[STARCAST] Lee Jong Hyun’s Bucket List for a Romantic End of the Year

[STARCAST] Lee Jong Hyun’s Bucket List for a Romantic End of the Year

Hello, I am Lee Jong Hyun from CNBLUE. The of year 2013 is already not far from being over. The ‘End of the year’s mood’ is slowly rising up~ What kind of plans does everyone have for this Christmas and for the end of the year~?


For me, I have composed and sung the season song for the first time in this end of the year in December. From long time ago, I always used to think that I wished to compose a carol that warms the heart and my wish came true faster than I thought~ It is a song called ‘Love Falls’ and because I wanted to emphasize the romantic mood of Christmas, I made it as a duet song. With a singer JUNIEL, I also held a special activity for about a week to promote the song as a duet team called ‘Romantic J’. While singing, I thought that I will sing this song in live if I have a girlfriend.


Are you saying this is romantic~? Haha. For me, there is another kind of ‘Romantic’ that I am thinking of… How about you guys?


I am thinking that I am going to slightly reveal my romantic bucket list to wrap up the year of 2013.  B star naver

1. Decorations that can never be left out to make an end of the year’s mood!

If I have a girlfriend, I want to do Christmas decorations! In the end of the year when thinking of Christmas, I feel that ‘Christmas decoration’ is necessary as it to completes the mood. I still feel that way. Even if it is not a giant Christmas tree, I think decorations that match with places and also every little decoration are things that can add to the mood of Christmas.

I think even Christmas decoration reflects the individuality and vibe that are unique to each person so I often look in detail of what colors and the materials the Christmas tree is decorated with. Does it match me~? Haha. It is classic but no matter what, I think decoration items in Christmas trees are pretty when they have clear colors such as a red apple~ I feel like that colors such as red and gold really give the celebrating atmosphere of the end of the year.

B star naver12. The end of the year card that shows sincerity and a gift that contains my mind


When the end of the year season approaches, I usually try to call people whom I am grateful for either by calling them no matter what or by meeting them in person, and when I prepare for this in advance, it is good because I do not have to rush for anything. Although there is still a concert that is scheduled, I am still currently preparing so that I do not miss the right time to show what is on my mind. Even now, I think I am not that good at choosing gifts. It is so hard for me to choose gifts. As I think about things such as ‘Are these the things that people who will receive the gift really like it, are these things that they really need” and so on, my concerns begin to multiply. However, if it could be thought of as my own skill, then it might be able to be considered as a good skill, which is to send cards I wrote myself or send messages together along with a gift. Also, the ribbon wrap that makes the gift cooler! Because I think that pretty gift wraps are as important as the content of the gift in expressing my mind, I always put a ribbon for a highlight, haha. (I am a relatively delicate man, right~?)

B star naver2B star naver33. A fancy dinner with people whom I love

If I have a girlfriend, I hope to eat a memorable dinner in such a place that is filled with a warm Christmas mood inside. I want to prepare the menu of this special meal as something that my girlfriend likes the most and also the most surprising at the same time. I think I am not going to regret it only after I prepare everything thoroughly, so even if I have to search all over the internet, I am going to come up with an incredibly fancy plan no matter what!

Especially, I wish to impress her by preparing a dessert that has a Christmas mood. I do not like foods that are too sweet but just for a memorable romantic dinner, I think it would be good to be filled with ‘Sweets’ once in a while. It seems like that there are lots of women who likes very sweet desserts (that I can never eat)~ If I am having dinner with only guys, I will never ever prepare for these desserts but I am thinking of giving it a try once in a while if I started dating someone, haha.


It is only my imagination for now but if I face the real situation, then I am going to become very thorough and careful~ I am jealous of all the people who are couples.
I, Lee Jong Hyun, who sings and plays the guitar in CNBLUE, might be spending the end of the year with music. But, I am trying to make time to have dinner with people whom I love and who are most precious~ Of course, I expect to have a special meal time that is filled with the end of the year mood with the members also.

B star naver4B star naver54. The memorable song is necessary! 
In times that wrap up the year, song can never be left out, right~?
In this end of the year, I am thinking of introducing two songs that I am going to endlessly replay. I have chosen the songs that touch the sentiment. I am thinking that these are the songs that people who are solos like me will especially be able to empathize together.

The first song is the song ‘The Blower’s Daughter’, which is a famous soundtrack of the movie ‘Closer’, by Damien Rice. Damien Rice, the sing-a-song writer who is from Dublin, Ireland, is one of my favorite musicians. I think I have to say that I was shocked the moment I listened to the song while watching the movie ‘Closer’… Until now, I still cannot forget the moment when it has touched my heart in a powerful way. I recommend this song as it softens the sentiment while wrapping up the year quietly.

The second song has sad lyrics but I think it is good to listen to it for many, many times during this season. It is the most famous song of Christmas seasons ‘Last Christmas’. There are a lot of carols and Christmas songs on my mind but the best song in my mind I think is always this song. When it is the end of the year, I am happy but when I think about how this year have gone by too fast, there is always a little bit of loneliness left in my mind and I think it is the song that slightly consoles such a feeling.

B star naver6B star naver7

The weather recently have got colder and because of the snow, it really feels like ‘Winter’ and maybe, this Christmas might be a White Christmas! I hope everyone have a romantic and happy end of the year with family, lovers and friends whom you guys love.


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Blue bird, CNBLUE and the origin of love DNA


“Searching for happiness across someone else’s fence is foolish. You should look for the blue bird of happiness under your own eaves.”

The most famous group of people that lives by this advice by Maurice Maeterlinck in “The Blue Bird” is probably the K-pop boy band CNBLUE. CNBLUE consists of four talented artists: Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Jung-shin and the leader, Jung Yong-hwa. Each member is a singer-songwriter, actor and producer.

The full name of the band is “Code Name BLUE.” “BLUE” refers not to the actual color, but to an acronym from the initials of the four members’ characteristics. However, it still holds to philosophy of “The Blue Bird” that each member finds happiness from one another and spreads that treasure to the world. As a result, CNBLUE is a metaphor of a factory that produces love from the four distinct characteristics represented by each band member: Burning Lee Jong-hyun, Lovely Kang Min-hyuk, Untouchable Lee Jung-shin and Emotional Jung Yong-hwa.

Jong-hyun possess all the qualities of a “golden boy” — tall, a handsome face, excellent taekwondo, judo and swimming skills and fluent in Japanese. Even so, he picked CNBLUE as his only pride, claiming that it is a truly excellent team in an interview with Japan’s Oricon Style magazine last August. Band leader Jung Yong-hwa agreed, further adding that they are a really happy band that he is proud of. If it were in Korea, “golden boy” Jong-hyun’s statement would sound too humble, bordering on sarcasm. However, the band members’ voices prove the veracity of their love for the team.

Directly after graduating high school, the four members lived through hardship. They had to perform in front of meager audiences gathered outside at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, Yoyogi Park and other places. Once they were kicked out during their weekend performance at Yoyogi Park. Despite such adversaries, Jungshin reminisced, “I was happy to have music and my mates pull me through hardship.” Their friendship which lasted through both joy and sorrow appears in CNBLUE’s lyrics, such as “The tears and sweat rolling down my face / There is paradise / Such chaos and dismay drown me in my despair and tears / The wandering continues but I’m trying to enjoy it day by day” in their song “Feeling.”

Loveliness is not just reserved for Min-hyuk. When Jung-shin and Yong-hwa had different schedules, Jung-shin called the leader up and told him, “Good night, brother. I left some vitamin drinks on your desk. Make sure to take them before you sleep.” The leader Yong-hwa was deeply moved. Last year, in an interview with Japan’s Junon magazine, Min-hyuk confessed that Jong-hyun is like his true brother. Jong-hyun, on the other hand, described Min-hyuk as as caring as his own mother. Jung-shin also praised the team’s leader as having a heart as warm as the sun. They all emphasize that their friendship will continue even when they are old.

Having genuinely tasted love, CNBLUE carries on distributing happiness. For four years since their debut, the band has delivered emotional catharsis to their fans through their concerts. However, it has also been three years that they have been giving back to the community by helping the poor. Yong-hwa was the first celebrity to ask online on Korean portal Naver about ways to serve the community. His question, posted on April 5, 2011, received numerous answers and praises.

Realizing the band’s spirit of distributing happiness, CNBLUE has been active nationally and internationally in helping the destitute. Through Donation Concert.com (www.k-popgiveconcert.com), CNBLUE has been contributing their musical talents for yearly donations of rice to Korea Food for the Hungry International since June 2011 for the elderly living in solitude. Internationally, they established “CNBLUE School” last year in Niamadougou Village, Burkina Faso. Furthermore, they stated on April 4 that they plan to build another school in Africa with the donations earned from their World Tour. Despite their busy schedule filled with filming dramas and recording tracks, CNBLUE never rests from their concert tours around Asia, Oceania, Europe and North and South America in order to raise more donations.

Earlier on April 6, CNBLUE’s Taiwan concert for 11,000 fans was featured on the local CTV News and other famous channels. One highlight of this concert was Yong-hwa singing his self-composed “I’m sorry” piece acoustically after performing the original version filled with energetic beats. The single “Coffee Shop” also received fervent applause from the audience, proving the band’s “Re: Blue” album as No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard World Album Chart. CNBLUE will continue the tour to Singapore on April 13, followed by Bangkok, Hong Kong and Seoul in May, and finally Sydney, the Philippines and Beijing in June.

The members confessed that their experiences of hardship led to the discovery of genuine love for humanity. They strongly wish to share and alleviate hardships of the impoverished. CNBLUE increasingly resembles “The Blue Bird,” which symbolizes the hope of our world.

Source The Korea Herald

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CN Blue Promises to Build Second School with World Tour Donations

CN Blue will continue to fund its school project with its world tour.
In March 2012, CN Blue built the first ′CN Blue School′ in Burkina Faso, known as one of the poorest countries of Africa. The school was named after the group, and the group has been donating parts of its profits from album and concert ticket sales to the management of the school.Over 100 children currently attend CN Blue School, and it also holds a kindergarten and after school programs and provides meals.The band will continue with the project in the future, and aim to build its second school.

A rep from CN Blue′s agency FNC Entertainment told enews on April 4, “CN Blue will be hosting a world tour to go through Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe, starting in Taiwan on April 6. With the new donations it plans to build its second school.”

Seriously, this announcement success boasting my spirit who down recently. This make me more and more wanted to finish my project The Stars and join those wonderful guys to build the second school!!! I do really hope now and I will try my best and my hard to finish it SOON!!!
Source enews
Photo credit: FNC Entertainment
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My project, The Stars hopefully will ended up here sometime in the near future. Joining my wonderful guys to make the world of the innocent kids better!


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Born on September 15th, 1991; bassist; cut off his long hair in the middle of the Arena Tour which was become a headline. Even tough the long hair is better; personally I prefer short hair now. During performances sometimes I miss the feeling of head banging but I have no plans to grow it longer in the near future. For fashion, I like all-black style the most then I will match it with watch or hats to make it unique, this is my recent style. The necessary thing for my everyday routine is collecting a delicious food’s pictures! Recently, the photos I took were those during Arena Tour. When I am hungry I will look at it. (Laugh)

Main Text

Which restaurant you have to visit when you are visiting Japan?

I like western style food. I influenced by Launch Queen drama and turn into Japan-western style food. I used my I-pad to watch dramas and I want those kinds of food. Staff told me there is a restaurant I wanted but since we are all too busy and tired, nowadays I usually go alone.

What is your favorite Japanese word?

“I am sorry”, when I am asking for help I absent-mindedly said that word.

Is there anything you have to buy when you are visiting Japan?

It supposed to be NEW ERA baseball hat.

What is your favorite perfume?

D&G light blue

What is the best present from fans?

RASQ, it was the first time I taste it and I was so touched when received it.[1]

Do you have something surprising for you the most recently?

After drama filming I thought, okay, I want to sleep but once I open my room door I found the three other members had deep sleep at my bed. (Laugh)

Where do you will go with your date?

Wearing mask and hat we will go shopping from Shibuya to Harajuku.

Is there anything you want the most right now?

Recently I noticed that man wants cars and watches, I know their feeling I want to see what a man driving Range Rover Evoque will feel like.

What if you are happening set up on the dessert island?

Minhyuk and I have low points in survival will do a light job, Jonghyun hyung will probably hunt down the animal while Yonghwa hyung might write SOS on the sand beach and lie down comfortably. (Laugh)

How is your sleeping fashion?

All black sport short and t-shirt, sometimes colorful short from fans that the members talked about, I have been like that too.




Born on May 15th, 1990, guitar and vocal; live at Osaka and Kyoto when he was young and the best Japanese speaker among the members. CNBLUE had attending many Japanese Music Festivals at 2012. During pre-debut he always sang L’Arc~an~Ciel’s song at karaoke. Knows Hyde, the leader of the rock unit VAMPS at one of the festivals.  He has blunt personality therefore not easy for him to touches by something. He likes spa and prefer not to have interview before live performances. The thing he wants the most now is snowboard and his favorite dessert is everything to do with yogurt.

Main Text

Which was memorable the most during Arena Tours?

Out door spa and shooting stars at Niigata, there was superstition in Korea, if you made a wish three times as the shooting stars passes, then your wish will come true. Even though the shooting star was disappears before I made a wish, it still touch me and inspire me to compose “Starlit Night”.

Who is among the audiences that you notice the most?

Those audiences with towels and the highest one.

What does the most necessary thing at the backstage?

Sofa which I can lie down, (laugh) before live performance, backstage is the place we restore our energy. My friends who visit us are all surprise by the relaxed atmosphere of our backstage. (laugh)

What is the thing you have to buy whenever you visit Japan?

Guitar case, in Korea usually it comes a set; they rarely sell it without guitar. Due to our movements I often broke my guitar case, this time I also broke the holder so I need to buy a new one.

What is your favorite Japanese word or phrase?

“Uncomfortable”, it is unintentional but seem that I say it a lot.

 What is your favorite perfume?

Bleu de Channel.

Where will you go with your date?

To the place that away from my everyday life, I want to go Athens, Boracay Island but the real place is a secret!

What do you plan for your next holiday?

I want to go to the snowy mountain with our close staff; we are actually planning to go snowboarding.

What is your sleeping fashion?

Only pants.

What if you are happening set up on the desert island?

I am confident with my survival skill, I am usually picky toward food but if I am hungry I would eat even if it is grass and animal. (Laugh)




Born June 22nd 1989, vocal and guitar. This time during Arena Tour show off his piano skills he learns since 6 years old. He played even during photo shoot and the other members fascinated by the sound of the piano. As they living together as four, he composed the song in every chance he got. When asked what kind of present he wanted from fans, he smiled and replied, “car”.

He also commented on Minhyuk who was also being interviewed, he said, “his (Minhyuk) answer was too simple” (laugh). This was one of their kinds too, knowing how to jokes around is one of his secret charms.

Four member Rock band CNBLUE with soaring popularity. They seem to be natural wherever they are even during the interviews. During live performances and photo session start music is always with them. They are just like this; let us see the truth behind the four members.

Main Text

Last year, the first Arena Tour gathered around hundred thousands people, which is the most memorable stage for you?

The biggest stage at Saitama Super Arena, the passionate atmosphere was incredibly great. When the lights shine on us, we could not really see the audiences but when it turned off, I can see right in front up to the foremost audience’s seats. The most noticeable were the male audiences, there were not many but their respond was good. I could see it right away.

Do you have something necessary at the back stage?

Coffee and energy drink.

What word or Japanese phrase that will make you happy?

Handsome, probably because I did not hear this word much once I getting older so I should hear it more now. (Laugh)

What is the most frequent Japanese word you using recently?

I memorized some dialect during tour, to express “very” in Nagoya’s dialect is DERA, grilled eel DERA delicious, I love it.

What is the thing you have to buy whenever you visit Japan?

Tokyo banana my Korean friend had recommended.

What is your favorite perfume?

I like Marc Jacobs and Diptyque, why does not Minhyuk praise me? (Laugh)

Where would you go with your date?

Paris, I like rainy street it suits the mood. Actually wherever I go I always bring rain so I am called “Rainy Boy who Likes Rain”.

What do you want the most from fans right now?

Cocoa and yogurt drink.

How is your sleeping pose?

Lying with my face down, I wake up frequently due to lacking air to breathe but I just can not change. (Laugh)

What if you are happening set up on the desert island?

A survival challenge begins (laugh), the last survivor would be me of course.




Born June 28th, 1991, a drummer; last year participated in Japan – Korea friendly baseball match as part of Hallyu team, whacking baseball bat can reduces stress is not it? (Laugh) There are not a lot of batting centre at Korea so just finding a place need quite a bit effort. Even though I like baseball mostly I just watch the game. The most used Japanese word is “nothing special”, necessary thing at the back stage also nothing special. If it raining I like rain, if it sunny then I like the sun and so for snow, if happening snowy day, I like it too. It was quote from this interview.

Main Text

Which  was memorable the most during Arena Tour?

As the member who likes eating the most, food from all the places during tour is the most interesting. We had tebasaki at Nagoya, takoyaki at Osaka even though each place has their own specialties but as we were visiting many new places, experiencing something new is wonderful.

Who is among the audiences that you notice the most?

Since I am drummer so I sit at the back all the time and hardly to see the audiences but when the light was turn off I can see the light stick as if the stars on the night sky. I am happier about this than the other members. That is what I am thinking anyway. (Laugh)

What is your favorite Japanese word that you want to hear to make you happy?

“Kawaii” which is rarely used by male, since in Korea “Kawaii” seems to judge the other for not “man-like” so when I heard that word during performances I felt confuse… if (the fans) shout out “handsome” then I would be really happy.

What is your favorite perfume?

Dior Homme

Where will you go with your date?

Hmmm… since I am the type who does not like being annoyed, she can decide where to go (laugh). If I have to decide, then we can go to Jejudo in Korea. The reason is simply it easier rather than to go abroad. (Laugh)

How is your sleeping pose?

The other members said as if I am playing drum even when I am sleeping. May be I am performing during my sleeping time?

What if you are happening set up on the desert island?

Jungshin and me, the dongsaeng team, we will go to find something to eat, hyungs can do physical stuff, and all of us will survive.


  • Jacket ¥55.650 [ATO –> Aoyama branch]
  • White cut sewing ¥38.850/Blue cut sewing ¥27.300 [NEIL BARRETT]
  • Trousers + Shoes are personal property.


  • Shirt ¥63.000 | Shoes ¥60.900 [Mihara Yasuhiro –> Tokyo branch]
  • Tie ¥18.900 [NEIL BARRETT]
  • Jacket + Trousers are personal property.


  • Jacket ¥199.599 | T-Shirt ¥16.800 | Trousers ¥49.530 [NEIL BARRETT]
  • Shoes are personal property.


  • Jumper ¥13.650 | Shirt ¥24.150 |Tie ¥8.400 [ATO –> Aoyama branch]
  • Shoes ¥63.000 [Mihara Yashuhiro –> Tokyo branch]
  • A trouser is personal property.

All the prices for references purpose only.

Source Spur Magazine

Scan by The Stupid

Japanese – Chinese by Kaka

Chinese – English by Skysherdl and Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

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[1] RASQ is kind of baked snack