The sound of the falling rain fill up the sleepless daybreak.

Dripping slow,

leaving the whole earth with tears.

The raindrops sparkling by the tiny light.

Just a deep breath,
seeing the whole silence.

The cold wind has deliver some kind of desperation.

Breaking through the window,

swept my face, waved the long hair.

I look up to the dark sky.

Heaven way.

Why didn’t you appearing on me?


the star hiding behind the heavy cloud.

And the moon peeking shyly.
The rain still dropping,

leaving a piece of hope and despair in a same moment.

Here I am waiting for the sunrise comes.

In wish to see a new life.

And hope lies on the heaven way,

of the beautiful rainbows.

Posted by tara lee


Take the hit and keep on running
The path who lies next to me is the only way
With dream in mind
And sweat in hand
It’s just like a bird who flying in the sky
Breaking through the foggy fantasy

No chance to giving up
‘Cause the light is still there
Waiting for me to reach it out
And holding it tight not to lose

No chance to giving up
‘Cause the dream keep on running
Waiting for me to catch it up
And holding it tight not to lose

Leaving the bitter memories and move on
For all I know no point to live at the past
With hope in mind
And love in hand
It’s just like cherry blossoms in the spring
Blooming fine through the windy spring

posted by tara lee


I wonder how to define

It’s just something in the sky

Flying in a transparent light

What enchanting

One precious thing in my heart called dream

The vivid light dazzling from above

Glittering as if it’s scattering miracles

Sweat comes along with the hopes

Swept away the tears

When the rain comes in sudden

In early of January

The step I take

The journey I make

For all I know it has no end

Just like walking through the circle

The silent dream

I keep it alive toward the end of the last step that might be at

Just keep drawing on the dream

And on…

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This could be a small dream with a big passion
As the flowers keep on bloming
And spring always comes after the bitter snow

I’m searching on the shadow
For it disappear by the darkness
I don’t know but I have to keep on going
My hands are shaking
I don’t see the light
It’s all gone
Where do I have to go?
The way out is nowhere in sight
And the road is too hard to find the edge
Where I am now?
What is it the place I trapped in?

This could be a small dream with big consequences
As leaves changing its colour and falling
For the fall turn after the hotty summer

And the time never stop ticking
For giving me a chance to find another way out
It’s always been like this
A small dream with deep hurt

posted by tara lee


The sun is calling

With uncounted loves that spreading through the snowfall


By the gaze of the sunlight who sending the warmth

Here I am today

Gazing at the deep peaceful angelic face’s sleep

What a lovely

And what I wish the time will never ticking


Just gazing at it

Just feeling this peace

With dozens of loves

And a small smile who pictured on the angel’s face

Soon the wind will swept away all the hesitancy

Leaving only the purity

Of love

Until the time I feel only like today


Peaceful of silence

posted by tara lee


The voice

Coming in such of the sudden

Smoothly it runs through my veins

Lead me to the place I’ve never been

What was going on?

I don’t know, it just warmth and infecting my brain completely

The voice

It’s just another miracle

That wrap the lonely soul into warm embrace

Sending me with tons of hopes

What was going on?

I don’t know, it just refreshing and I’m lying upon my pillow with smile

The voice

What I wanna it’ll long lasting

Just please dont disappear

I need the voice to lead my feets

I wish I could hear The Voice singing for me

Once Again

*This is my first post on the first January 2013. Starting from today I hope I could write a happy memories in every pages of 2013 memories book. How about you guys? Well here I wanna wish everyone, my blog followers, readers and visitors a very best wishes and hopefuly you guys able to get whatever you had set up! HAPPY NEW YEAR*
A lot peace and love
Tara Lee