Wu Yifan and the Milestones to Come

Wu Yifan and the Milestones to Come

Wu Yifan, today was marking his path in the world for 24 years already.

Today 24 years ago, right on the 6th November 1990 there was born a baby boy, the ordinary baby boy. The baby was growing up in such various surrounding which lead him to be extraordinary boy ever walk on earth.


He spent his early life in two different surrounding, in his birthplace China and in the different world of western, Vancouver, Canada for specific. Having to adapt in the polar opposite of culture just enriched his personality.
The ordinary boy soon become extraordinary boy with his all round talent. Started off by basketball player, the boy named Kevin Li even brought his team become champion back in China.

Went back to Vancouver, soon he kicked of his entertainment destiny after pass the SM Global audition.

His new journey was begun in Korea.

Spent nine years in that country with all the sweat, pain, blood, tears; he left.

As expected, his adventurous soul can’t let himself stuck in one place and one thing too long. Gathered all his brave, he took one big and controversial step by leaving the team that already make his name big.

Why did he leaving? Just one answer.

A dolphin is need a bigger place to see her beautiful dance, in this case, she need a big and beautiful ocean.

That was he does.

He took up the chance for another opportunity, the one he may never have if he choose to stay.

So here he goes today, actor/singer/songwriter/composer/producer Wu who kick off his new journey right on his birthday with his very first self-composed and produced song as his movie’s OST, entitled “有一个地方(You yi ge di fang) – Somewhere/There is a Place”

Listen to the song here 有一个地方 (by clicking the link you will leave the page)



This maybe not the best, but surely, this song will be very much memorable for him and for meigeni because this is his very first step for a new journey.

Hope that he can keep stepping forward because meigeni will always back him up, there is a place for him to turn into whenever he needed it


有一个地方* (its not song lyric)

There is a place for the story to be born
There is a place for the start to begin
There is a palce for the gate to open

And there is a place for you to turn into

A place for you to shine
A place for you to smile
A place for you to cheer

One place

One place only you know

You may go somewhere
You may hide somewhere
You may leave somewhere

But there only one place you may return to

Somewhere, where the skies are blue
Somewhere, where the stars are shining bright
Somewhere, where we can fly together


Somewhere only we know

~by 蝶蝶~

Happy Birthday Galaxy 生日快乐凡凡


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I’m falling from the sky

As the dream hit my head

Leaving me in ocean of sin

The pieces of hope was scattered for I’m not knowing where it is

I’m all alone in the empty crossroad

I know the rain will falling

Again, maybe to swept away this hesitance

The bell was ringing out loud

Wake me up harshly


a day-dreamer girl

Keep on running in the empty street under the dark cloud

Where the future lies full of shadow

Shr tried to fight the fog

Breaking through the wall

Finding a way to keep her dream

The bell was ringing in the silent night

There’s no star giving the light

It just a spark of hope in her eyes to shine in the darkness

And I know now,

I’m falling from the sky

Photo credit by http://vlad-georgescu.deviantart.com/art/Pressure-325031897

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a kid syria


Under the same sun

Where the smokey air was formed

Dusty dry wind-swept away his dirty little face

He stay still


Stare at the unmoved poor father

Trembling with fear

Covers by anger

Fury blowing inside him

What’s our fault?

Why did they do this to us?

Oh my poor father!!!

He screaming inside

Nothing he could do but hiding

The last word his beloved father had said

One of his legacy

‘Son, go! Run and hide, save your self!’

As blood start leaking


That day,

The day that bullet had pierced through his poor father

In front of the helpless little son

Another anger was form

Another war had declare

And war will never end in the world that peace and love is the most expensive thing


*Dedicated to those kids who lost their parents during war, stay strong and be sure not to create another war. So in the future the will be no more innocent kids who suffering like you do now. It will be hard to forgive but that’s the best you can do to find peace*


Photo credit www.iinanews.com

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I think I have to say sorry to all my blog followers especially to you all who aren’t Boice. Saying the truth, I didn’t intent to turn this blog to be a fansite but these days it seems to be.

I have been hiatus to write everything unrelated with my own mind and when I come back here, CNBLUE has many things that I want to keep for my self and share with another Boices. Christmas and other stuff take all my intention so I can’t think about my writing properly.

I’m thinking to create a real fansite to make specific site, but with limit time I have to stay and updating on each and every site, I don’t think I can manage those sites well. Moreover, as my concept for Blue plum blossoms decoded is ‘a home’ which mean I can keep mine in here. Until then, the time I can fully manage my all site well, you need to compromise when visiting my home.

So to everyone of you who disspointed or displease with my random posts instead only poetry who I post mostly. I’m really sorry to let you down.

It’s maybe too early but I’d like to say Merry Christmas!!!

Alot of peace and love
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Above there
Can you see blue bird flying?
Calling to come along
Flying with rainbows
Singing along with angel’s voice

Above there
Can you see blue butterfly flying?
Deliver a mild hope for every dream
Playing with desire
Dancing along with great passion

The blue sky
A place for hope
Season for spring
Dream comes as destination
And road for direction

The blue sky
A place for fly
Spring for life
Passion that held strength
And faith for fall

Above there
Can you see fireflies flying?
Tiny light for the darkest night
A little warmth in cold
And little cherry in despair


In one silent night
None but shadowy figure
Silhouette in doubt
Stepping forward through the misty dead moon
Why is there no light?
The little spark was extinguished
Fire never be

Would you like me to see?

You know nothing can’t stop me anymore
‘Cause only one stage in my life
Place for me to shine
Even I have to shed tears
And drenching by sweats

Would you like me to be?
A coward?
Or a knight?

You know I can fight for everything
‘Cause giving up brings nothing
That only in my head
Even though torn in blood
And scratch in pain

In one lonely night
Nothing but the darkness
Singing in silence
Whispering through the velvety blackness
Why is there now way out?
The boulevard turn into a dead-end
The road of despair

Above there
The little of sparkling light
In one silent night

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This fire burning
Can you see deep inside my eyes?
I’m down
I can’t hold this anymore
This tempting dream
Yet too cruel to facing

Sometimes I see the dream;Awake
Sometimes I see the hope; rising
Sometimes I see the tears; dropping
Sometimes I see the sweat; drenching
Sometimes I see the pain; scratching

The light was gone
The door slammed close in my face
I’m lost
There’s nothing but the darkness
Can you see me?
How this dream had bury me,

Where is the way out?
Where is the way I can walk through?
Where is the miracle will shows up?

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Seasons come and go
The year stays colorful
Yet leaving a little sadness
There; outside there
Rainbows are smiling

Voice of autumn
Whispering in breeze
Saying hello to the morning light
Those falling leaves
A warmth in the beginning
As the last sun had shine
It’s when gentle wind comes
Embracing the lonely soul

The trees waving lazy
Do they saying goodbye? Perhaps;
‘Cause now the end of the summer
Here, inside here
Tears are sparking

Cheery summer always deliver its courage
While autumn is a new gate
Golden doors to see lovely snow fall
What had happening with the season?

No one knows

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Togetherness supposed to be the roots
For it comes through
Word of friend seem to be excuse
To get the heart closer

But still, it did under the sense
Not even realize if the shadow has change
Its figure to be hold; to be protected
A companion for solitude
A beer for loneliness

Sometimes love just like that
Like swaying cloud in the sky
Like the river flows to the sea
Just swaying; just flowing
Gentle and smoth

Sometimes love comes without any notice
Even unrealizing it already stands next to us
Love we were searching desperately
Covered by friendship; by fear of losing
Then keeping as it was

This only one of the kind

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