A rockin’ good time with CNBLUE


They rocked it out in a sea of blue at their first solo concert in Singapore.

Kpop rock band CNBLUE charmed the 8000-strong crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night (13 Apr) with an electrifying performance, which we could say is one of the best Kpop gig so far this year!

Arriving in Singapore for the second stop of their “CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour” concert, the quartet, consisting of Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin, was in high spirits, and served out lots of fan service, including flying kisses from leader Yonghwa and sweet talk from all the other members.

The members took great effort to speak in English, albeit simple ones like “I love Singapore!”, “I want to be back!”, “You are the best!”. Drummer Minhyuk and bassist Jungshin even peppered their talks with Singlish, in all attempt to add an intimate touch to the concert – and that got fans screaming their lungs off the roof.

We are not exaggerating, but the atmosphere at the concert was tremendously amazing, thanks to the BOICEs (the affectionate name CNBLUE fans are known as).

CNBLUE brought the house down with a set of 23 songs, including their hit numbers “I’m A Loner”, “I’m Sorry”, “Hey You”, “LaLaLa” and “Intuition”.

Just 30-minutes into the show, Yonghwa was perspiring profusely on stage, and his hair in quite a mess. He pointed to his hair, and asked: “Is my hairstyle ok?” Fans did not mind that at all, and it was the performances of the night that really matter.

Yonghwa also showed us the comedic side of himself, revealing cute dance moves in between sets, and mimicking the voice of Homer Simpson, as he held on to the Simpson plush toys given by fans.

CNBLUE simply nailed it at their first full-fledged concert here, and the wait was worth it.

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CNBLUE, the charismatic rock band

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The Korean band’s enthusiastic performance had fans screaming for more as they wrapped up their first full-fledged concert in Singapore.

Playing to a high-energy crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night, CN Blue definitely did not disappoint when they promised to give fans the best time of their lives at the band’s first full-fledged concert in Singapore.

Consisting of members Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk, the Korean band kick-started their Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore concert with a series of rock songs such as “Where You Are”, “Get Away” and “One Time”.

The packed stadium roared alive when the members appeared on stage one by one with their instruments and shouted “Singapore!” The entire place was immediately transformed into a sea of blue lights as enthusiastic fans waved their blue light sticks high in the air throughout the night.

Despite a less-than-perfect sound system, the boys delivered an amazing all live performance and did a great job in heating up the atmosphere right from the start.

Leader and lead singer Yong Hwa as well as bassist Jung Shin had the crowd screaming with excitement each time they ran down the extended stage, getting up close with fans in the standing zone and showing off their guitar and bass skills.

After briefly introducing themselves, the quartet took a great deal of effort to interact with the fans, tickling the crowd with their adorable “Engrish”.

Female Boices (official fanclub name) went crazy as Jung Shin asked, “Do you want to go to my house in Korea”, while drummer Min Hyuk commented, “I want to live here, in Singapore! Singapore has nice scenery, good food”.

The boys then asked fans to recommend local delicacies, and fans unanimously shouted “chilli crab!” Displaying their cute charms, the boys imitated the way crabs moved their pincers with their fingers, while Yong Hwa remarked, “crab is here!”

They certainly have a sense of humour as well. Yong Hwa told fans that he has an English name – Dragon Flower (the literal translation of his Korean name) – and asked them if his hairstyle was nice when his hair was center-parted and soaked in sweat.

Showing off a softer side, CN Blue also performed a series of ballad songs including “Love Light” and “Y, why”. The simple acoustic guitar accompaniment complemented guitarist and vocalist Jong Hyun’s soothing voice perfectly, and Yong Hwa serenaded fans with his live keyboard performance.

During the song “Love Light”, fans turned on the torchlight function of their smart phones and swayed according to the beats, creating the effect of blinking stars.

Keeping the best for the last, the band brought their hit songs such as “In My Head”, “Intuition”, their classic debut track “I’m a Loner” as well as the title track “I’m Sorry” from their latest mini album “Re: BLUE” written and composed by Yong Hwa.

The excitement in the house was barely containable, with harmonious fan chants sounding as the entire audience rose to their feet, head-banging to the songs.

Responding to fans’ continuous shouts of encore and “CN Blue”, the band returned to the stage with a whopping five-song encore, including more of their hit songs like “Hey You”, “Love” and “Love Girl”.

Jung Shin surprised fans with his beautiful vocals when he sang the opening verse of “You’ve Fallen For Me”, the song from the popular Korean drama Heartstrings starring Yong Hwa. Fans might also expect to see Yong Hwa in a new drama soon, as he commented that he would like to make an acting comeback.

During the last song “Try Again, Smile Again”, Boices held up a sign that read “I’ve missed you” in Korean, since it had been two years since CN Blue last performed in Singapore.

Deeply touched, Yong Hwa reciprocated the fans’ love by taking a sign from a fan and holding it up while singing.

Not forgetting some fan service at the end of the concert, the members did a “catwalk” down the extended stage, giving handshakes and throwing towels and bottles of water that they just drank from.

And what better way express their thanks to the Singapore fans than to thank them in Singlish? Putting the Singlish that they were taught at the press conference the day before into good use, CN Blue said, “Thank you lah, Singapore”, “Tonight is wonderful lah”, ‘I love you lah’.

The night ended on a good note with Yong Hwa’s promise that “they will be back”, and we certainly hope it’s true.

WATCH: CNBLUE – “Where You Are”

WATCH: CNBLUE –  “Get Away”

WATCH: CNBLUE – “One Time”

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CNBLUE returns to Singapore for their Blue Moon World Tour Concert

12th April 2013, Singapore – K-Pop band CNBLUE touched down in Singapore earlier last night for their upcoming Blue Moon World Tour that is scheduled to take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on April 13th and it looks like the members are all in good spirits today, as they made an appearance at the press conference in the afternoon. Comprised of four members namely Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Minhyuk, CNBLUE is widely known for their band performances as well as the unique style of music they pursue.
Not their first visit to Singapore, CNBLUE expresses that they are really thankful for the huge turnout of fans who came to the airport to welcome them when they arrived. The members felt that Singapore is a clean city accompanied with beautiful night scenery. With Singapore being the second leg of their Blue Moon World Tour line-up, CNBLUE added that they are anticipating the concert as much as the fans and have prepared fresh performances from their latest album.
So what can the fans look forward to at the concert in Singapore? Yonghwa answers spontaneously, “We are just going to have lots of fun tomorrow. We need to enjoy ourselves in order for our fans to have fun and enjoy the concert together.”
“We have a little wish, and that is for the fans to go crazy with us, scream their lungs out, and get really high during the concert“, added Jonghyun.
It has been more than two years since the band last visited Singapore for their showcase. Now that they have returned for a full-fledged solo concert, the band was bursting with excitement and can’t seem to hide the joy as expressed across all of the members’ faces. While witnessing the growth of their musical journey, CNBLUE shares about their feelings of holding a world tour, “First of all, we are very thankful that people are recognizing us as a band now. Of course, during our debut days we started off as a rookie band and not many people could recognize our music. We are really grateful and honored to be standing at where we are now. As we’ve been through hard times together, we are appreciative of what we have now and we truly believe that CNBLUE is here because of the strength and support our fans have gifted us.”
CNBLUE is also known as idols who starred in several drama projects and are active in the acting field. When asked about their drama/movie participation, the members mentioned that they are open to take on any roles and are willing to challenge themselves with various drama characters if opportunity allows. Yonghwa goes on, “We believe that the art of music is part of delivering our performance as an artist. It helps me to better express myself in terms of music and acting. Reflecting on the two previous dramas I have filmed, I believe that I could show myself as a brighter person for the next project that I will be involved in as I am a very cheerful and bubbly person…and I’m funny too!”
Minhyuk continues, “We are in the midst of preparing for our world tour at the moment. I do receive a lot of scripts from drama producers, but right now I would like to focus on the world tour first. However if there is a good opportunity for me, I will definitely go for it.”

In differentiating themselves as a band from other K-Pop groups, Yonghwa voiced out, “I think we are part of K-Pop, but probably the difference and our biggest strength is that we are a band. Unlike other K-Pop idols who sing and dance at the same time, we produce a lot of our own music.”
“We believe that our foreign fans like our music because to them, band music is like a common interest. Also, there are not many groups that made their debut as bands in Korea too. Maybe that is the reason which makes us stand out as a band”, explained Jonghyun.

Before the press conference came to an end, CNBLUE brought out special gifts that they have prepared for the medias who asked them questions, and briefly shared that those boxes contain traditional snacks from Korea which they used to enjoy with their family members during festive season. With such kind intentions, it was not a wonder that the band has received much love from the fans and public since their debut.
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CNBLUE Wishes Fans to Jump, Sing and Go Crazy at their Concert Tomorrow!

Boices (Fans of CNBLUE) can expect a good time at their concert tomorrow, for the boys will be performing songs mostly from their new album, Re:Blue.

They have been to Singapore a couple of times for showcases and fan meets, but the upcoming concert happening tomorrow at the Singapore Indoor Stadium marks their very first full-fledged concert here in our sunny island.

While fans will not be able to see all the fancy costume changes, expect all live performance instead. ‘We are a band, so you will see more of us playing instruments and hearing our voices,’ said Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of the band.

After a successful concert in Taiwan last week, Singapore is the 2nd stop for the Blue Moon World Tour and they are happy to see all the Singapore fans. For their Taiwan stop, CNBlue met up with local singer, JJ Lin, who went to watch their concert. They even took a group photo backstage which Lin posted on his Twitter.

Jung was fast to point out that the T-shirt he was wearing was actually a gift from JJ and when he heard JJ is from Singapore, he felt that it was a token of friendship for both countries.

“There isn’t any particular Dos or Don’ts at our concert, but we are here to have fun for our fans to have fun. I have a small wish is for the fans to go crazy, jump, sing and to really have fun!” Jung commented.

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore
Date: 13 April 2013 (Sat)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium (Nearest MRT: Stadium)
Ticket Prices: $108 – $258

(Check out for the seating plan & purchase your tickets!)

Many might not know that they boys started out at street performers, playing in clubs and bars before they debuted and rose to fame. The down-to-earth musicians are not only thankful and grateful to the fans who supported them, but because of the hard work prior to the fame, they are appreciative of what they have right now. “Hopefully we can go playing on the streets again, maybe with a mask to hide ourselves!”

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Besides playing as CNBLUE, the members are also quite active in dramas and shows. “We are in the midst of our world tour now, I’ve received scripts for shows but for now, we are mainly focusing on our world tour, but if there are good opportunities, I’ll take it,” said drummer Kang Min Hyuk.

“I believe I can be brighter in my next acting as I’m a very bright, cheerful and bubbly person! Imma funny guy!” Jung joked.

“If the opportunities arises, I would like to take on a new role,” Lee Jung Shin commented, who plays the bass guitar in the band.

Also, expect lots of singlish like ‘lah’ coming from the boys tomorrow as they picked up very fast when DJ Ken taught them how to use it.

“Thank you lah!” “I’m very happy lah!” were some of what they said before the press conference ended.

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