I see the dawn; cracking

I see the sun; rising

I see the morning; cherry

I see the sky; bluish

I see the ocean; rushing

I see the cloud; swaying

I see the rain; stop crying

I see the wind; waving

I see the twilight; dimly

I see the stars; twinkling

I see the moon; smiling

I see the night; vigil

I see the dawn; cracking
Once more
Deep in your eyes

posted by @tara_lee26


Through the shine of the sun
Fall in the bright light
Wake up from the dream
Stirring catching soul
Unknown place where I am now

Hey you, look at me
I’ll show you how to scream
So they could finding
Noticing my presence
Hey you listen to me
I’ll show you how to sing
So they could cheer
Erasing these chilly memories

Through the edge of the night
Fall in the misty dawn
Falling down from the sky
Crawling to save my neck
Unknown place where I am now

Stage just one place to stand
Where the starlight sparkling
Place for the dream to be created
Silky voice, comes from icy heart

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Maybe the day is hard enough
For you to try to hold
Maybe isn’t easy to passing through the way
‘Cause both tears and blood are needed

You may walk alone
But the sun still there; shining
You may fall for many
But the bird is there too; flying

Don’t think to cry
No matter how deep the blow is
Smile just the one whose right
Just try, just smile

Maybe the night is freezing enough
For you to stay up all alone
Maybe isn’t easy to get yourself away
‘Cause both time and sweat are needed

You may face hardship
But the hope is there; consoling
You may sing all alone
But the stage is there; waiting

Don’t think to give up
Even the day turn as ashes
Smile just the one whose right
Just try, just smile

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Lying my head upon the pillow
Close my eyes
Listening to the silent night
Finding myself somewhere
In between desperation

Oh… Where is the light
Oh… Where is the way
This tunnel seems has no end

Midnight blue
Comes relentlessly
This hiding place
Throwing me out savagely
Leaving me alone, naked
And give myself away

Gazing up to the sparkling ceiling
This time being
Strange place I’ve never been
Placing this dream somewhat
Unwise enough to go on

Oh… Come and find me
Oh… Shining down on me
This darkness seems won’t leave

Midnight blue
Expression in despair
Fabulous temptation
Drenching in sweats and tears
Can I have this place?
For me to sing along

This midnight blue

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It’s all about dream
Finest dream to fancy about
The only reason I’ve been here
Doing such a waste
Just believing inside

It’s all about passion
Strongest desire to keep on
Yet things doesn’t go smoothly
Hard to hold as it was
Just trying to keep on and on

Let’s sing for tomorrow
Where dream and hope creating harmony
For us to be cheery
This is the world
While smile spreading in the house
So put it on your face
Say it loud

Let’s sing for tomorrow
Where tears and blood strengthen its feet
For us to be steady
This is a sacrifice
While everything takes its price
Never say feeling down
Shout it loud

Let’s sing for tomorrow

It’s all about reality
Ordinary to be true
Where no existence of tales
Just be real
And take it as morning call

posted by @tara_lee26


I who silly by this dream
Running out of my breath
challenging myself
Keep up my feet to steady still
Even the pressure is hard enough

Sweat drops as reward
And tears come without request

I wanna fly up to the sky
The blue birds too
Touching the rainbows
I wanna fly beyond the destiny
With you
The sound of the heart
Tender voice of a dream

I who crazy by this obsession
Pushing hard to find the way
Searching another star
Figure else out inside
And back again even if have to fall again

Pain scratch in flesh
And blood rushing through the vein

I wanna fly through the wind
Cherry blossoms too
Rain of the pink petals
I wanna fly with the star
Embrace the dream
In spring’s melody
Musical twilight of hope

posted by @tara_lee26


It’s when I started showing
A new path to choose
A new door to opens
This dream comes so strong
Hold me tight unwilling to release
Somehow it gracious

White flowers
Blooming fine
Waving as courage
In the land of dream
These white flowers
Smelling tender
Swaying with the wind
Breezy spring day

It’s when I started to fall
Again and again
Wanting to quit sometimes
This way just too stepy
Drag me down to the bottommost
Somehow I give it try

White flowers
Give me a little strength
Faith to keep on

posted @tara_lee26


The sun slipped lower in the skyline
What do you see?
A golden ball drown in the sea
What a beautiful, it is
I was there; gazing
Yet my eyes catch nothing

Looking for a face
Wondering is it worth enough?
Sneaking off
I don’t know but it keep stays
A flash desire
Heart beats I thought were gone

Looking for the moonlight
It’s none there; blackness
I wish it stays
As a little hope for reassuring
Sparking light
The twinkling star I thought had disappear

The dawn cracking with a slit of light
What do you hear?
A tender melody of silent universe?
What a peaceful, it is
I am here, listening
A song in the daybreak’s whisper

posted by @tara_lee26


We are live with plenty bless of feelings
Just like those smiles under the sunshine
When the leaves changing its color
Right its breaking free the branches
The wind blowing gently

Wanting to cry for the fallen leaves
‘Cause those are delicate
Wanting to smile for the last blooming flower
‘Cause the beauty is all needed

We are laugh for many occasions
But tears burn and beads in face
It’s when we realize; autumn already over
Crimson leaves leaved freezing in the ice
Twilight beats the day
As starry night sky approaching

Wanting to cry for this up and down
‘Cause those are the truth of life
Wanting to smile as the rain comes
‘Cause rainbow will here beautifully

Here is the beauty of crimson leaves
When it falls and flying by the wind
Here; the everlasting fall

posted by @tara_lee26


It’s when I wake up today
The sun is smiling
The trees are waving
Greet the new life for a new hope
Ah… Didn’t I realize the season has change?

It’s when I am here today
People walking by
And I just come by
Bring the dream along the day
Ah… Did I notice it’s already spreading

Waiting for the leaves falling
touched by the sunny breeze
The same smell of changing season
The beauty of the nature
Wanting the time to stop
Hoping it will stay the same

It’s when I come back home
The sun sits lower in the horizon
Golden rays blurring my eyes
Greet the unbreakable passion for keep on
Ah… Didn’t I realize it seems too hard to climb?

It’s when I close the night
The crescent moon is smiling
And the star is twinkling
Send the hope into beautiful dream
Ah… Didn’t I notice how bless I am?

Posted by @tara_lee26