Wu Yifan and the Milestones to Come

Wu Yifan and the Milestones to Come

Wu Yifan, today was marking his path in the world for 24 years already.

Today 24 years ago, right on the 6th November 1990 there was born a baby boy, the ordinary baby boy. The baby was growing up in such various surrounding which lead him to be extraordinary boy ever walk on earth.


He spent his early life in two different surrounding, in his birthplace China and in the different world of western, Vancouver, Canada for specific. Having to adapt in the polar opposite of culture just enriched his personality.
The ordinary boy soon become extraordinary boy with his all round talent. Started off by basketball player, the boy named Kevin Li even brought his team become champion back in China.

Went back to Vancouver, soon he kicked of his entertainment destiny after pass the SM Global audition.

His new journey was begun in Korea.

Spent nine years in that country with all the sweat, pain, blood, tears; he left.

As expected, his adventurous soul can’t let himself stuck in one place and one thing too long. Gathered all his brave, he took one big and controversial step by leaving the team that already make his name big.

Why did he leaving? Just one answer.

A dolphin is need a bigger place to see her beautiful dance, in this case, she need a big and beautiful ocean.

That was he does.

He took up the chance for another opportunity, the one he may never have if he choose to stay.

So here he goes today, actor/singer/songwriter/composer/producer Wu who kick off his new journey right on his birthday with his very first self-composed and produced song as his movie’s OST, entitled “有一个地方(You yi ge di fang) – Somewhere/There is a Place”

Listen to the song here 有一个地方 (by clicking the link you will leave the page)



This maybe not the best, but surely, this song will be very much memorable for him and for meigeni because this is his very first step for a new journey.

Hope that he can keep stepping forward because meigeni will always back him up, there is a place for him to turn into whenever he needed it


有一个地方* (its not song lyric)

There is a place for the story to be born
There is a place for the start to begin
There is a palce for the gate to open

And there is a place for you to turn into

A place for you to shine
A place for you to smile
A place for you to cheer

One place

One place only you know

You may go somewhere
You may hide somewhere
You may leave somewhere

But there only one place you may return to

Somewhere, where the skies are blue
Somewhere, where the stars are shining bright
Somewhere, where we can fly together


Somewhere only we know

~by 蝶蝶~

Happy Birthday Galaxy 生日快乐凡凡


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I’m falling from the sky

As the dream hit my head

Leaving me in ocean of sin

The pieces of hope was scattered for I’m not knowing where it is

I’m all alone in the empty crossroad

I know the rain will falling

Again, maybe to swept away this hesitance

The bell was ringing out loud

Wake me up harshly


a day-dreamer girl

Keep on running in the empty street under the dark cloud

Where the future lies full of shadow

Shr tried to fight the fog

Breaking through the wall

Finding a way to keep her dream

The bell was ringing in the silent night

There’s no star giving the light

It just a spark of hope in her eyes to shine in the darkness

And I know now,

I’m falling from the sky

Photo credit by http://vlad-georgescu.deviantart.com/art/Pressure-325031897

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a kid syria


Under the same sun

Where the smokey air was formed

Dusty dry wind-swept away his dirty little face

He stay still


Stare at the unmoved poor father

Trembling with fear

Covers by anger

Fury blowing inside him

What’s our fault?

Why did they do this to us?

Oh my poor father!!!

He screaming inside

Nothing he could do but hiding

The last word his beloved father had said

One of his legacy

‘Son, go! Run and hide, save your self!’

As blood start leaking


That day,

The day that bullet had pierced through his poor father

In front of the helpless little son

Another anger was form

Another war had declare

And war will never end in the world that peace and love is the most expensive thing


*Dedicated to those kids who lost their parents during war, stay strong and be sure not to create another war. So in the future the will be no more innocent kids who suffering like you do now. It will be hard to forgive but that’s the best you can do to find peace*


Photo credit www.iinanews.com

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The sun rise in the radiant light

The day has found its way

Magic of the sun

Will you deliver your warmth?

Here is the suffering soul

When they found themselves in between the darkness

Inside the brightest surrounding

How could this be?

The sun is never belong to us

For us struggle to find a way out

Seeking a little spark of the hope

Wanting to get away from the blackness

And walking away from these misery

The life and the light

But the sun is never belongs to this life



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Once upon time, in the deep green forest there lived a beauty and kind a Blue Butterfly who has bright wings and brain too. Beside her bright brain she also likes travel to discover new thing.
One day she sets off from her lovely home to make a journey. She has no idea where exactly her destination is instead to follow where her step takes to.
To the other day she arrived at surprisingly barren hill. Neither trees nor bushes, seemingly all the trees already cut down. The weather is quite hot and the wind is dry and dusty. She tries to get some water as she getting so thirsty but the river as dry as the place next to her.
She fell into her knees, she was very upset with the surrounding, and it doesn’t like her home that green and pure.
‘Why this place is becomes so bad?’ cried Blue B’s heart.
A moment or so she heard another crying near by. Blue B looks around and trying to find the voice’s source. She looks aghast and stares at her feet to the earth underneath.
Here it is, the crying source, the Earth, which is the Earth who cries.
‘Why do you cry?’ asked Blue B slowly.
‘The same reason as you do, don’t you sees what I’ve become right now? It pains me, my body is quite hot and dusty and when the rain watering it washing away my soil.’ Replied The Earth sadly.
‘Who has done this?’ Again Blue B asking The Earth.
‘Human of course, who do you think  capable enough to have done this to us? They cut down the trees, doing whatever they wanna do without thinking, you see, my creatures all gone, my forest too, leaving myself alone.’ Explain The Earth with such an angry voice.
Blue B hardly knowing what to does or says. She took a deep breath and asking for the third times.
‘What can I do for you?’

The Earth shook her head and replied, ‘Nothing,’

That was a silent moment between them. Blue B thinking to find a way helping The Earth.

After a long pause, Blue B got up to her feet and asking,

‘Where I can see them? Human. I will try to talk to them. ‘

I’m not sure, but will they listen to you?’ asked The Earth hesitantly.

The idea of Blue B want to see human and talk to them somehow sounds tempting, indeed a tempting hope.  Yet the Crying Earth can not let her hope  goes up to the air. This case is happen since  years ago, if they  are wanted to, the hill will not bare at all. What does human care with the Crying Earth?  They have no caring at all.

But Blue B is smiling, ‘I don’t know but I’ll give it try to tried my best’

Blue B start to climbing down through barren hill and determined to see human to talk about the dying earth and of course to see sunshine where a new hope begin enlighten the whole space.

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CNBLUE Interview on Olleh Music/Music Brunch About Re:BLUE

reblue interview

CNBLUE 4th mini Album [Re:BLUE]
reblue interview2
씨엔블루가 10개월 만에 국내 발표하는 4번째 미니 앨범 [Re:BLUE]는 6곡 전곡 씨엔블루 자작곡으로 채워졌다. 타이틀곡 ‘I’m sorry’를 비롯, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘나란 남자’, ‘라라라’, ‘Where you are’은 정용화 자작곡이며 ‘나 그대보다’는 이종현이 작곡했다. 특히 타이틀곡 ‘I’m sorry’는 세련되고 강렬한 모던 락 장르의 곡으로 씨엔블루의 색깔이 잘 드러나 있다. 씨엔블루가 심혈을 기울인 이번 음반에는 모던 락 외에도 팝 락, 디스코 락 등이 다양하게 수록되어 있다.
Track.1 I’m sorry
정용화 : 부담이 되었던 곡이다. 지금까지 해오던 스타일과 달라서 팬들이 좋아하실지 걱정하며 작업했던 곡이다. 팝적인 요소를 많이 넣으려고 노력했다. 정말 신경을 많이 썼다.
이종현 : 이건 비밀이지만 가사가 붙기 전 가이드일 때 sorry 부분이 종현이였다. I’m 종현~ I’m 종현~
강 민혁 : 노래가 정말 마음에 들어서 어떻게 녹음을 할까 고민을 정말 많이 했다. 욕심이 컸던 만큼 아쉬움도 크지만 노래와 잘 어울리는 것 같아 다행이다. 녹음뿐만 아니라 자켓 뮤비 앨범제작 등 많은 부분에 참여 하면서 애착이 많이 가는 앨범이다.
이정신 : 우선 많은 다듬질을 하며 작업한 곡이다. 기존의 씨엔블루 타이틀 곡들과는 다른 느낌이고, 무엇보다 용화형의 곡이 타이틀곡으로 정해져서 기분이 매우 좋다. 매우!
Track.2 Coffee Shop
정용화 : 커피숍에서 느낀 생각을 곡을 쓰기 시작했고, 그래서 굉장히 빨리 써진 곡이다. 처음에 곡을 썼을 때 멤버들이 듣고 굉장히 좋아해서 기뻤던 기억이 난다.
이종현 : 개인적으로 이번 앨범중 가장 좋아하는 곡이다. 기타리프가 돋보이며 공연이 즐거울 것 같은 곡이다.
강 민혁 : 처음 용화 형의 가이드 버전을 듣자마자 ‘이건 대박이다’ 싶었다. 계속 귀와 입에 맴돌았다. 여러 진행상황이 궁금한 곡이기도 했다. ‘I’m sorry’ 만큼 이 노래도 정말 많은 사람들이 들어줬으면 하는 곡이다. 특히 라이브에서 여러 가지를 보여줄 수 있는 재미있는 곡이다.
이정신 :  커피숍은 리듬이 돋보이는 곡이고 기타리프가 인상적이다. 라이브가 기대되는 곡! 가사도 귀에 잘 들어오고 신나는 곡이다
Track.3 나 그대보다
정용화 : 밝은 분위기이지만 헤어진 곡이라 특이했고, 멜로디가 사랑스러워 녹음할 때도 기분 좋았다. 사랑스럽게 노래하려 노력했다
이종현 : 날씨가 따뜻한 봄을 그리며 만든 노래이다. 좀 이른 감이 있지만 이 곡을 들으며 따뜻한 겨울을 보내셨으면 좋겠다.
강민혁 : 종현이형의 감미로운 멜로디와 감미로운 목소리가 돋보이는 곡이다.
이정신 : 감미로운 어쿠스틱 기타와 용화형과 종현이형의 음색이 잘 어울리는 곡이다. 가사와 곡 분위기가 상반된 가사가 매력있는 곡이다
Track.4 나란 남자
정용화 : ‘어장관리 당하는 남자’가 테마여서 재미있게 썼다. 편곡도 신디사이저같은 악기들이 많이 들어가 흥겹게 녹음하고 썼던 곡이다.
이종현 : 댄스적인 요소가 많이 들어가있다. 멜로디는 한국적이고 편곡은 세련됐다.
강민혁 : 개인적으로는 녹음할 때 미디드럼과 어쿠스틱 드럼과 녹음을 어떤 것으로 할지 많이 고민했던 곡이다.
이정신 : 반복 되는 후렴구가 인상적인 곡이다. 신디사이저가 정말 재밌게 어우러진다.
Track.5 라라라 (La La La)
정용화 : 피아노로 처음에 쓰게 되었고 굉장히 아끼는 곡이어서 한국앨범에 들어가게 되어서 기쁘다. 설레는 마음으로 곡을 썼던 기억이 난다. 강한 느낌의 발라드 곡이다. 내가 좋아하는!
이종현 : 피아노소리가 아름답고 특히 후렴구 멜로디가 너무 좋다.
강민혁 : 처음부터 용화형이 친 피아노소리에 임펙트가 강했다. 부드럽고 감미로운 피아노소리에 반전되는 강한 드럼비트와 기타사운드가 매력인 곡이다. 가사중에 ‘라라라’ 부분은 직접적인 표현이 아니라 더 인상깊었다.
이정신 : 건반 편곡이 인상적이고 강한 느낌의 발라드 곡이다. 기타사운드와 베이스라인이 돋보이는 것이 매력적이다!
Track.6 Where You Are (English Ver.)
정용화 : 일본앨범에 먼저 실린 곡이고 오리콘 차트에서도 1위한 곡이어서 한국 앨범에도 꼭 넣고싶은 곡이었다. 못 들어 본 분들께 자랑하고싶다. 나의 곡이라고!
이종현 : 이 노랜 라이브가 제 맛이다. 공연장에서 꼭 들어 보셨으면 좋겠다.
강민혁 : 씨엔블루가 아끼는 곡중 하나이다. 첫 인트로가 인상적으로 듣는 이로 하여금 강한 인상을 남겨줄 수 있는 곡이다.
이정신 : 가사가 인상적이며 라이브에서 더 큰 빛을 발휘하는 곡, 락킹한 느낌이 강하고 인마이헤드에 이어 멤버 모두가 이번 앨범에 넣고 싶어해서 넣게 됐다.

reblue interview3

English Trans

CNBLUE 4th mini Album [Re:BLUE]

The 4th mini album to be released domestically in 10 months, all 6 tracks of Re:BLUE  are CNBLUE’s self-compositions. Including the title track, “I’m sorry”, “Coffee shop”, “Naran namja”, “Lalala”, “Where you are” are written by Jung Yong Hwa and “Na Geudaeboda” is composed by Lee Jong Hyun. The title track “I’m sorry” is a trendy and powerful modern rock genre, that represents CNBLUE’s color very well. This album, created with much hard effort by CNBLUE, includes diverse genres other than modern rock, such as pop rock and disco rock.

Track.1 I’m sorry
Yonghwa: It was a pressure to write this song. I was worried whether the fans would like it, because it’s different from my usual style. I tried to include a lot of pop elements. I really put a lot of care into it.
Jonghyun: This is a secret, but the guide lyrics the “sorry” part was “Jong Hyun.” “I’m Jong Hyun~ I’m Jong Hyun~”
Minhyuk: I really liked the song, so was quite concerned about how to record it. As high as the hopes were, there’s much regret but I think it goes well with the song. We participated in not only the recording but also the booklet, music video and the production, so I’m very attached to this album.
Jungshin: First of all, this track was refined a lot over time. It has a different feel to it compared to previous title tracks by CNBLUE. More than anything, I’m very excited that Yonghwa hyung’s song was chosen as the title track. VERY!
Track.2 Coffee Shop
Yonghwa: I started writing the song from the inspiration I got at a cafe, so I wrote this very fast. When I first wrote the song, the members heard it and absolutely loved it. I remember how happy I was.
Jonghyun: Personally, it’s my favorite song of the album. The guitar riff stands out and I think the performance would be fun.
Minhyuk: When I first heard Yonghwa hyung’s guide version, I thought “This is daebak”. It kept repeating in my ears and my lips. I was curious about the progress of this song. I want just as many people to listen to this as “I’m sorry”. It’s a fun song that we can really show much more at live performances.
Jungshin: Coffee shop’s rhythm is outstanding and the guitar riffs are impressive. I’m looking forward to playing this live! The lyrics are catchy and it’s an uplifting tune.
Track.3 나 그대보다 (Myself More Than You)
Yonghwa: It’s interesting that it’s an uplifitng song but a song about separation of lovers. The melody was lovely, it felt good while recording. I tried my best to sing in a lovely tone.
Jonghyun: I wrote this song longing for the warm spring. It’s a little early, but I hope you keep warm this winter listening to this song.
Minhyuk: Jonghyun hyung’s sweet melody and voice stand out in this song.
Jungshin: The sweet acoustic guitar and Yonghwa and Jonghyun hyung’s voice tone go well together in this song. The contrast between the lyrics and the vibe of the song gives its appeal.
Track.4 나란 남자 (The Guy Like Me)
Yonghwa: It was fun writing this song, as the theme was “a guy whose love interest is a tease”. It was exciting to write and record this song, including varous instruments like the synthesizer for the arrangement.
Jonghyun: Elements of dance tunes are prevalent in this song. The style of melody is Korean, and the arrangement is stylish.
Minhyuk: Personally, I gave it much thought about whether to record with a midi or an acoustic drum.
Jungshin: The repeating hook is quite memorable in this song. The usage of synthesizer is really interesting here.
Track.5 라라라 (La La La)
Yonghwa: I started writing this song with the piano first. I have special affections for this song, so I’m happy this song is included in our Korean album. I remember being very excited while writing this song. It’s a ballad song with a powerful vibe, the style I like!
Jonghyun: The piano sound is beautiful, and I really like the hook.
Minhyuk: From the start, the piano played by Yonghwa hyung had a huge impact. The strong drum beat and guitar in opposition to the soft and sweet piano is very appealing. In the lyrics, it was impressive that “lalala” was used as an indirect expression.
Jungshin: With an impactful keyboard arrangment, this is a powerful ballad song. I love how the guitar sound and bass line are accentuated!
Track.6 Where You Are (English Ver.)
Yonghwa: This song was in our Japanese album first and it also ranked #1 on the Oricon Chart, so I really wanted to include this in our Korean album as well. I want to show it off to those who haven’t heard it yet, that it’s my composition.
Jonghyun: This song is definately great in live. I wish you could hear it at our concert.
Minhyuk: This is one of CNBLUE’s favorite songs. The impressive intro leaves a strong impact to listeners.
Jungshin: The lyrics are very meaningful, and it shines so much brighter in live performances. It’s got a very rock feel to it, and we included it in this album because all the members wanted to just like “In My Head”.


Trans Credit Just JYH


The sound of the falling rain fill up the sleepless daybreak.

Dripping slow,

leaving the whole earth with tears.

The raindrops sparkling by the tiny light.

Just a deep breath,
seeing the whole silence.

The cold wind has deliver some kind of desperation.

Breaking through the window,

swept my face, waved the long hair.

I look up to the dark sky.

Heaven way.

Why didn’t you appearing on me?


the star hiding behind the heavy cloud.

And the moon peeking shyly.
The rain still dropping,

leaving a piece of hope and despair in a same moment.

Here I am waiting for the sunrise comes.

In wish to see a new life.

And hope lies on the heaven way,

of the beautiful rainbows.

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Take the hit and keep on running
The path who lies next to me is the only way
With dream in mind
And sweat in hand
It’s just like a bird who flying in the sky
Breaking through the foggy fantasy

No chance to giving up
‘Cause the light is still there
Waiting for me to reach it out
And holding it tight not to lose

No chance to giving up
‘Cause the dream keep on running
Waiting for me to catch it up
And holding it tight not to lose

Leaving the bitter memories and move on
For all I know no point to live at the past
With hope in mind
And love in hand
It’s just like cherry blossoms in the spring
Blooming fine through the windy spring

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I wonder how to define

It’s just something in the sky

Flying in a transparent light

What enchanting

One precious thing in my heart called dream

The vivid light dazzling from above

Glittering as if it’s scattering miracles

Sweat comes along with the hopes

Swept away the tears

When the rain comes in sudden

In early of January

The step I take

The journey I make

For all I know it has no end

Just like walking through the circle

The silent dream

I keep it alive toward the end of the last step that might be at

Just keep drawing on the dream

And on…

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