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I’m falling from the sky

As the dream hit my head

Leaving me in ocean of sin

The pieces of hope was scattered for I’m not knowing where it is

I’m all alone in the empty crossroad

I know the rain will falling

Again, maybe to swept away this hesitance

The bell was ringing out loud

Wake me up harshly


a day-dreamer girl

Keep on running in the empty street under the dark cloud

Where the future lies full of shadow

Shr tried to fight the fog

Breaking through the wall

Finding a way to keep her dream

The bell was ringing in the silent night

There’s no star giving the light

It just a spark of hope in her eyes to shine in the darkness

And I know now,

I’m falling from the sky

Photo credit by http://vlad-georgescu.deviantart.com/art/Pressure-325031897

Poem and posted by tara lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

[REVISE] Blue B and the Firelies Tale

The more Blue B walking around in her journey, the more she finds precious experiences. On this day, she meets with generous elder woman who tell her very precious tale.

There was once a kind yet blind little girl living alone at the beautiful riverbank. Plenty of people come everyday to enjoy the view and relieve their bad feeling. It was always that blind little girl who listen to them patiently and gave them a wide bright smile when the visitor about to home. That was give them deep impression and for the girl, the visitor are bless gift to her. Because of them, she never feels alone and listening to them is like crossing to the bridge from her dark surrounding to the bright beautiful world.
Meanwhile, the riverbank’s beauty will be nothing when night comes. People even unable to see their own hands due to the blackness. That is the time for the little girl feeling lonely the most. Every night she prays for the morning to come early, so she will have another friend to talk to.

It was one dead of the night, she visited by Pixy Queen who deliver unwillingful message. The Pixy Queen said that she was about to die. But she will rewarded by heaven for her longing to listen to the people who come to her by receiving three wills in order and one day extra to make her wills reality.
Even though the Little Girl was very upset but she tried to be tough and smile when revealing her wills.
Firstly, she wants to see by her own eyes the place she live at for her lifetime.
Secondly, she wants to meet and talk to the visitors who come by for the last time and saying goodbye properly.
The third one she has not figure out yet so she only asked for the two first.

What a precious gift that the Little Girl finally see the beauty of her home place.
She smiled and said to herself that no wonder many visitors come every day and what they told were so true.

It’s very beautiful indeed.
However, when she told the visitor that she was about to leaving the place, it saddened them, but she made a promise.

‘I will come back here as a light. If you come here at night and see the light, that is me. So you can tell me everything as usual, I will listen and help you to relieve the pain.’

The promise is actually came from nowhere she could think and just for reassuring the visitors but Pixy Queen took it as the last gift for the Little Girl.

After that day, visitor no longer see the girl around, instead of tiny light who flying around when the night comes. That was her unconditional last wills, she wants to be a light for that place then the visitor can visit everytime even in the night.
Nowdays, if the surrounding still pure with greenery and river also clear, you can find these tiny light by singing

“fireflies, fireflies, come here this water is sweet that water is bitter, fireflies, fireflies, come here.” *


*As told by the elder woman own shop at Kyoto, Japan


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[1] This story told by the elder woman own a shop at Kyoto, Japan.

[REVISE] Blue B and The Old Man

It’s been weeks Blue B climbing down the mountain and this morning, she arrives at beautiful seashore with sandy coast, clear blue water and smoth waves in one part but the other one is… Is that mud? Blue B does not sure herself.

Moreover, in the distance there something catching  her eyes. It is an Old Man who busying himself to plant some trees in mud area when Blue B approaching him.

‘Hi, hello, may I know what are you doing?’ Asked Blue B.
‘Oh, hi… Hello, this?’ Replied The Old Man pointing at what he has done.

Blue B nodded.

‘I’m planting mangroves, these trees will protect this place from huge waves and also, it’d be a home for many creatures, come closer I’ll show you.’ Said The Old Man.

‘Oh really? Sure if you don’t mine Thank you.’

Blue B took the offer and she very surprise to see so many creatures she never even had seen it before.

There are something like giant clamp, she was not sure herself. Many kind of crabs, there also something fish-like but it has tiny feet and many more surprising creatures who catch Blue B’s eyes!

‘Interesting doesn’t it?’ Said the Old Man.

Blue B just nodded in agreement since she can not find the word to express it.

‘May I help you? To plant these mangroves.’ Asked Blue B.

‘Wah really? You don’t mind? Well, here I’ll show you.’ Replied The Old Man cheerfuly.

Then both of them start planting mangroves together  and Blue B    exchanging her stories, including her previous met with The Crying Earth.

‘Not all the people in the world like them, those who don’t care with the only place they’re living at,’ said the Old Man toward Blue B’s judgement to the human.

‘Do you see me? I’m really concern with my surrounding. I can’t stand to see my place turn bad and let the creatures extinct, so I try my best to do what I can. The more you make journey, you will see a lot of thing you never imagine and experiences those that can help to built yourself to be better and sensitive person about our only one and already dying planet.’ He went on saying.

Yeah, that could not be more true, if only there are more people like the Old Man then the Earth will never cry, Mr. Tree would never upset thought Silver Doe as she leaving the place and in her fond hope that she can makes another visit one day, to see her growing mangroves she planted.

The sun sets lower and lower as if it drowning into the golden sea, Silver Doe took one last glance, with hope in her mind that the mangroves will grow well so that it can protect the place and the creatures who live there well too.


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[REVISE] Blue B and The River

Summer has come, it is pretty nice weather although a bit too hot and humid. But it is okay, at least not severe like winter, cold and freezing! Blue B looks around to find out where she is, aah… she arrives a little away from residential area, currently she stands at the bridge crossing a wide river. The River’s water is not clear instead dirty and brown also smelly?

‘Hi who’re you? I never know you,’

There sudden voice causing Blue B who look at The River closely jump to her feet.

‘Oh, hi.. how are you? Ermmm this is my first time here, nice to meet you, my name is Blue Butterfly, simply call me Blue b then okay.’ Said Blue B.

Blue B walking down from the bridge to the river bank near by to have a talk with the River. Since many question already trains in her head.

‘So, what’s bring you here?’ Asked the River.

Blue B shook her head, ‘nothing, I mean I don’t know. I just walking around and arrive here, anyway you look great-‘

‘Before,’ interjected the River to make correction..

Despite everything actually this is a great river. It is a huge river with uncountable creature live in, supposedly. But with how he looks, Blue B doubt if there any creature can survive.

‘Ah… yah, before I supposed. But what happen with you?’


‘You see there?’ Asked The River pointing up to the residential area not too far ahead.

Silver Doe nodded.

‘The human up there who has done these mess. That area growing rapidly without proper plan. They don’t know how to dispose their trash and when they’re coming to the dead-end, they will throw away everything on me as if I’m their never-ending rubbish bin. Some of them even thrown mattress bed.’

‘Mattress bed?’ repeat Silver Doe surprisingly, how come they throwing away that such a thing.

‘Unbelievable right? And you know what, when rain comes, the water from river head brings the soil with them, that’s why my water becomes like this. All the human did, they messed up everything. Even the only place they live at. If only they ever think when the earth collapse they have no place to live. But they don’t, do they? Nowdays, I take it easy too, if I’m overload
I just flooding my water.’

‘What about them?’ Asked Silver Doe.

‘They never learn though,’ The River shrugged.

Another encounters, another heartbreaking The Earth stories, another experiences too.
Yeah, many human do not care with their environment. They should start paying much attention on it or when they realize is already too late to regret it.

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[REVISE] Blue B and Mr. Tree

It is hot and windy day today yet Blue B still feels the freshy air around her. Waa… It is like the one she has in her home place.

She cheerfully walking through the forest, deep and deeper. It been long for her not to see this kind of greenery. Uncountable trees stood up reaching the sky. Golden sun’s rays breaking through the canopy, making a magnificent light stick.

However, her happiness is not stays longer, about miles away deeper Blue B find something terrific.  It could have been saveral football fields’s wide forest was gone! Leaving nothing more than the roots and bushes.  Giving Blue B another shock for her cannot believe her eyes.

A big tree who talk to her.

‘What had happen with those tress?’ Asked Blue B pointing toward to the root fields.

‘Oh those? We’re all cut down,’ Replied Mr. Tree weakly.

‘Cut you are all down? But why? And why in this deep? I mean, out there in the entrance seems fine.’ Blue B asking in confusion.

Yeah it is looks weird, from the entrance everything looks so  fine and green.

Mr.Tree srugged, ‘what do I know? They did almost everyday, not in the same place, though. Ah.. Maybe they do again today, there.’ Said The Tree pointing straight to the distant.

‘I don’t kow exactly but I guess, they have done it so none suspect if the forest actually been damage.’ He went on explain that makes Blue B more confuse.

‘Are you saying that they’re thief or something?’

Mr. Tree srugged for the second time.

‘Kind of maybe, I don’t know.’

‘Why they’re cut you down?’

‘Many purposes, we were planted to fulfill their need, though.’ Said Mr. Tree lightly but there something in his voice.

‘Not in this way, this just not right. Didn’t they replant any tree?’

The Tree shook his head, ‘Altough they did, it’ll need years even decade to make it like today. Well, saying the truth I’m glad if I can do what I supposed to do for them but I’m more grateful I’m still here with my kind, surrounded by nature. I love being here, I love this greenery, it’s something they also need right? Keeping the greenery alive. But I think they don’t trouble themselves with it. If only they notice that greenery is necessary, to have fresh and pure air, they’ll think twice before touch the forest. Sometimes I don’t understand with the way they thinking.’ Concluded The Tree.

‘Yeah.. Me too, human is complicated.’ Agreed Blue B.

Once she out of the damage forest, Blue B rethinking her conversation with Mr. Tree. How violent human treat the forest and the earth they are live at. Sometimes she thinking that human has brain but appearantly many also has not and just thinking about their today’s advantage

Aaah.. Human, if only you understand The Tree’s feeling or realizing how important the forest for your own life, probably you never even dare to ruin it. You have to pay more attention on it before too late for you to regret it.

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The sun rise in the radiant light

The day has found its way

Magic of the sun

Will you deliver your warmth?

Here is the suffering soul

When they found themselves in between the darkness

Inside the brightest surrounding

How could this be?

The sun is never belong to us

For us struggle to find a way out

Seeking a little spark of the hope

Wanting to get away from the blackness

And walking away from these misery

The life and the light

But the sun is never belongs to this life



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Once upon time, in the deep green forest there lived a beauty and kind a Blue Butterfly who has bright wings and brain too. Beside her bright brain she also likes travel to discover new thing.
One day she sets off from her lovely home to make a journey. She has no idea where exactly her destination is instead to follow where her step takes to.
To the other day she arrived at surprisingly barren hill. Neither trees nor bushes, seemingly all the trees already cut down. The weather is quite hot and the wind is dry and dusty. She tries to get some water as she getting so thirsty but the river as dry as the place next to her.
She fell into her knees, she was very upset with the surrounding, and it doesn’t like her home that green and pure.
‘Why this place is becomes so bad?’ cried Blue B’s heart.
A moment or so she heard another crying near by. Blue B looks around and trying to find the voice’s source. She looks aghast and stares at her feet to the earth underneath.
Here it is, the crying source, the Earth, which is the Earth who cries.
‘Why do you cry?’ asked Blue B slowly.
‘The same reason as you do, don’t you sees what I’ve become right now? It pains me, my body is quite hot and dusty and when the rain watering it washing away my soil.’ Replied The Earth sadly.
‘Who has done this?’ Again Blue B asking The Earth.
‘Human of course, who do you think  capable enough to have done this to us? They cut down the trees, doing whatever they wanna do without thinking, you see, my creatures all gone, my forest too, leaving myself alone.’ Explain The Earth with such an angry voice.
Blue B hardly knowing what to does or says. She took a deep breath and asking for the third times.
‘What can I do for you?’

The Earth shook her head and replied, ‘Nothing,’

That was a silent moment between them. Blue B thinking to find a way helping The Earth.

After a long pause, Blue B got up to her feet and asking,

‘Where I can see them? Human. I will try to talk to them. ‘

I’m not sure, but will they listen to you?’ asked The Earth hesitantly.

The idea of Blue B want to see human and talk to them somehow sounds tempting, indeed a tempting hope.  Yet the Crying Earth can not let her hope  goes up to the air. This case is happen since  years ago, if they  are wanted to, the hill will not bare at all. What does human care with the Crying Earth?  They have no caring at all.

But Blue B is smiling, ‘I don’t know but I’ll give it try to tried my best’

Blue B start to climbing down through barren hill and determined to see human to talk about the dying earth and of course to see sunshine where a new hope begin enlighten the whole space.

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Blue B and the Salmon

One day, it just one and another day in her journey.  It was when she reached at the beautiful greenery at the down stream. Which mesmerizing her was the view next to her. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of salmon heading to the up-stream.

Wait, up-stream? To the water not ocean? Yes they are and that the reason Blue B so amaze, for the view was quite strange.

They are rushed to the up-stream for what? And surely they are swim against the stream. Moreover, as long as she knows that salmon is living in the ocean. How come they are moving up to the river?

Many questions train in her head. And she can not help but approaching The Salmon who takes rest near by and asking.

“Hi, how are you?”

“Hi, how are you, ermmm… Do I know you?” To the Salmon’s surprise that somebody approach her.

“Oh yes, my name is Blue Butterfly, usually people call me Blue B, I just curious with all you guys doing.” Replied Blue B.

“We’re all going back home.”  The Salmon said.

“Going back home?” Repeat Blue B.

The Salmon nodded.

Leaving Blue B in confusion stage, more, the Salmon should live in the ocean, why are they had to go to up-stream? And to the up-stream? Swimming against the wave?

“Yeah, we’re all going back home to where we were had born. It’s breeding season.” Explained The Salmon.

“I think you’re live in the ocean.”

“Eh, yes we are. Right we were born, we’re travel from the upper to the down stream and to the ocean but once we reach our age, we’re back again to our birthplace during breeding season.”

Blue B nodding while listened to the Salmon’s explanation.

“Then once breeding season is over, you guys back to the ocean again?” asked Blue B.

The Salmon shook her head and with bitter voice but surprisingly there proud inside, she answered,

“No, never, we’re all never had a chance to come back to the ocean as well as some of us who never reach up-stream.”

“Ahh… I see so you stay there taking care your kids?” said Blue B.

Again, The Salmon shook her head,

“We never see our kids either, actually neither of us had ever see our parents.”

Blue B gasped, “what do’u means by saying never knew your parents?”

The Salmon smile weakly and in a low voice she said,

“we’re all die after spawning. We’re too exhausted by our travel and lying eggs is not easy either. But we proud of it, the journey we made was worth enough, when we’re finally passing the new life to the new generation. It would be them who continue our life. We will live through them. Then the new generation will carry on the mission to next generation. That’s how we survive and keep alive. Don’t you think it’s cool? We’re wonder and hoping that the next life will be better and the offspring also will proud due to the chance of life we give to them. We’re all living in our own memory.”

Due to her shock, Blue B did not replay anything. She just thinking about the life The Salmon have been through. What a cruel destiny. She can not help but praising the effort and sacrifice The Salmon carry on her shoulders to keep their generation alive.

That day, another lesson for Blue B, sometimes the destiny is cruel enough to be feeling but there a great lesson behind it and of course it makes Blue B to appreciate her life more.


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Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary



Chirping of birds and the white snow.  ”When it comes to New Year, somehow, I think of is the chirping of birds and the white snow”



Do this year Regards. “And New Year’s Day is said, I think of this first sight. It’s a scene that I have to shake hands with yourself. Hello to the new year! And promise myself that. Best regards such this year,



Kiting ”When the new year, to make your own kite, When I was a child, he had a kite competition”



Bells on New Year’s Eve ”New Year every year is to inform the bells on New Year’s Eve, and will be on January 1. I think that while listening to the sound, the New Year, and “Let’s work hard this year” in the new feeling”


Scan Credit @mi_malice

Trans credit chiqchoq

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