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*this is another same outfits photoshoot they did for Japanese magazine*

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cnb robot cnb robot2 cnb robot3 cnb robot5 cnb robot4

*only in this shoot Jungshin was appear, the rest was no hope at all :(*

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cblue can can march issue4

cblue can can march issue2

*Secret Members*

Yonghwa to Minhyuk
MH has a good body balance.
His face is very small, right?
So sensitive, good person.
Such cute atmosphere, he is manly when he plays drums.
He is younger but he has strong will, he can do what he should do exactly.

He is too much into game, the best gamer among members.

His secret is, he has no volume of hip! (laugh)
My hip is cute (laugh).
I wanna recommend a lady as MH’s girl friend, earnest/diligent, innocent and elegant person.

Minhyuk toYonghwa
Yonghwa hyung is reliable, deep emotionally and kindly person.
Really a perfect person.
Has nothing as bad point.
(YOnghwa: that’s right! I’m a perfect almost like not a human (laugh))
Perfect! Ah! He has thicker legs compared with other members (laugh)!
A lady who suit Yonghwa hyung is, younger, charming person.
He gave me many advise about acting a lot.
He always helped me in my heart.
(Yonghwa: I didn’t help you! Just played together!)


Jonghyun to Minhyuk
Minhyuk is really earnest.
Too earnest, so I think sometimes he should be relax.
The most neat person among us, like a “mother” in our dorm.
Minhyuk and Jungshin are cleanliness freak.
They can cleaning, washing and cooking.
If I and Yonghwa hyung doing those, get in the way (laugh)
For Minhyuk’s girlfriend, sincerely person is good.
And then, innocent!
He is too ernest so I think younger girl is better for him..

Minhyuk to Jonghyun
Jonghyun hyung is frank like a neighbour brother, manly, dependable in a pinch.
I’m playing or fooling around with Jungshin or Yonghwa hyung, with Jonghyun hyung, I’m talking about music.
Exchanging our fav music for example, because of Jonghyun hyung’s influence, I’m also listening “ONE OK ROCK”.
When I make a song,  the two hyungs give me advices.
Anyway, Jonghyun hyung, always stays at home without clothes..
I think, a women who have a thought of herself would suit Jonghyun hyung.

Yonghwa to Jonghyun
Jonghyun really loves music, always playing guitar very hard.
But he is playing guitar too much, really noisy!!!
From early morning till midnight, keep playing..
But  I and JS never wake up.
(Jonghyun: I’m a short sleeper, so I’m playing guitar (laugh))
Mine and Jonghyun’s ideal type of woman is the same!
Not physical appearance, but personality.
We are like mature and cheerful person.
About Jungshin, he is tender so if he meets playgirl, he will spend hard time so we are worried.

Jonghyun to Yonghwa
He is older, so neat person about work also.
I have matured thought so I can talk well with Yonghwa hyung.
He is funny!
Actually he has childish side, frolic/playful, so I wonder if he would be tired.

He can keep sleeping never end.
He sleeps on his face down, so I’m afraid that he might not breathing!
Jungshin sleeps more than hyung.
By the way, my secret? I wanna say by myself!
I’m naked at dorm.
Only wearing pants (laugh).
For Yonghwa hyung, listen to his story well, funny, strong-minded woman is better!


cblue can can march issue3

cblue can can march issue6

If I’m not a singer, I would studying music at musical college while playing guitar.
Or athlete.
My father said to me “Man should be strong!”
I’m going to gym with members, I like exercise!

I will going for snow board with members and manager.
Yonghwa hyung is the best player of snow board, we others are almost same.
Manager is good like a pro snow boarder!

If I have a girlfriend, I want  chocolate of course , I wanna make and sing a song for her.
My ideal date is, well, go to Onsen(spa) in Japan.

If robot like a Doraemon is exists, I want “Jonghyun’s robot” same as me!
Then when I’m tired that robot can works instead of me!(laugh)

If I’m a girl,I wanna choose Minhyuk as boyfriend. Ah no, husband.
because he’s earnest.
Jungshin is a younger brother because he is charming.
Yonghwa hyung is boyfriend.
Funny and reliable, so good for boyfriend.


cblue can can march issue7

If i’m not a musician, maybe I will go to university, while studying seriously, I wanna enjoying CC (=Campus Couple)!
Going faculty of Economics was my dream since I was young, but I could much..
But, my music result always had “A” rank!

If I got a week holidays, I wanna go to UK.
I like London’s atmosphere, I went there when I was junior school, though, I didn’t know it because I was too young at that time.
And I wanna meet my old friends.
All of them goes to army  they will back soon, though.

If I have a girl friend, choccolate is not important, I wanna go on a date!
My ideal date is, I’ve never thought about it since  I have no girlfriend.
In winter, I wanna go to snow board together, in summer, I wanna go to see the ocean
If I have a robot like Doraemon, umm..
I’m happy if I have a tool which can express inside of my heart/thought by music.

If I’m a girl, I wanna be Yonghwa hyung’s lover!
He is funny and will lead me.
Husband, Jungshin is best, since he can hear wife’s voice well (laugh).
Reliable brother is, Jonghyun hyung!!

My ideal type is a woman who has beautiful eyes.
Personality is important rather than looks/appearance.
Listening senior Kband “NELL” songs these days. it makes me heal!


cblue can can march issue5

If I’m not a singer, umm I cannot imagine.
I was thinking want to be a singer only since I was junior high.
I think I would spend usual days while playing with friends.
But still I can’t imagine!!

If I got a week holidays, I wanna do snow board at Hokkaido.
I started snow boarding when I was 6years old, I love it.
Busan has less snow, though, there are many sky resort near Seoul, so I often go there when I have spare time.

If I have a girl friend, at Valentine’s day, wanna eat steak, and go to  cafe.
I would choose a perfume as present.
I’m happy if my girlfriend uses my favourite scent!
Valentine’s memory..? I have no special memories (laugh)!
I wasn’t popular when I was a student, I’m not familiar with such events, like Christmas.
That’s true!

If I have a robot like Doraemon, I want a tool for fly like airplane.
Then I can go everywhere, right?
If I have that tool now I wanna go Europe.

If I’m a girl..husband is nothing (among the members)(laugh)!!
Boyfriend, Minhyuk is better.
Jungshin and Jonghyun are just friends (laugh).
I don’t know.

My ideal type is a woman who has long hair and feminine.
Listening John Legend “P.D.A.” these days.

*I wonder how many interview they had in that day, ’cause with the same cloth I already post many, lol*

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oricon style interview

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The 4th single “Robot” is written and composed by YongHwa, it’s a song that let you feel another CNBLUE’s color.

Yonghwa: Most of my songs are positive, but this song is cynical unlike usual. When I got holidays in April, I thought I was a robot because I had only one body but I had many things to do. From that, I made melody and arrangement, and finished it at once.

How long was it?

Yonghwa: I finished in about a single day.

Minhyuk: When Yonghwa let me listen to the song for first, I thought it was a very cool song. More than anything, a word “robot” was strongly left in my ears.

Yonghwa: The one who did the best reaction among us was Jungshin, but unfortunately he isn’t here today due to drama filming.

Oh, you must be feeling lonely.

Yonghwa: (Immediately) I don’t feel lonely (laugh). I don’t feel lonely at all because there is Minhyuk here today. At the last interview, there were only two, Jonghyun and me, but today there are three.

Jonghyun: But, actually I wish there were four members. CNBLUE is CNBLUE as four!

Yonghwa: No hope, Jungshin is an actor (laugh).

This is the other side of loneliness.

Minhyuk: Yes, you’re right. Because Yonghwa really likes Jungshin a lot.

Yonghwa: No, not true (laugh). And, in this song, the lyrics describe trouble of people nowadays that they can’t realize their dreams even though their lives are their own.

The sound itself has a good beat, but when you listen thoroughly, the song makes you think.

Minhyuk: Maybe you could say the sound is like robot. It’s a rhythm that there were not among our music. I have a lot of fun with playing the song.

Jonghyun: Another exciting song at live concert was born!


By the way, if you make a robot, what kind of robot do you like?

Yonghwa: A massage robot.

Minhyuk: I like it too. Actually I have had sore muscles for a long time, so I want it now!

Jonghyun: I want a copied robot from me. When I’m tired, I would give way to the copied person (laugh).

Then, can JongHyun’s copy be interviewed?

Jonghyun: Of course (laugh). If it’s possible, the copy cat would work except live performance…(laugh)

We would start with asking “are you copy or real today?”

Jonghyun: I was just kidding (laugh).

Yonghwa: But I don’t like copy cat. Massage robot is necessary!

CNBLUE’s 2012 year became a year of progress. For you guys, how was it like? Please look back on your year in accordance with “ki(glad) do(angry) ai(sad/lonely) raku(fun/comfortable)”.

Yonghwa: First, “glad” is that I could hold many concerts. There is no “angry”. “Sad” is when I stayed home alone during holidays. “Fun” is always, now, this moment…

Jonghyun: Cool! This is Yonghwa!

Yonghwa: …that is my desire. I want to think like that (laugh). Of course sometimes I have a hard time, but when I do live, everything is gone and it becomes “fun”!

How about you, Minhyuk?

Minhyuk: “Glad” is when the four members are together. There is no “angry” for me, either. There is almost no “sad”. “Fun” is still when I do live.

And Jonghyun?

Jonghyun: “Glad” is when I’m on live stage. As for “angry,” I would say no angry even if there it was (laugh). “Sad” when I’m too busy and I don’t have much time to practice well. “Fun” is, me too, when I do live.

As expected, Live band CNBLUE! All of you have common in “fun”=live.

Jonghyun: To be honest, while I’m performing live, I don’t have any memory at that moment. I have many things to do, so I’m totally busy (laugh). In a sense, I realize the pleasure at once when I leave the stage. Also, when I head for encore stage, it is exciting that fans’s voice gets louder (to hear). Then, when I stand on the stage, I become absorbed with playing again (laugh). After the concert, even after I come home, a comfortable feeling of live remains. I sleep with that feeling.

Minhyuk: The happiness remains for a while.

Yonghwa: Arena Tour Live DVD will be released in March 2012, so I’d like those who came to enjoy remembering the excitement, and it would be grateful if those who unfortunately couldn’t come watch the DVD and feel CNBLUE live’s “fun”!


By the way, the New Year reminds of “Otoshidama,” the New Year gift money (kids receive from relatives or adults around them on New Year holidays) (laugh). Any impressive thing that you bought with Otoshidama?

Yonghwa: I bought clothes and something. But I saved the money properly, too.

Minhyuk: I also saved almost all.

Jonghyun: Great! I used all (laugh). But in fact, as my relatives was living abroad, the amount I got was small in the first place. So, I was so envious that friends around me got a lot.

Yonghwa: After all, I spent all the money that I saved with Otoshidama when I came to Seoul.


It rather made the way to CNBLUE. Would Jungshin save or use it soon?

Yonghwa: He would save it.

By the way, there are many musicians who spend a lot of money for instruments and equipment.

Jonghyun: That’s exactly me (laugh). I haven’t thought it’s a waste as long as it’s related to music. The more expensive it is, the more it motivates me.

Yonghwa: When I crush on a guitar, I bought it without caring about the price.


How many (guitars) do you have now?

Yonghwa: I have 7 or 8.

Jonghyun: I have more than 10.

Minhyuk: Because I’m a drummer, I have 1 drum set. I have 3 snare drums, too.

Lastly, please tell us your impression looking back on 2012 and your desire on 2013.

Minhyuk: In 2012, we held many live concerts. Through those concerts, I got a sense of self-composure little by little.

Wasn’t it hard when you do acting and band activities at the same time?

Minhyuk: To be honest, I was okay, but I was sometimes worried about Jungshin because it was his first drama. But he is working so hard.

Jonghyun: Jungshin looks matured for the first time (laugh).

Yonghwa: This year (2012) I could concentrate on music activity and I wrote many songs. I could absorb various things as an artist. Next year (2013), I want to use what I absorbed to grow more as an artist, and I also want to hold a lot of concerts.

Jonghyun: This year was a no-regrets year, so next year I will keep this pace and work hard!

Minhyuk: In 2013, Yonghwa is the Man of Year (a man who was born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac as the current year).

Yonghwa: Because I’m a snake man who was born in Year of the Snakes (laugh).

Minhyuk: So, I think in this year we will be more promising in many ways!

Yonghwa: Soon after the New Year, on 14 January, we will be releasing an album in Korea. Please keep giving your attention to CNBLUE in 2013!



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This christmas CNBLUE has special present to the boices all around the world. Yes of course, the 4th Japanese major single Robot. Robot? Yes it is, Robot. Sounding weird? Maybe, I am thinking the same way when first time read the announcement and so does my other fellow boices. But by the time went by the feeling of strangeness turn into curiosity that run to the topmost. Moreover when the promotional photos were reveal. Everyone anticipated on how the song will be.

The scream came when Robot teaser released. Oh this is cool, when will the PV is out? That was my first reaction when watched the 0.51 Robot teaser.

Tada… The full PV was out and obviously that is another great music came from the young men who love rock music and have strong passion to create something new.

Robot single consist three new material and one instrumental of the tittle track, Robot who composed by no one else but Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun.



According to the Yonghwa’s interview, Robot is the one of the song that he and Jonghyun can play and sing well.

Robot has Yonghwa’s style, though it more poppy and less groove compare their previous three single. As well as the lyric that tells on how you placed in your own path but have no chance to make any decision on your own.

On Robot rather than about music I more into the lyric that catch my intention for the first time. The lyric make me think many, as Yonghwa’s wrote, those could happen to anyone of us and surely the situation also one common thing for everyone.

There is the time when we have to choose between our idealism and what the real thing who happening in our surrounding for the sake of survive. There will be the time we need to compromise. Sometimes we regret with our choice, but this is life that not always run exactly in our wish.


Another thing is, I think it was Yonghwa’s himself and behalf of CNBLUE member’s reflection which they are still need to compromise in many ways especially for their korean stage. They got to do what company tells and follows the what market wants. Sometimes I sense about Yonghwa’s implicit protest through this lyric.


CNBLUE’s special christmas present to the boices, yes it is, ring! By the tittle I am sure everyone sense and expecting some christmas sound. And it is! As the tittle, ring, the song has full of bell sound an it somewhat like a carol. With mild and fresh music, ring just as cool as christmas itself. Listening to this song remind me with christmas eve, when family gather with their number, tiny lamplight from all over the bare trees along the street where people walk to and fro, midnight night snowfall and sound of the bell from the distant staple.

Funky, fresh and surprising sound mix with hilarious lyric, at first when I read the lyric text I about to judge that Yonghwa already lose his sense in writing. But then again, Robot is still has his style. So my best explanation is, he wants to show another side of him. That he, Yonghwa is not only as cool and serious as people know through his song. But he is the hilarious person and musician in may ways. As Jonghyun also ever reveal that Yonghwa, though he is the eldest but most of the time he acts as the youngest.


Actually this style started by Come On, when he wrote Wake Up which was include his favourite band, Bon Jovi and Oasis. Have A Good Night when he reveals how much he love coffee (in fact he wrote about espresso instead of americano that he loves the most). And the newest, is ring, where he include Love Actually movie and pancake in his lyric.

Starlit Night

Jungshin said it was the second version of and it is. With acoustic sound and mild music, Starlit Night just the another Boices’s song which Jonghyun made as gratitude to the Boice who accompany and support them endlessly.

Clapping hands from the start through the song  acoustic guitar really match with the mood of the song. Even I have silly thought that Jonghyun’s voice was change. His voice pretty beautiful in this song and Yonghwa’s husky voice brings another atmosphere.


I can’t help but shed tears when I listen to it for the very first time. Moreover when four of them sang in chorus, I feel like sang in another version. Because lately when they’re doing live, all of the members has its solo part. Jonghyun is always has his way in mastering this kind of the sound.

So in my personal eyes, is the straight way for them to say thank you and Starlit Night is the sound of their expression of the CNBLUE’s star, do you know who is it? BOICE!

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