This fire burning
Can you see deep inside my eyes?
I’m down
I can’t hold this anymore
This tempting dream
Yet too cruel to facing

Sometimes I see the dream;Awake
Sometimes I see the hope; rising
Sometimes I see the tears; dropping
Sometimes I see the sweat; drenching
Sometimes I see the pain; scratching

The light was gone
The door slammed close in my face
I’m lost
There’s nothing but the darkness
Can you see me?
How this dream had bury me,

Where is the way out?
Where is the way I can walk through?
Where is the miracle will shows up?

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Seasons come and go
The year stays colorful
Yet leaving a little sadness
There; outside there
Rainbows are smiling

Voice of autumn
Whispering in breeze
Saying hello to the morning light
Those falling leaves
A warmth in the beginning
As the last sun had shine
It’s when gentle wind comes
Embracing the lonely soul

The trees waving lazy
Do they saying goodbye? Perhaps;
‘Cause now the end of the summer
Here, inside here
Tears are sparking

Cheery summer always deliver its courage
While autumn is a new gate
Golden doors to see lovely snow fall
What had happening with the season?

No one knows

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Togetherness supposed to be the roots
For it comes through
Word of friend seem to be excuse
To get the heart closer

But still, it did under the sense
Not even realize if the shadow has change
Its figure to be hold; to be protected
A companion for solitude
A beer for loneliness

Sometimes love just like that
Like swaying cloud in the sky
Like the river flows to the sea
Just swaying; just flowing
Gentle and smoth

Sometimes love comes without any notice
Even unrealizing it already stands next to us
Love we were searching desperately
Covered by friendship; by fear of losing
Then keeping as it was

This only one of the kind

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I see the dawn; cracking

I see the sun; rising

I see the morning; cherry

I see the sky; bluish

I see the ocean; rushing

I see the cloud; swaying

I see the rain; stop crying

I see the wind; waving

I see the twilight; dimly

I see the stars; twinkling

I see the moon; smiling

I see the night; vigil

I see the dawn; cracking
Once more
Deep in your eyes

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Through the shine of the sun
Fall in the bright light
Wake up from the dream
Stirring catching soul
Unknown place where I am now

Hey you, look at me
I’ll show you how to scream
So they could finding
Noticing my presence
Hey you listen to me
I’ll show you how to sing
So they could cheer
Erasing these chilly memories

Through the edge of the night
Fall in the misty dawn
Falling down from the sky
Crawling to save my neck
Unknown place where I am now

Stage just one place to stand
Where the starlight sparkling
Place for the dream to be created
Silky voice, comes from icy heart

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Maybe the day is hard enough
For you to try to hold
Maybe isn’t easy to passing through the way
‘Cause both tears and blood are needed

You may walk alone
But the sun still there; shining
You may fall for many
But the bird is there too; flying

Don’t think to cry
No matter how deep the blow is
Smile just the one whose right
Just try, just smile

Maybe the night is freezing enough
For you to stay up all alone
Maybe isn’t easy to get yourself away
‘Cause both time and sweat are needed

You may face hardship
But the hope is there; consoling
You may sing all alone
But the stage is there; waiting

Don’t think to give up
Even the day turn as ashes
Smile just the one whose right
Just try, just smile

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Lying my head upon the pillow
Close my eyes
Listening to the silent night
Finding myself somewhere
In between desperation

Oh… Where is the light
Oh… Where is the way
This tunnel seems has no end

Midnight blue
Comes relentlessly
This hiding place
Throwing me out savagely
Leaving me alone, naked
And give myself away

Gazing up to the sparkling ceiling
This time being
Strange place I’ve never been
Placing this dream somewhat
Unwise enough to go on

Oh… Come and find me
Oh… Shining down on me
This darkness seems won’t leave

Midnight blue
Expression in despair
Fabulous temptation
Drenching in sweats and tears
Can I have this place?
For me to sing along

This midnight blue

posted by @tara_lee26