Only in this year, Jonghyun already three times becoming Running Man guest and this was the first time for him not accompanied by his fellow member mates and leader, Jung Yonghwa. Check these caps out to see his ultimate tv viewer mode and happy loser Jonghyun xD


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CNBlue’s Lee Jong Hyun Is a Handsome Student in “Running Man”

CNBlue’s Lee Jong Hyun Is a Handsome Student in “Running Man”

CNBlue‘s guitarist and vocalist Lee Jong Hyun recently attracted attention for his appearance in the popular Sunday variety “Running Man.” On the March 24 episode, Lee Jong Hyun was one of the guests along with his former “A Gentleman’s Dignity” co-star Kim Woo Bin, “School 2013″ actor Lee Jong Suk and Min Hyo Rin. During the course of the episode, the guest stars appeared in school uniforms, with viewers and netizens paying particular close attention to the CNBlue member.

A screen capture of Lee Jong Hyun while waiting for a game to start circulated the Internet through online community boards. In it, he displays his tall good looks and immaculate skin, long lashes and the straight line of his nose. The photo earned comments from netizens such as “He looks handsome in uniform,” “His face is so chiseled,” and other compliments.

The episode was Lee Jong Hyun’s third time to appear on “Running Man.” Previously, during the Winter Olympic special with other idols that aired in January, Lee Jong Hyun has attracted attention for his gentlemanly manners, as he offered himself as backrest for f(x)‘s Sulli, who was wearing heavy hockey gear.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Hyun and the rest of CNBlue are gearing up for their “Blue Moon World Tour 2013″ that kicks off in Taiwan in April.

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For the third time Jonghyun becomes Running Man guest, and this episode will be his first appearance without CNBLUE’s fellow band mates and leader, Jung Yonghwa and this such an small cozy A Gentleman’s Dignity reunion since Jonghyun made appearance along side Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk and Kim Sooro.

Here some snapshoot from Official SBS Running Man

jonghyun RM1 jonghyun RM1 jonghyun RM2 jonghyun RM3 jonghyun RM4


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