CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Upcoming Drama, “Blade and Petal”

CNBLUE Lee Jungshin Upcoming Drama, “Blade and Petal”


이번엔 무술도 잘하고 마술도 잘하고 예술적 심미안이 뛰어난 매력적인 청년 검객! 캐릭터가 정말 매력적에요~

Shiwoo is good at martial arts and magic, has an outstanding aesthetic sense. He is an attractive young swordsman! His role is really attractive~

js 1 sided love

‘칼과꽃’ 여자주인공 무영 역. 옥빈 공주. 실물이 정말 인형처럼 예쁘더군요. 이정신군이 이 여인을 짝사랑 한다죠? ㅎㅎ 7월3일 첫방송!

Leading role Mooyoung of ‘Blade and Petal’, princess Okbin. She is pretty like a doll. Lee Jungshin’s one sided love.


The Official English Title is “Blade and Petal” whilst the first episode will broadcast on July 3rd!!!

#CNBLUETIME will be back again with Shiwoo, welcome Shiwoo :)

Though I’m a bit upset with the story but still I’ll be on the line to support him kkk. Actually I’d love to see Jungshin has a cute love line rather than one-sided love, it remind me with Shinwoo (Yonghwa) and Collin (Jonghyun) most of all I can’t stand to see his sad expression. watching him cried on My Daughter Seoyoung is enough for me. But I think I’ll be watch something like that again in the near time 😦 is very unpleasant thing.

Aside of high expectation for the drama, honestly I please more to see Jungshin improving his musical talent, he improved of course but I’m yearning to hear his self-composed song!! Besides, seeing Jungshin had to flies back to Korea alone when the other 3 still at Sydney and seem having fun (though, suspected to be filming something) irritated for me. But well, everyone has their own path and whichever Jungshin will take is I think the best for him 🙂



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