my brother in law“, with a laugh.

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